Battle looms over health supplements

Here's some evidence - if evidence were needed - that the "authorities" want to completely medicalize our lives. It's from an article headlined "Benefits to our health from 'food' ", and deals with the issue of supplements - those things that some of us take in the morning, much to the dismay of officialdom. And why is officialdom dismayed? The answer is obvious: Because it hates anything that smacks of personal autonomy or self-sufficiency. It wants us to be totally dependent on the "system", so that we can be more easily manipulated and controlled. Heaven forbid that we should take a vitamin pill with our breakfast without first getting a doctor's prescription.

"Do we really need supplements if we eat a good-health diet?" the article's author, Prof Ian Shaw, asks. But who eats a "good-health diet" these days? A "good-health diet", I would venture to suggest, is about as easy to find as a "moderate" terrorist in Syria. Furthermore, any diet today is less nutritious than it was 100 years ago, because the food comes from impoverished soils. For this reason, people with an understanding of diet DO advise their clients to supplement - contrary to what Shaw asserts. - Alan Ireland, January 24, 2016

(Note to foreign readers: The Manawatu Standard is a daily newspaper in Palmerston North, New Zealand.)