<Hashie (Official)> how's that 10:55
<Zwiebo> :P 10:55
<Zwiebo> okay 10:55
<Hashie (Official)> phpbb or smf or vbulletin? 10:55
<Maaximal> I'm quite sure ee will get Uhr payment, since the Terms state tagt they guarantee 99.9% uptime and will compensate any losses is there is more downtime. Am i right @hashie? 10:55
<Hashie (Official)> Maaximal: right. 10:56
<spiglys> samebody sells gen 1 at good price? 10:57
<Hashie (Official)> be the good girl you always have to be 10:58
<Assadkhalid> @<spiglys> if i sell my ghs amhash at good pric 10:58
<Alain> Forum? Great! sounds as "hello world" finally :) 10:59
<Hashie (Official)> conceal, don't feel, don't let them know 10:59
<bilabonic> @<Assadkhalid>seen AMHASH selling at $3.60 !!! 11:00
<spiglys> gen 1 x 3.9 somebody? 11:01
<Assadkhalid> @bilabonic bro i selling my ghs for you 3.75 ghs can you buy ti ? 11:01
<bilabonic> Autorebuy is about $3.60-$3.70 even though its disabled for now. 11:01
<ellave> Well, now they know 11:02
<Assadkhalid> ok i sell 3.60 ghs ok 11:02
<Hashie (Official)> let it go, let it go 11:02
<bilabonic> OK $3.60 11:02
<hussamoo> Hashie! Turn away and slam the door! :) 11:03
<bilabonic> purchased :-) 11:03
<bhok> it is the last time i buy mining power, too unreliable 11:03
<Hashie (Official)> i don't care 11:04
<ellave> I dont care what they're going to say 11:04
<Hashie (Official)> let the storm rage on 11:04
<bhok> what are you going to make with money mr Assadkhalid? 11:04
<Hashie (Official)> guys why are you buying from the market? we have no idea whats wrong with the payouts 11:04
<spiglys> gen 1 wanted 11:05
<bhok> Hashie do you received yesterday payouts from amhash? 11:05
<Hashie (Official)> bhok: that never bothered me anyway 11:05
<bilabonic> PRICE !! 11:05
<hussamoo> 3.7 11:06
<Hashie (Official)> stop buying from the market lol 11:07
<bhok> it means yep or nope? 11:07
<spiglys> gen 1 240hs x 3.9 somebody to market? 11:07
<bhok> gen1 is less eficient than amhash isn´t it? 11:08
<nikskovrov> did anyone recieve today's payout or autorebuy? 11:08
<bhok> noo 11:08
<nikskovrov> Thats bad. On hASH PROFIT THERE'S ALSO PROBLEM WITH DDOS 11:09
<ellave> Hashie how about putting something under news that the payout is being looked into 11:09
<ellave> would make a lot of people happy 11:09
<EuleReloaded> @niks: old news bro :D 11:09
<icon> Seems I got mine .. Or so it says 11:09
<nikskovrov> i'VE JUST WAKE UP? SORRY 11:10
<EuleReloaded> and pls stop using CAPSLOCK :P 11:10
<Hashie (Official)> ellave: but they are not being looked into 11:10
<nikskovrov> ok 11:10
<Hashie (Official)> they will be looked into at some point 11:10
<ZliWuk> still no payout? 11:10
<hussamoo> I will buy Gen 1 at 3.90 each 10 GH, 11:10
<Hashie (Official)> zliwuk: it's funny how some distance 11:10
<hussamoo> I will hold the risk 11:11
<Rookie0815> Good morning 11:12
<Zwiebo> morning 11:12
<icon> So just cause I just loged in and not read the whole story.. People saying they not getting paid is that correct? 11:12
<Hashie (Official)> icon: yeah if you want to help with payouts you can donate to your address: 1HaShiEAAhhkVW8fdTpg1mu2ikLVZcxtg2 11:13
<bhok> it is correct 11:13
<icon> And Hashie saying he/she will not looking into the reason why? Or did I miss something... 11:13
<Hashie (Official)> donate to our address* 11:13
<bhok> hashie it is not serious 11:13
<Alain> Hashie, r u drunk this morning? 11:14
<bhok> people put money in your project 11:14
<icon> Ahh AMHash didn't send you any btc for today? 11:14
<bhok> you dont pay them and you laugh of us 11:14
<ellave> hhm Hashie, this is getting a bit serious now, you are either drunk or someone has hijacked your account 11:14
<bhok> you should donate to our address 11:14
<ellave> going by how you have usually conducted yourself on here, it is very out of character 11:15
<icon> lol will do.. Soon as someone donates to mine... 11:15
<Hashie (Official)> how can we do that when we dont have any btc 11:15
<bhok> haven´t you bee paid from Amhash? 11:16
<hussamoo> yes, they are working on solution (as Hashie Said), but maybe it is just a hacker, if you can withdraw all your btc, it is allowed now) 11:17
<icon> My btctalk form sig has .. Seems I deinvested all my btc ? 11:17
<karlos0071> listen,stop BS,contact competent person and fix payouts ASAP or your project die very fast 11:17
<icon> Well either Hashie attount got hacked, or they ran out of btc.. Either way . It's not looking good either way 11:18
<bhok> i know other people investing in Amhash and all of the were paid yesterday 11:18
<icon> Yep I was ? 11:19
<icon> My daily .024 btc 11:19
<ellave> yep this is odd, as I said Hashe has always been very professional on here (in chat) so acting how they are now is very weird 11:19
<icon> So question, could I still chat if I sold all my gh/s? 11:20
<Rookie0815> Ok, is there any official statement? 11:20
<icon> Minus the free 10 of course 11:20
<victorveraart> whats happening????? 11:20
<hussamoo> Warning... Warning.... Hashie.co is Hacked, and the Hashie (official) is only the hacker who played around 11:20
<victorveraart> wait a sec i haven't been pain with my am hash this night 11:20
<spiglys> gen 1 150hs x 3.9 somebody? 11:21
<victorveraart> paid* 11:21
<Hashie (Official)> hussamoo: please don't spread rumors 11:21
<ellave> hashie please post in your official thread on bct - https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=822446.1120 11:21
<Hashie (Official)> Hashie (official) is not hacked 11:21
<bhok> it smell funny 11:21
<victorveraart> hashie then why i haven't recievd my payment 11:21
<Hashie (Official)> victorveraart: we don't know 11:21
<victorveraart> this website looks everyday more like a scam u kno 11:21
<icon> Lol lets find out.. Selling cheap ass 20 gh/s AMHash 11:21
<hussamoo> proove and payout our money 11:21
<Hashie (Official)> omg i think i know why 11:22
<victorveraart> lol hashie don't know why well i hope u find it out soon 11:22
<Hashie (Official)> elsa must have froze hashies payout script so she can buy cheap gh on the market 11:22
<bhok> do you know the old history of the finger in the ass? 11:22
<Rookie0815> So what is going on? This is not funny at all 11:23
<skiver37> selling at $3.80 11:23
<victorveraart> hashie plz explain cuz i rly don't understand what goin on right now 11:23
<icon> Well got 20 gh/s for $4 per 10 ghs 11:23
<hussamoo> <Hashie (Official)> are you serious? you have just said that you do not have btc to payout 11:24
<bhok> your project is near to sunk mister hashie 11:24
<hussamoo> how it is frozen now? 11:24
<victorveraart> this looks so much a a pyramid scam 11:24
<spiglys> lol 11:24
<marcel1982> this is funny 11:25
<icon> Lol must related to mr. Pbminer 11:25
<bhok> really funny 11:25
<hussamoo> you changed your words many times, I think there is something else, Dear all, Please now withdraw all you BTC from here before they got hacked 11:25
<ellave> its like some kind of a bad visual acid trip 11:25
<Hashie (Official)> hussamoo: we are not hacked /right now/ 11:25
<hussamoo> until Hashie (real Hashie) fix the problem 11:26
<victorveraart> yeah hashie is strange today seems like its somebody evil 11:26
<bhok> third time i will ask to you Hashie, do you received yesterday Amhash payouts? 11:26
<spiglys> gen 1 100hg 11:26
<ellave> yep 11:26
<Alain> Time to say goodbye... 11:26
<ellave> something is rotten in denmark 11:26
<victorveraart> i think i gonna stop investing in this website and try to get most of my money back 11:26
<icon> Lol either way glade I sold all my gh/s last week right after I saw this firesale.. Lol even in letters were in red 11:27
<bhok> me too victor 11:27
<victorveraart> i want the real hashie back! 11:27
<Hashie (Official)> bhok: yeah 11:27
<Hashie (Official)> we have the amhash coins 11:27
<Hashie (Official)> the problem is with the payout script now executing 11:27
<Hashie (Official)> our dev is busy with something else at the moment so he'll investigate the payout issue later today 11:27
<hussamoo> you said you dont have btc to payout 11:28
<Hashie (Official)> (or tomorrow, no idea when he'll be finished) 11:28
<skiver37> selling AMhash at 3.80 11:28
<victorveraart> so hashie when i not recieve anypayments in the next 42 hours i will spread that this website is a scam ! 11:28
<marcel1982> nobody is going to buy it if the payout script is not working LOL 11:28
<hussamoo> your dev is busy with something else? what is about your customer? 11:28
<victorveraart> u got that? hashie?? 11:28
<bhok> and why not amke the payments manually? 11:28
<hussamoo> this is the most important ever i think, right guys? 11:28
<spiglys> gen 1 50 wanted 3.9 ? 11:29
<Hashie (Official)> victorveraart: relax 11:29
<Hashie (Official)> we'll be able to give an update soon in the coming hours 11:29
<victorveraart> im trying to hashie but im feeling being scammed atm 11:29
<Hashie (Official)> if you are really anxious you can watch frozen 11:29
<marcel1982> hahahaha 11:30
<hussamoo> This is not professional way we used to be felt from hashie team 11:30
<bhok> i ate frozen 11:30
<ventolin> manual payouts :) doublelol.. youre kidding bhok??? 11:30
<victorveraart> ok hashie il give u some time to fix it but its no time for jokes i think 11:30
<bhok> hollywood comercial shit 11:30
<marcel1982> oh Hashie, you are making my day here 11:30
<hussamoo> I do not want to watch Frozen 11:30
<marcel1982> but yeah, it's not really funny 11:30
<hussamoo> I want to be sure that the site is not hacked 11:30
<bhok> it smell funny 11:30
<victorveraart> better watch the inverview 11:30
<victorveraart> new movie from north korea 11:31
<victorveraart> ^^ 11:31
<spiglys> lol 11:31
<SHINK> Give it a couple days to see if they caught up your payouts. It's not like technical issues NEVER occur. 11:31
<bhok> pro american propagand it is shit 11:31
<Hashie (Official)> it's time to see what i can do 11:32
<victorveraart> ok hashie sry for my overreacting behaviour but il gieve u guys some time to fix some things out 11:32
<hussamoo> OK Hashie, If you are not a hacker, send now, to bitcointalk that you face some technical problem 11:32
<Cleverminer> well lets see to all missing the apyout if it happens in the next hour or so 5 blocks left till this pool confirms block 336177 5 left rockminer 12/27/2014 16:58:29 39,457,671,307 25.00 11:32
<hussamoo> this is the only way to believe that the website is not hacked 11:33
<hussamoo> OK Hashie, If you are not a hacker, send now, to bitcointalk that you face some technical problem, this is the only way to believe that the website is not hacked 11:33
<hussamoo> deal? 11:33
<Cleverminer> well guys i bet its because the pool they mine on isnt paying out 11:33
<Cleverminer> i mine there aswell 11:34
<Cleverminer> and theyowe me 2.5 btc now and counting 11:34
<hussamoo> OK Hashie, If you are not a hacker, send now, to bitcointalk that you face some technical problem, this is the only way to believe that the website is not hacked. deal? 11:34
<AhmedMSedeek> What pool? 11:34
<Cleverminer> Bitcoin affiliate network 11:35
<spiglys> gen 1 50hs x 3.9 ? 11:35
<hussamoo> OK Hashie, If you are not a hacker, send now, to bitcointalk that you face some technical problem, this is the only way to believe that the website is not hacked? 11:36
<hussamoo> ok 11:36
<Hashie (Official)> stop spamming or i'll ban you lol 11:36
<hussamoo> Just send there, Please 11:36
<bhok> Hashie can you lend me 0.53 bitcoins please? 11:37
<Hashie (Official)> bhok: can you lend us? 1HaShiEAAhhkVW8fdTpg1mu2ikLVZcxtg2 11:37
<bhok> if you len me 0.53 i will lend you 0.53 11:39
<bhok> deal? 11:39
<Cleverminer> heehehe 11:39
<spiglys> lol 11:39
<bhok> please make a official announcement in bitcointalk 11:39
<hussamoo> Yes I agree 11:40
<bhok> we need reliability 11:40
<ventolin> hashie when are amhash back in market? and what about the autorebuy at amhash? 11:40
<SHINK> Openness is crucial. 11:40
<Hashie (Official)> queen elsa froze our servers and we're out of antifreeze 11:40
<hst1960> you are out of btc, thats all 11:41
<hussamoo> Please send this to bitcointalk 11:41
<Hashie (Official)> ok fine 11:41
<hussamoo> Thanks 11:42
<hst1960> even withdrawals are on manual, this site is history 11:42
<Hashie (Official)> hst1960: we still have the btc 11:42
<Hashie (Official)> its just not in our hot pocket yet 11:42
<Alain> I agree with you hst... 11:43
<Hashie (Official)> hussamoo: posted on bitcointalk 11:43
<hussamoo> link please 11:44
<ellave> https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=822446.msg9963764#msg9963764 11:45
<ellave> gibbergish though 11:45
<hussamoo> DQpUaGUgc25vdyBnbG93cyB3aGl0ZSBvbiB0aGUgbW91bnRhaW4gdG9uaWdodA0KTm90IGEgZm9v dHByaW50IHRvIGJlIHNlZW4NCkEga2luZ2RvbSBvZiBpc29sYXRpb24sDQpBbmQgaXQgbG9va3Mg bGlrZSBJJ20gdGhlIHF1ZWVuLg0KDQpUaGUgd2luZCBpcy 11:46
<hussamoo> what does than mean? 11:46
<EuleReloaded> dunno ....btc addresses combined to a long string 11:47
<hussamoo> bbit is the official talker for hashie 11:47
<Alain> It means grab your eggs and run away 11:47
<spiglys> 1 11:47
<hst1960> moin eule 11:47
<ellave> So is Hashie Hussamoo 11:47
<EuleReloaded> moin 11:47
<ellave> look at their post history 11:47
<hussamoo> yes, it is ok 11:48
<EuleReloaded> @hashie: whats the intention of the long string of letters in the post on bct? 11:48
<Hashie (Official)> EuleReloaded: its a secret message 11:48
<hst1960> ganz schön der wurm drin im moment, gelinde gesagt 11:48
<Hashie (Official)> look between the lines 11:48
<Runlevel> erkannt 11:48
<Runlevel> moin 11:48
<Hashie (Official)> there is a reason why i'm singing let it go instead of responding to questions 11:48
<AhmedMSedeek> That means we got scamed an this is a ponzi website 11:49
<Artemishe13> А что случилось с выплатами? Небыло сегодня 11:50
<spiglys> i nebuded 11:50
<spiglys> uze pizdec 11:50
<hst1960> kaum zu glauben was ich diese woche kohle verbrannt hab :-) 11:50
<Artemishe13> полный? 11:50
<spiglys> dumoju sto da 11:51
<Runlevel> hst1960 - ich hatte mir schon sowas gedacht 11:51
<Maaximal> Bye bye geld 11:51
<EuleReloaded> jop.... scheißdreck. jetzt lasse ich es endgültig 11:51
<Runlevel> die werbung 11:51
<Rookie0815> @hashie (official) After buying a miner, when does the sell option appear? 11:51
<Runlevel> mit dem firehasher kam zu plötzlich 11:51
<Hashie (Official)> Rookie0815: firehashers will be able to be sold later 11:51
<hst1960> solln wir nich auch sowas aufziehen? 11:51
<vitar73> походу взломали и пишет тут чувак неадекватный от производителя 11:52
<hst1960> take the money and run :-) 11:52
<Maaximal> Scheint einfach zu sein... 11:52
<EuleReloaded> echt ey.... 11:52
<Runlevel> viel geld und dann website down :) 11:52
<hst1960> das kommt heute abend wenn der dev mit dem forum fertig ist.....lol 11:52
<EuleReloaded> ^^ 11:53
<Rookie0815> No I ment the like am hash you buy from the market...when is it possible to sell those miners again? 11:53
<Runlevel> best way to mine is with own hardware - i have buy some antminer 11:53
<ventolin> malt mal jetz nich den teufel an die wand 11:53
<spiglys> late to take money 11:53
<akhmed1> who knows why auto rebuy disabled 11:53
<EuleReloaded> oh doch ^^ 11:53
<Runlevel> and cheffe zahlt den strom in der firma :) 11:54
<ventolin> pssshhhh eule... aus!! 11:54
<bhok> i think investing in vaginal douches will be safest 11:54
<Maaximal> Na ja abwarten und Tee trinken, noch konnte ich mein Guthaben auszahlen lassen... 11:54
<Runlevel> maax - was ich hier lese sage ich mal spontan : nein 11:55
<Maaximal> Yolo 11:55
<bhok> germany will fall soon 11:55
<EuleReloaded> war nen toller Monat ....ltcger zahlt nicht....hashprofit zahlt nicht .....und jetzt hier . Super ....Operation verbrannte Erde läuft ausgezeichnet 11:55
<EuleReloaded> *gear 11:56
<Runlevel> bin auch schon zweien auf den schlipps getreten 11:56
<Runlevel> aber nur ca 20 dollar eingesetzt 11:56
<hst1960> was noch läuft ist genesis und bcs 11:56
<Runlevel> jo 11:56
<Maaximal> Hashprofit zählt bei mir noch 11:56
<EuleReloaded> hahaha 11:57
<EuleReloaded> aber payout geht nicht 11:57
<EuleReloaded> deine balance aktualisieren kostet ja nichts 11:57
<hst1960> trotzdem hol ich mir morgen noch zwei s3 11:57
<Maaximal> Seit wann? 11:57
<EuleReloaded> gestern und heute 11:57
<Runlevel> hier auch 11:57
<Maaximal> Shit... 11:57
<Rookie0815> @hashie(official) could you tell me after which period of time I can sell my miners I bought from the market please 11:57
<hst1960> und nen fusionsreaktor für strom :-) 11:58
<Runlevel> zahlt cheffe - grins 11:58
<Runlevel> Networkadmin 11:58
<EuleReloaded> muss aber ne kleine Firma sein 11:58
<spiglys> 12 11:58
<Runlevel> stelle die einfach in die serverfarm bei uns 11:58
<EuleReloaded> ich könnte da nix verstecken ^^ 11:58
<Runlevel> 3 antminer :) 11:58
<akaiapc40> Hi guys...is anyone having problems with tonight payout? 11:58
<Zwiebo> @Rookie you can sell your miners erverytime 11:59
<Hashie (Official)> yeah we are 11:59
<EuleReloaded> ich müsste auch nach Frankfurt fahren in die RZs :P 11:59
<spiglys> no we had no problems 11:59
<Runlevel> am besten die rockminer box oder antminer s4 - der neue 11:59
<bhok> yes akaiapc no one have received payments 11:59
<bhok> it smell like a ponzi scheme 12:00
<akaiapc40> I bought a new generation1 that received payout only the first day,yesterday....but nothing for tonight 12:00
<spiglys> i need 50hs price 3.7 somebody? 12:00
<akaiapc40> Thanks for answering....mayv 12:00
<Rookie0815> No, I can't sell the miners I bought yesterday on the market 12:00
<akaiapc40> Maybe @hashie can check this? 12:00
<EuleReloaded> wird nix .... im Equinix oder Erhellter kannst nicht mal eben was in die Racks stecken....geschweige von den Port Freihaltungen ohne Auftrag xD 12:01
<EuleReloaded> *EShelter 12:01
<Zwiebo> hmm, okay... 12:01
<Runlevel> naja - privat betrieb halt mit eigener serverfarm im hause 12:01
<EuleReloaded> das st natürlich easy going dann :D 12:01
<Runlevel> da laufen die kisten rund um die uhr auch die clients 12:01
<Runlevel> da fällt das nicht auf 12:02
<EuleReloaded> jup ^^ 12:02
<Hashie (Official)> english? 12:02
<Runlevel> 1kwh verbraten nebenbei 12:02
<spiglys> . 12:02
<Runlevel> yes - i speak a little english 12:02
<hst1960> bei mir minen nach feierabend auch 25 8kerner fröhlich für sich hin. sind eh an die büchsen 12:02
<Salmen> Hello hashie 12:02
<Runlevel> whats the matter today ? 12:02
<Rookie0815> @ hashie(official) could you answer my question please 12:02
<Hashie (Official)> Runlevel: here i stand 12:03
<Hashie (Official)> and here i'll stay 12:03
<Hashie (Official)> let the storm rage on! 12:03
<Runlevel> ich mine nur zum spaß und dachte hier kannst ein paar flöhe verdienen aber ist wohl nicht so 12:03
<Runlevel> storm rage? 12:04
<akaiapc40> @Hashie (Official) can payout occur everyday at same time? Because for tonight I still didn't received nothing from my 2 generation1 12:04
<hst1960> lol here i stand.......hier stehe ich und kann nich anders.....erinnert an luther, der glaubte auch bis zum schluss 12:04
<Runlevel> so ist es 12:05
<EuleReloaded> xD 12:05
<Zwiebo> erstmal abwarten run. ich glaube hier waren ein paar angriffe die letzten tage. gestern hat auch einer geschrieben das seine btc geklaut wurden und die seite war auch immer wieder zwischendurch nicht 12:05
<Zwiebo> on 12:05
<AhmedMSedeek> @EuleReloaded 12:05
<Runlevel> jo 12:05
<EuleReloaded> sup? 12:05
<spiglys> .. 12:05
<Runlevel> yes 12:05
<haskyn69> Hi,Hashie (Official), how can work autorebay on amhash if no no amhash on store? 12:05
<AhmedMSedeek> Why are you laughing? 12:06
<Zwiebo> autorebuy is disable on my miners 12:06
<Runlevel> hat jemand eine ahnung wie man ein mining pool auf einen root server aufsetzt? 12:07
<haskyn69> <Zwiebo, u are correct, i did not notece that 12:07
<spiglys> . 12:07
<EuleReloaded> @Ahmed: coz it's funny to see how i not get paid by 3 sites now :P 12:07
<yacalc> still no payout from last night ? 12:07
<Runlevel> hoste zwar - aber das ist neuland 12:07
<hst1960> zwiebo......alles richtig aber warum dann serious statements von nem blauen handle der offensichtlich was geraucht hat? :-) 12:08
<jmsr1978> @EuleReloaded im like u but from only 2 sites ;) 12:08
<AhmedMSedeek> LOL 12:08
<yacalc> do we have official announcement ? 12:08
<hst1960> überflüssig wie ein magengeschwür 12:08
<AhmedMSedeek> How much you have here? 12:08
<EuleReloaded> enough to be sad 12:08
<EuleReloaded> ^^ 12:08
<Zwiebo> ^^ich denke er ist genervt, weil er seit 2 stunden alle 3 mins die gleiche frage beantwortet. er hat zwischendurch ja auch geschrieben, das die payouts heute oder morgen kommen 12:09
<AhmedMSedeek> Me 0.78 TH Gen1 12:09
<Zwiebo> oder er kommt gerade aus der disco 12:09
<victorveraart> hi eule 12:09
<victorveraart> eulereloudowl 12:09
<EuleReloaded> double that and you know 12:09
<Gabralkhan> Hey 12:09
<AhmedMSedeek> LOL 12:09
<EuleReloaded> hey gab and victor .... 12:10
<AhmedMSedeek> LOL 12:10
<EuleReloaded> tell me a joke...i need a laugh these hard days 12:10
<Runlevel> hello victor and ahmed 12:10
<Hashie (Official)> EuleReloaded: two bitcoin miners walk into a bar 12:10
<hst1960> hoi vic 12:10
<victorveraart> hoi hst! 12:10
<Zwiebo> :P 12:11
<EuleReloaded> pss.... 12:11
<Hashie (Official)> the bartender says: "what would you like?" 12:11
<Hashie (Official)> the first bitcoin miner says "i want my coins back from ltcgear" 12:11
<Hashie (Official)> the second bitcoin miner says "this is no time to make jokes" 12:11
<AhmedMSedeek> You wanna a joke?, We're still here and reading this chat -_- 12:11
<victorveraart> lol hashie! 12:11
<jmsr1978> lol XD 12:11
<EuleReloaded> sadly true that joke 12:11
<spiglys> 1.2 12:11
<Gabralkhan> Damn some people are really stupid.....seriously, "Post on Btctalk or ia would do that ?"... 12:12
<victorveraart> eule is a owl thats my joke and he has a tomcat 12:12
<EuleReloaded> xD 12:12
<Gabralkhan> blabla spam for 3 hours and then he leaves....i don't even know why you take times to answers to these kids Hashie... 12:13
<Runlevel> take Shotty - desktop shnapshoot from the chat :) - a little tool and all can read it. 12:13
<EuleReloaded> cmd + shift + 3 12:14
<yacalc> hi Hashie (Official) 12:14
<EuleReloaded> :D 12:14
<hussamoo> is anybody can login ltcgear? 12:14
<Runlevel> oki - so geht es auch :) 12:14
<victorveraart> hashie u realy should make changes to the chat so u can scroll back and enable to chat with specific ppl u select 12:14
<yacalc> do we have problem with payout last night ? 12:14
<Gabralkhan> told you to use freenode for more convenience!!!... :) 12:14
<EuleReloaded> @huss: 502 12:14
<jmsr1978> jiemand aus Berlin dabei? 12:14
<hussamoo> yes 12:15
<Runlevel> bayern - aber nordlicht 12:15
<hussamoo> all are the same 12:15
<victorveraart> hashie u realy should make changes to the chat so u can scroll back and enable to chat with specific ppl u select 12:15
<yacalc> zu viele Deutsche hier ? 12:15
<EuleReloaded> niemals! 12:15
<hussamoo> Maybe they are all "Dr Michael Moriarty" 12:15
<yacalc> jemand sagt mir was da mit dem payout los ist ? 12:15
<jmsr1978> ich bin kein deutsch aber wohne... berlin 12:15
<Gotcha1980> NRW 12:16
<hst1960> nrw too 12:16
<victorveraart> y so busy in chat today 12:16
<Zwiebo> NDS 12:16
<EuleReloaded> SA 12:16
<Runlevel> geht halt nicht seit heute nacht - no payout 12:16
<Runlevel> no payout tonight 12:16
<jmsr1978> 2te mal, 2nd time 12:16
<spiglys> 2121 12:16
<SchenkData> habe auch kein Payout erhalten 12:16
<jmsr1978> 1st time took 50 mins, today....a bit longer 12:17
<jmsr1978> niemand hat 12:17
<yacalc> @runlevel ich meine von gestern nacht 12:17
<yacalc> hat hashie (official) was dazu gesagt? 12:17
<yacalc> schon > 10 stunden und kein payout 12:17
<hst1960> ja hat er 12:17
<jawitech> they just replied at bitcointalk... "We'll look into payouts soon" 12:17
<Runlevel> bist jetzt nichts 12:17
<jawitech> Sie, Sahra 12:18
<estla235> Ja. Sie arbeiten daran 12:18
<Zwiebo> jo hashie sagte das es heute nacht weiß vom berg schneit 12:18
<yacalc> ah ok thanks 12:18
<Runlevel> zumindest nichts gelesen hier 12:18
<jmsr1978> @jawitech do u have the link please? 12:18
<hst1960> hat er wohoool :-) 12:18
<yacalc> danke dir @runlevel 12:18
<jawitech> die deutsche Fraktion ist auch da ;) 12:18
<EuleReloaded> immer ^^ 12:18
<estla235> Natürlich 12:18
<Runlevel> entweder bug server farm hashie oder ich mag es nicht schreiben .... 12:18
<jawitech> ruhig Blut Jungs, im Vergleich zu LTCG*** ist das noch gar nichts ^^ 12:18
<jmsr1978> sonntag morgen ;) 12:18
<hst1960> elas hat alles eingefroren und wir sollen gefälligst aufhören zu meckern 12:18
<EuleReloaded> :'( 12:19
<jawitech> Naja, vergleicht mal Hashie mit der Konkurrenz, wie viele Bugs, verzögerte Payouts usw da vorkommen 12:19
<victorveraart> foes anybody know on wich channel they stil broadcast die ludolfs? 12:19
<hst1960> weil der dev erst noch ein forum fertigmachen muss bevor er sich kümmern kann 12:19
<EuleReloaded> hätte ich auch gleich CFDs handeln können .....da sehe ich wenigstens gleich ob ich die kohle verbrannt hab 12:19
<Runlevel> lol 12:19
<hst1960> +1 12:19
<jawitech> lol 12:20
<EuleReloaded> ja weil son forum auch wichtiger ist als payouts 12:20
<Runlevel> dazu habe ich zu wenig geld 12:20
<SchenkData> wird das payout denn nachgeholt ? 12:20
<EuleReloaded> ich jetzt auch ^^ 12:20
<jawitech> Dann nimm ein Forex Cent Account 12:20
<shk> I seem to be missing my last payout :/ 12:20
<jawitech> Ja, Payout wird nachgeholt 12:20
<jmsr1978> everydoby 12:20
<Runlevel> gute frage - ob payoud nachgeholt 12:20
<shk> oh no 12:20
<jawitech> Seems to be a technical problem 12:21
<victorveraart> who neeeds to make a forum so "he3 can look after 11:19? 12:21
<jawitech> The big G, victor 12:21
<jawitech> creator of the so called "better than bitcoin" coin 12:21
<shk> paycoin? 12:22
<Runlevel> EuleReloaded - ich nutze hier ein cold wallet , denke ist der beste weg zum sichern der coins - oder? 12:22
<victorveraart> the big G from Gordon? 12:22
<EuleReloaded> indeed 12:22
<victorveraart> kk^^ 12:22
<EuleReloaded> klar ....lokal ist immer besser 12:22
<shk> what does he mean "rescheduled"??? 12:22
<EuleReloaded> GarzaStreifen 12:22
<jawitech> Ja, im Lokal gibts was zu trinken ^^ 12:22
<jawitech> lol guter Spruch 12:22
<Runlevel> oki bit card i have buy some cards 12:22
<Runlevel> for the wallet cold 12:23
<Runlevel> and one of paper 12:23
<jawitech> Eule, den muss ich mir merken 12:23
<EuleReloaded> :D 12:23
<jawitech> :D 12:23
<Runlevel> irc? 12:23
<Runlevel> channel on irc to talk privat? 12:24
<EuleReloaded> #hashie 12:24
<jawitech> Just stay calm, Hashie had only 1 late payout that was delayed 1 hour due to a stuck cron 12:24
<shk> which network? 12:24
<Runlevel> good idea 12:24
<victorveraart> y hashie no private chatso i can talk with eule 12:24
<shk> jawitech, it's 7 hours late now 12:25
<shk> no, even more, it's eleven hours late 12:25
<jawitech> yeah i know, wanted to say they are not known for late payouts unlike many competitors 12:25
<Runlevel> 11.26 MEZ 12:26
<shk> don't want them to end their good run... 12:26
<jawitech> currently they are one of the less that you can rely on. check the forum for cloud mining, most are in trouble and have no proof of mining 12:26
<jawitech> with amhash you know they indeed have some mining hardware 12:26
<hst1960> auf #hashie is niemand :-) 12:28
<EuleReloaded> doch ^^ 12:28
<ivanv> @Hashie (Official) are you here? 12:28
<Hashie (Official)> hi 12:28
<Aiexis> Any official announce from hashie ? 12:29
<Gabralkhan> yep...payouts are on their way Aiexis 12:29
<Runlevel> bin irc 12:30
<EuleReloaded> scheiße! keine kippen mehr....und ab zur tanke 12:30
<ivanv> @Hashie sent you a PM on bitcointalk 12:30
<EuleReloaded> <--- afk for a sec 12:30
<ivanv> pls check 12:30
<Zwiebo> du willst dir das doch wohl nciht entgehen lassen eule 12:30
<Runlevel> irc.ntalk.de 12:30
<EuleReloaded> doch doch ich muss ...^^ 12:30
<ivanv> @Hashie got it? 12:31
<shk> what's the delay? I just put my money in firehashers, would be a shame if they don't deliver now 12:31
<Aiexis> thanks Grabralkhan 12:31
<EuleReloaded> @run: http://webchat.freenode.net 12:32
<Runlevel> oki 12:32
<ivanv> @Hashie also sent an email to support@hashie.co at Dec 25th, still no answer, not a single word 12:33
<scotter62> payout 12:34
<skorpions62> Payments end? 12:34
<jmsr1978> @EuleReloaded what channel on the irc? 12:34
<EuleReloaded> #hashie 12:35
<PesiHUN> amhash again out of stock? 12:38
<Gabralkhan> Amhash sales are halted everywhere yes but you can still buy some on the market 12:38
<PesiHUN> just autobuy stopped 12:39
<Gabralkhan> for 2-3 weeks 12:40
<Gabralkhan> autobuy is halted as well 12:40
<ivanv> @Hashie are you reading this chat? 12:40
<Gabralkhan> Amhash sold all their farm shares so they have to extend now and in the same time they are running some verification of infrastructure 12:41
<shk> amhash sold hashies farm shares?? 12:41
<ivanv> @Gab chances to get daily payout, your opinion? 12:42
<kogx6> Выплаты не было у всех или у меня сегодня? 12:42
<l3sny> не было у всех 12:43
<kogx6> с какого хуя? 12:43
<ivanv> сегодня 12:43
<kogx6> типа ХП тоже скам? 12:43
<scotter62> 1 12:44
<lemegetit> so no payout from 12/27???? 12:44
<kogx6> HASH PROFIT не платит и эти тоже!!! 12:45
<bhok> exactly no payouts from yesterday 12:45
<alex502> походу все 12:45
<ivanv> just last payment 12:45
<lemegetit> fk 12:45
<kogx6> в чем косяк по выплатам ? 12:45
<lemegetit> issues with amhash??? 12:45
<lemegetit> gen1 no payout either???? 12:46
<kogx6> это как? 12:46
<bilabonic> <bhok> exactly no payouts from yesterday- you mean today 28th 12:46
<bilabonic> i had 27th 12:46
<ivanv> yup, no payout at all, gen1,amhash, firehasers 12:46
<ivanv> firehashers* 12:46
<l3sny> буы море фиречасч ;) 12:46
<kogx6> почему? 12:46
<lemegetit> looks like people already dumping on the market..... 12:46
<hussamoo> Generation 1 2398.00 102.76% $3.75 $899.25 12:47
<l3sny> buy more firehashers 12:47
<kogx6> майнигу все пиздец!!! 12:47
<lemegetit> hope for the best...... 12:47
<ivanv> @lemegetit not quite, I bought Gen1 at $3.5 12:47
<bhok> it smell funny 12:48
<ivanv> few weeeks ago 12:48
<l3sny> https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=822446.1140 12:49
<lemegetit> good price anything under 4.....but def not right now....hope for the best. 12:49
<EuleReloaded> off topic: ltcgear site is up 12:51
<Tyler> Hello guys, I hope you had a good Christmas time :D 12:54
<hussamoo> :( Jesus Mercy 12:54
<lemegetit> good till now....... 12:55
<Tyler> I just wanna know, if you got paid for today? In my transaction there is no payment for 28th of december 12:55
<EuleReloaded> nope 12:55
<lemegetit> nobody got paid...... 12:56
<akaiapc40> At the end of this thread I read that other users still didn't received any payout for the day https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=822446.1120 12:56
<Gabralkhan> no it is still stucked 12:56
<lemegetit> hopefully reconciled by today if a payment issue????? 12:56
<akaiapc40> Can @hashie official confirm that some payout was missed? Because I didn't received mine.... 12:56
<bilabonic> http://justpaste.it/imrx 12:57
<Gabralkhan> there are "some payout" missed, no payouts were issued today 12:57
<bilabonic> READ THAT !!!! 12:57
<Gabralkhan> they are on it but it is Sunday so you won't have the dev on it right now...we'll have to be a little patient... 12:58
<ivanv> little? hahaha 12:59
<hussamoo> all people who have no 2FA,, is your balance is still availabe? 12:59
<ivanv> I'm waiting 4 days for support response 12:59
<Tyler> @ bilabonic OK, I´ll try :P 12:59
<Gabralkhan> didn't they answered back to you earlier ? 12:59
<ivanv> nope 13:00
<akaiapc40> Ok read.....what's the point on it? 13:00
<ivanv> have u had chance to fwd my issue to @Hashie here 13:00
<Gabralkhan> well anyway the most urgent are the regular payouts of everyone i think 13:00
<Gabralkhan> well you was here... 13:01
<ivanv> make sense, but not a single word in 4 days 13:01
<ivanv> right, @Hashie just vanished when I asked here 13:02
<ivanv> agree? 13:02
<Gabralkhan> this still you one withdraw that didn't go through but the following went fine ? 13:02
<akaiapc40> Hussamoo why you said that hashie was hacked? 13:02
<bilabonic> <akaiapc40> Ok read.....what's the point on it? - Hashies replies !!!! 13:02
<ivanv> deposit, not withdrawal 13:02
<hussamoo> Where is Mr. Hacker 13:02
<ivanv> yes, just single deposit 13:02
<hussamoo> do you went to the bitcointalk link? 13:03
<hussamoo> https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=822446.1140 13:03
<hussamoo> Hashie sent a comment laughing from us 13:03
<hussamoo> https://www.base64decode.org/ 13:04
<gainmedia> 12 hrs 56 mins until payout, and still no payout from yesterday 13:04
<hussamoo> DQpUaGUgc25vdyBnbG93cyB3aGl0ZSBvbiB0aGUgbW91bnRhaW4gdG9uaWdodA0KTm90IGEgZm9v dHByaW50IHRvIGJlIHNlZW4NCkEga2luZ2RvbSBvZiBpc29sYXRpb24sDQpBbmQgaXQgbG9va3Mg bGlrZSBJJ20gdGhlIHF1ZWVuLg0KDQpUaGUgd2luZCBpcy 13:04
<Aiexis> hussamoo... that's surrealist... it sounds like hashie has drunk 13:05
<gainmedia> time to sell my miners and get the fuck out, I cannot trust this site 13:05
<shk> 0_0 13:05
<shk> holy shit 13:06
<lemegetit> whos buying?????? 13:06
<ivanv> nobody, we were all buying fh 13:07
<ivanv> 2.5 times cheaper 13:08
<hussamoo> fh what does it mean? 13:09
<antonio> Same I bought a miner yesterday, and no payout today :/ 13:09
<ivanv> FireHashers 13:09
<ivanv> look at the left side menu on this page 13:09
<bilabonic> Sell firehashers then leave with your BTC !!!! 13:09
<lemegetit> firehashers.......fk might have been there exit strategy 13:10
<bilabonic> yep 13:10
<ivanv> you can sell, but u can be sure u can do withdrawal 13:10
<Gabralkhan> i think hashie is just not in position to get the script working himself that's all 13:10
<ivanv> anybody tried withdrawal in last 24 hrs? 13:10
<Cleverminer> well if you can depend on diff to stay st eady i guess firehasher are good buy but if diff increases more than the perceive % gain they state you will lose 13:10
<Gabralkhan> yeah and it went through like usual 13:11
<ivanv> good 13:11
<Gabralkhan> 0,0045 in the night 13:11
<Aiexis> withdrawal's still working well 13:12
<Gabralkhan> the thing is what you wantt to tell people when the dev is not here and that you can't make it work or know why it is stucked ? Sing lullabies ? 13:12
<ellave> I withdrew about 2 hours ago, went through quick 13:12
<gainmedia> anybody know what's going on with payments etc 13:12
<AhmedMSedeek> No 13:12
<AhmedMSedeek> I just made a withdraw and it never came 13:12
<antonio> I withdrew aroud 2pm yesterday, just after buying my FH, was the excess of funding I wanted back. It went straightforward. 13:12
<gainmedia> sent support an email almost 24 hours ago 13:12
<Cleverminer> where is hashie located 13:13
<gainmedia> still no payment 13:13
<Cleverminer> which country 13:13
<Gabralkhan> the script of payouts is stucked but they don't know exactly why for the moment, the dev team will be on it later today 13:13
<Hashie (Official)> Gabralkhan: WTF? frozen is NOT a lullabie 13:13
<ellave> hashie was here about an hour ago singing songs, so hopefully they are passed out drunk on the floor & it wasn't an intruder 13:13
<gainmedia> thanks, that is more reassuring than waiting in vain 13:13
<ivanv> @Hashie are you ignoring me? 13:14
<Gabralkhan> ahahah... :) 13:14
<jmsr1978> well today is sunday and people are aloud to be on holidays (nearly NYE passing Christmass) maybe...let give some time to Hashie 13:14
<gainmedia> ;) 13:14
<Hashie (Official)> ivanv: yes 13:14
<gainmedia> yesterday was Saturday .... payments should be automated ... 13:14
<ivanv> so? 13:14
<Gabralkhan> would you accept another song as answer ivanv ?... :) 13:15
<ivanv> deposit on Dec 24th at 2014-12-24 20:07:32 13:15
<shk> i would like an update in the "news" section or in an email 13:15
<ivanv> still not in my hashie account 13:15
<jmsr1978> but if it is stuck the script maybe there is no one right now aho can do something about it 13:15
<hussamoo> The website is hacked, I do not think that Hashie is a scam 13:15
<AhmedMSedeek> @Hashie (Official) Just say it, Some "People" still don't understand 13:15
<jmsr1978> it is sunday 13:15
<gainmedia> what's a good rate to sell my miners, got 125 ghs, 334.27 GH/s 13:15
<hussamoo> so if it hacked, do not worry and sleep well 13:16
<ellave> $2 13:16
<shk> gainmedia, check the prices at the Market 13:16
<jmsr1978> also programmers go on holidays ;) 13:16
<hussamoo> the hardware are safe ;) 13:16
<bilabonic> Correct, Sunday 28th, todays payment is missing 13:16
<ivanv> @Hashie so, "yes" means you are ignoring me? 13:16
<gainmedia> @hashie what's going on with payments. 13:16
<gainmedia> I'm waiting for Saturdays payment .... 13:16
<shk> we all are 13:17
<gainmedia> *claps hands 13:17
<Gabralkhan> it means he took care of it ivanv... 13:17
<jmsr1978> and if i would be Hashie for sure would be tired of answer the same question...but i think the best is to make a general mail and explain what is happening, plain and simple 13:17
<ellave> Hashie, do you want to build a snowman? 13:17
<hussamoo> Hashie will pay us back, but they should do the best next time to save us and them from "little nothing small socks hacker" like this frozen garbage 13:17
<AhmedMSedeek> @Hasie, Say it "I'm a ponzi" 13:17
<AhmedMSedeek> Come on 13:18
<Gabralkhan> a little bit a poetry never hurted anyone even if it from disney... :) 13:18
<Gabralkhan> *of 13:19
<ThamerLan1> just woke up... issed smthng? what's new about payments? 13:20
<gainmedia> fuck this, I'm selling 13:20
<Rookie0815> Someone selling for 3.50$ at the market 13:21
<gainmedia> will checkit out 13:21
<hussamoo> The itsy-bitsy Hashie hacker Climbed up the water spout Down came the rain And washed the hashie hacker out Out came the sun And dried up all the rain And the itsy-bitsy hashie hacker Climbed up the s 13:21
<Runlevel> its only a bug - i think 13:21
<Runlevel> they will payout next time - or not :) 13:21
<bilabonic> <Runlevel> its only a bug - i think 11:21, you not been on here long then !!! 13:22
<hussamoo> I hope but :) I don't think so. 13:22
<gainmedia> I seem to prefer eobot 13:22
<lemegetit> @hussamoo luv it 13:22
<LogicalParadox> Is it better to buy the Gen 1 or the AMHash 13:22
<bilabonic> NO officical statement on here or on BCT !!! 13:23
<marcel1982> @rookie, i'll sell 118Gh @ 3.50 if you want 13:23
<lemegetit> ltcgear instead.... 13:23
<marcel1982> :) 13:23
<hussamoo> nothing 13:23
<bilabonic> SELL, SELLL, SELL !!!! 13:23
<lemegetit> gaw instead...... 13:23
<lemegetit> sell sell sell 13:23
<Rookie0815> No thanks :) I also sell for 3.69 13:23
<marcel1982> so what you guys think, site is just having little problems? 13:24
<marcel1982> will be better tomorrow? 13:24
<lemegetit> sell for 3 even got 2.3btc to spend...... 13:24
<lemegetit> sell 13:25
<gainmedia> I'll sell 125 @ 350 13:25
<lemegetit> site is having payout issues.....mod verify???? @hashie 13:26
<Rookie0815> I find the "official" communication quite irritating. Posting poems is not what I would expect in such a situation 13:26
<avixy> i have 1100:/ 13:26
<lemegetit> exactly the problem right now..... 13:26
<lemegetit> imagine how ltcgear guys feel???? we have only waited basically 12hrs. 13:28
<gainmedia> almost 24 hours this side 13:28
<ellave> well what ever happens after tonight, if we all get paid etc etc Hashie rep will stlil have taken a big hit 13:29
<hussamoo> Dears, Please send Badbitcoins.org a report 13:31
<ivanv> @Hashie r u still drinking antifreeze or u r still out of it? 13:31
<EuleReloaded> @leme: i know how ltcgear guys feel ....i am one :'( 13:31
<hussamoo> they knew the hashie owner, maybe if we contacted them, they can let us know if the web is hacked or not, it really good website, I trust it 13:32
<adamikus> what happened? i just came up, and i don't understand what u guys are talking about 13:32
<bilabonic> no payments for today and hashie talking gibberish 13:32
<avengingaso> yes, please enlighten me too. what's the fuzz about? 13:32
<ivanv> @Hashie I can send u Serbian antifreeze, will throw you into the sky 13:34
<AhmedMSedeek> http://justpaste.it/imrx 13:36
<ThamerLan1> Are you from Serbia? 13:37
<victorveraart> is eule happy today? 13:37
<EuleReloaded> no... 13:38
<hussamoo> Badbitcoin.org Please send a ticket/report 13:38
<ivanv> @ThamerLan1 yes, why do u ask? 13:38
<bhok> how much serbian denars i need to buy one btc? 13:38
<victorveraart> y not eule? :( 13:39
<LogicalParadox> How long has there been issues with the payouts? 13:39
<bhok> 24 hours 13:39
<hussamoo> 12 hours 13:39
<ivanv> 35000 13:39
<bhok> nice thanks 13:39
<gainmedia> 24 hours this side 13:39
<ThamerLan1> your Ni]ck.. sounds like Russian 13:39
<gainmedia> no reply from any hashie reps 13:39
<LogicalParadox> So 1 payout cycle, has there been any official notice from the company? 13:39
<ivanv> @bhok ~35000 13:40
<gainmedia> no reply from any hashie reps 13:39 ! 13:40
<victorveraart> why is eule sad today? 13:40
<bhok> thanks ivanv ¿do you have legal issues with btc is Serbia? 13:41
<hussamoo> Where is she? 13:42
<gainmedia> badbitcion, down 13:42
<EuleReloaded> because even with "diversify" as rule#1 i think i burned a lot of satoshis 13:42
<Rookie0815> No valuable statements so far 13:42
<hussamoo> http://www.badbitcoin.org/ 13:42
<hussamoo> no it is ok 13:42
<LogicalParadox> 1 missed cycle isn't anything to get alarmed about (yet). 13:42
<bhok> https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=822446.1140 13:42
<gainmedia> ell I am reporting 13:42
<LogicalParadox> However I will slap them in the head with a clue stick for not at least putting something in the news section about technical issues 13:43
<ivanv> @bhok no issue, state authorities don't even know what btc is 13:43
<hussamoo> XPY Wallet hacked !! ONLY get your wallet from paycoin.com. Fake XPY wallets are out there. Check your PC with Malwarebytes regularly. Don'r fall victim to keylogger malware. Use Lastpass Password man 13:43
<EuleReloaded> lol 13:43
<EuleReloaded> @hussa: if people downloading from shady sites then it's their own fault 13:44
<hussamoo> there is so many paycoin sites 13:45
<hussamoo> paycoins.biz 13:45
<hussamoo> paycoin.co 13:45
<bilabonic> There always been fake wallets !!! 13:45
<hussamoo> all not trusted 13:46
<EuleReloaded> i mean...there will be always peepz with a serious brain damage but come on ....these people would also run the "i'm totally not a virus_ trust me i'm a dolphin.exe 13:46
<bilabonic> Use Lastpass Password - wots this ? 13:46
<hussamoo> I think all should have 2fa 13:46
<bilabonic> thats why i never leave btc here 13:46
<hussamoo> to defense yourself, but I heard from my friends that some of them the 2fa is not working 13:47
<bhok> it smells funny people 13:47
<Runlevel> i have get Authy for 2fa 13:47
<Runlevel> works on android handy 13:48
<ivanv> @bhok funny and fanny 13:48
<Hashie (Official)> *** we will make an update in 20 minutes *** 13:48
<jmsr1978> and BTC is going dooowwwn like a snow ball! 13:48
<jmsr1978> OMG 309$ 13:48
<ivanv> @Hashie official emal or what? 13:48
<bhok> is chat, in bitcointalk? where? 13:49
<hst1960> yes hopefully base64 decoded again 13:49
<hussamoo> Hashie, who are you now? 13:50
<hussamoo> the real or the forzen hashie? 13:50
<bhok> the hashied hashie? 13:50
<Hashie (Official)> hussamoo: the real hashie 13:50
<Hashie (Official)> we are sorry for the messages earlier 13:51
<Hashie (Official)> we will post a real update in 20 minutes 13:51
<EuleReloaded> thank you 13:51
<hussamoo> is it was hacked? 13:51
<Hashie (Official)> yah 13:51
<jmsr1978> really???? 13:51
<EuleReloaded> nah really? 13:51
<hussamoo> can you send this to bitcointalk 13:51
<jmsr1978> they did already 13:52
<hussamoo> with an apologize 13:52
<gainmedia> <Hashie (Official)> really you ? 13:52
<jmsr1978> i answer him to his "updated in 20 mins" at btctalk 13:52
<kogx6> Выплаты будут за 27 или нет просто все проебали? 13:52
<jmsr1978> nop 13:52
<jmsr1978> without one 13:52
<jmsr1978> but i understand if they will do that in the update...it is ok 13:53
<gainmedia> link to bitcion talk thread please ? 13:53
<bhok> if hashie pays all well be ok if not all we will be a little more poor 13:54
<Aiexis> https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=822446.1160 13:54
<trixster67> first ltcgear now hashie ..not good 13:56
<EuleReloaded> :-/ don't forget hashprofit 13:56
<jmsr1978> im on the Hashprofit too 13:56
<EuleReloaded> pbmining 13:56
<jmsr1978> never forget 13:56
<mattyoung007> Hi is anyone else missing a payout? 13:57
<demonfrog97> This still isnt resolved.... 13:57
<demonfrog97> everyone is matt.... 13:57
<jmsr1978> and BTC to 308$ 13:57
<mattyoung007> np ty 13:58
<lemegetit> https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=822446.1160 13:58
<hussamoo> PBmining is not trust able 13:58
<EuleReloaded> @huss: you not say .... 13:58
<EuleReloaded> captain obvious here 13:58
<hussamoo> bitstamp price: 315.69 13:58
<hussamoo> cex.io is the best now to sell your coins 13:59
<jmsr1978> im on btc-e but im not selling anything...only looking and having fun 13:59
<jmsr1978> for me is the calm before the storm 13:59
<hussamoo> CEX price is 320 14:00
<hussamoo> did someone tried to deposit? 14:00
<demonfrog97> So Hashie got hacked? 14:01
<hussamoo> #Hashie Official, is it ok? more than 20 mins left 14:03
<Hashie (Official)> we are working on the update 14:04
<gainmedia> how about our payments ? 14:04
<gainmedia> isn't that more important 14:04
<bhok> we are waiting the update like water in the desert 14:05
<demonfrog97> clearly now.... 14:05
<gainmedia> I reckon it is still the hacker ... 14:06
<bhok> people do you know why hitler and pol pot was wrong? 14:06
<gainmedia> no fucking answers at all and I think it is time to return the favour .... 14:06
<hussamoo> #Hashie will you pay us our payouts? 14:06
<bhok> i love to be scamed 14:07
<hussamoo> :) 14:07
<hussamoo> I don't 14:07
<bhok> put money with nice espectatives and lost all 14:08
<hussamoo> I love to be paid :))) 14:08
<bhok> it is better than onanism 14:08
<hussamoo> at leat I have been paid 0.3 BTC 14:08
<hussamoo> :((( 14:08
<moorhenx> i wait fot payout :v 14:09
<bhok> btc is falle to the hell 14:09
<bhok> probably we will se btc under 300 next week 14:09
<hussamoo> #Hashie Official, if your colleague is busy, your job is to talk to us 14:09
<bhok> we want your soul hashie 14:10
<gainmedia> any clever programmers here ? maybe somebody should contribute a DDOS to the site and see how they feel about loosing money .... 14:10
<gainmedia> feels completely ponzi ! 14:10
<bhok> we will pay some moldovan guys for visit you and "explain" our point of view 14:10
<Gabralkhan> yeah that is what is usually do when i have a problem in cloud mining , a apyout late, i start a DDOS campaign... 14:10
<gainmedia> lol 14:11
<bilabonic> it was under $300 last week ..... 14:11
<gainmedia> hahahahahahahaha 14:11
<bhok> mm 14:11
<bhok> i can see to 303 14:11
<hussamoo> I can't say Hashie is a scammer, it is not an action from a scammer to do this kidding actions, but yes I can say it is hacked 14:11
<gainmedia> it is sad actually 14:11
<AhmedMSedeek> I don't know how to do a DDOS 14:11
<bhok> ok we lost yesterday payouts he only have to change security and solved 14:12
<hussamoo> if it is scammer, one click will shut down the website 14:12
<LogicalParadox> good grief, it's like a gaggle of 4 year olds in here -.- 14:12
<gainmedia> just make sure we sell our shit and get it back, haha 14:12
<Gabralkhan> let them do their thing for the moment, it is mad how you can act for a payout of a few hours late... 14:12
<ivanv> @Gabralkhan you start a DDOS campaign? 14:12
<gainmedia> @LogicalParadox it gives us shit to do , hahaha 14:13
<hussamoo> but as it is hacked, the hacker will try to find out any try to make us angry if he did not see money / enough money 14:13
<gainmedia> can't stare at this screen for ever you know 14:13
<AhmedMSedeek> I won't participate in a DDOS here 14:13
<bhok> people what about create a cryptocoin called shitcoin, we can warrant people that it will be a scam without surprises 14:13
<LogicalParadox> (oO) 14:13
<AhmedMSedeek> I just wanna know how to do it 14:13
<gainmedia> lol 14:13
<Gabralkhan> I'm not sure that the name is not already used 14:13
<bhok> i want to take some shitcoins shut up and take my money 14:14
<bhok> asscoin? 14:14
<ThamerLan1> scamcoin 14:14
<AhmedMSedeek> We should make a website called WeWillScamYou.com 14:14
<bhok> vaginaldouchecoin? 14:14
<bhok> yep 14:14
<hussamoo> semencoin lol! 14:14
<AhmedMSedeek> And we'll still get money 14:14
<bhok> we promise to scam you absollutellly all money guaranteed 14:14
<bhok> if we not scam to you we will pay you 14:15
<bhok> a 100000% repayment 14:15
<bhok> assuredscamcoin 14:15
<ThamerLan1> looool 14:15
<bhok> well 14:16
<AhmedMSedeek> scamcoin seems funny :D 14:16
<bhok> what about the 20 min announcement? 14:16
<bhok> we can work that 14:16
<ThamerLan1> do you see how fun is to stay chatting waiting for payments 14:16
<hussamoo> #hashie Official, any update? please tell us what happened 14:16
<bhok> really it is 14:16
<AhmedMSedeek> Still waiting fo the 20 minutes scince 40 minutes :D 14:17
<ivanv> 2 minutes to announcement 14:17
<gainmedia> hey Hacker ! get the fuck out or you will die ! 14:17
<bhok> wetakeyourmoneyforfreeandspendthisinbitches.guru 14:17
<hussamoo> we are not waiting the payout more than waiting to know if you are safe website to mine our coin in or not 14:18
<gainmedia> there are people with missiles around, hope you know and oh wait, the CIA are good friends ... 14:18
<bhok> yeah and Moldovan guys are too waiting 14:18
<bhok> they like to broke arms and legs it is their hobby 14:18
<hussamoo> The bitcoins is not that important to government than us, the government is more ponzi than scammers 14:19
<bhok> i trust really in the Moldovan way of life 14:19
<Hashie (Official)> Update coming in 5 mins 14:19
<ThamerLan1> What did they do? 14:19
<bhok> 5 minutes to say that we are being scammed, c´mon man 14:19
<bhok> it is too much 14:20
<ThamerLan1> 2ivanv your watches seem to be briken 14:20
<ThamerLan1> broken 14:20
<gainmedia> thread traced ... 14:20
<bhok> only say, Sirs, your funds have been spended in hash 14:20
<hussamoo> http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=d9laKyBZoVU 14:20
<jmsr1978> good video 14:21
<hussamoo> This is the real ponzi ever 14:21
<bhok> Nice video but i prefer that https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QG-FbpAr3ls 14:21
<jmsr1978> for sure 14:22
<bhok> nice video hussamo it is fiat banking sistem 14:22
<bhok> Congratulations! You've Been Scammed! 14:22
<bhok> and you know that 14:22
<gainmedia> <Hashie (Official)> put our fucking money in our pockets or else 14:22
<hussamoo> 3.5 min 14:22
<bhok> i love to lost money in crypto investings 14:22
<bhok> it is so sexy 14:23
<ThamerLan1> Your Lucky scammed number is.... 14:23
<bhok> lol 14:23
<ThamerLan1> So multipy your scammed money!!! 14:23
<bhok> lol 14:23
<bhok> i love scam dynamics it is really funny 14:23
<Hashie (Official)> you haven't been scammed 14:24
<bhok> where you you ThamerLan? 14:24
<bhok> no? 14:24
<bhok> i want to be scamed man 14:24
<ThamerLan1> we're just joking 14:24
<bhok> if you are no a scam please give back my money 14:24
<Hashie (Official)> you can withdraw, no problem with that 14:24
<Gabralkhan> pfff guys "or else" ? yeah gainmedia i'm sure there is so much you can do... 14:24
<bhok> thanks Hashie for aclaration 14:25
<gainmedia> ;) 14:25
<gainmedia> not personally .... but ;) I do have some friends high up 14:25
<bhok> Hashie where you from? 14:25
<Gabralkhan> btw ut seems withdraw works as the market, get out if you want, don't spend all the time here saying you will... 14:25
<Hashie (Official)> update posted 14:25
<Hashie (Official)> https://hashie.co/ see the homepage 14:26
<ThamerLan1> I don't thing it's scam, such problems occure at different services from time to time 14:26
<kompot> wat 14:26
<bhok> in market there are amhash for 3.5 14:26
<Aiexis> what the fuck 14:26
<bhok> and the music why? 14:27
<jmsr1978> WTF! 14:27
<lemegetit> fkn hilarious 14:27
<bhok> uuuhhh we have lost everything 14:27
<mundivalur> well we are FROZEN 14:27
<Hashie (Official)> there is more to it than you think 14:28
<Hashie (Official)> listen to the song carefully 14:28
<Hashie (Official)> maybe you'll hear a code of some sort :) 14:28
<ThamerLan1> They composed a song about this situation!!! 14:28
<lemegetit> really????????????????????????????? 14:28
<lemegetit> funny shit 14:28
<bhok> can you confirm we have lost everything? 14:29
<ivanv> there is morse code in the background 14:29
<Aiexis> what does this link means ? https://blockchain.info/address/1GcFuswJt4qErU5hkNsayGHGL9CZHjioub 14:30
<EuleReloaded> well ... 14:30
<Runlevel> i wll tell it a charter of mc 14:30
<Runlevel> will 14:30
<bhok> i think it is the address where hacher transfer yesterday payment 14:30
<bhok> hacker 14:31
<hst1960> the morse code is sos 14:31
<Runlevel> ...---... 14:31
<Hashie (Official)> no, this is an alternate reality game 14:31
<Runlevel> so? 14:31
<Hashie (Official)> https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Alternate_reality_game 14:31
<lemegetit> really this is hilarious...... 14:31
<manderson4> So we got screwed? 14:31
<bhok> and what is supposed we to do? 14:31
<Hashie (Official)> you are supposed to find out what to do :) 14:31
<ThamerLan1> girl sings - let it go... is it about my deposite? 14:32
<Hashie (Official)> check out https://hashie.co/forum/ 14:32
<yacalc> it's a joke ? 14:32
<Hashie (Official)> there is a hint there 14:32
<ventolin> lol hashie is kidding 14:33
<Aiexis> I don't care what they are going to say, LET IT GO LET IT GO. is that all ? 14:33
<manderson4> so we got screwed 14:33
<Hashie (Official)> no 14:33
<Hashie (Official)> listen to it carefully. 14:33
<bhok> 0.53btc throwed to wc, nice 14:33
<tm01> Still no payout 14:33
<ThamerLan1> let it go, and deposite it no more 14:33
<bhok> yep 14:34
<Aiexis> scam confirmed, nothing else to say. 14:34
<tm01> Is it gone tho? 14:34
<bhok> but i think cryptos no will grow up if the scams are not controlled 14:34
<yacalc> @hashie why do we need to listen to a song to find a hint ? 14:34
<trixster67> what do u mean listen to it carefully? I have a 4yr old daughter I hear that song 200 times a day for months now 14:34
<ThamerLan1> And what about people who don't know English well enough? 14:34
<tm01> lol 14:34
<Kinjomi> you can hear the song only with the left headphone? 14:35
<Josef27> What did I miss? 14:35
<ThamerLan1> big fun 14:35
<subeer> is it worth biung more amhash power from the others on the market? 14:35
<Hashie (Official)> subeer: nah 14:35
<Maaximal> at 3:17 there is a morse code on the right audio channel 14:35
<Metroseksuaali> why no payout 14:35
<tm01> What song? 14:36
<bhok> because hashie want to live from others 14:36
<Deadmul3> Hashie, do youhave an update ??? 14:36
<bhok> Hashie you should respect people 14:36
<Salmen> Listen to hashie.co 14:36
<lemegetit> stop all buying funny shit goin on here.......were fkt. 14:36
<tm01> I hope he ment let today go 14:36
<Deadmul3> is hashie admin account hacked ? 14:36
<EuleReloaded> jep 14:36
<tm01> instead the site 14:36
<meickert> it sounds like there is distributed money during the song but distributed to who? :) 14:36
<lemegetit> yes it is 14:36
<Deadmul3> damn 14:37
<tm01> maybe its just a way to steal btc 14:37
<EuleReloaded> i mean jeep ...we r f%$ed 14:37
<Deadmul3> I knew it 14:37
<Kinjomi> you control our minds with that sound only to buy GH/s? 14:37
<tm01> we need some explanotion 14:37
<lemegetit> anyway to recover????? 14:37
<Hashie (Official)> you can win 20 btc.. 14:37
<Deadmul3> fuck you 14:37
<tm01> lol why win 14:37
<Hashie (Official)> tm01: the explanation are all there. you will need to solve the ARG to find out (and get 20 BTC). 14:37
<tm01> we just want our payone 14:37
<tm01> ARG? I didnt pay for this my friend 14:38
<Hashie (Official)> you have to solve the ARG first for that 14:38
<trixster67> win right have not even gotten payout 14:38
<Deadmul3> fuck off 14:38
<tm01> what is arg 14:38
<Aiexis> i don't want to play, i just want payment. i'm not a gamer, and i'm sure i'm not the only one 14:38
<lemegetit> all this does is hurt crypto.......... 14:38
<Runlevel> think - now all cloud miners have difficulties for the future to get new customers. nobody will buy cloudcontracts in the future and so BTC will die 14:38
<mundivalur> thanks now more pepole will quit crypto 14:38
<subeer> any reason why Hashie? 14:38
<ventolin> no need to joking with us hashie... just close the page 14:38
<Runlevel> yes 14:38
<tm01> Send my money back 14:39
<cisary> There is comment is source: 14:39
<tm01> to my blockchain wallet 14:39
<ventolin> i dont understand the fucking song 14:39
<cisary> <!-- Please help us. We need you. --> 14:39
<ThamerLan1> its NOT HASHIE!!! THIS is SKYNET WW3 is on its WAY!!! 14:39
<cisary> WTF 14:39
<tm01> first my withdraw dissapeared and now this damn 14:39
<ThamerLan1> T2 HELP us! 14:40
<manderson4> to me all the song is saying is let it go, the past is in the past 14:40
<manderson4> so we got screwed 14:40
<Aiexis> @cisary, this is a comment part of html source, and also a arabian team: https://www.facebook.com/pages/Our-%D8%A7%D9%84%D9%84%D9%87-%D9%83%D8%B1%D9%8A%D9%85-We-need-You-Please-Help-Us/117113778414446 14:40
<lemegetit> fkn hillarious we all are winners of a fkt up day!!!!!!!! 14:40
<bhok> Hashie are you http://chud.com/nextraimages/sept1south5.jpg? 14:40
<Deadmul3> assume all accounts are comprised. hashie admin is imposter 14:40
<Hashie (Official)> manderson4: listen to it CAREFULLY. 14:40
<bhok> and where is reall hashie 14:40
<hussamoo> ok? 14:40
<Deadmul3> fuck off 14:41
<Salmen> Ok i listening 14:41
<lemegetit> so this is funny to hacker????? 14:41
<tm01> Just pay my money back 14:41
<tm01> + 20btc 14:41
<Salmen> Don't worry. 14:41
<Deadmul3> yes, hacker is playing games, is that you ASSad ? or Martin ? asshole 14:41
<tm01> Nah this no hacker 14:42
<Hashie (Official)> listen to it carefully :D 14:42
<tm01> this is hashie 14:42
<tm01> suck my dick carefully? 14:42
<hussamoo> listen to what? 14:42
<tm01> stupid mofo 14:42
<bhok> ok, the password for the address is in the song? 14:42
<Hashie (Official)> the song on https://hashie.co/ 14:42
<Deadmul3> fuck the fuck off fucking hacker - FU! 14:42
<Metroseksuaali> lewl this is so normal 14:43
<hussamoo> again what do you want? 14:43
<Metroseksuaali> it's just scam 14:43
<bhok> if someone can solve this he will have the $ 6,254.20? 14:43
<jmsr1978> Is a fucking Inocents days 14:43
<hussamoo> hashie official 14:43
<jmsr1978> it is all a big joke??? well it is not funnyç 14:43
<jmsr1978> today is 28 december 14:43
<tm01> thats why the made thos firehasher 14:43
<tm01> so they can steal youre money 14:43
<jmsr1978> look in internet 14:44
<Deadmul3> not a joke ,account are compromised ........ hashie admin is NOT the real admin 14:44
<Hashie (Official)> you guys are silly 14:44
<jmsr1978> grrrrrrrrr...really got me 14:44
<jmsr1978> :P 14:44
<bhok> we are silly? 14:44
<Deadmul3> you are an asshole 14:44
<tm01> Still 14:44
<bhok> we are not taking the other people money but you are 14:44
<tm01> with ur girly songs 14:44
<Deadmul3> hot official admin 14:44
<tm01> domn boy grow up 14:45
<Hashie (Official)> tm01: it's not a girly song 14:45
<Deadmul3> not a joke ,account are compromised ........ hashie admin is NOT the real admin 14:45
<hussamoo> Hashie official, if you are a hacker, what do you want to leave the website alone 14:45
<Hashie (Official)> seriously 14:45
<ThamerLan1> If So, God will punish them or their children.. sadly they don't understand it ((( 14:45
<Deadmul3> fuck you 14:45
<LogicalParadox> I'm happy the majority of my investment is with GAW, to think I was thinking about pulling the trigger and buying 5th last night :) 14:45
<Hashie (Official)> everything you want to know is in https://hashie.co/ 14:45
<bhok> it is a vaginal song ok and why 14:45
<tm01> ur such a girly girl 14:45
<Deadmul3> seriously 14:45
<Hashie (Official)> you just need to solve it 14:45
<bhok> the code for blockchain account is here? 14:45
<Deadmul3> that's cause hacker is a cunt 14:45
<yacalc> LOL 14:45
<yacalc> what a hacker 14:45
<tm01> solve ur gayness 14:45
<Deadmul3> solve this fucker &^^*&^%^%@ 14:45
<lemegetit> lol 14:45
<yacalc> putting a song and force everyone to solve the riddle 14:46
<subeer> oh wow has hashie.co been hacked!!???? 14:46
<trixster67> well its official Hashie has become a scam first ltcgear now here 14:46
<lemegetit> fk funny shit.......hashie insured for loss????? 14:46
<Deadmul3> not a joke ,account are compromised ........ hashie admin is NOT the real admin 14:46
<ventolin> what means the arg adress? 14:46
<LogicalParadox> Ah well, live and learn 14:46
<tm01> haha 14:46
<Hashie (Official)> Deadmul3: i am the real admin. tell me how to prove it? 14:46
<pl2001lodz> mayby go to forum 14:47
<subeer> oh wow this is bad!! 14:47
<bhok> and why you don´t pay us real admin? 14:47
<Deadmul3> so tell us that you have now scammed then ! 14:47
<lemegetit> contact for real admin ???? 14:47
<Hashie (Official)> bhok: the answer to that is in the ARG 14:47
<Deadmul3> you are not Sahra 14:47
<subeer> the hashie team they have been hacked? 14:47
<tm01> fuck you and the ARG 14:47
<yacalc> LOL this hacker is sure hilarious 14:47
<bhok> iok it is a account where yesterday payouts are is it ok? 14:47
<Deadmul3> you are the real admin, with a hacked account...asshole. 14:47
<ventolin> wait for 3rd confirmation or what 14:47
<tm01> this was their plan 14:48
<Deadmul3> thats all that makes it real fuck off 14:48
<lemegetit> this is good never been part of one of these before....hacker of the day HASHIE!!!!!!! 14:48
<tm01> good job y 14:48
<tm01> i trusted this site 14:48
<tm01> lost 300 euro 14:49
<Hashie (Official)> listen to "let it go" and try to solve the ARG. it will explain everything. https://hashie.co/ 14:49
<tm01> go suck some more dicks fagget 14:49
<subeer> wow iam leaving this site, Hashie, are you going to steal everyones bitcoins? of all accounts on this site???? 14:49
<Deadmul3> accounts may be compromised, but we dont know if asshole made of with BTC 14:49
<Deadmul3> fuck off 14:49
<manderson4> Yes it does, we got scammed kiss our money good bye 14:49
<Aiexis> this is probably what hashie(official) want to ear: "oh good job, what an hilarious hacker you are, the greatest!" 14:49
<Hashie (Official)> Deadmul3: accounts are not compromised we hash passwords with bcrypt 14:49
<subeer> this is big shocking news for 42,811 14:49
<Maaximal> solved your morse riddle. i knew the cake was a lie 14:50
<Deadmul3> that means compromised....duh 14:50
<tm01> 42,808 users 14:50
<subeer> why the hell would a site admin put a song on its own homepage! 14:50
<manderson4> first the hack, then no payouts 14:50
<subeer> does hashie.co have a phone number!! 14:50
<Deadmul3> I have no song, yayyyyy! 14:50
<Hashie (Official)> Maaximal: you missed the Secure Container System 14:51
<trixster67> hashie (official) wtf is your prob? what is your major malfunction? 14:51
<Hashie (Official)> listen to the morse code at the beginning, there's 2 morse codes :) 14:51
<Maaximal> i know. dont want anyone to have the url ;) 14:51
<Deadmul3> no , fuck you 14:51
<steelmaiden> was this hacked or what? 14:51
<bhok> can we have some help Hashie? 14:51
<Deadmul3> yep 14:51
<steelmaiden> lol 14:52
<subeer> does anyone have a phone number for the HASHIE company, do they even know they are hacked???? 14:52
<steelmaiden> did the same hacker hack ltcgear? 14:52
<victorveraart> hashie is hacked 14:52
<jmsr1978> Today is St innocent day 14:52
<tm01> I dont think so 14:52
<Hashie (Official)> steelmaiden: yeah lol 14:52
<jmsr1978> december 28.. 14:52
<Hashie (Official)> chris of ltcgear is the operator of pbmining 14:52
<Deadmul3> fuck off 14:52
<ginoke25> hi 14:52
<Deadmul3> not a joke ,account are compromised ........ hashie admin is NOT the real admin 14:52
<bhok> puff al we are going to lost money 14:53
<jmsr1978> worst day to be in a chat 14:53
<steelmaiden> hm i hope not 14:53
<ginoke25> why thre want a payout today 14:53
<Alain> Pink Floyd's "Money" is better suited here...Money, get away, get a good job with more pay and you're O.K....only for adults! LOL 14:53
<bhok> people living from others money 14:53
<tm01> JUST PAY US. 14:53
<victorveraart> stupid hacker 14:53
<steelmaiden> i dont care about hashie i didnt invest much here 14:53
<Hashie (Official)> Deadmul3: Tell me how I can prove I'm the real admin. 14:53
<victorveraart> stupid hacker 14:53
<subeer> how did you hack this site Hashie? script kiddie? 14:53
<ginoke25> why ther wasn't a payout today 14:53
<victorveraart> hashie u can probe by giving my payment right now!!! 14:53
<tm01> victor denk je nou echt dits een hacker? 14:53
<LogicalParadox> Don't respond to Hashie (Official), it's the hacker that's taken over the admin account, not even a hacker really, more of a script kiddie. 14:53
<victorveraart> prove* 14:53
<trixster67> give us ourt payouts and we will aknowledge you are the real slim shady 14:54
<LogicalParadox> Eh, I'm out 14:54
<tm01> the real gay shady 14:54
<victorveraart> indeed 14:54
<bhok> you can show us that you are really real admin paying us 14:54
<bhok> simply 14:54
<ginoke25> why we don't received our payouts today 14:54
<Hashie (Official)> bhok: we can't pay you, the ARG will explain why 14:54
<subeer> we need to get the police involved 14:54
<Metroseksuaali> giwe all 1 btc to prove 14:54
<victorveraart> arg? 14:54
<tm01> indeed 14:54
<jmsr1978> what is ARG? 14:54
<Deadmul3> does everyone still have their miners....my guess some are for sale that shouldn't be 14:54
<bhok> is the arg account your? 14:54
<tm01> lawyers etc 14:54
<Hashie (Official)> alternate reality game. see https://hashie.co/ 14:54
<Deadmul3> not a joke ,account are compromised ........ hashie admin is NOT the real admin 14:54
<victorveraart> yeah we got to involge the police in here 14:55
<ginoke25> whats ARG 14:55
<victorveraart> and the media 14:55
<Deadmul3> who the crypto police ? 14:55
<lemegetit> amhash got u really???? thats why its frozen..... 14:55
<victorveraart> what i did go to hashie .co on other page and it said hashie is suspended 14:55
<Hashie (Official)> please involve the media, we need more people solving the ARG :D 14:55
<victorveraart> we are being scamme 14:55
<Deadmul3> fuck off hacker 14:56
<victorveraart> go to hashie.co and u will see 14:56
<Deadmul3> no one is playing your game 14:56
<victorveraart> on new browser tab 14:56
<ginoke25> what isARG???????????????????????????????????????? 14:56
<bhok> the arg is a btc adress 14:56
<hussamoo> the answer is sex 14:56
<tm01> DUHHHH 14:56
<subeer> please dont steal our money hashie 14:56
<Hashie (Official)> https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Alternate_reality_game 14:56
<tm01> HE ALRDY DID 14:56
<LogicalParadox> Listen you dinglebats, you're not being scammed, this is not the real admin, it's the loser script kiddie 14:56
<Hashie (Official)> subeer: You must solve the ARG in order to get your Bitcoins and miners back. 14:56
<bhok> the arg is this: https://blockchain.info/es/address/1GcFuswJt4qErU5hkNsayGHGL9CZHjioub 14:56
<trixster67> so thats it then.. probably is the real hashie and she is playing this game to pretend she was hacked in order to rip us off and blame it on a fake hacker. 14:56
<Hashie (Official)> LogicalParadox: Tell me how I can prove it to you that I'm the real hacker. 14:56
<victorveraart> wtf is goin on here! 14:56
<Hashie (Official)> I mean, I'm the real Hashie 14:57
<tm01> HASHIE SUCH A GEEK 14:57
<victorveraart> hashie for sure is not the real admin!! 14:57
<tm01> GET A LIFE GF ETC 14:57
<bhok> we know than you are the real hacker mr Hashie 14:57
<Hashie (Official)> victorveraart: i am real admin :) 14:57
<lemegetit> jus forum control......if its any other control change the bitcoin price @hashie????? 14:57
<Deadmul3> thats not a logical paradox, you are just an asshole 14:57
<hussamoo> is the answer is SEX 14:57
<subeer> hashie we dont need to solve anything this is our money!! 14:57
<Deadmul3> not a joke ,account are compromised ........ hashie admin is NOT the real admin 14:57
<Hashie (Official)> subeer: unfortunately due to a number of circumstances it is NO LONGER your money 14:57
<tm01> how do you know 14:57
<Hashie (Official)> you have to solve the arg in order to get 20 btc 14:57
<Maaximal> Hashie hint about the decrypt key? in the morse code? 14:57
<Deadmul3> fuck off 14:58
<Deadmul3> accounts are compromised ........ hashie admin is NOT the real admin 14:58
<Hashie (Official)> Maaximal: yes. you're on the right track :) 14:58
<Metroseksuaali> Where i put the key i got? 14:58
<Maaximal> is it all caps? 14:58
<victorveraart> wtf hashie 14:58
<pl2001lodz> forum 14:58
<subeer> i can see my miners, what are you talking abt? you have not taken anything? 14:58
<Deadmul3> the cake is a lie 14:58
<LogicalParadox> You want to prove you're the real admin? Remove the domain guard. 14:58
<Hashie (Official)> LogicalParadox: Why would I? 14:59
<Hashie (Official)> OK, I will remove the domain guard. 14:59
<victorveraart> wtf is happening 14:59
<pl2001lodz> metro go too forum 14:59
<Deadmul3> well look, a new users pops up called LogicalParadox how cute 14:59
<lemegetit> lol were fkt 14:59
<Deadmul3> victor - asshole hacker is playing games 14:59
<hussamoo> where to put the answer? 14:59
<Deadmul3> the cake is a lie 14:59
<Salmen> On the Song i hear beep and fire 15:00
<alex502> пиздец 15:00
<victorveraart> i hope its a hacker and not the real admin cuz then we'll never see our money 15:00
<subeer> how old are you hashie ? 10? 15:00
<meickert> SOS SOS HASHIE 15:00
<meickert> Morse Code 15:00
<LogicalParadox> Deadmul3: I'm not exactly new, well, new to hashie, I've been with gaw for a long time, was looking to diversify. 15:00
<meickert> hehe 15:00
<Maaximal> cake.wav 15:00
<Deadmul3> so just chance hacker mentions logicalparadix and then you show in 2 minutes....ok weird though 15:01
<ThamerLan1> Че за нах 15:01
<LogicalParadox> Deadmul3: Maybe when Hashie secures their site from loser script kiddies. 15:01
<victorveraart> if i reload this page wil i be able to go to the chat again? 15:01
<bhok> he is going to give the btc address to who decrypt it 15:01
<victorveraart> becuz the domain block thing 15:01
<Deadmul3> like I said, obvious troll is obvious 15:01
<hussamoo> Scull Sex 15:02
<Hashie (Official)> LogicalParadox: I have removed Whoisguard. 15:02
<Deadmul3> bhok, hacker don't return what they steal 15:02
<victorveraart> i see 20 btc on this https://blockchain.info/address/1GcFuswJt4qErU5hkNsayGHGL9CZHjioub 15:02
<LogicalParadox> No you haven't because loser script kiddies don't have access to the domain 15:03
<Deadmul3> hacker now talking to himself lol 15:03
<enLighteN85> v1rg1ns 15:03
<lemegetit> fk really talkin to himself........ 15:03
<ThamerLan1> Hacker, are you russian? 15:03
<LogicalParadox> Deadmul3: you're a moron, feel free to message me on hashtalk.org, same name 15:03
<ventolin> hashie is jigsaw and hes playing his ARG with us.... 15:03
<ventolin> im glad im still have my head on my shoulders 15:04
<Deadmul3> LP, I don't trust ANY accounts on this chat .... not even mine lol 15:04
<Hashie (Official)> LogicalParadox: http://i.imgur.com/oUT6q5C.png 15:04
<lemegetit> another now that makes three 15:04
<manderson4> I am absolutely sickened 15:04
<Maaximal> hashie is cake.wav encrypted with something that has to do with ham? 15:04
<LogicalParadox> Sorry script kiddie, I don't click links from loser wannabes 15:05
<Salmen> Why you play the game with us? @hashie 15:05
<Deadmul3> accounts are compromised ........ hashie admin is NOT the real admin -asshole yes - real hashie- no 15:05
<gainmedia> http://www.fbi.gov/ 15:05
<tm01> hmm 15:05
<Hashie (Official)> Maaximal: CONGRATULATIONS! You're the first that has made it that far. You'll have to work it out on your own :D 15:05
<Deadmul3> hacker wants you BTC - that is the reason for the game 15:05
<LogicalParadox> Salmen: that isn't the real admin 15:05
<victorveraart> who hate the hacker sai fucking hacker! 15:05
<Hashie (Official)> For help, https://hashie.co/forum/ -- remember, until the 'Finale' stage you should be working together with the community to try to solve the mystery faster 15:06
<LogicalParadox> anyway, i'm outta here, fyi screaming in chat won't help 15:06
<Deadmul3> accounts are compromised ........ hashie admin is NOT the real admin 15:06
<ThamerLan1> Dear Hacker !!! I asked Santa for 10 BTC... ))) 15:06
<Deadmul3> accounts are compromised ........ hashie admin is NOT the real admin 15:06
<Deadmul3> accounts are compromised ........ hashie admin is NOT the real admin 15:06
<Deadmul3> other accounts are like not real also 15:06
<gainmedia> yeh wait, lol 15:06
<manderson4> If you are really hashie admin why cant you just explain why the payouts never occured 15:06
<gainmedia> mr Hacker, please send me 10 BTC too 15:06
<victorveraart> the hacker can send messages in the users name 15:06
<Maaximal> fuck dem others i want them bitcoins myself 15:06
<Hashie (Official)> manderson4: I have explained it! 15:06
<victorveraart> maybe im now talking to the hacke oly 15:07
<Deadmul3> yep 15:07
<Hashie (Official)> The ARG _IS_ the explanation. You will have to find it to figure out why! 15:07
<tm01> WAT ARG FAG 15:07
<Deadmul3> me and you victor, only real I see 15:07
<manderson4> fuck I am sickened by this 15:07
<victorveraart> yea i think deadmul 15:07
<ThamerLan1> is anybody near the server able to put power off 15:07
<Salmen> Use cryptodouble 15:07
<gainmedia> yeh me too, but fuckit, I could also do with some btc , lol 15:08
<manderson4> all I wanted to do was make a few bitcoins or whatever, not get scammed everytime I turn around 15:08
<victorveraart> deadmul? 15:08
<shk> ^ 15:08
<Hashie (Official)> manderson4: I am sorry you feel this way, but you can watch Frozen and it will be great :D 15:08
<Hashie (Official)> What's your email? I'll gift a copy of frozen to you from the google play store 15:08
<gainmedia> <Hashie (Official)> please send me some btc 15:08
<Salmen> The name of the real admin Sarah. 15:08
<Deadmul3> yea victor ? 15:08
<tm01> TAHTS FOR GAYS ONLY 15:08
<victorveraart> im getting crazy right now byall theose zombie hacked users :( 15:08
<Deadmul3> dont GIVE any emails out, hacking is PHISHING 15:08
<Deadmul3> yea, it sux 15:09
<Hashie (Official)> Deadmul3: I'm the admin, I have access to your emails silly. 15:09
<tm01> true 15:09
<Deadmul3> accounts are compromised ........ hashie admin is NOT the real admin 15:09
<manderson4> then why ask 15:09
<Deadmul3> send me an email then 15:09
<victorveraart> accounts are compromised ........ hashie admin is NOT the real admin 15:09
<tm01> then why ur asking for email 15:09
<lemegetit> lol he/she has email... 15:09
<Hashie (Official)> Deadmul3: You have been banned, I already warned you. 15:09
<tm01> silly 15:09
<victorveraart> accounts are compromised ........ hashie admin is NOT the real admin 15:09
<Aiexis> I think that this Sarah has never exist... 15:09
<Hashie (Official)> I am the real admin. 15:09
<hussamoo> If you transfer something through blockchain or receive something you will receive the same tone in the beginning of the song 15:09
<victorveraart> accounts are compromised ........ hashie admin is NOT the real admin 15:09
<ThamerLan1> <Hashie (Official)> What is your real preoblem? short dick? 15:10
<Salmen> Any proof? 15:10
<Hashie (Official)> ThamerLan1: I'm a girl >.> 15:10
<abeard> Hashie (Official): bgump24@mailinator.com 15:10
<ThamerLan1> Oh, sorry, Lady 15:10
<Hashie (Official)> abeard: OK i'll buy you frozen hold on 15:10
<gainmedia> <Hashie (Official)> your high - ness ... lol, please gift me 10 btc 15:11
<Maaximal> i think i'm the only one working on the riddle. i dont really know what to do with the cake.wav hin maybe? 15:11
<shk> where did you get the cake.wav? 15:11
<kompot> @HASHIE I hope when your period will finish the site will back to normal 15:11
<smaxer> I sell 455.39 GH amhash for only $3.5/10GH 15:12
<tm01> x 15:12
<smaxer> be fast and buy it, best deal ever! 15:12
<jmsr1978> @Maaximal i would like to help 15:12
<tm01> xD 15:12
<jmsr1978> was listening but im not good at morse code 15:12
<lemegetit> there already bounty started and the hack aint even over.....reality internet... 15:12
<ventolin> im waiting for 2$ per 10ghs 15:12
<hussamoo> is the answer should put here? 15:12
<jmsr1978> what is cake.wav...the sound file? 15:12
<Salmen> @hashie do you have psychology Problems? 15:13
<shk> Maaximal, where is cake.wav? 15:13
<lemegetit> hack or scam???? 15:13
<Hashie (Official)> Here is $15 amazon gift card so you can buy frozen: S9YC-QEWYC5-PX6J 15:13
<Hashie (Official)> If you're mad over this, buy Frozen with the gift card and you no longer will be after watching Frozen :D 15:14
<Salmen> Why free? 15:14
<manderson4> not so much mad just sickened 15:14
<tm01> FUCK THAT 15:14
<hussamoo> Phantom Operative Fourth Hint - Frozen Boat Morse Code 15:14
<tm01> GIFT CARD 15:14
<lemegetit> really frozen assets u mean 15:14
<abeard> Legit gift card 15:14
<Maaximal> anyone w33anting to help solve the riddle: http://webchat.freenode.net/ connect to test 15:15
<gainmedia> his gift card claim code has been redeemed to another account. HAHAHHAHAHAHAH 15:15
<shk> anyone know any tor sites for assasination? 15:15
<Salmen> Are you serious, A Gift card? 15:15
<Aiexis> why do you accept to play with this scammer ? 15:15
<gainmedia> what was the initial question, lol 15:15
<jmsr1978> what chanel on IRC 15:15
<Maaximal> fun 15:15
<tm01> LET YOUR GAYNESS GO 15:15
<tm01> HASHIE 15:16
<lemegetit> withdrawals still working???? 15:16
<Salmen> Who are the workers for hashie.co? 15:16
<ivanv> @Hashie r u still drinking antifreeze mate? 15:16
<gainmedia> I am loving this, almost as much as Olaf loves Sun 15:16
<ivanv> if u r out of stock, I can send you Serbian antifreeze 15:16
<jmsr1978> @Maaximal what channel are u on irc? 15:17
<ventolin> vodka? 15:17
<Hashie (Official)> ivanv: I want to be frozen, I don't want antifreeze :P 15:17
<gainmedia> jsut send me some Acid, double dip 15:17
<lemegetit> u still havent gave up????? i mean firehashers was enough to say fk it time to scam them??? @hashie 15:17
<Metroseksuaali> lol my balance has been set to 0.00000000000000 15:17
<hussamoo> Hashie, 15:17
<hussamoo> is the answer is numbers or words? 15:17
<gainmedia> what was the question 15:17
<tm01> u can only play with this chat 15:18
<tm01> rest u cant do shit 15:18
<ThamerLan1> Its just a stupid hacker - beginner, lets wait for server restarting// 15:18
<hussamoo> Hashie Official... 15:18
<tm01> Real hashie will be back soon :) 15:18
<ivanv> @Hashie np, when you want to unfreeze, I'll bring my Serbain hammer 15:19
<ivanv> Serbian* 15:19
<ThamerLan1> its admin;s kid 15:19
<bhok> i love frozen pussies 15:19
<gainmedia> if it is a beginner hacker, this should raise soem concern don't ya think .... Hashie , hacked, I means cummon 15:19
<bhok> exactly to -7 15:19
<hussamoo> All officers including captain are dead lying in chartroom and bridge. Possibly whole crew dead 15:19
<lemegetit> funny shit scam covered up with loss tricked with fake hack....lol good one 15:19
<ivanv> nobody here have sense of humor? 15:19
<ThamerLan1> ))) 15:19
<Hashie (Official)> Maaximal: Congratulations on making it up to cake.wav :D 15:20
<hussamoo> I die 15:20
<Salmen> It is the daughter of the admin 15:20
<gainmedia> Hashie (Official) 15:20
<lemegetit> anyone else balance zero???? 15:20
<juliocbetti> hi 15:20
<ThamerLan1> Srbski Brati 15:20
<Hashie (Official)> But.. keep in mind the full ARG will take someone 20+30 hours. 15:20
<ivanv> @Hashie is your dick frozen too? 15:20
<gainmedia> Hashie (Official) what wa the question 15:20
<Hashie (Official)> ivanv: I don't have a dick, I'm a girl. 15:20
<juliocbetti> why you didn't pay yesterday? 15:20
<ivanv> hahahaha 15:20
<gainmedia> are you frozen XD 15:20
<ThamerLan1> She had it last night// inside 15:21
<ivanv> Cheers! 15:21
<Aiexis> hashie: prove that you're a girl ? 15:21
<yacalc> @Hashie pic or it's a lie :D 15:21
<ThamerLan1> show the TITS 15:21
<bhok> show us your tits please 15:21
<tm01> Its a homosexual 15:21
<gainmedia> yeh , tits please 15:21
<Hashie (Official)> fuck you guys -.- 15:21
<bhok> why? 15:21
<ivanv> @Hashie ppl here are afraid they lost their btc 15:21
<tm01> they always want to be girls 15:21
<gainmedia> or BTC, hwatever you can 15:21
<subeer> ok my btc have been stolen now 15:21
<ivanv> but I like your style 15:21
<bhok> we do not take the others money you do 15:21
<Salmen> Hashie.co Made a girl Party last night with our bitcoin. 15:21
<tm01> xD 15:22
<tm01> mofos 15:22
<Metroseksuaali> Fuck us? im not sure but i think you are the one stealing our BTC? 15:22
<gainmedia> she's already fucking us all 15:22
<Aiexis> do you know any merchant that say "fuck you" to his customers ? 15:22
<gainmedia> I just came on her face 15:22
<bhok> lol 15:22
<Hashie (Official)> Aiexis: I'm a girl, I get to say fuck you in a flirty way :D 15:23
<lemegetit> lol came on her face... 15:23
<bhok> ok i think all we need to declare this like scam and no one new fall 15:23
<ThamerLan1> Hashie I think that you can do NOTHING but talking, you are not so cool or you took off the money and disappeared 15:23
<tm01> -.- 15:23
<tm01> shoot urself 15:23
<subeer> no payouts yesterday 15:23
<gainmedia> Hashie Official, you already fucked us all and I'm a whore, please pay in BTC 15:23
<hussamoo> Hashie (Official) 15:24
<bhok> will we get this night payments? 15:24
<bhok> Hashie? 15:24
<lemegetit> they dnt have to run.....admin cant get in...hashprofit down... 15:24
<hussamoo> I am serious to find the answer 15:24
<EuleReloaded> just stop feeding the troll 15:24
<gainmedia> Hashie (superficial) 15:24
<hussamoo> give us more hint 15:24
<bhok> the troll have our money 15:24
<lemegetit> sorry guys loss 15:24
<gainmedia> give me the question 15:24
<bhok> and have vagina 15:25
<Aiexis> you're right eulereloaded 15:25
<lemegetit> another hurt to crypto...... 15:25
<gainmedia> and she's only 13 15:25
<juliocbetti> Hashie, can you answer please? 15:25
<lemegetit> admin daughter..... 15:25
<EuleReloaded> sure but you can't do anything except feeding more 15:25
<bhok> cryptos never will be mainstream with so frecuent scams 15:25
<ivanv> no she can't, she is frozen, read above 15:25
<manderson4> any legit service would have massed emailed everyone saying there was a problem 15:25
<lemegetit> nxt gnna come back and say announcement in 20minutes....lol @hashie 15:26
<ivanv> nobody here have sense of humor? 15:26
<EuleReloaded> nope 15:26
<manderson4> only the thiefs and scammers dont notify their clients 15:26
<gainmedia> ivanv, I have been commenting pun every time, that isn't sense of humor ;) ? 15:26
<Aiexis> @ivanv no humor with money 15:26
<Rookie0815> There is no place for humor in connection with money 15:26
<ivanv> I have feeling everthing is okay, Hashie.co just want us to pay attention 15:27
<lemegetit> i think they are up to about three diff users now...talk to themselves....this is fkn crazy.. 15:27
<EdrichS> give back or fucken money hashie!! 15:27
<Kinjomi> LOL hashie.co/SOSCAKETHECAKEISALIE 15:27
<tm01> This is no hacker 15:27
<tm01> this is the real hashie admin 15:27
<tm01> we all got scammed gg. 15:27
<lemegetit> tru scam...hurt crypto again... 15:28
<ivanv> @Kinjomi no such link mate 15:28
<ThamerLan1> Another Cloud Mining site in Russia is DOWN by Hackers 15:28
<Rookie0815> I recommend to change passwords before they encrypt it. 15:28
<Hashie (Official)> Who has gotten up to cake.wav so far? 15:28
<lemegetit> no announcement in 20mins>>>>@hashie 15:29
<ivanv> they just want to pull their asses from here 15:29
<lemegetit> for the new users????? 15:29
<pl2001lodz> where is this cake.wav 15:29
<lemegetit> scam 15:29
<ivanv> look at me, 18TH here, and still joking 15:29
<gainmedia> <Hashie (Official)> please send me the riddle 15:30
<Rookie0815> No Admin on...no admin would post such things 15:30
<jiji32112> Dude, I didn't get no payout today 15:30
<Maaximal> fuck i know cake.wav has something todo with ham and handshake. just a little hint pls 15:30
<lemegetit> crazyv shit goin on here 15:30
<jmsr1978> Hashie (Official) im looking for some help with the morse, im really bad with it 15:30
<EuleReloaded> @ jiji32112: hey...welcome to the scam chat 15:30
<ivanv> hey @Hashie Вы русском 15:31
<jiji32112> what? 15:31
<Salmen> @ Hashie (Official) Have they set women in their company 15:31
<Rookie0815> Forget the morse ...just a waste of time 15:31
<EuleReloaded> or in other words...we r fucked 15:31
<EdrichS> gainmedia the riddle is that we just got scammed by this piece of shit 15:31
<lemegetit> scam.......hashie admin 15:31
<ThamerLan1> Надеюсь наши ребята хакают, а то за державу обидно ))) 15:32
<lemegetit> they prob depended on ltcgear.....more hurt to crypto 15:32
<jiji32112> Hashie (Official) what's going on? 15:32
<tm01> hashie is a transgender 15:32
<Rookie0815> Only option is that admins get back control over this website 15:32
<Hashie (Official)> CONGRATULATIONS: 3 people have got up to the morse code so far :D 15:32
<lemegetit> russian hacker 15:32
<ThamerLan1> Konchita 15:32
<gainmedia> Kit-kat cake ? 15:33
<tm01> russian gaylord. 15:33
<Metroseksuaali> Bye moneys 15:33
<gainmedia> I could do with some kit-kat cake 15:33
<Hashie (Official)> Who wants another frozen gift card? 15:33
<jiji32112> me! 15:33
<Salmen> Are you the hacker group Lizard Squad? 15:33
<Metroseksuaali> 3 Poples done allready so no idea for even trying Give me frozen 15:33
<jmsr1978> for ebay? 15:34
<tm01> no 15:34
<Kinjomi> what is the price? 15:34
<Rookie0815> You mean a virus or trojan 15:34
<hussamoo> me 15:34
<tm01> -.- 15:34
<manderson4> rather have a proper explanation 15:34
<ivanv> hahaha, they just want to pull their asses of here 15:34
<tm01> I want my btc fuck your frozen shit 15:34
<Hashie (Official)> tm01: let it go, let it go 15:35
<Salmen> Hack the psn again 15:35
<tm01> :3 15:35
<EdrichS> dont start sining that song again!! 15:35
<tm01> Fuuuu 15:35
<jiji32112> Sooo, what's going on now? 15:35
<ivanv> @Hashie let her go go, ya? 15:35
<Metroseksuaali> Can i pleace have frozen gift ? 15:35
<Rookie0815> ...site hacked 15:35
<Metroseksuaali> i have no seen that movie yet 15:36
<kompot> hashie, why u play games with us? 15:36
<Rookie0815> So sit and wait is the only option at the 15:36
<jiji32112> ahh oke 15:36
<kompot> why you dont take btc and go ? 15:36
<Rookie0815> Moment 15:36
<EuleReloaded> ..... 15:36
<ventolin> bad news... btc going down under 2$ 15:36
<jiji32112> This hack is still no reason why I didn't get payed out tonight ;) 15:37
<Hashie (Official)> So.. Has anyone seen Tangled? 15:37
<Salmen> This is the real admin. 15:37
<Hashie (Official)> One of my friends says Tangled is better than Frozen. 15:37
<bhok> yep 15:37
<jiji32112> Yeah dude 15:37
<Metroseksuaali> Nope 15:37
<Hashie (Official)> should I watch Tangled? 15:38
<jiji32112> Saw it with my nephew 15:38
<ThamerLan1> Two MORE services are down 15:38
<jiji32112> Yeah man! It's awesome 15:38
<bhok> mm 15:38
<Metroseksuaali> Hashie give me gift code for FROZEN 15:38
<Salmen> Ah. You are working for Disney. 15:38
<jmsr1978> Hashie (Official) yes u should 15:38
<bhok> you should pay people and after see al girls film than you want 15:38
<bhok> the vaginal cinema is really amplious 15:38
<hussamoo> .-.. . - / .. - / --. --- --..-- / .-.. . - / .. - / --. --- 15:39
<kompot> the cake is a lie 15:39
<jiji32112> Hey Hashie, you changed a lot in these days! :) 15:39
<jiji32112> Hahah make all the mining machines 1$ hahahaah 15:39
<jiji32112> So funny hackers :) 15:39
<jiji32112> #thuglifeshit 15:39
<hussamoo> Hashie is the answer is right? 15:39
<hussamoo> .-.. . - / .. - / --. --- --..-- / .-.. . - / .. - / --. --- 15:40
<jiji32112> haha 15:40
<Hashie (Official)> hussamoo: maybe :) 15:41
<hussamoo> .---- --. -.-. ..-. ..- ... .-- .--- - ....- --.- . .-. ..- ..... .... -.- -. ... .- -.-- --. .... --. .-.. ----. -.-. --.. .... .--- .. --- ..- -... 15:41
<jiji32112> -.-. .- -. ? - / .... --- .-.. -.. / .. - / -... .- -.-. -.- / .- -. -.-- -- --- .-. . 15:41
<Gabralkhan> well for sure I don't like so much all these funds moving...https://blockchain.info/fr/address/1CgD88HMPcBSQ3C5ykLEWFiCJpJ1jryBFg is it what we have to let go ? 15:41
<jiji32112> .-.. . - / .. - / --. --- --..-- / .-.. . - / .. - / --. --- / -.-. .- -. ? - / .... --- .-.. -.. / .. - / -... .- -.-. -.- / .- -. -.-- -- --- .-. . / .-.. . - / .. - / --. --- --..-- / .-.. . - / .. 15:41
<meickert> http://www.hashie.co/scs.html 15:42
<atum> <ThamerLan1> ХП упал, а какой еще? 15:42
<kompot> who is Rebecca Delaney? 15:43
<Kinjomi> lol i'm downloading the whole website... 15:43
<dark3870> I spent a lot of money here. 15:43
<dark3870> really hacking? 15:44
<Rookie0815> Yes 15:44
<tm01> scammed by the transgender admin 15:44
<ThamerLan1> Не помню, там цифры ив названии я с другого форума прочитал 15:44
<meickert> take the cake is a lie 15:44
<meickert> at the end of the song in morse code 15:44
<cburcik> what is the issue with payouts? 15:45
<jiji32112> http://www.songteksten.nl/video/365741 15:45
<ThamerLan1> Эти идиоты код разгадывают ))) 15:45
<tm01> homotje 15:45
<gainmedia> this getting boring now 15:46
<jiji32112> Hahah nederlanders fuck the world! 15:46
<Hashie (Official)> tm01: I'm not transgender you shit cunt 15:46
<gainmedia> @hashie, please gift me 1 btc :) 15:46
<Hashie (Official)> cisgendered fuck 15:46
<gainmedia> LOL @ hashie 15:47
<petermolenaar71> zeker NL! 15:47
<tm01> whaaaa dont lie 15:47
<jiji32112> ooooohh a violent admin :S 15:47
<tm01> denial fase 15:47
<hussamoo> TGV0IGl0IGdvLCBsZXQgaXQgZ28NCg== 15:47
<jiji32112> Nederlanders, hebben jullie allemaal teamspeak? 15:47
<atum> <ThamerLan1> они вообще как дети.. наши казни придумывают - тем и утешаются)) 15:47
<ThamerLan1> she can't she can do nothing 15:47
<petermolenaar71> nee, ik niet.... 15:47
<jiji32112> Skype dan? 15:47
<gainmedia> why not ? 15:47
<Metroseksuaali> Onks tääl muute ketää suomalaisii muute :D 15:47
<tm01> nee man 15:47
<ivanv> @Hashie Вы Русь? 15:47
<petermolenaar71> niet echt... 15:47
<jiji32112> Sociale wrekken 0_0 hahah grapje 15:48
<petermolenaar71> : ) 15:48
<Hashie (Official)> i don't care what they're going to say 15:48
<Hashie (Official)> let the storm rage on, the cold never bothered me anyway 15:48
<tm01> jajajaja 15:48
<Metroseksuaali> Hashie Pleace teach me how to make own cloud mining service 15:48
<jiji32112> Good one 15:48
<petermolenaar71> ben erg benieuwd waar dit naar toe gaat.... 15:48
<tm01> :D 15:48
<Hashie (Official)> it's funny how some distance makes everything seem small 15:48
<jiji32112> Hey hacker, what's your name? 15:48
<Hashie (Official)> and the fears that once controlled me can't get to me at all 15:48
<ThamerLan1> Да не Русь онО , Русь бы хакнула и свалила, А это и хакнуть не может, только чат взломало 15:48
<Hashie (Official)> jij32112: i'm Sahra 15:48
<jiji32112> haha :) 15:48
<bhok> were you abused when child? 15:49
<EuleReloaded> hahahaha sure xD 15:49
<tm01> Sahra if u need some dick just ask 15:49
<jiji32112> https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2k9gSdnOHv0 15:49
<johannez> https://blockchain.info/fr/address/1CgD88HMPcBSQ3C5ykLEWFiCJpJ1jryBFg I can see your are emptying all small balance accounts of your users 15:49
<jiji32112> Thise one? 15:49
<petermolenaar71> gisteren wel 250 euro geinvesteerd.... zou zonde zijn... maar ach... vind dit ook wel grappig.... 15:49
<Metroseksuaali> Hashie Pleace teach me how to make own cloud mining service 15:49
<jiji32112> Tsja idd 15:49
<gainmedia> The snow glows white on the mountain tonight Not a footprint to be seen. A kingdom of isolation, and it looks like I'm the Queen The wind is howling like this swirling storm inside Couldn't keep it in 15:49
<Hashie (Official)> gainmedia: <3 15:49
<gainmedia> ;) 15:50
<Metroseksuaali> Hashie Pleace teach me how to make own cloud mining service 15:50
<Kinjomi> What is the SCS? 15:50
<johannez> hack or scam? 15:50
<ThamerLan1> She JUST HAcked th ChaT - That's everything she could do - just wait until they kick her out 15:50
<bhok> a hybrid 15:50
<jiji32112> Hey hacker, 27ca1952444c4d9410070ac49d35cdc3 <-- decrypt that one! 15:50
<ThamerLan1> Looool 15:51
<ivanv> stop saying sheet, Sahra works for Hashie.co 15:51
<Aiexis> ThamerLan1: how can you explain this ? https://blockchain.info/fr/address/1CgD88HMPcBSQ3C5ykLEWFiCJpJ1jryBFg 15:51
<ventolin> gainmedia: http://prntscr.com/5l16z2 15:51
<bedtingh> @Kinjomi, "SCS is a fast and secure method of encrypting files into portable, integrity-protected containers. " 15:51
<Kinjomi> ... 15:52
<gainmedia> 32 37 63 61 31 39 35 32 34 34 34 63 34 64 39 34 31 30 30 37 30 61 63 34 39 64 33 35 63 64 63 33 15:52
<bedtingh> I agree 15:52
<Metroseksuaali> Hashie Pleace teach me how to make own cloud mining service 15:52
<bhok> who are you Hashie? 15:52
<johannez> Hidden behind an hidden WHOIS record. Server in Holland. Domain Name: HASHIE.CO Domain ID: D61831715-CO Sponsoring Registrar: 15:52
<Kinjomi> do we need to crack those containers? 15:52
<gainmedia> ventolin, lol 15:52
<bedtingh> If "she" only hacked the chat, explain http://hashie.co/letitgo.ogg 15:53
<Hashie (Official)> Kinjomi: yes :) 15:53
<Kinjomi> reverse engineering? 15:53
<ThamerLan1> What is this adress? 15:53
<bedtingh> Kinjomi, I think you're not interpreting this correct. 15:53
<Hashie (Official)> read the README.txt 15:53
<jiji32112> Y m c a 15:53
<johannez> I get you shut down bastard! I report you to the datacenter, google and everywhere else 15:53
<johannez> not to forget enom 15:54
<Metroseksuaali> Hashie Pleace teach me how to make own cloud mining service 15:54
<Hashie (Official)> johannez: please don't be so rude. do you want a copy of frozen? it'll cheer you up :) 15:54
<gainmedia> My daughter would love a copy 15:54
<jiji32112> hhaha 15:54
<bhok> Hashie you are being rude with us 15:54
<jiji32112> Well, I can't say this hacker is boring! 15:55
<gainmedia> I think she's sexy too 15:55
<bhok> if you want a copy of frozen download by torrent 15:55
<bedtingh> You really think she's a she? 15:55
<Aiexis> but "she's" still a fucking hacker 15:55
<ventolin> sexy and rich 15:55
<EdrichS> DFafSuXpJmhdSIUY4uf/B0ZMZWPLtREolV6uym7IJcqktsqIlSCuvFrpq1LmMettOLmeKa2zIDkvLOuuP0ANYA== 15:55
<gainmedia> mmmmm nic e 15:56
<bhok> black white hacher 15:56
<ThamerLan1> Shes fat hairy and has a dick 15:56
<gainmedia> although I don't care to much for money, sexy does it 15:56
<ventolin> i love rich admins 15:56
<Runlevel> TV ? 15:56
<Runlevel> lol 15:56
<ventolin> i which i had one :) 15:56
<Metroseksuaali> Hashie Pleace teach me how to make own cloud mining service 15:56
<tm01> Money > Bitches 15:56
<EdrichS> fJgZNacVIp54txPn3uNVok3WOwt3H82x8VSEhTpBlQU8dsuH4nCLMP8xUIoQHGSOPr0idD7HgTdbGWucDRJcc6Jg 15:56
<gainmedia> <Hashie (Official)> please send me a gift for my daugter :) 15:57
<Hashie (Official)> gainmedia: Sure, do you want Frozen? 15:57
<Hashie (Official)> I can give you a $15 amazon gift card, you can buy it from amazon VODs 15:57
<gainmedia> yes please 15:57
<bhok> buy from amazon? 15:57
<bhok> download by torrent 15:57
<bhok> is cheapes and quick 15:58
<Metroseksuaali> hashie pleace can i have one too? i have not seen it yet 15:58
<bhok> 0 dollars to disney 15:58
<gainmedia> <bhok> lol 15:58
<ginoke25> im gonna buy a firehasher 15:58
<bhok> i´m gonna buy 10000 gh/s now 15:58
<gainmedia> I could do with a joint right about noe 15:58
<Hashie (Official)> Gainmedia: YUUL-UQWM4Z-V4LH 15:58
<EdrichS> hashie please give me tangled 15:59
<bhok> Gainmedia do you know bittorrent? 15:59
<Hashie (Official)> EdrichS: you can get tangled too, it's a $15 amazon gc 15:59
<ginoke25> is that the plate of your car 15:59
<ventolin> waiting for 2$ per 10ghs for buy 15:59
<tm01> -.- 15:59
<gainmedia> too late,but thanks, it's the thought that counts ; 15:59
<bhok> ok, i have lost all my bitcoins here, see you people 15:59
<tm01> poeple still buying tho 15:59
<ginoke25> why you lost all your bitcoins i have moe bitcoins then i invested 16:00
<hussamoo> ___ ___ ___ / __|/ __/ __| \__ \ (__\__ \ |___/\___|___/ 16:00
<Metroseksuaali> here is gift code for you @Hashie AS25-NJZ1JX-CZCP5 16:00
<bhok> because i invested 53 and i only hacve received 0.016 16:00
<Salmen> come on hashie. change it to normal. 16:00
<bhok> 0.53 and 0.016 16:00
<ginoke25> you invested 53 an rceive 0.016 how that comes? 16:01
<ginoke25> 0.53 and 0.016 how that comes 16:01
<bhok> i invested 0.53 and only received 0.016 16:01
<EdrichS> I like this hashie more!! 16:01
<ginoke25> yes bu why you only received 0.016 16:01
<bhok> because i bought 5 days ago 16:01
<ginoke25> yes so 16:01
<Hashie (Official)> nobody cares please shut up 16:01
<Salmen> i want to payout, but hashie.co plays with us. 16:02
<Hashie (Official)> ok? :) 16:02
<ginoke25> ROI takes longer then 5 days 16:02
<bhok> what Hashie? 16:02
<bhok> it is funny to you make people suffer? 16:02
<ginoke25> bhok ROI takes longer then 5 days 16:02
<gainmedia> Hashie, please send me 1 btc :) 16:02
<bhok> you don´t worry about other feelings, it is called psychopaty 16:02
<ivanv> no, they are just showing us how greedy we are 16:03
<bhok> greedy? 16:03
<ginoke25> i dont understand whats going on in this chat 16:03
<ivanv> fh was 2.5 times cheaper 16:03
<bhok> yes i know ginoke25 16:03
<jiji32112> So hackeeerrr, can I pleaaaase get an amazon card> 16:03
<EdrichS> we are having a little fun ginoke25 16:03
<gainmedia> @Hashie (Official) Plee send me 1 BTC :) 1CjbtyrFk46614NHr1Hfzus3RK3pGAAePe 16:03
<cburcik> does anyone know why the payouts were delayed? 16:03
<ginoke25> whos that hashie moron here 16:04
<bhok> all of us 16:04
<cburcik> is it the bug they had 2 days ago? 16:04
<hussamoo> The password of hashie was the encrypted code of the let it go song 16:04
<hussamoo> right? 16:04
<ivanv> you guys don't understand the game, chances are minimal that someone hacked hashie website but also hashie account at bitcointalk 16:04
<bhok> while Hashie is mad? 16:05
<EdrichS> hasie while you are at it please send me some BTC too 18zbkC9W9sc4WuF1dMjmJV7g8p353spHaa 16:05
<ZliWuk> what i miss, any news from admin? 16:05
<gainmedia> ivan, :) I jsut want 1 btc, lol I'll be good. 16:05
<ginoke25> if he hacked hahie website what has he has to win with that 16:05
<Salmen> oh. the payout is working but nobody would like to buy my ghs 16:05
<ThamerLan1> No HACKERS its admin to make an illusion that someone else steal your moneyyy!!! 16:05
<hussamoo> admin, is that the answer 16:05
<Hashie (Official)> cburcik: Hey you shit fuck 16:05
<ginoke25> this is not the real admin because i just received an emil from administration 16:05
<ivanv> @Salmen told ya 16:05
<Hashie (Official)> Fuck you for abusing the exploit 2 days ago 16:05
<bhok> The real hashie built a scam scheme? 16:06
<Runlevel> i think the computer has make a big mistake and now all coins are deleted 16:06
<cburcik> what are you talking about? 16:06
<bhok> i did not exploit nothing Hashie 16:06
<bhok> it is not fair 16:06
<tm01> he or she can keep it hope it made it rich 16:06
<tm01> maybe i would do the same :3 16:06
<Aiexis> @ginoke25 what this email says ? 16:06
<ginoke25> is this a chat for investment or is this a kindergarten 16:07
<gainmedia> somebody buy my hashpower please :) I need to feed my kids 16:07
<bhok> i think is better make a reputation and earn a tiny percent toscam people at end he or she will end in jail or worst 16:07
<Salmen> i got no mail, after my miner was sell. 16:07
<ZliWuk> guys, pls, can anyone share info, payout works or not? 16:07
<tm01> possible 16:07
<bhok> test it yourself man 16:07
<Hashie (Official)> Payout isnt gonna work hehe 16:07
<cburcik> how did I abuse an exploit? 16:08
<bhok> why is so funny Hashie? 16:08
<gainmedia> AMHash 334.27 100.84% $3.50 $117 16:08
<tm01> /care 16:08
<Salmen> payout is working. thanks anonymous 16:08
<Aiexis> payout is NOT working salmen 16:09
<johannez> hosted at namecheap, registered on enom.com on a server in Holland 16:09
<Cleverminer> hashie "(official)" show some respect if your supposed to represent this company in any capacity 16:09
<Salmen> i got my payout 16:09
<ZliWuk> i didnt recive it 16:09
<Hashie (Official)> Cleverminer: hashie.co homepage 16:09
<Salmen> i got instant 16:09
<Rookie0815> Site hacked 16:09
<bhok> i have not received nothing 16:09
<Aiexis> another lier, salmen... 16:10
<johannez> It's a scam! Look at their contacts as billing contact: Billing Contact Name: Queen Elsa Billing Contact Address1: let it go Billing Contact City: let it go Billing Contact State/Province: CA 16:10
<whitewhidow> wtf is goin on 16:10
<hussamoo> they have just change it 16:10
<ginoke25> email said payouts are retarded because of maintenance 16:10
<Hashie (Official)> johannez: But I'm queen elsa, at least I pretend to be :) 16:10
<jmsr1978> december 28 or scam..one of this 2 16:11
<hussamoo> you were not from the beginning 16:11
<Salmen> No you are Queen Sahra |V 16:11
<Cleverminer> well i dont beleive in any HACK 16:11
<tm01> back to thug life :3 16:11
<johannez> I'm going to kick your fucking ass! 16:11
<gainmedia> queen Elsa 1btc please 16:11
<Cleverminer> why all these companies claim hach is bs 16:11
<johannez> It's a scam! 16:11
<Aiexis> @ginoke25 there is no prove of maintenance of any kind. 16:11
<ginoke25> maybey its possible to hack this webiste but its impossible to hack all that bitcoin accounts 16:12
<Cleverminer> just take our money and run they better have some damn good proof all i got to say 16:12
<gainmedia> the hashpower is no scam .... the fucking with our minds is 16:12
<bhok> officially we are being scamed 16:12
<whitewhidow> are payouts comibg yes or no ?? hashie ?? 16:12
<Salmen> where are the ad manager 16:12
<Aiexis> it was a scam from the begining... 16:12
<whitewhidow> genoeg bullshit voor vandaag ? . komen ze of nie ? 16:12
<petermolenaar71> geen idee... 16:12
<amar35> It is the day of the innocent, you hope. It is good opportunity for those who want to buy cheap. 16:12
<Salmen> i got my payout but i must wait for first confirmation 16:13
<Hashie (Official)> whitewhidow: Hey I am really sorry you lost your wife :( 16:13
<Hashie (Official)> how much BTC did you have no Hashie? 16:13
<gainmedia> wana start your own crypto farm just go here .... this is how they do it : havelockinvestments.com 16:13
<ginoke25> @ petermolenaar waar gaat dit eigenlijk over 16:13
<bhok> i have 0.53 16:13
<Aiexis> salmen this is withdraw, not payout for mining 16:13
<gainmedia> dit gaan oor diefstal 16:13
<ginoke25> @ whitewidow waar gaat dit over 16:13
<Hashie (Official)> bhoks: I didn't ask about you 16:13
<hussamoo> I borrowed this money to but my hashie 16:13
<Salmen> sorry for this mistake. 16:14
<whitewhidow> not muvh. luckely. was just about to invest 16:14
<tm01> dit is diefstal wat wil je er tegen doen 16:14
<petermolenaar71> geen idee... discussie gaat over de vraag of dit scam of gehacked is... 16:14
<hussamoo> please return some 16:14
<Salmen> you must visit the cronjob of this site 16:14
<ginoke25> waarom omdat de apyouts vertraagd zijn? 16:14
<Runlevel> i will get the webdesign ist nice - thx hashie 16:14
<hussamoo> I tried to find the solution but i could not 16:14
<ginoke25> omdat de payouts vertraagd zijn? 16:14
<EdrichS> dit is i scam petermolenaar71 16:14
<gainmedia> to a SOuth african 200 usd = 2320.00 South African Rand which is a huge loss as it was my investment for my kids future 16:14
<petermolenaar71> klopt... en dat hashie official rare dingen zegt.... 16:14
<tm01> vertraagd? 16:14
<Runlevel> https://hashie.co/css/styles.css 16:14
<Salmen> where are the cronjob link of this site? 16:14
<tm01> en die voorpagina dan let it go 16:15
<ginoke25> is toch niet de eerste keer dat de apyouts vertraagd zijn 16:15
<Runlevel> i look 16:15
<tm01> ze spelen met ons 16:15
<EdrichS> gain media,you are from south africa? 16:15
<gainmedia> Ek stem nie saam nie 16:15
<ginoke25> is toch niet de eerste keer dat payouts vertraagd zijn 16:15
<gainmedia> indeed 16:15
<petermolenaar71> ik denk ook dat ze 'spelen' 16:15
<tm01> hmm afwachten dan maar 16:15
<gainmedia> EdrichS do you work for Nissan ? 16:15
<ginoke25> wie spelen: ik zie hier alleen hashie admin die hashie admin niet is 16:16
<Flyer> payout is still working! 16:16
<petermolenaar71> maarrrr..... als ze spelen.... dan is dat wel dom. Ze verliezen wel geld op deze manier... 16:16
<jiji32112> Ja inderdaad 16:16
<hussamoo> this is my wallet address please: I need 3 BTC to payback the money I borrowed 16:16
<whitewhidow> man. leuke dag 16:16
<lavant> yall selling any firehashers today? 16:16
<lothendriel> Hello 16:16
<jiji32112> Het klinkt miss gek maar ik heb r vertrouwe in 16:16
<EdrichS> nee gainmedia 16:16
<petermolenaar71> ik ook... gek genoeg.... 16:16
<tm01> ik ga zowiezo niks meer hierzo investeren 16:16
<petermolenaar71> heel stom idd 16:16
<gainmedia> is jy seker , lol 16:17
<jiji32112> J moe zoveel moglijk kort pratn zodat z nit kunne vertale\ 16:17
<petermolenaar71> nuh... niet meer investeren.... 16:17
<tm01> ai iscool 16:17
<bhok> see you people 16:17
<EdrichS> ja doodseker... 16:17
<ginoke25> ik weet niet waarom jullie in paniek zijn door een stel ebielen op een chatbox 16:17
<gainmedia> baahahah, so wat dink jy van hierdie storie vandag 16:17
<ginoke25> een stel debielen op een chatbox 16:17
<petermolenaar71> doun juli noch meer wolkmijnen? 16:17
<gainmedia> jy effe bekommerd 16:17
<hussamoo> 18DmmKq9PurZotu3vrQ5kSGzANLM41UTG 16:18
<hussamoo> please 16:18
<tm01> kdeed dze aleen ma zencloud knook 16:18
<ginoke25> je denkt toch niet dat de hashieamin lustig zit te chatten op een chatbox om 3 u inde nacht 16:18
<ZliWuk> whats wrong? 16:18
<petermolenaar71> denk oock nie... 16:18
<petermolenaar71> maar whie dan well? 16:19
<ginoke25> bovendien is er paar dagen geleden al gewaarschuwd voor dealying of payouts 16:19
<jiji32112> Ik wet nie moar alst zo ist dat z gkraakt zein 16:19
<tm01> die andere zijn wel duurder 16:19
<Hashie (Official)> So far _20 people_ have discovered SCS 16:19
<jiji32112> Ja dt klpt ook weer! 16:19
<EdrichS> hel ek weet nog nie heeltemal nie,maar ek weet darem ons gaan nie ons geld terug kry nie :( 16:19
<petermolenaar71> tsja... ik wee nie... maar gek genoe heb vertrouw... 16:19
<herkules987> what schould i do with the cake.wav 16:20
<gainmedia> ja dit maak my mal man 16:20
<tm01> hd zo een firehasher gekocht kan em niet eens verkopen nu.. 16:20
<ginoke25> eldrich over hoeveel geld gaat dat dan bij mij om 5 euro of zo 16:20
<ivanv> @Hashie I'm so sad I have zero time for it, my hourly rate is $50 :D 16:20
<petermolenaar71> bie mie zo'n 250 euro 16:20
<gainmedia> vokken poesse ! 16:20
<ginoke25> je moet niet zo snel in paniek slaan 16:20
<ZliWuk> Hashie whats happened? 16:20
<EdrichS> ja stem saam,hoeveel rand het jy verloor? 16:21
<ginoke25> heb geen ervaring met dit mar veel met forextrading paniek is steeds een slechte raadgever 16:21
<petermolenaar71> 250 16:21
<Hashie (Official)> ZliWuk: http://hashie.co/ visit there 16:21
<hussamoo> 18DmmKq9PurZotu3vrQ5kSGzANLM41UTGi 16:21
<gainmedia> so amper R3000 16:21
<whitewhidow> hashie. enough of the BS man. what the FING deal ?? im not in the mood for this man 16:21
<hussamoo> Please 16:21
<tm01> hashie you know you are losing members right 16:21
<kompot> hashie whats hapend when game will be over ? 16:21
<ginoke25> waarom komen hier steeds bitcoinadressen voorbij 16:22
<EdrichS> jis ja dis erg,,ek het darem net R1200 verloor 16:22
<petermolenaar71> geen idee... iets met de code in het liedje? 16:22
<Salmen> hashie.co you must fill your balance 16:22
<ZliWuk> "temporarily suspended" ? 16:22
<tm01> ksnap em ooknie 16:22
<ginoke25> lol he has only hacked the mainpage or what? 16:23
<tm01> kinderachtig 16:23
<kompot> hashie whats hapend when game will be over? 16:23
<petermolenaar71> vertoaling van de morse code 16:23
<ivanv> withdrawals are kinda frozen, just made 0.1 withdraw and got msg they will start transaction in 24 hours 16:23
<Salmen> https://blockchain.info/address/1CgD88HMPcBSQ3C5ykLEWFiCJpJ1jryBFg 16:23
<ginoke25> nog debieler hij heeft de http gehackt maar niet de https:// 16:23
<hussamoo> Dears, please let's logout, the hacker is trying to let us help him to get into more passwords, and he will give us nothing, also the scs file maybe it is hack files, so try to make antivirus after yo 16:23
<petermolenaar71> hoe bedoel je? 16:23
<bedtingh> @kompot, when the game is over, it's game over 16:24
<kompot> thanks bedtingh 16:24
<kompot> xD 16:24
<ginoke25> hij heeft enkel de niet beveiligde verbinding onklaar gemaakt, hij maakt je met andere woorden blaasjes wijs 16:24
<bedtingh> You won't get any real answers out of this chat at the moment. Not from any user and not from any supposed official 16:25
<dimazzzv> Тамерлан, согласен 16:25
<jiji32112> Ich ben zo'n 100 maar verloooren 16:25
<EdrichS> .-.. . - .. - --. --- .-.. . - .. - --. --- -.-. .- -. - .... --- .-.. -.. .. - -... .- -.-. -.- .- -. -.-- -- --- .-. . 16:25
<hussamoo> he is trying any answer we gave him to try it 16:26
<ginoke25> rara en ineens is onze goede vriend hashie verdwenen 16:26
<tm01> ik vraag me af waar is die team vn hun dan 16:26
<jiji32112> Whhahahaa slegte hakker zech 16:26
<tm01> als dit maar 1 persoon is 16:26
<Jason> How do the payouts work with Firehasers? i haven't got a payout yet. Had it over 24hours 16:27
<ginoke25> tm 01 waar zit jij in het weekend als je niet aan het werken bent 16:27
<ginoke25> of denken jullie dat dit een bedrijf is waar 500 man werkt 16:27
<Peter1979> ALs ik van hashie was had ik toch echt fysiek de server down gebracht..... op een of andere manier 16:27
<petermolenaar71> geen idee... 16:27
<Salmen> Hashie.co is a pretty girl 16:27
<hussamoo> Hashie.co is HACKED 16:28
<Peter1979> zit al 3 maanden of zo hier volgens mij is het een 2 3 man 16:28
<Salmen> Hashie.co wurde nicht wie andere Mining Partner gehackt. 16:28
<hussamoo> or acting as hacked 16:29
<hussamoo> so he will say, I am hacked sorry, your money is hacked 16:29
<tm01> ginoke25 als je site gehackt is doe je er toch wat aan 16:29
<hussamoo> I can't give you anything 16:29
<Salmen> She is a girl. She is acting a hacked site. 16:29
<travel> damn stole my btc 16:29
<hussamoo> Yes 16:29
<travel> and we can do now? 16:30
<Hashie (Official)> Hi guys, we are _not_ hacked. 16:30
<ginoke25> das waar maar wie zegt er dat de site gehackt is 16:30
<Peter1979> Elsa your back :P 16:31
<herkules987> what i hav to do with the cake.wav 16:31
<bedtingh> Hashie, then what is happening? 16:31
<Hashie (Official)> Peter1979: <3 16:31
<tm01> ginoke25 obvious 16:31
<travel> and we can do now? 16:31
<moorhenx> ponzi scheeme is over . . . :v 16:31
<Hashie (Official)> herkules987: https://hashie.co/forum/ for hints, make a new thread and I'll give you a hint (want it to be public so I don't have to keep repeating) 16:31
<ivanv> @Hashie you get yourself frozen so nobody can hack you, aaaaaaaahahahaha 16:32
<Salmen> Hashie has hacked other mining partners, because to collect user. 16:32
<ginoke25> i begrijp r niets meer van 16:32
<ivanv> @Hashie a ovi ovde bi se jebali u dupe za svoje bitkoine 16:32
<hussamoo> 18DmmKq9PurZotu3vrQ5kSGzANLM41UTGi 16:33
<Aiexis> indeed, hashie.co is not hacked, it's a ponzi scam from the begining. 16:33
<tm01> It was all a scam low prices to collect users to eventually run away with our money 16:33
<hussamoo> that's why they made the last offer 16:33
<hussamoo> to get more money 16:33
<ginoke25> yes but if it is a scam why the hashie official come here to say it is ascam then 16:34
<tm01> yes the firehashers 16:34
<tm01> you cant sell them 16:34
<hussamoo> They defend themselves 16:34
<tm01> i asked that question before no one answerd 16:34
<hussamoo> if they got caught, they will say oh, we have been hacked 16:34
<hussamoo> we were working so straight 16:34
<Aiexis> @ginoke25 because he's proud of himself, and want the earth to know that 16:35
<hussamoo> but what we could do if we are hacked? 16:35
<Zwiebo> nothing^^ 16:35
<Zwiebo> enjoy this chat 16:35
<Zwiebo> this is what you paid for 16:35
<tm01> xD 16:35
<travel> LOL 16:35
<tm01> fml 16:36
<travel> hashie pay me my two days? 16:36
<hussamoo> let's contact AMHash to know the complete story 16:36
<jiji32112> Well you fucking admin, make a proper explaination on the forums then! 16:36
<ginoke25> luckily i only invested 20$ dollar or so i can better go back to my forex activities 16:36
<Hashie (Official)> so has anyone made it past cake.wav yet? 16:36
<jiji32112> Fuck off 16:36
<hussamoo> Fuck you 16:36
<ginoke25> whats cake.wav 16:37
<whitewhidow> or how about, you keep my btc. and i coma find you and assrape you instead 16:37
<hussamoo> We won't help bad fucking asshole like you 16:37
<moorhenx> asshole 16:37
<Hashie (Official)> whitewhidow: Please don't use that kind of language around here. 16:37
<Esmaeel> I will find you, and I will kill you 16:38
<jiji32112> Fuck off hashie, just say the truth 16:38
<Esmaeel> JERK 16:38
<Tyler> the only thing I can think of cake.wav is this : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qdrs3gr_GAs :P 16:38
<Aiexis> fuck you hashie 16:38
<hussamoo> close the page, we will follow you in the court, do not worry, we know it is not a hacked site 16:38
<jmsr1978> u can not get angry, u are playing with people´s money here..sorry to say but they have all the rights to tell u whatever...it is too long for a game 16:38
<Hashie (Official)> But I'm the Queen with ice and snow. 16:38
<Hashie (Official)> I'll kill you before you get close to me :P 16:38
<whitewhidow> vindheweljonge 16:39
<jiji32112> Dude, either you're high as fuck, or you say the truth now 16:39
<whitewhidow> ikvindjewelweesgerust 16:39
<Esmaeel> YEAH,SON OF BITCH 16:39
<Kinjomi> where did you get cake.wav? 16:39
<jmsr1978> im talking to Hashie 16:39
<Aiexis> there's nothing to do with cake.wav, it's just time wasting 16:40
<ivanv> @Hashie they don't understand the game 16:40
<whitewhidow> vuileslet 16:40
<Hashie (Official)> * casts a snow spell on whitewhidow, and observes that he turns into a ice statue. * 16:40
<tm01> obvious troll 16:40
<travel> why not tell the truth? 16:40
<travel> well and we all shut up 16:40
<ivanv> @Hashie what if I make a puzzle for you, so you can get my 18.5TH account password? 16:41
<whitewhidow> im 80 percent sure this guy is from holland ? 16:41
<ivanv> @Hashie wanna play? 16:41
<Hashie (Official)> ivanv: I'd love to play! I'm bored at the moment :) 16:41
<hussamoo> ok I will save that, you said "you will kill me before I do that" 16:41
<Aiexis> @travel because it's a bad person, probably beaten in his childhood 16:41
<kompot> hashie why you was begging for money before? 16:41
<hussamoo> this is a threaten of a crime 16:41
<hussamoo> ok keep going 16:41
<ivanv> @Hashie okay, but I can't put puzzle here, it's just for you 16:42
<gainmedia> everybody .... the one who cracks the morse code, gets a 20btc prize 16:42
<hussamoo> what will you do also 16:42
<ventolin> hashie any news from devs? 16:42
<Aiexis> @gainmedia and you believe that ?????? 16:42
<hussamoo> See you in the court Mr. Hashie Nazi 16:43
<gainmedia> one can dream just like queen elsa lol 16:43
<gainmedia> it is good to dream 16:43
<Kinjomi> the morse code is the easiest probelm, i can't solve how to skip the containers... 16:43
<gainmedia> http://hashie.co/forum/viewtopic.php?f=2&t=2 16:43
<Hashie (Official)> Kinjomi: Amaetur HAM radio knowledge is what you need for the first one. 16:43
<ventolin> roger... hashie QRZ 16:44
<Kinjomi> lol, android app.... 16:44
<Aiexis> @kinjomi you need to use a python script here https://hashie.co/scs.html 16:44
<whitewhidow> a guy in the dutch cyber crime unit is what you need for the first one ;) 16:44
<Kinjomi> i installed it but i don't know what to open.. 16:44
<ivanv> @Hashie why don't u broadcast puzzle solution at some radio frequency :D:D:D 16:45
<hussamoo> Guys let's see 16:45
<hussamoo> The admin said that he will kill me 16:45
<gainmedia> cmd / xterm ... 16:45
<Aiexis> @kinjomi you have to download python first 16:45
<hussamoo> This is a crime 16:45
<hussamoo> and terror 16:45
<Kinjomi> i have python and i know what it is.. 16:46
<hussamoo> so you have both crimes 16:46
<whitewhidow> dont worry hussa. karma can be a real bitch ;) 16:46
<travel> hashie you could return my investment 16:46
<hussamoo> I do not know also if you are a member in ISIS 16:46
<Aiexis> @kinjomi so you just have to type python scs.py cake.scc and the password is thecakeisalie 16:46
<hussamoo> maybe you are 16:46
<Kinjomi> i installed python 3.4 but it says my that it can't open because he want python > 3.0 16:47
<tm01> Yea hashie can you refund my firehasher to would be nice 58 days left 16:47
<Aiexis> it only works with python 2.0 + 16:47
<gribgo> Yes FUCK YOU 16:48
<hussamoo> This person is a member of ISIS People, any help you gave will be a crime 16:48
<Aiexis> hey guys, do you really think hashie will give you money ??? 16:48
<ventolin> is it useful to be rude to get a answer from hashie?? 16:48
<hussamoo> Noway 16:48
<gainmedia> My power flurries through the air into the ground My soul is spiraling in frozen fractals all around And one thought crystallizes like an icy blast I'm never going back, the past is in the past! 16:48
<travel> hashi you could return my investment 16:48
<Hashie (Official)> gainmedia: <3 16:48
<travel> y yo no quiero trabajar más con usted 16:48
<gainmedia> @hashie ... Growl ! 16:49
<travel> or at least half devuelveme 16:49
<Peter1979> Gen2 update :P 16:49
<Peter1979> I ques The fire hashers had better be named IceHashers :) 16:50
<travel> LOL 16:50
<travel> I don't want to work more with you 16:51
<ivanv> @Peter1979 ROFL LMAO 16:51
<travel> hashi you could return my investment 16:51
<yabasta> on la dans l'os! 16:51
<travel> or at least half devuelveme 16:51
<hussamoo> Dear Please stop doing this with this fucking admin, he is just trying to enter our accounts as per he couldn't withdraw our wallets by himself 16:52
<hussamoo> it is better to logoff all now 16:52
<hussamoo> bye 16:52
<Peter1979> bye hussamoo 16:52
<gribgo> 42818 users are watching this stupid shit goin on 16:52
<Peter1979> dont know still got all my btc here 16:52
<ivanv> @travel put your foot on her tail, so she can't run away 16:52
<tm01> <Hashie (Official)> Russian bitchboy! 16:53
<Hashie (Official)> I HAVE NO TAIL 16:53
<Peter1979> damn 16:53
<tm01> fuck you and youre frozen shit 16:53
<hussamoo> yes because you forgot it in your ass 16:53
<gainmedia> lol, I am horny now 16:53
<ivanv> @Hashie good to hear, ahahahaha 16:53
<tm01> grow up 16:53
<jiji32112> This admin *Facepalm* 16:53
<Peter1979> the only problem here is that 16:53
<gribgo> ну fuck you 16:53
<ZliWuk> Hashie, can i get just a 1 sec of your attention? 16:54
<Peter1979> Hashie is drunk and i havent got anny payout tonicht 16:54
<Peter1979> night 16:54
<Hashie (Official)> ZliWuk: Sure 16:54
<ivanv> @Hashie no such fun from MtGox fall 16:54
<ventolin> 1sec is over 16:55
<hussamoo> Hashie: I want to get proof that you are the real admin.... what is the pin code for BTCGuild??? 16:55
<ZliWuk> da ti jebem i seme i pleme , sve mrtvo i zivo Hashie :) 16:55
<travel> or at least half devuelveme please 16:55
<ivanv> @ZliWuk udri ga u glavu prijatelju 16:55
<hussamoo> Hashie: I want to get proof that you are the real admin.... what is the pin code for BTCGuild??? 16:55
<ginoke25> heb net withdraw kunnen doen en is gelukt dus er klopt niets van wat hier gezegd wordt 16:55
<hussamoo> Hashie: I want to get proof that you are the real admin.... what is the pin code for BTCGuild??? 16:56
<ivanv> @ZliWuk zaboravio si - grom te spalio, ruka ti se osušila 16:56
<johannez> Reported to namecheap, enom, datacenter and FBI 16:56
<hussamoo> Hashie: I want to get proof that you are the real admin.... what is the pin code for BTCGuild??? 16:56
<ZliWuk> ma sto bi ga udarao, , bolje da mu karam familiju 16:56
<tm01> ik heb niks aan withdraw heb firehasher 16:56
<Hashie (Official)> ZliWuk: English please? 16:56
<hussamoo> Hashie: I want to get proof that you are the real admin.... what is the pin code for BTCGuild??? 16:56
<ginoke25> peter1979 ik weet niet hoeveel geld je daar hebt maar zou het toch ook weghalen als ik van jou was voor de zekerheid 16:56
<Esmaeel> فااک یوووو 16:56
<ivanv> @ZliWuk ne brini se, jos 10 minuta i lociracemo ga 16:56
<Esmaeel> Hashie 16:57
<Hashie (Official)> hussamoo: 1234 16:57
<hussamoo> يلعن أبو عرص 16:57
<jiji32112> fuck it, ik ga dumpert kijken 16:57
<Jason> what happen to the homepage? 16:57
<Peter1979> 0.00111224 btc lol :P 16:57
<travel> hashi you could return my investment? 16:58
<ZliWuk> oh, i am sure You can translate it Hashie, nvm, its a some kind of greetings 16:58
<Salmen> I need money 16:58
<Peter1979> mag die hebben als t een hacker is voor ze Frozen citaten 16:58
<Hashie (Official)> ZliWuk: is it /nice/ greetings? 16:58
<tm01> i need my money back 16:58
<ginoke25> @ peter 1979 bij mij was het 0.021 BTC en dat zit nu netjes in mijn bitcoin wallet 16:58
<ivanv> @ZliWuk ako me blokira ovde imam isto корисничко име na bitcointalk 16:58
<Salmen> Nobody want to buy my miner for 4.75/10 GHS 16:58
<ginoke25> @ peter 1979 peanuts dus 16:58
<yabasta> sahra hall 16:58
<Peter1979> ach ja ik heb er nog wel vertrouwen is 16:58
<ZliWuk> @ivanv, jel mozes da mi pojasnis sta se desava, nisam u toku, samo vidim da nema zadnji payout 16:59
<ivanv> @Hashie go decode it, he was talking about Serbian hammer 16:59
<Jason> @Hashie: what is going on with the site? 16:59
<0rphane> Domain Name: HASHIE.CO Domain ID: D61831715-CO Sponsoring Registrar: ENOM, INC. Sponsoring Registrar IANA ID: 16:59
<ivanv> @ZliWuk da li razumes shatrovacki? 16:59
<travel> hashi you could return my investment? 16:59
<ZliWuk> hehe, odrasttao sam na njemu, pricaj tebra 16:59
<Peter1979> overigens dit is niet voor niks een troll box 16:59
<Hashie (Official)> travel: nah 16:59
<travel> or at least half please devuelveme 17:00
<0rphane> Domain Last Updated Date: Sun Dec 28 13:02:13 GMT 2014 17:00
<ivanv> @ZliWuk shatrovacki ne mogu da prevedu 17:00
<ZliWuk> zemo, cajpri 17:00
<ThamerLan1> its funny to read above - ban for referal links now))) 17:01
<Peter1979> ik zie ook niemand op de onofficiele irc client 17:01
<yabasta> sahra hall and matthew myrtle 17:01
<ivanv> ša da ti zemka, ili se grajui sas nama ili su nas kralipo 17:01
<yabasta> fondateurs de hashie 17:01
<ivanv> ja ih njamga kopre btc dresaa 17:02
<bhok> will someday hashie to normality? 17:02
<ZliWuk> @ivanv vajo dmina je vipra? 17:02
<tm01> nice we got their name 17:02
<ivanv> slimmi da steje 17:02
<0rphane> domain info changed today, cloud mining is collapsing 17:02
<bhok> what his name? 17:02
<0rphane> probably hacked 17:02
<ivanv> cek loma 17:02
<ivanv> @Hashie so how do u like Serbian crypted lang? 17:03
<ZliWuk> @ivanv ticu, casre da samni puko gomno 17:03
<ivanv> @Hashie did I reboot you :D:D:D 17:03
<dvoriano> many cloudmining get problem 17:03
<yabasta> l'admin a dit qu'elle etait sahra 17:04
<Peter1979> ben overigens niet ingelogt op dat form :P mocht die gehacked zijn 17:04
<ivanv> ja samje, cak danaestje inako 17:04
<hussamoo> Oh Shit, 17:04
<Hashie (Official)> i'm queen elsa 17:04
<bhok> coordinated attack or massive scam? 17:04
<Josef27> what happen with hashie 17:04
<sikaknight> What the hell 17:04
<yabasta> sahra hall et matthew myrtle sont les fondateurs de hashie 17:04
<hussamoo> Really Guys he is the real admin 17:04
<0rphane> noone knows 17:04
<ZliWuk> @ivanv auuuuuuuuu tebra, daj da mu jebemo kevu bre 17:04
<hussamoo> and we were in a big game 17:04
<ivanv> @Hashie why don't you decode our Serbian encrypted lang 17:05
<Aiexis> sahra hall et matthew myrtle sont donc de sales enculés 17:05
<hussamoo> the BTCGuild (Hashie Team) is a fake team 17:05
<Hashie (Official)> ivanv: i'm too lazy too 17:05
<wa1cyx> Are payouts messed up didn't get one yesterday. 17:05
<ivanv> @ZliWuk zgledai da je loma sopr 17:05
<hussamoo> 0 person is inside 17:05
<tm01> Hashie.co is owned by bbit partners Sahra Hall and Matthew Myrtle, 17:05
<Peter1979> Elsa is pretty do :P 17:05
<Hashie (Official)> ELSA IS LAZY. 17:05
<ivanv> @Hashie if you decode u can get my account password, hehe 17:05
<Zwiebo> @hashie: would be nice if you donate a few coins for a good purpose, hungry children or something else :) <3 i have to go off. Thanks for this entertaiment :) love your style 17:06
<hussamoo> Elsa is a bitch 17:06
<ZliWuk> @ivanv mabe stani od repa vdeo tebra.. 17:06
<amar35> Today is the day of the innocent 17:06
<yabasta> http://bitcoinchangeclub.org/blog/hashie-co-launches-free-cloud/ 17:06
<ivanv> @Hashie gledai da jeni iz sijeru 17:06
<hussamoo> my semen is inside her mouth 17:06
<Peter1979> lol Hussamoo hates Disney :P 17:06
<ivanv> @ZliWuk zgledai da jeni iz sijeru 17:07
<Hashie (Official)> Zwiebo: Thank you <3 17:07
<jcdmp> what the hell happened? 17:07
<ivanv> @Hashie did you try translate.google.com, aaaaaahahaha 17:07
<Hashie (Official)> jcdmp: I'm queen Elsa, who are you? 17:07
<travel> administrator mocks us 17:07
<jcdmp> its Hashie hacked??? 17:07
<Peter1979> Hashie just has used to mutch hash 17:07
<bhok> nop worst 17:07
<bhok> is have been a scam 17:07
<ivanv> @jcdmp hey Jose! 17:07
<jcdmp> hey 17:08
<bhok> arguien de tierras ibericas por aqui? 17:08
<jcdmp> what happened? 17:08
<ZliWuk> @ivanv jeni, siru smejune dasa da dera sa BTC, tinPu niozabra 17:08
<ventolin> christmas special.... little late one 17:08
<ivanv> @jcdmp they are playing game 17:08
<jcdmp> @ivanv..what happened? 17:08
<dvoriano> who elsa? 17:08
<Peter1979> if it is a scam they really planed it out really nice 17:09
<jcdmp> what u mean? 17:09
<bhok> yep but they are going to end in jail 17:09
<Peter1979> there are some problems with the pay out 17:09
<jcdmp> i just withdrawed 5 minutes ago and worked 17:09
<wa1cyx> anyone else missing a payout? 17:09
<Peter1979> and every body is tripping 17:09
<hussamoo> market is disable now 17:09
<gainmedia> 32 37 63 61 31 39 35 32 34 34 34 63 34 64 39 34 31 30 30 37 30 61 63 34 39 64 33 35 63 64 63 33 17:09
<bhok> yes all of us 17:09
<Peter1979> Hashie tinks she is Elsa 17:09
<ivanv> @jcdmp they stopped payout last night 17:09
<bhok> nice no market now 17:10
<Hashie (Official)> Peter1979: I'm pretending to be Elsa, because I want magical snow and ice powers :) 17:10
<wa1cyx> Any idea why the payout's stopped 17:10
<yabasta> on a leurs noms c'est deja ca on peux les trouver 17:10
<ZliWuk> @ivanv tebra, sorry, vokri mi gomno kad kone nas knepu, ja sam mosa oko deset_sest jura 17:10
<gainmedia> that's some strong Acid 17:10
<amar35> si 17:10
<hussamoo> do you want magic semen in your ass 17:10
<bhok> and stealing people money will help you to obtain these powers? 17:10
<Aiexis> de faux noms bien sûr yabasta... 17:10
<ivanv> @jcdmp did you get your btc in your external wallet? 17:10
<amar35> español 17:10
<Peter1979> i want a elsa:P 17:10
<jcdmp> well...i got my payout from last night 17:10
<ventolin> HASHIE was it you? -> http://prntscr.com/5l16z2 17:10
<bhok> amar35 nos han estafado 17:11
<Peter1979> but where is Olaf? 17:11
<travel> yes 17:11
<amar35> no 17:11
<ivanv> @ZliWuk kore sam ti - danaestje koina 17:11
<yabasta> apparement pas ils on donnais des interview 17:11
<yabasta> a des journalistes 17:11
<hussamoo> :) 17:11
<yabasta> qui les connaisses 17:11
<amar35> es el dia de los inocentes 17:12
<Aiexis> tu as des liens ? 17:12
<yabasta> oui 17:12
<dvoriano> where is elsa? 17:12
<bhok> espero que asi sea, tengo 0.53btc invertidos en esta mierda 17:12
<ivanv> @Hashie u still can't decode? 17:12
<sm85y6g> why is hashie suspended? 17:12
<gainmedia> 334.27 GH/s for R3.5 17:12
<yabasta> http://bitcoinchangeclub.org/blog/hashie-co-launches-free-cloud/ 17:12
<ZliWuk> @ivanv auuu tebra, a ja loma lilofa da djemu , voo loma sam stiopu kao test 17:12
<hussamoo> eating shit now 17:12
<tm01> Hashie.co is owned by bbit partners Sahra Hall and Matthew Myrtle, 17:12
<hussamoo> Right 17:13
<ventolin> someone had decoded the sos code now? 17:13
<dvoriano> market already frozen elsa? 17:13
<hussamoo> We will see them all in the court with their partners 17:13
<yabasta> https://cryptoinfinity.com/Thread-Interview-with-Sahra-Hall-of-Hashie-com 17:13
<hussamoo> promise 17:13
<ZliWuk> @ivanv zdamo mernona vipra nikupa da piku zadna ftinoje 17:13
<jmsr1978> U know what is funny? all the links and persons in this article are wrong http://bitcoinchangeclub.org/blog/hashie-co-launches-free-cloud/ 17:13
<Hashie (Official)> ** We have just enabled chat for guest! Now everyone can see this chat ** 17:13
<ivanv> @ZliWuk tebra, to msa biodo pre dve dinego po njema od setdvade po maduko 17:14
<tm01> Hashie.co is owned by bbit partners Sahra Hall and Matthew Myrtle, 17:14
<Peter1979> Just wanted to invited you over Elsa :P 17:14
<ivanv> @Hashie hahahah, you are looking for external guy do decode my lang, admit it! 17:14
<ivanv> to decode* 17:14
<bhok> if it is a joke i personally will make no one to buy no one shit from hashie and if it is not a joke you will have a ugly trial scamer Queen 17:14
<ladislavsmrtnik> No pay out for yesterday yet? 17:15
<tm01> sarah ur the man in the relation 17:15
<jmsr1978> Bbit partners https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?action=profile;u=20968 17:15
<bhok> correct 17:15
<bhok> not paid yesterday 17:15
<jcdmp> Hashie..can you cut the crap and explain your customers what is happening??? 17:15
<Aiexis> yabasta: l'article est entièrement fabriqué à partir de rien, c'est que du vent ! 17:15
<tm01> stupid tranny 17:15
<ZliWuk> @ivanv, sajslu, dinoje gde sam guransi da jeni varapre je 1% mesecno, na Rock trading 17:15
<jcdmp> Hashie..can you cut the crap and explain your customers what is happening??? 17:15
<Hashie (Official)> tm01: I'm not a 'tranny', this is a LGBT safe zone. If you make another colorful remark like that you will be banned from the chat. 17:16
<bhok> 48000 customers with an average investing of 0.10 btc is 4288 btc´s 17:16
<yabasta> tas lu les deux 17:16
<gainmedia> they are being audited as we speak ..... I think it wise to make some btc disapear LMFAO 17:16
<ivanv> @ZliWuk zipa sad kad damdo loma pigu cenicare 17:16
<jcdmp> Hashie..can you cut the crap and explain your customers what is happening??? 17:16
<bhok> i can live 3 lives with that money 17:16
<ZliWuk> @ivanv dajgle da se disva odavde tebra 17:16
<moorhenx> jemboottt 17:17
<Hashie (Official)> bhok: we have not made any BTC from this, we are not scammers. 17:17
<Aiexis> non yabasta je n'ai pas tout lu 17:17
<bhok> and why do you make all this? 17:17
<tm01> u stole my money 17:17
<ivanv> @ZliWuk kakafada zamparada - neka hasihe shipu loma za soma i jos da mi on zili ruka 17:17
<tm01> i hurt ur feelings :3 17:17
<pl2001lodz> a gdzie jest market? 17:17
<bhok> what is the sense? 17:17
<bhok> i want to understand 17:17
<yabasta> ecoute pour le moment on a que ca 17:18
<ivanv> @Hashie so, mate, you can't decode? 17:18
<bhok> are you working for CIA? 17:18
<jcdmp> @Hashie (Official)...Explain your customers what is happening!!!! 17:18
<Peter1979> i thought korean :P 17:18
<Jedi108> <pl2001lodz> Какой марет, сайт не пашет 17:18
<ZliWuk> @ivanv njesra, dasa je rketma frozen, koni cene da piku, zesnemo da daspro 17:18
<jcdmp> we have the right to know! 17:18
<manderson4> So we cant earn, cant buy or sell our hashies, someone made money off of this 17:18
<manderson4> it sure as hell wasnt me 17:19
<yabasta> les sites qui on fait les interview les connaissent 17:19
<Hashie (Official)> jcdmp: You do, and we are explaining what is happening in the ARG. You have to solve the ARG to find out what. 17:19
<Jedi108> @<pl2001lodz> привет 17:19
<tm01> So who are you 17:19
<Rookie0815> So when will you leave? 17:19
<manderson4> that is a fucking bull shit game 17:19
<Hashie (Official)> Rookie0815: I'm tired and will go to bed in a bit 17:19
<pl2001lodz> @ jedi108 po angielsku pisz proszę 17:19
<ivanv> @Hashie now you disabled Market, hehe 17:19
<ZliWuk> @ivanv, tebra, zemo on da sipu al fakat uradeoli nas 17:19
<dvoriano> what is ARG? 17:19
<kompot> who is Sahra Hall and Matthew Myrtle? 17:20
<yabasta> forcement, meme dans l'hipothese ou il aurais donnais de faux noms 17:20
<bhok> go to hashie.co 17:20
<tm01> Sarah hall and mathew myrtle 17:20
<Hashie (Official)> ARG = alternative reality game. 17:20
<ladislavsmrtnik> @Hashie (Official) what is with pay outs from yesterday 17:20
<bhok> we have a song and a bitcoin address it is some kind of dirty game 17:20
<Aiexis> yabasta il faudrait pouvoir leur demander alors... 17:20
<Hashie (Official)> It's a very fun puzzle / challenge :D I hope you have fun with it 17:20
<bhok> it is not funny 17:20
<travel> administrator I want to know if it is a scam whether or not 17:20
<meickert> no one has fun 17:21
<bhok> it is make people suffer for free 17:21
<manderson4> the alternative reality is that Hashie is playing a april fools joke and our payments were made 17:21
<Hashie (Official)> We are not a scam 17:21
<ladislavsmrtnik> @Hashie (Official) .. what is with the payouts from yesterday? 17:21
<Peter1979> lol 17:21
<kompot> you are scam 17:21
<Hashie (Official)> ladislavsmrtnik: it is all explained in the Hashie ARG 17:21
<kompot> you sold service you cant provide 17:21
<bhok> ok if you are not scam it means we will be paid tomorrow or we will can sell miners at least? 17:21
<yabasta> founders hashie 17:21
<Aiexis> we don't care your """"funny""" game hashie 17:22
<0rphane> its a ponzi and we were into that 17:22
<ZliWuk> Hashie, jel ti se kara keva u bulju,a? 17:22
<kompot> hashie are you living in california? 17:22
<ivanv> @ZliWuk zemika gardru da smo ga ciralilo u garskojbu 17:22
<Peter1979> @Hashie i ques your plaing a tricky game here 17:22
<bhok> it is a ponzi scheme mr Hashie? 17:22
<travel> administrator then payments are normally made today? 17:22
<Hashie (Official)> no, hashie was NEVER a ponzi 17:22
<ivanv> @ZliWuk sa ce da begnepo davdeo ko ckapi 17:23
<marekwydmanski> to jak to miało być pienknie a tu nie ma wypłaty za wczoraj 17:23
<travel> administrator then payments are normally made today? 17:23
<Hashie (Official)> payments are suspended until further notice 17:23
<0rphane> at least we know, was about to invest more 17:23
<kompot> so whats it ? 17:23
<ZliWuk> balgarce ke davas li neki lev? 17:23
<0rphane> it wasnt, it IS 17:23
<manderson4> arg is the noise I make when I get scammed 17:23
<sh4dow> withdraw isn't working anymore 17:23
<0rphane> it has to suck to be like you 17:23
<ivanv> @Hashie watchout your tail 17:23
<ZliWuk> levce Hashie da pieme Kamenica i Zagorka 17:24
<Aiexis> hashie: you said a few minutes ago that we will never be payed. Schizophrenic ? 17:24
<bhok> we are really fucked thank you mr hashie 17:24
<manderson4> Why are payments suspended 17:24
<ivanv> @Hashie we are close 17:24
<0rphane> ripping off ppl...yeah !!! wow you're so funny /o\ 17:24
<tm01> Hashie ok thanks for letting us know 17:24
<ivanv> @Hashie go decode my msgs to ZliWuk 17:24
<Miramyn> what is arg and how does it explain anything? 17:24
<yabasta> dans tous les cas la personne avec qui nous parlons vrai admin ou hacker a de serieux problemes psychologiques 17:24
<Peter1979> @Alexis where did you see that> 17:24
<bhok> it is a bitcoin adress 17:24
<bhok> we suposse that is something encrypted 17:25
<smaxer> @hashie hope you and your whole family get cancer and die slowly and painfull 17:25
<Peter1979> its verry simple Hashie isnt hacked 17:25
<ivanv> @Hashie cat ate your tongue 17:25
<Peter1979> payouts expended 17:25
<Aiexis> does anybody decode this cake.wav sound ? 17:25
<yabasta> soit c'est une gamine soit une tarée!! 17:25
<Aiexis> peter1979 in this chat 17:25
<Peter1979> till further notis 17:25
<bhok> where is the cake.wav? 17:25
<roquene> sc container? interesting 17:25
<tm01> maybe just payment daily and the are trolling us 17:25
<Aiexis> oui yabasta, c'est ce qu'on appelle "un déséquilibré". 17:26
<nyernpa> stop the Bull 17:26
<0rphane> youre so booooooring elsa, its a shame...go to bed 17:26
<Salmen> Why you are doing that? 17:26
<ventolin> morse code sos... what about the second part? 17:26
<Peter1979> andd they made a game to get you guys bussy 17:26
<tm01> delay* 17:26
<ZliWuk> @ivanv, on i steje ckapi+koa je rnostva garinbu, ganci 17:26
<Salmen> I wish, it come back to normal. 17:26
<yabasta> totalement incoherent sont discours 17:26
<bhok> we can make a massive denunce against the page 17:27
<tm01> could be peter1979 17:27
<Peter1979> just be paitent salmen 17:27
<0rphane> u worked so hard today 17:27
<ivanv> @ZliWuk garinbu, munru ili davacmol 17:27
<ivanv> @Zliwuk slimmi da je gaopobe 17:28
<ivanv> ticu ko ckapi 17:28
<yabasta> il vaudrais mieux que ce soit un hacker plutot que la veritable admin 17:28
<travel> disappeared market 17:28
<Cleverminer> they pulled down the market prolly to hide teh evidence tehy sold too many gen 1 lol 17:28
<Peter1979> Elsa want to make a snowman :P 17:28
<travel> are disappearing parts 17:28
<meickert> First More Code Part: SOS SOS hashie.co/scs 17:28
<yabasta> cela voudrais dire que nous avons donnais de l'argent a une malade mentale 17:29
<amar35> Market disabled! 17:29
<meickert> Second Part: The cake is a lie 17:29
<ivanv> @Hashie choose weapon 17:29
<Cleverminer> firehashers as well lmao 17:29
<tm01> @Hashie my firehasher is gone? 17:29
<ZliWuk> @ivanv bigaje, gaopobe sa repa, delosmr mi gomno vajo firehashers 17:29
<Cleverminer> wel had any of you did any research would have seen that the firehasher was priced too good to be true 17:29
<Maaximal> hashie the image from cake.wav is unreadable :/ tried my best. HELP ME (if yu know what i mean) 17:30
<Peter1979> check left guys there are updating the site dont bescared 17:30
<Peter1979> forum is up market is down 17:30
<Hashie (Official)> Maaximal: It's definitely readable. There are some algorithms that can help improve the text :) 17:30
<Peter1979> lol we dont need a market :P 17:30
<ivanv> @ZliWuk cicedo on peto, ramo da zumera jmo zikje 17:30
<bhok> it is a nightmare 17:30
<serg> what happened guys? 17:31
<dvoriano> Hashie's operations are temporarily suspended. 17:31
<ivanv> hey @Hashie don't you understand my crypo lang? 17:31
<Jedi108> Hashie (Official): Hello, after some time around, you will repair service? 17:31
<bhok> we are being scamed mr serg 17:31
<meickert> and why says the morse code at the end "the cake is a lie" 17:31
<serg> why? 17:31
<ivanv> crypto* 17:31
<Cleverminer> you all better start printing out your transaction page before tthat is gone 17:31
<bhok> he is not paying 17:31
<Hashie (Official)> Jedi108: We hope so 17:31
<travel> lie is suspended forever 17:31
<tm01> phew still got my miner 17:31
<serg> Hashie do u have miners or asics? 17:31
<manderson4> Did we lose our miners 17:32
<bananenfrosch> hi, hashie down 4 ever or just a bad joke? 17:32
<yabasta> le truc le plus surprennant c'est que si c'est un pirate, ils font quoi hashie??ils ont pas internet pour faire passer un communiquer 17:32
<serg> any hardware? 17:32
<Hashie (Official)> bananenfrosch: this is not a joke, this is an ARG. it's a game,s ure, but it's not a joke 17:32
<bananenfrosch> what is a arg? 17:32
<hexafraction> "Withdrawal request has been recorded. We will make the payment when/if we can." Quite reassuring. 17:32
<Peter1979> well some guys dont like played with :P 17:32
<Peter1979> so for them its a bad joke :P 17:33
<yabasta> dire: c'est pas nous on a etait pirater 17:33
<Aiexis> yabasta depuis le temps ils auraient réagit. c'est une arnaque depuis le début !! 17:33
<amar35> algun español 17:33
<serg> what exacly happened? why does site suspended? 17:33
<kompot> hashie whats the point of this game? 17:33
<travel> si yo hablo español 17:33
<Aiexis> ce bâtard m'a volé 500€ 17:33
<bhok> we should hire abig boy to visit the queen and explaing she why is not good to steal people 17:33
<yabasta> si 17:33
<bhok> si nos han timado señores 17:33
<bhok> esto tiene una pinta nefasta 17:34
<amar35> esto es una broma 17:34
<amar35> de mal gusto,si 17:34
<bhok> voy a esperar hasta mañana, si mañana no se ha vuelto a la normalidad pienso demandar 17:34
<kompot> to entertain you ? 17:34
<yabasta> hablo espanol pero no muy bien 17:34
<ventolin> miner kaputt 17:34
<travel> no lo creo mi hermano 17:34
<Hashie (Official)> bhok: I'm the one with the ice and snow. If any one of you comes close to me, I will make an ice wall and push you away. 17:34
<yabasta> parece que no es una broma 17:34
<Jedi108> Посоны есть кто из Рашки? 17:34
<yabasta> es la verdad 17:34
<amar35> nos quitan el mercado para que no malvendamos lo que tenemos 17:35
<Aiexis> hashie est un taré 17:35
<yabasta> oui un grand malade 17:35
<bananenfrosch> ok wikipedia helped 17:35
<ZliWuk> !Hashie, da Bod da potrosio sve pare na hemoterapiju:) 17:35
<Peter1979> better have Anna here Then Elsa :P she is playfull :P 17:35
<yabasta> ou un enfant qui fait joujou 17:35
<travel> solo nos queda esperar aver que pasara con todo esto 17:35
<bhok> you will not can because you live in the same shitty world than me and fantasy will not help you from real world punchs 17:35
<Kinjomi> cake.vaw... 56k modem ? 17:35
<Peter1979> or olaf he love warm huggs 17:35
<dvoriano> 20btc reward ARG is btc from customer? 17:35
<amar35> no seais ilusos,mañana todo vuelve a la normalidad 17:36
<bhok> yes 17:36
<serg> все приехали... 17:36
<bhok> yesterday payouts 17:36
<bhok> amar35 ojalá esteis en lo cierto 17:36
<travel> eso es lo que todo mundo quiere 17:36
<serg> hashie and hashprofit are scam... 17:36
<bananenfrosch> then gl i came back next year to see what happen with hashie 17:36
<Peter1979> banana i ques Elsa loves you :P 17:36
<travel> arma 35 tu eres de españa ?? 17:37
<Aiexis> un enfant ne peut pas monter un projet pareil... 17:37
<yabasta> tu penses faire quoi alexis??? 17:37
<Jedi108> <serg> КУДА? 17:37
<yabasta> non pas monter le projet mais faire joujou avec le pc de maman 17:37
<vectis> what the hell happened? 17:37
<Peter1979> lol 17:37
<Jedi108> serg: ты в хэшпрофит вложился? 17:38
<EBK1000> anyone hear anything from support? 17:38
<Peter1979> HASH PROFIT Site down due to maintenance 17:38
<Hashie (Official)> vectis: EBK1000: Hi, I'm Queen Elsa. How can I help you? 17:38
<Peter1979> at least no game there :P 17:38
<Aiexis> je pense qu'il n'y a rien à faire malheureusement... 17:38
<yabasta> tu penses faire quoi alexis? 17:38
<Diligence> Hahaha ^ 17:38
<yabasta> vendre ?? 17:38
<yabasta> acheter?? 17:38
<vectis> can you tell my whats going on? i have no payout from yesterday and then i see suspened 17:38
<travel> pero que mamaguebo es este administrador 17:38
<Aiexis> le market a disparu ! 17:38
<yabasta> ha bon!! 17:39
<lashmen> Hashie (Official) what is the ARG? 17:39
<travel> yes 17:39
<yabasta> ha oui la ca pu!! 17:39
<Aiexis> "maket is disabled" et le lien n'est plus dans le menu 17:39
<Peter1979> Check forum guys 17:39
<yabasta> et cet espece de malade qui nous prends pour des cons c'est inssuportable 17:40
<Aiexis> c'est mort, c'est dead, y'a pus rien à faire ici 17:40
<Jedi108> http://i.imgur.com/0emtqF9.jpg 17:40
<Tyler> http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Alternate_reality_game 17:40
<0rphane> ARG is the ASS of hashie 17:40
<vectis> i would like an explanation please 17:40
<yabasta> faut tenter le coup de porter plainte avec les noms que l'on a 17:40
<Miramyn> Can you explain why operations are suspended? And when they (meaning payouts) will resume 17:41
<0rphane> we have no miners, we never had 17:41
<serg> Jedi108 ну везде чуток закинул 17:41
<ivanv> @Hashie watch your tail, we are close 17:41
<serg> чудес не бывает)) 17:41
<yabasta> et de contacter les sites qui les onts interviewer 17:41
<Hashie (Official)> ivanv: Would you like a ban? 17:41
<Jedi108> <serg> Cointellect - наше всё)) 17:41
<0rphane> ponzi scheme.period. 17:41
<Hashie (Official)> This chat is not for sending threats to our staff. And I don't have a tail. 17:41
<vectis> how about you just answer some of our questions? 17:41
<ivanv> @Hashie yes pls 17:41
<serg> Jedi108 ха 17:41
<kompot> hashie everyone have tail :) 17:42
<yabasta> parce que la ils nous font attendre pour mieux nous voler 17:42
<serg> yeah answer what happening? 17:42
<Kinjomi> give cake.vaw hints ... 17:42
<Aiexis> porter plainte, je le lance pas là dedans... contacter les sites, oui. mais déjà contacter ahmash qui est censé avoir vendu du GH/s ici, et qui finalement n'a probablement rien vendu 17:42
<vectis> please just give us the facts,why suspended 17:42
<travel> alguien habla español poraqui?? 17:42
<manderson4> She\he wont answer just wants you to play her\his game 17:42
<ivanv> so? 17:42
<Jedi108> <serg> Надеюсть они по дольше протянут, по мне так только у hasnest реальное оборудование 17:42
<Hashie (Official)> manderson4: correct, you have to solve the ARG in order to find out what happened. 17:43
<yabasta> je pense qu'il vaudrais mieux ce deconnecter avant qu'ils ateigent nos portefeuilles 17:43
<vectis> why are they here if their not going to answer us? 17:43
<Peter1979> Just gif here love Elsa will de frozed then :P 17:43
<yabasta> si hablo espanol 17:43
<vectis> ok,tell us what the ARG is? 17:43
<manderson4> the short answer is hashie took our money 17:43
<Salmen> Are you serious? 17:43
<Kinjomi> yes but with only a sound how can we solve that? 17:43
<ivanv> @Hashie ain't you gonna ban me as a VIP user with 18.54 TH ? 17:43
<ladislavsmrtnik> @Hashie (Official) .. can you give us some official explanation on what is going on? 17:44
<Peter1979> why not ivan? 17:44
<vectis> what and where is the ARG? 17:44
<Diligence> http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Alternate_reality_game 17:44
<serg> ivanv ты красава! 17:44
<Salmen> WHAT THE HELL you doing at the moment? I want to sell miners but you closed the service. 17:44
<ivanv> @Hashie go check my account 17:44
<Peter1979> ban is just for speaking here in the chat isnt it 17:44
<manderson4> even a 2 year old tires of a non answer Hashie 17:44
<Miramyn> Wait, what? We have to solve some stupid game to find out what happened? Is this a joke? 17:44
<serg> ivanv now you are poor and have 0 th) 17:45
<Jedi108> <ivanv> Ебать колесить, вы купили 19 терахешей? 17:45
<Peter1979> lol serg 17:45
<Miramyn> No payouts, cant sell miners, cant withdraw, and you want us to play a game?????? 17:45
<LordValek357> where is my payout from yesterday? 17:45
<Salmen> @Hashie What is important to you, the game or hashie.co 17:45
<ivanv> @serg don't be so sure 17:45
<roquene> aaah... OGG.. clever clever 17:45
<0rphane> we got scammed.period. it was ponzi from the beginning. period. 17:45
<Peter1979> ivan is now just as us por 17:45
<vectis> so the arg takes us to a somg from frozen? 17:45
<Aiexis> @miramyn it is a joke from an idiot 17:45
<Peter1979> lol Frozen Rocks guys :P 17:46
<ivanv> wrong, my hourly rate is $50, hehe 17:46
<Hashie (Official)> i know, frozen rocks 17:46
<yabasta> je trouve bizard que amash ai rien vendu ca dure quand meme depuis un certain temps 17:46
<Peter1979> dont be so hard they will get your hash back 17:46
<manderson4> I am really getting tired of getting scammed 17:46
<vectis> let it go? so your saying let it go? move on? we have fucked you? 17:46
<Peter1979> and so else the woundnt play games 17:46
<0rphane> think about pbmining 17:46
<yabasta> ils se serais rendu compte qu'on ce servais de leurs nom 17:46
<Salmen> Who is bbit? 17:46
<ivanv> @vectis let her go go, hahahah 17:46
<vectis> am i the winner now? 17:47
<manderson4> Hashie (Scammer): just tell us what happened 17:47
<Peter1979> well if they fucked us better this way than not having any fun :P 17:47
<yabasta> pour une escroquerie 17:47
<Kinjomi> if we finish your game will you give us 20 btc? 17:47
<manderson4> of course not 17:47
<Hashie (Official)> Kinjomi: yes 17:47
<vectis> still there? or are you in a cab on the way to the airport? 17:48
<yabasta> et tous ces cons qui discutes avec leur bourreau c'est pathetique 17:48
<Peter1979> so any one here with brains! "stuppid question i know here in the troll box " 17:48
<Aiexis> yabasta c'est même pire que ça, ahmash prétend que hashie est un vendeur sûr: http://www.amhash.com/pricing.htm 17:48
<Peter1979> damn you french basters :P 17:48
<Aiexis> oui yabasta, et en plus ils sont persuadés qu'il va leur filer 20BTC ! mdr 17:49
<Salmen> and how you are get the 20 btc? 17:49
<mattyoung007> so the whois search where all the details changed was for fun? 17:49
<yabasta> des clochards qui esperes gagner un peu 17:49
<yabasta> avant de ce faire decapiter 17:49
<yabasta> haaa!! les cons!!! 17:50
<dvoriano> https://blockchain.info/address/1GcFuswJt4qErU5hkNsayGHGL9CZHjioub 17:50
<mattyoung007> "Let it go" the frozen song seems to be prevalent in it 17:50
<dvoriano> thats is reward? 17:50
<Aiexis> salmen: get a job 17:50
<dvoriano> already send to wallet? 17:50
<manderson4> Well I guess its back to faucets again to m ake up the btc wasted here 17:50
<vectis> this is absolutely ridiculous. we are talking here to well , i don't know. but we have lost our money in yet anothet cloud scam it seems, unless someone official wants to tell us whats going on? 17:50
<Peter1979> i dont think we lost any thing 17:51
<manderson4> my poor carpel tunnel 17:51
<manderson4> well we arent making anything Peter 17:51
<Dealswiss> it's working again guys... 17:51
<Dealswiss> don't stress 17:52
<vectis> whats is 17:52
<Dealswiss> don't panic 17:52
<Peter1979> did you guys see this 17:52
<l3sny> they did not hack the miners 17:52
<vectis> great more cryptic messages 17:52
<Peter1979> https://blockchain.info/address/1GcFuswJt4qErU5hkNsayGHGL9CZHjioub 17:53
<Salmen> How can i solve the puzzle. 17:53
<0rphane> the ponzi will move on... 17:53
<yabasta> pour moi c'est la fin de l'histoire btc 17:53
<Peter1979> there is the 20 BTC no go to the form en solve this shit 17:53
<artifactis> solve what guys where is the game? 17:53
<yabasta> j'arrete 17:53
<Peter1979> check form 17:53
<ivanv> @Peter1979 they just want to show us how greedy we are 17:53
<Rookie0815> See what? 17:53
<Peter1979> i dont get a thing about it 17:54
<mattyoung007> so i ran the address through rot13 translator = 1TpShfjWg4dReH5uxAfnlTUTY9PMUwvbho 17:54
<yabasta> j'ai pas trop perdu je pense que je m'en sort plutot pas mal 17:54
<Peter1979> im to dump lol 17:54
<Dealswiss> Yabasta récapitule moi ce qu'il se passe stp ?! 17:54
<yabasta> ben on c pas trop 17:54
<yabasta> soit le site est pirater 17:54
<Hashie (Official)> FIRST HINT: Listen to the _right audio track_ of the let it go song. You'll hear morse code :) 17:54
<l3sny> I think it is someone from inside hashie 17:54
<yabasta> soit c'est le site qui nous arnaque 17:54
<yabasta> il semblerais que c'est le site qui nous arnaque 17:55
<yabasta> dans tous les cas on l'a dans l'os 17:55
<Diligence> In the begining in the song it have something with https://hashie.co/scs.html to do 17:55
<yabasta> on c'est fait baiser! 17:55
<sh4dow> we have to decrypt the container 17:56
<gainmedia> ...-- ..--- ...-- --... -.... ...-- -.... .---- ...-- .---- ...-- ----. ...-- ..... ...-- ..--- ...-- ....- ...-- ....- ...-- ....- -.... ...-- ...-- .. 17:56
<Diligence> download that, and read the readme 17:56
<spiglys> Hashie you know that nobody can answer in this place no brains I know what you are looking I have heard about that 17:56
<Kinjomi> help us with the second sound.. 17:56
<sh4dow> audacity :D 17:56
<yabasta> dealswiss je crois qu'on a tout perdu 17:56
<roquene> aah..cake.. the cake 17:57
<sh4dow> there you can split the tonsures 17:57
<ixk1> love 17:57
<sh4dow> thecakeisalie 17:57
<roquene> yea ;) 17:57
<mattyoung007> here is is..... 17:58
<Peter1979> https://hashie.co/forum/viewforum.php?f=2 17:58
<roquene> okay. now have the wav.. 17:58
<roquene> oh jesus^^^ 17:58
<mattyoung007> / - / .... / . // -.-. / --- / .-.. / -.. // -. / . / ...- / . / .-. // -... / --- / - / .... / . / .-. / . / -.. // -- / . // .- / -. / -.-- / .-- / .- / -.-- / 17:58
<vectis> ye hthe mose is sos 17:58
<mattyoung007> / T / h / e // c / o / l / d // n / e / v / e / r // b / o / t / h / e / r / e / d // m / e // a / n / y / w / a / y / 17:58
<mattyoung007> and?? 17:58
<tm01> the cold never bothered me anyway 17:59
<yabasta> il y a une discution avec un ou plus vraisemblablement une malade mentale 17:59
<yabasta> hashie officiel 17:59
<meickert> it says SOS SOS hashie.co/scs 17:59
<yabasta> qui debite des conneries a la minute 17:59
<snuffish> i just came home.. what's up? I lost all my coins? 18:00
<yabasta> le market a disparu ya queques mn 18:00
<Diligence> https://hashie.co/scs.html 18:00
<richieredeyes> whats happened ? 18:00
<yabasta> donc impossible de vendre 18:00
<Diligence> Download that 18:00
<yabasta> voila un bref topo de la situation 18:01
<Diligence> Then download python 2.7 to make it work 18:01
<Diligence> that is all i got 18:01
<Rookie0815> What? 18:02
<ivanv> @Hashie still boring? 18:02
<Dealswiss> j'ai mis que 200 dollars 18:02
<Dealswiss> donc bon tant pis quoi 18:03
<ivanv> @Hashie why don't you decode my msgs to @ZliWuk 18:03
<Dealswiss> mais faut porter plainte si ils nous baisent 18:03
<0rphane> elsa is boring 18:03
<LordValek357> i was a ct in the us navy 18:03
<yabasta> je suis d'accord 18:03
<Kinjomi> cake.vaw 11025 Hz @GSM 18:03
<ivanv> @Hashie so you can get 20 more btc, hahahah 18:03
<LordValek357> cryptologic technician 18:03
<yabasta> le nom des fondateurs on le connais 18:03
<snuffish> did they got hacked, or did they scam? 18:04
<Diligence> nothing of that 18:04
<yabasta> ils on etait interviewer par plusieurs sites 18:04
<Diligence> they are playing a game 18:04
<LordValek357> where can i get the wav file? 18:04
<0rphane> ponzi 18:04
<Salmen> Have the real admin no access to hashie.co? 18:04
<tm01> this is the real admin 18:05
<mattyoung007> so its already been decoded.... next? 18:05
<mattyoung007> / T / h / e // c / o / l / d // n / e / v / e / r // b / o / t / h / e / r / e / d // m / e // a / n / y / w / a / y / 18:05
<0rphane> i guess they're involved 18:05
<snuffish> since market is closed and hotwallet is empty. doesn't sound like a "game" to me :P 18:05
<jacker3003> do not play a game, plz. 18:05
<mattyoung007> / - / .... / . // -.-. / --- / .-.. / -.. // -. / . / ...- / . / .-. // -... / --- / - / .... / . / .-. / . / -.. // -- / . // .- / -. / -.-- / .-- / .- / -.-- / 18:06
<richieredeyes> let it go what a fucking piss take 18:06
<ivanv> @snuffish fyi cold wallet is still not empty 18:06
<Batman> What's up? 18:07
<snuffish> well.. 0.005 BTC then 18:07
<Salmen> This isn't the real admin. 18:07
<snuffish> https://blockchain.info/sv/address/1FGzuz2E6u1kh4h9DcjR4Z2rfJSoGfiiC3 18:07
<ivanv> Mrs. @Hashie is frozen, so we are boring 18:07
<ivanv> @snuffish what's that address? 18:08
<yabasta> j'ai du perdre 100 euros au final 18:08
<ginoke25> i have withdrawed my bitcoins one hour ago and everything came to my wallet 18:08
<yabasta> c 'est la vie 18:09
<sh4dow> mattyoung is that the result of the cake.wav? 18:09
<snuffish> also no payout today, so they have their d*ck in the frozen lake. 18:09
<LordValek357> mattyoung is trolling, thats not even close to what i heard 18:09
<l3sny> yes but what about purchased hashrate 18:10
<Rookie0815> Anyone solved it completely? 18:10
<ivanv> @snuffish what's that address? 18:10
<snuffish> ivanv, it's their hot wallet. where all payouts are sent from 18:10
<ivanv> 1FGzuz2E6u1kh4h9DcjR4Z2rfJSoGfiiC3 18:10
<0rphane> even when payouts might continue, it'll stay a ponzi 18:10
<LordValek357> i was a crypto tech in the us navy 18:10
<Batman> Any news? 18:10
<snuffish> also the addr where all your deposits redirects too 18:10
<l3sny> you cannot let the hackers take control over the website for such a long time 18:10
<ivanv> @snuffish that doesn't matter at all, they have cold wallets co-located 18:10
<yabasta> bravo!! queen elsa!!! good job!! 18:11
<l3sny> without losing credibility 18:11
<ivanv> @yabasta queen of my ass 18:11
<snuffish> we'll see what happens in the next couple of days then :P 18:11
<yabasta> hahaha!! 18:11
<ivanv> come on @Hashie go ban me 18:11
<0rphane> i think they can't 18:12
<mattyoung007> lmao so did i win or what? 18:12
<ivanv> @yabasta they are playing game, but they still don't wanna ban VIP users like me 18:12
<gbke> can someone please tell us what is going on? 18:12
<yabasta> Now you have to look in the mirror this morning 18:12
<jacker3003> who long get the game? 18:12
<yabasta> and find beautiful 18:13
<ivanv> @yabasta I bought all I invested here for $2 per btc 18:13
<ivanv> so I lost $22 18:13
<ivanv> aaaaaaaaahahahaha 18:13
<Aiexis> inanv I don't think you are a VIP user anymore ;) 18:14
<snuffish> i got like 1.2k$ invested here.. i would be sad if i lose it.. :/ 18:14
<richieredeyes> still waiting for my btc 18:14
<ventolin> market disabled... what is next? 18:15
<ivanv> @Aiexis so they should ban me, ya? 18:15
<richieredeyes> me too bought a few miners 18:15
<beernuts> what is SCS? 18:15
<Aiexis> yes he can, ivanv. but he doesn't do it for any reason 18:16
<Diligence> Secure Container System 18:16
<LordValek357> pro tools in mac osx i can rip the track info from this ogg file 18:17
<snuffish> i always lose coins to sites runned by greedy people, that's how we prevent inflation of bitcoin ;) 18:17
<ivanv> Suck Sook Seamlessly 18:17
<ivanv> Cook 18:17
<ivanv> Cock* 18:18
<Aiexis> I've got an answer from ahmash: "We have contacted with hashie and got replied. Don't worry,we will get the database from them." saying don't worry is exactly the thing that worries me !! 18:18
<Salmen> ok 18:19
<sh4dow> ^^ 18:19
<avixy> what's going on with the owner? 18:19
<yacalc> Aiexis: thanks for the update 18:19
<yacalc> but it doesn't explain the situation 18:20
<yacalc> we bought hashie because we trust AMhash 18:20
<richieredeyes> have they been hacked or just run off with the money 18:20
<Aiexis> yes, i have replied again to have more explanations... if they have ! 18:20
<ivanv> @Aiexis database in not the issue, hackers took hashie.co domain name 18:20
<tm01> hashie isnt hacked 18:20
<snuffish> just waiting for a statement from hashie. 18:21
<Salmen> @Hashie @bbit 18:21
<gainmedia> SOS SOS 18:21
<ivanv> @tm01 oh? you have info about? 18:21
<Salmen> Where is @bbit 18:22
<johannez> https://hashtalk.org/topic/26141/maybe-hashie-got-hacked/68 18:22
<Peter1979> it isnt hacked!!! 18:22
<kinggomez> hashprofitdotcom is down 18:22
<Aiexis> ivanv do you think there's still a hope ? 18:23
<gainmedia> will we be getting our hashpower back at all 18:24
<ivanv> @Aiexis hashie.co domain name resolves to ip addr which is in UK 18:24
<johannez> The server IP is changed to an IP in Russia. The WHOIS record, A and MX records changed ...so yes the site is hijacked. 18:24
<ivanv> ISP is Digital Ocean 18:24
<ivanv> @johannez wrong 18:25
<Alain> So, there are 42818 users "registered" and about 30 making noise? Not even 30 ? 18:25
<johannez> that's cached info 18:25
<Cleverminer> https://hashie.co/store_fh lol its still there just have to input manually 18:25
<ivanv> oh? 18:25
<johannez> The site is on Netblock - AS 202018 SIRIUS-AS LLC Sirius This netblock traces to Russia. http://bgp.he.net/AS202018 18:26
<Cleverminer> market is gone tho 18:26
<ivanv> @johannez how did you found new ip addr? 18:26
<Cleverminer> not that id buy that anyway is priced to cheap to be legit 18:26
<tm01> probly russia they made russian topic 18:27
<vectis> ok so the site's hacked. that mean the so called hashie official is probably the hacker fucking us baout and having a great laugh 18:27
<tm01> lets just be patience 18:28
<johannez> Different ways dnsstuff.con can get you a beginning,,,, but look at the new WHOIS records at http://go.co 18:28
<vlad1975> what's going on with the site? more payments would not be? 18:28
<johannez> dnsstuff.com it is 18:29
<kompot> chceck forum guys, we have statement from AMhash 18:29
<johannez> and look at the proof provided on thsi site: https://hashtalk.org/topic/26141/maybe-hashie-got-hacked/65 18:29
<Aiexis> but if it's only a dns changed, how can they have access to the database ? 18:30
<gainmedia> will the market be back up ? 18:30
<johannez> ERGO the server was hacked as well 18:30
<gainmedia> will we get payout tonight 18:31
<johannez> and cloned 18:31
<kompot> database will get rollback 18:32
<gainmedia> any real admins around ? 18:32
<wock1975> im one here i havent logged in or used 2fa which i have turned on 18:32
<Aiexis> "<kompot> chceck forum guys, we have statement from AMhash 17:29" <- which forum ? 18:32
<Soleilartemis> Hi , I have not recd payment for today or yesterday 18:32
<rmcdermott92785> post a link please 18:33
<gainmedia> site was hijacked that's why 18:33
<tm01> to bad i buyed firehasher instead 18:33
<Aiexis> announcement from amhash: http://amhash.com/35.htm 18:34
<kompot> http://amhash.com/35.htm 18:34
<Aiexis> :) 18:34
<kompot> so relax guys 18:35
<kompot> and dont feed the troll 18:35
<kompot> aka queen elsa 18:35
<Jmancino2> "hacked" 18:35
<kompot> xD 18:35
<bhok> great 18:35
<bhok> we only lost yesterfay dividend 18:35
<Soleilartemis> Ok so we recieve today 18:36
<beernuts> About AMHash shares of hashie 2014-12-29 00:27:00 Hi all, We have been told that hashie was hacked by someone,so the website was temporarily suspended.But don't worry, we have the latest user li 18:36
<Soleilartemis> ? 18:36
<Jmancino2> that's no help if you have gen 1 18:36
<beernuts> http://amhash.com/35.htm 18:37
<Jmancino2> oh the bitcointalk thread is fun to read 18:38
<vectis> ok, so stop playing this arseholes game and move on.nothing to see here 18:38
<ivanv> @Hashie still boring? 18:39
<gainmedia> this guy magically popped into my chat after today .... maybe he is one of the culprits 18:39
<gainmedia> Lalaka mamanzay <0haqtgtjzzrn93utyww1fckcbe@public.talk.google.com> 18:39
<kinggomez> law of karma... 18:40
<spiglys> R 18:40
<sh4dow> luckily i sold all of my gen1 last week 18:41
<ejru3000> hello 18:43
<KriszDev> what happend? 18:43
<spiglys> Luckily I bought more gen 1 18:43
<bilabonic> Hashie is no more and we all got fuked !! 18:43
<gainmedia> can't seem to block him on my gtalk .... 18:43
<ivanv> @spiglys when? 18:44
<spiglys> In the morning 18:44
<uzzuzz> does anyone lost btc in hashie? 18:44
<spiglys> All 18:45
<uzzuzz> my balance is gone 18:45
<spiglys> Yes 18:45
<Josef27> Me not 18:45
<kinggomez> not yet 18:45
<kevinpiot> i still got my balance 18:45
<Salmen> i sold today 20 ghs but i have 56.03 ghs here. 18:45
<ivanv> me too 18:45
<rmcdermott92785> thecakeisalie is what the mrose code says 18:46
<rmcdermott92785> its from a puzzle game called portal 18:46
<gainmedia> probably the cake sale 18:46
<ivanv> to me, miss of the payout last night means we still have our btc 18:46
<Josef27> I played it 18:46
<gainmedia> or the cake is a lie 18:46
<ivanv> real hashie owner just cut off the website 18:46
<Salmen> a fucking game destroyed hashie.co 18:47
<ivanv> from cold wallets 18:47
<gainmedia> so when will the rollback start 18:47
<Salmen> i trusted hashie.co 18:47
<Josef27> It seems the " 18:47
<gainmedia> it is not hashie you nut 18:47
<Josef27> It seems the "prizes" was funded from hashie account's balance 18:47
<gainmedia> it is a russian shitlord 18:47
<kevinpiot> the cake is a lie is a website with nothing in it 18:48
<Salmen> wait. 18:48
<Salmen> "thecakeisalie" is the password of the admin 18:48
<rmcdermott92785> really? 18:48
<Josef27> I still downloading some tools and decoders 18:49
<meowdogs> whats going on ? 18:49
<rmcdermott92785> how do you know that 18:49
<Josef27> hashie.co turned into RCS 18:49
<Salmen> but where are the admin area 18:49
<Metroseksuaali> where i can found hashie admin page 18:49
<meowdogs> rcs? 18:49
<spiglys> Ha 18:50
<roquene> "HELP ME" ...mhhh 18:50
<moroz00> Русские есть? 18:50
<Eun> What is rcs? 18:50
<spiglys> . 18:51
<Salmen> mmh 18:51
<gainmedia> why is the account still hacked 18:51
<roquene> jemand noch so weit gekommen? 18:52
<Salmen> hä 18:52
<Eun> glad that i withdraw yesterday 18:52
<roquene> schon gut :) 18:52
<gainmedia> WHEN WILL SHIT BE NORMAL AGAIN ! 18:52
<sh4dow> it's a fuckin sstv image :D 18:52
<Metroseksuaali> it will not 18:52
<roquene> ;) 18:52
<roquene> "HELP ME".. but rest of text is to small. but working on it 18:53
<sh4dow> ich auch :D 18:53
<roquene> ah perfekt^^ 18:53
<sh4dow> maybe it's the password for rhe next container 18:53
<roquene> could be 18:53
<Runlevel> 2014-12-29 00:27:00 Hi all, We have been told that hashie was hacked by someone,so the website was temporarily suspended.But don't worry, we have the latest user list of AMHash.If they can't no 18:53
<Josef27> the cake.wav was kinda familiar.. 18:54
<Josef27> But what about the gen 1 user? 18:54
<Runlevel> http://amhash.com/35.htm 18:54
<Runlevel> latest news 18:54
<Salmen> der kuchen ist eine lüge. hm 18:54
<bilabonic> gen 1 has GONE !! 18:54
<Eun> My miners are still there 18:54
<Runlevel> hashie was a reseller of avmhash 18:54
<sh4dow> Silcia Project Ue??? 18:55
<Eun> (gen1) 18:55
<Runlevel> the will look database what was happend 18:55
<bilabonic> Feel sorry for the people who purchased Firehash or who kept BTC on here !!!! 18:55
<roquene> das hinten heißt "update" 18:55
<roquene> silicia: project update 18:55
<sh4dow> ah okay 18:55
<Runlevel> but i will trust no cloudminer more 18:56
<Runlevel> game over 18:56
<roquene> and text "since our last update.." 18:56
<Salmen> cex.io is the worst cloudminer. 18:56
<sh4dow> Since our last update 18:56
<Eun> lets see what will happen 18:56
<Runlevel> yes 18:56
<Eun> at least my miners (gen1) are not yet gone 18:56
<Eun> for some others they disappeared 18:57
<Runlevel> its a thick thing about to get the cash off all users here 18:57
<Salmen> where is the admin? 18:57
<bilabonic> EUn - they are GONE, there are no payouts !!! WORTHLESS !! 18:57
<Aiexis> I wonder... why is there no official announcement from twitter account ? https://twitter.com/hashieco 18:57
<ivanv> @Eun just DO NOT login again, with or wuthout 2FA 18:57
<ivanv> without* 18:57
<gainmedia> yeh, I hope they can restore the database to 2 days ago atleast :/ 18:57
<Salmen> why? 18:57
<ivanv> @Salman hackers will take your hashie account creds 18:58
<spiglys> . 18:58
<gainmedia> time to sue the fuck out of hashie 18:58
<Cleverminer> well that wont be no good gain 18:58
<Dealswiss> LizardMafia behind this ? 18:58
<gainmedia> fair enough 18:58
<Cleverminer> because i sold miners in last two days what they going to come back to me and someone else is then out 18:58
<gainmedia> dunno 18:59
<Salmen> they have the phone number? 18:59
<ivanv> @Cleverminer not getting you mate 18:59
<Aiexis> you should make a printscreen of your miners page, maybe it will be usefull... 18:59
<spiglys> Funny phone number 18:59
<LordValek357> they wouldnt be out, because the database would have previos balance also 18:59
<Runlevel> when i hosting a website in germany i must look my passport and more - why can cloud reseller it not? 18:59
<St4yInTh3D4rk> No payouts today? 19:00
<Runlevel> so i cant trust more 19:00
<Cleverminer> well just so you all know this is what they think of yhou when you have a problem 19:00
<St4yInTh3D4rk> whats going on 19:00
<OZmaster> .. 19:00
<Eun> I think they wont get your passwords, normaly these are encrypted 19:00
<Eun> so if there is a data breach, just change the passwords 19:00
<Cleverminer> so we all screwed if they so chose 19:01
<meowdogs> when not just put the truth on the front page instead of this stupid game 19:01
<Cleverminer> https://hashie.co/terms 19:01
<heleno00> any news ? 19:01
<Snovell> I would change passwords if used elsewhere 19:01
<sh4dow> @rouqene bist du weitergekommen 19:01
<gainmedia> Yeh , don't really care as long as they sort shit out , the site still points nowhere and the song continues to play 19:02
<Snovell> Guessing they got btc from ltcgear and can't payout anymore, since ltcgear may also be scam 19:02
<gainmedia> doesn't seem like much effort at all to get things sorted out 19:02
<Cleverminer> i think they lost access to the server IMO 19:02
<Eun> I dont think so 19:03
<yacky5> i found this on the website <!-- Please help us. We need you. --> 19:03
<meowdogs> maybe its just hackers gone wild 19:03
<Eun> They changed the frontpage a while ago 19:03
<roquene> sh4dow. ich kann bis etwa mitte 2. reihe lesen 19:03
<roquene> also eher nein :D 19:03
<Salmen> my password by hashie.co I have not used on other pages. 19:03
<laisee> where's the money, lebowski? 19:03
<Ollo> Hi I dont recieve BTC today. What about you? 19:04
<Eun> I guess there will be no BTC today 19:04
<bilabonic> or ever 19:05
<Eun> hashprofit gets ddosed currently 19:08
<kinggomez> @Eun since yesterday 19:10
<jawitech> Finally I was able to withdraw my funds 19:12
<cb4now> too much, someone got a sense of humour 19:12
<Zwiebo> is hashie okay now? 19:12
<ivanv> 1, 2, 3 test 19:12
<Zwiebo> ^^ 19:13
<pl2001lodz> @ jawitech how many time 19:13
<ivanv> sorry, testing if they banned me 19:13
<sh4dow> kannst du das oben rechts lesen? erase ??? 19:13
<Zwiebo> ist der lustige admin wieder weg? 19:13
<jawitech> not much, i only had 0.05 BTC funds here 19:13
<sh4dow> ja :D 19:13
<bilabonic> i did manual withdraw of my BTC this morn at 9.30am but not showing in my wallet 19:14
<gainmedia> chancer ... 19:14
<meowdogs> i tried thata it says beingding we will pay when/if we can 19:14
<laisee> Withdrawal request has been recorded. We will make the payment when/if we can. 19:15
<Batman> i withdrawed too. the field txid in the transactions reads : manual_recovery 19:15
<Zwiebo> ja echt ne geile show den ganzen tag. ich mag menschen mit eigenwilligem humor. die paar satoshi, die nach dem withdraw noch übrig waren sind auch noch da 19:15
<jawitech> bilabonic, what does the block explorer show? 19:15
<jawitech> Naja, das ist doch mal ein ganz neues Spiel gewesen. Mal was anderes als das übliche "wir wurden gehackt, sorry, euer Geld ist weg" 19:15
<Batman> my withdrawal does not show in the block explorer 19:15
<laisee> where's the money, lebowski? 19:15
<bilabonic> how do i search that, i only have my receiving address,it stated coins in cold storage and could take 24 hrs ?? 19:15
<ivanv> who's the fucken lebowski? 19:16
<Batman> it's a movie i have not seen 19:16
<jawitech> https://hashie.co/transactions there you should find the withdrawal. click details to see the tx id 19:16
<gainmedia> any admins ? 19:16
<SchenkData> was ist denn passiert ? 19:16
<jawitech> SchenkData, scheinbar wurde Hashie gehackt 19:17
<gainmedia> is there a real admin here ? 19:17
<Zwiebo> die hatte aufjedenfall ausdauer^^ mal eben so 8 stunden nen haufen menschen flashen hat schon was 19:17
<SchenkData> und was bedeutet das für uns ? 19:17
<jawitech> Die Whois Daten wurden geändert, der Markt entfernt und die Kontrolle über die Accounts übernommen 19:17
<momahdu> @SchenkData Bist Du der Sascha? 19:17
<gainmedia> if there is , why don't you restore the fucking database already ! 19:17
<SchenkData> ne ich bin Manfred :-) 19:17
<jawitech> Laut AMHash nichts, sie sagen sie hätten alle Daten und würden ggf die Payouts übernehmen 19:17
<SchenkData> na das ist ja geil ... 19:18
<Zwiebo> ich denke nichts. ich hoffe das keine die bildchen und souns runter geladen hat 19:18
<momahdu> danke 19:18
<jawitech> http://amhash.com/35.htm 19:18
<bilabonic> Withdraw TXID manual - all it states 19:18
<jawitech> Naja, scheinbar haben einige hier dieses komische Programm runtergeladen...die Gier, scheinbar 20 BTC für diese affige Spiel zu gewinnen 19:18
<jawitech> Aber dass das ein Trojaner sein könnte, soweit denkt keiner 19:19
<sh4dow> joa auf ner extra dafür angelegten vm :D ist ein lustiger zeitvertreib 19:19
<jacker3003> welche bilder?? 19:19
<Eun> Wo wurde denn was angeboten zum DL? 19:19
<jawitech> bilabonic, that's weird 19:19
<SchenkData> gehts denn irgendwann weiter oder wird die Seite verschwinden ? 19:19
<sh4dow> in dem song auf der mainpage ist ein morsecode versteckt.. der startet ein lustiges Rätsel 19:19
<jawitech> https://hashie.co/forum/ @ Eun 19:19
<ivanv> @gainmedia calm down, I have feeling real Hashie company will refund in full 19:19
<cb4now> has anyone got any reasonable explanation to the the heck is going on lmao 19:19
<jawitech> naja SchenkData, denkst du echt irgendjemand würde denen noch vertrauen? 19:20
<rmcdermott92785> I have decrypted one of the files in the secure container 19:20
<gainmedia> http://amhash.com/35.htm 19:20
<Eun> und warum sollte das jemand laden? xD 19:20
<ivanv> @gainmedia anyway, btc thing is just a game mate 19:20
<bilabonic> NOPE !! 19:20
<rmcdermott92785> I now have a wav file 19:20
<jawitech> Ich meine, man weiss ja nicht mal wer hinter dem Laden steht. Alles mit Whois Protect 19:20
<sh4dow> nicht mehr 19:20
<Runlevel> but the site has a exploit 19:20
<gainmedia> yeh , but when you invest your savings into it, things become real 19:20
<Zwiebo> irgendeine sounddatei aus der man angeblich bilder saugen kann. bei uns im irc haben die ein paar gepostet und wohl auch runter geladen 19:20
<Runlevel> where you can it download 19:20
<jawitech> Eun, weil der "Hacker" 20 BTC Gewinn verspricht. Gier frisst Hirn ;) 19:20
<Runlevel> eset scanner warns before 19:20
<Eun> xD 19:21
<ivanv> @gainmedia that was your own decision mate 19:21
<meowdogs> yeah your probbly downloading a virus 19:21
<gainmedia> indeed it was 19:21
<SchenkData> 20 BTC Gewinn ? Wer glaubt denn sowas ? 19:21
<jawitech> Gierige Leute 19:21
<Runlevel> etwas wenig :) 19:21
<Zwiebo> einem ordentlichem hacker sollte eig auch nichts daran liegen das vertrauen in den btc zu versauen 19:21
<jawitech> Davon gibts jede Menge, schau doch die LTCGear Jünger an 19:21
<Runlevel> we will hunt and hurt him 19:21
<sh4dow> Wie gesagt, ist ein lustiger zeitvertreib solange man auf ein ofizielles statement wartet 19:21
<sh4dow> *offizielles 19:21
<gainmedia> ivan, o you think they will get the site restored 19:21
<Eun> hashie whois: 19:21
<Runlevel> jo 19:21
<Eun> Registrant Address1: let it go 19:22
<SchenkData> na ich bin mal gespannt 19:22
<Runlevel> fand nur die domain reg scon merkwürdig 19:22
<jawitech> Zwiebo, nachdem momentan jeden Tag Pools ge DDoSed werden, Hacker Angriffe auf BTC Dienste usw erfolgen könnte man meinen, da will jemand BTC in Verruf bringen 19:22
<sh4dow> und falls es wirklich 20BTC geben sollte nehm ich die gerne :D 19:22
<richieredeyes> @Salmen your right about cex you just mine for fee's there now no profit 19:22
<Runlevel> das das keinem aufgefallen ist 19:22
<jawitech> Vielleicht ja Putin oder der Zwerg aus Nordkorea :D 19:22
<Batman> WTF is the SCS ARG? 19:22
<jawitech> reality game 19:23
<jawitech> A quiz 19:23
<gainmedia> scam / hack 19:23
<jorgesos> is hashie going down? i will lose my investment? 19:23
<laisee> this is all a game? 19:23
<Runlevel> allein die website ist mehr wert als 20 BTC 19:23
<Batman> WTF is the connection to hashie? 19:23
<Runlevel> der aufwand 19:23
<gainmedia> already lost it 19:23
<Eun> Frage mich ob enom.com nicht Ihre Kunden testet 19:23
<gleisonmo> loser 19:23
<jawitech> Solve it, download a trojan and instead of winning 20 BTC they steal your local stored wallet.dat files 19:23
<Runlevel> jo - das frage ich mich auch 19:24
<Runlevel> den hoster werde ich mal mailen 19:24
<jawitech> Warum sollten sie? Die wollen auch nur Geld verdienen 19:24
<Runlevel> denic hier - die wollen vorab alle daten 19:24
<Eun> Theoretisch stehen die jetzt ganz blöd da 19:24
<Batman> did hashie endorse this stupid arg? 19:24
<Runlevel> oder OVH - hetzner - HOST Europe 19:24
<jawitech> I don't think that Hashie is connected to all that 19:24
<Runlevel> and why there not? 19:24
<Eun> Normalerweise müssen valide Daten angegeben sein 19:24
<Batman> then why is "Please note: You may see spoilers for the SCS ARG in this chat." written above the chat window? 19:25
<Runlevel> eben 19:25
<cb4now> seems someone lost their mind n took this into an alternative reality game? 19:25
<Eun> Und wenn der Hoster das nicht prüft ist der Schuld so einfach xD 19:25
<kinggomez> @Batman this site has been hacked!!!!! 19:25
<Batman> seems likely cb4 19:25
<richieredeyes> think amhash miners are safe http://amhash.com/35.htm 19:25
<Runlevel> Eun das sehe ich auch so 19:25
<Salmen> Ok 19:25
<cb4now> man, p[eople these days.....just gone 19:26
<Salmen> i trusted cex.io but i stopped because i got negative profit 19:26
<jawitech> There would have been an easier way to scam people 19:26
<Eun> also bekommen wir die BTC von enom oder von DigitalOcean 19:26
<Eun> da ist nähmlich der server gehostet 19:26
<cb4now> theres def more going on here 19:26
<kinggomez> Blessings be to all 19:26
<Zwiebo> ja jawi, im mom ist da echt viel unruhe. viele cryptocoin services sind zwischendurch mal nicht zu erreichen und laufen nur ganz langsam. ich weiß aber nicht was die sich davon erhoffen. was bringt m 19:27
<richieredeyes> cex is just fee's now 19:27
<spiglys> domain was hacked 19:27
<cb4now> but why? really, we wernet hurtn anyone, just tryn to invest n make crypto work 19:27
<kinggomez> hashprofit is gone too 19:27
<Zwiebo> mir das geld zu klauen, dessen wert auf das vertrauen in die sicherheit davon beruht 19:27
<spiglys> http://who.is/whois/hashie.co 19:28
<Zwiebo> sry nicht gesehen das der satz halb war^^ 19:28
<cb4now> so, that be the bankers my guess, so game on boys 19:28
<ivanv> @spiglys yup, hackers took control of hashie.co domain name 19:28
<richieredeyes> take a screenshot of your miners 19:28
<ivanv> @richieredeyes why? 19:28
<Salmen> i have 20ghs miner and 36.03 ghs miner 19:28
<Salmen> But this was for selling for the market. 19:29
<Batman> good idea 19:29
<richieredeyes> for proof of ownership orsentimental reasons 19:29
<ivanv> @Salmen hahaha, I have 3.5 TH Gen1 and 15 TH fh 90 19:29
<masterk6> pff 19:29
<Josef27> I'll continue solving the puzzle in the morning 19:29
<sh4dow> how far yozuu got josed? 19:30
<masterk6> What is the official announcement? 19:30
<Batman> let it go is the official announcement 19:30
<bilabonic> http://btcvestor.com/2014/12/28/hashie-hacked-no-response-yet/ 19:30
<Runlevel> http://btcvestor.com/2014/12/28/hashie-hacked-no-response-yet/ 19:30
<Eun> xD 19:30
<Runlevel> new messages 19:30
<gainmedia> ivan, care to share some love ! I could do with 1 th :) 19:31
<spiglys> . 19:31
<Josef27> Still stuck at decoded image from cake.wav 19:31
<Josef27> can't read the messages 19:31
<sh4dow> same here 19:31
<Aiexis> do you speak about this ? http://s18.postimg.org/apxs6h9jd/scottie_s2_vis56.png 19:32
<Josef27> Yes 19:32
<sh4dow> yep 19:32
<Josef27> but that seems much more.. unreadable 19:32
<ivanv> @gainmedia there is no option to gift you some hash power 19:32
<sh4dow> http://abload.de/image.php?img=2014-12-28_17.52.298xuwr.jpg 19:33
<Aiexis> what software do you use to decode cake.wav ? 19:33
<gainmedia> :) I know 19:33
<sh4dow> its a sstv signal 19:33
<Josef27> RX-SSTV 19:33
<Josef27> If you ever played portal 2... 19:33
<Aiexis> i'll make a try 19:33
<whitewhidow> we are all fucked and you gu s are playing his game ? 19:33
<whitewhidow> haha 19:34
<gainmedia> care to share some btc sothat I may purchase 1 ths - longshot, I know :) 19:34
<gainmedia> one can dream 19:34
<laisee> wo ist der geld, lebowski? 19:34
<Maaximal> i have nearly all the text from the photo. but i dont actually know what it has to do with all this 19:34
<Salmen> when the admin is coming back? 19:34
<gainmedia> admin was never here ... 19:34
<sh4dow> maybe a password if you hash the text 19:34
<jawitech> You really believe they pay you 20 BTC??? 19:35
<sh4dow> no but its fun 19:35
<Maaximal> no but its fun 19:35
<meowdogs> its not even april 1st 19:35
<sh4dow> :D 19:35
<Maaximal> http://pastie.org/private/mulsvxi9cfb0zg8vbrrvq 19:35
<jawitech> you're feeding the troll 19:35
<Salmen> and why make she the game? 19:35
<gainmedia> meowdogs that was my exact thought 19:35
<Josef27> What must we do then? Sue who? Do you know where hashie.co at? 19:35
<meowdogs> i think the download has a virus 19:35
<whitewhidow> fun? fun that our money got stolen ? 19:36
<Runlevel> yes there was a virus 19:36
<Salmen> you can test this with virustotal 19:36
<Runlevel> eset scanner says it 19:36
<meowdogs> i am not into download random files 19:36
<meowdogs> it probbly steals all your btc and passwords 19:37
<whitewhidow> people please ... wtf 19:37
<gainmedia> I'm hungry 19:37
<Josef27> It's in phyton.. 19:37
<jawitech> @meowdogs, that's what I think, too 19:37
<meowdogs> me too 19:37
<Salmen> https://www.virustotal.com/file/2afad51edf30cd5a6a4d4bb0d9813df4f0d5c2474654441d13e8a433481a2de2/analysis/1419784759/ 19:37
<Josef27> btw, http://imgur.com/DYgGsDo,IjyAcwj 19:37
<Josef27> maybe "more" readable 19:37
<sh4dow> @maxi can you read the text in the upper right 19:38
<whitewhidow> they steal your money. and tell you to download a file .. YOU DO IT. ?? 19:38
<Batman> service project update 19:39
<Runlevel> possible to steal the wallet.dat also 19:39
<ejru3000> hello 19:39
<benofficial> Salmen ... since the files are encrypted a virus scanner won't be able to detect the presence of a virus ... 19:39
<Runlevel> with this file - i think 19:39
<gainmedia> somebody please gift me enough to go buy some mining at another site 19:39
<Salmen> ok. 19:39
<Salmen> i have a online wallet 19:39
<sh4dow> @whitewidow .. yep in a secure vm 19:39
<gainmedia> 18SfJTEsgcPHGyEWrVXMcWGstTMgXgiYLL 19:39
<gainmedia> thanks in advance 19:39
<Batman> it must have something to do with the stupid "SecureContentSystem" arg 19:39
<benofficial> best bet for all ... spin up a VM and play around with it there. that way if there does turn out to be some sort of nested malware, all that got compromised was the sandbox you were playing in. 19:40
<Batman> where does this image come from? 19:40
<whitewhidow> ok safe but still ... 19:40
<gainmedia> batman, the site was jacked 19:40
<Batman> jacked? 19:40
<Josef27> What is S*cia Project Update mean 19:40
<gainmedia> awaiting the db restore 19:40
<gainmedia> indeed yes, hijacked 19:40
<Peter1979> any one knows the password 19:40
<Batman> ahhh... 19:40
<gainmedia> hacked etc ... .it has been a long and tedious day trying to keep our spirits up 19:41
<gleisonmo> we loser 19:41
<gainmedia> anybody here, please gift me some hashpower 18SfJTEsgcPHGyEWrVXMcWGstTMgXgiYLL 19:41
<Batman> Im starting to hate hackers 19:41
<gainmedia> I just don't care anymore 19:41
<michaelweaser> was hashie hacked or something? 19:42
<gainmedia> seems all I ever get is nothing 19:42
<bilabonic> If it was hacked then they would of announced it on BCT !!!! 19:42
<HappyBitcoin> lol i just send money here... lol 19:42
<Maaximal> its Silicia: Project Update 19:42
<meowdogs> i host a few sites and they keep breaking in to send spam 19:42
<bilabonic> We have all been conned !!! 19:42
<Maaximal> by i think rasa research 19:42
<Batman> no it's service 19:42
<Eun> hashie ssh server is protected by a password and pubkey, why the fuck should someone allow password login? 19:42
<Eun> debug1: Authentications that can continue: publickey,password 19:42
<Maaximal> written by Rebecca Delaney. 19:43
<Maaximal> june 24 20xx 19:43
<Batman> well... I don't know and I don't care anyway 19:43
<Batman> where does this image come from? 19:45
<Aiexis> 2012 maybe 19:45
<Maaximal> but this isnt a 1^looks more like a circle but a very small one 19:45
<ejru3000> someone have information about hashie i read a lot of things but my balance is fine and everything is ok 19:45
<meowdogs> its missing last payment 19:46
<ejru3000> only the firehasher ans market gone 19:46
<Aiexis> "since our last update, we have made great advances"... 19:46
<masterk6> Where is the administrator 19:46
<sh4dow> I don't mean the date .. but the header .. are u still on irc? 19:46
<Maaximal> since our last update we have made great advance across all subprojects of silicia. more impressively the Jansen team has discovered a new approach that allows all sensory information to be converted 19:47
<ejru3000> ok meowdogs that is true too 19:47
<Maaximal> to one dimensional representations(?) experiments utilizing this (novel) approach of representing inputs has significantly improved pattern matching capacity and we have been able to receive a further 19:47
<Maaximal> ross and her teams are continuing to experience promising results with xxxxx models for natural language processing and are attempting to adapt xxx to broader intelligence routines . unfortunately the 19:47
<laisee> ask HAL ... where is the money? 19:47
<Josef27> Can someone explain about "tempus" ? 19:47
<sh4dow> u have the key for tempus?` 19:48
<Josef27> It's date.. right 19:48
<meowdogs> what are you talking about maaximal 19:48
<Josef27> Don't know 19:48
<Aiexis> it's the text in the image coded in cake.wav 19:49
<Eun> What I dont get is why would someone do this paper chase, why just dont take the money and go. 19:49
<Josef27> where is the money? 19:50
<Batman> while you fools are playing an ARG, real money is on the line 19:50
<Eun> Also there was no link to the chat before on the frontpage, a few moments later it was 19:50
<Eun> so this means the owners have access 19:51
<Batman> this damn arg is probably some sort of smokescreen 19:51
<sh4dow> or the hacker 19:51
<Batman> ...to divert you from the real issue 19:52
<ejru3000> yes 19:52
<Josef27> so the hacker got the domains, the website, and the wallet? 19:52
<AhmedMSedeek> http://justpaste.it/hashie 19:52
<acesuperstar> I think I'm going to go watch a movie with the kids... any suggestions? 19:52
<daavenger> whats going on with this suspension?? 19:52
<Josef27> Play the ARG games... I found it interesting 19:53
<laisee> Admin has picked up a fault in the AE35 unit. It's going to go 100% failure in 72 hours. 19:53
<AhmedMSedeek> For those who Still think it was a hack Read this: http://justpaste.it/hashie 19:54
<ejru3000> jejeje what is the ae35 unit? 19:54
<benofficial> ejru3000 - It's a "2001: Space Odyssey" reference 19:56
<benofficial> http://2001.wikia.com/wiki/AE-35_Unit 19:57
<senne> whats the ARG game?? i dont get it?? 19:57
<senne> anyone who can point me in a direction? 19:57
<sh4dow> the song on the mianpage has a morse code in it 19:58
<GrouchyOldFart> Oh No!! IT'S SKYNET BECOMING SELF AWARE! RUN! 19:59
<mattmorrison> welp this is fun to wake up to 20:00
<senne> i dont hear something in the song, i jsut hear the thing of frozen 20:00
<laisee> TLDR: WTF! 20:00
<spiglys> 00 20:01
<gainmedia> anybody know when the database will be restored ? 20:01
<Woltz> morse code in song: SOS SOS HASHIE.CO / SCS CAKE THECAKEISALIE 20:01
<gainmedia> NOTE TO ALL< IT IS A VIRUS ! 20:01
<Runlevel> https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=822446.1260 20:01
<gainmedia> THE WEBSITE WAS HACKED ! 20:02
<laisee> Skynet has been drinking. 20:02
<Runlevel> he says it there - forum 20:02
<konusuke> ltcgear, hahsprofit, and now hahsie.. Lol 20:02
<senne> no help with the ARG thingie?? dont hear morse? 20:02
<Josef27> I was curious with the favicon.ico 20:03
<OZmaster> konusuke, yep :( 20:03
<senne> yeah, but i cant scan the favicon 20:03
<OZmaster> dont forget pbmining recently went down 20:03
<GrouchyOldFart> HAMSTERPOOL IS DOWN TOO 20:03
<Runlevel> https://www.genesis-mining.com/ works only perfect 20:03
<GrouchyOldFart> oops 20:04
<GrouchyOldFart> sorry for caps 20:04
<Runlevel> and BTC Guild 20:04
<Runlevel> pool 20:04
<jawitech> Hamsterpool gets DDoSed since yesterday 20:04
<konusuke> Happy new year sleeping alone 20:04
<Runlevel> i have also an account there but i dont get it more 20:04
<Runlevel> was my first :) 20:05
<Josef27> I'm pretty sure tempus.scc is the next one 20:05
<Runlevel> i wait for hack : https://www.bitgo.com/ 20:05
<Runlevel> good wallet 20:05
<Runlevel> but we will see 20:05
<Runlevel> three pass protected 20:06
<brth> Josef27: I don't know what it means, but this is the pixels as text http://justpaste.it/imya 20:07
<sh4dow> me to but what's the key ... 20:07
<Runlevel> http://www.heise.de/newsticker/meldung/31C3-Kredit-und-Bankkarten-mit-Chip-total-unsicher-2506895.html 20:07
<Runlevel> next run for hacking 20:08
<Runlevel> i think 20:08
<evilware4k> Has anyone figured out how to transfer their AMHASH to the official AMHASH website? 20:09
<jawitech> We will have to wait for details from AMHash 20:09
<jawitech> I guess they will do themself, they stated to have the details they need 20:10
<evilware4k> Feel bad for the people who bought the firehashers 20:13
<HappyBitcoin> Shitdicks what did you do? 20:13
<Runlevel> it is framework for transfer i think. 20:13
<HappyBitcoin> Should I wait here for page to start working cos I just send money here, or its better to go smoke one blunt? 20:16
<UST> If you transfered money to Hashie, i believe you can pretty much forget about recovering it. 20:17
<senne> only cna decode it with sstv app, no free one on android?? 20:17
<HappyBitcoin> Hackers are thoose hams that are hacking earth too? 20:17
<HappyBitcoin> http://www.vlf.it/kurt/elf.html 20:17
<HappyBitcoin> Yes I transfered it one hour ago 20:17
<HappyBitcoin> :D 20:17
<Maaximal> http://www.eidon.com/silica_article/ 20:17
<ejru3000> Website: hashie.co Title: Hashie - Next Generation Bitcoin Mining Type: bitcoin Domain Age: 79 Days Website Speed: Fast Organisation: WhoisGuard, Inc. Owner: WhoisGuard Protected Owner Address: P.O. 20:19
<HappyBitcoin> Hey hackers I allways wondered how you open that AGD or whatever some algorithm generated domain do you have to pay for domains? 20:20
<ejru3000> i think they dont pay 20:20
<HappyBitcoin> hm.. but how they can open 10.000 of domains... weird 20:21
<sh4dow> whats that maaximal? 20:21
<ejru3000> + 20:21
<MichaelFerrer> why is operation suspended? 20:22
<Maaximal> its Silicia, as mentioned in the text from the cake.wav 20:22
<MichaelFerrer> can anyone tell me 20:22
<senne> maaximal, theres only the letitgo.ogg?? 20:23
<UST> I believe hashie is shutting down and taking off with BTC. 20:23
<Josef27> You need to listen carefully :) 20:24
<HappyBitcoin> CQ CQ HASHIE WHERE ARE YOU QSL? 20:24
<senne> josef, care to give me a hint? 20:25
<ejru3000> me too 20:25
<HappyBitcoin> Hashie QRL 20:26
<UST> All that BTC gone :( 20:26
<Salmen> hashie is hacked and i can post here referral links. 20:26
<meowdogs> hashie.co hashprofit.com ltcgear.com --- whos next 20:27
<HappyBitcoin> QRT? 20:27
<Salmen> Hashie.co wasn't hacked. 20:27
<Salmen> The hacker hasn't stole all BTC in the wallet. 20:28
<Aiexis> http://amhash.com/35.htm 20:28
<Salmen> https://blockchain.info/address/1CgD88HMPcBSQ3C5ykLEWFiCJpJ1jryBFg 20:28
<Salmen> This is the hotwallet of hashie. I got my last 2 withdraw from this address. 20:29
<UST> Final balance 0.335.. BTC is gone 20:30
<Salmen> https://blockchain.info/address/1FGzuz2E6u1kh4h9DcjR4Z2rfJSoGfiiC3 20:30
<Salmen> The deposit payments going here 20:30
<bananenfrosch> ltcgear 502 bad gateway answer 20:31
<Salmen> hallo bananenfrosch 20:31
<bananenfrosch> hi 20:31
<bananenfrosch> allet jut ? 20:32
<jawitech> I got my funds from https://blockchain.info/address/1CgD88HMPcBSQ3C5ykLEWFiCJpJ1jryBFg 20:32
<bananenfrosch> so ein scheiß tag heut 20:32
<Salmen> yes 20:32
<jawitech> Heute ist kein guter Tag für Cloud Investoren 20:32
<bananenfrosch> hashprofit hashie und ltcgear 20:32
<0rphane> cloudmining ist tot, nicht? 20:32
<jawitech> Langsam brechen alle zusammen 20:32
<jawitech> Ja schon, @0rphane 20:32
<Salmen> cex.io läuft noch 20:32
<jawitech> Cex ist glaube ich nicht erwähnenswert 20:33
<Salmen> da lohnt nur ein richtiges miner zu kaufen. 20:33
<0rphane> urgestein fast. 20:33
<Runlevel> sage ich doch 20:33
<bananenfrosch> bis jetzt ist gaws zencloud am stabilsten 20:33
<jawitech> Noch... 20:33
<bananenfrosch> das problem ist, dass man hier in deutschland zu hohe energiekosten hat 20:33
<Runlevel> beobachte das seit ein paar wochen - fast keine btc ist sicher 20:33
<bananenfrosch> da brauchste bekannte in taiwan oder so :D 20:33
<Salmen> nur hashie.co läuft noch 20:33
<Runlevel> obwohl ich newbie bin 20:33
<0rphane> lol 20:33
<jawitech> Hashie ist tot 20:33
<Runlevel> aber 30 jahre it erfahrung 20:33
<Salmen> zum glück habe ich ein teil heute verkauft und ausgezahlt. 20:34
<jawitech> Hast du alles rausbekommen Salmen? 20:34
<Runlevel> ca 90 dollar verloren - geht noch:) 20:34
<bananenfrosch> hast es im urin gehabt wa? 20:34
<Salmen> ich habe hier noch 56.03 ghs 20:34
<Runlevel> der firehasher 20:34
<0rphane> wer kauft noch richtige hardware in D? 20:34
<Runlevel> war verdächtig 20:34
<Salmen> eigentlich wollte ich heute alles aufgeben mit bitcoin. 20:34
<Runlevel> warnung halt - das hier was nicht stimmt 20:34
<0rphane> ich war skeptisch ganz am anfang durch das merkwürdige design 20:35
<0rphane> irgendwie so billo 20:35
<Runlevel> wenn das so weiter geht - ist BTC out for ever 20:35
<Runlevel> der kurs fällt ja immer weiter 20:35
<Salmen> Jetzt ist die Administratorin mit unseren Bitcoins weg. 20:35
<Runlevel> dank der dolllen hacker - ist eine währung verloren 20:36
<Salmen> Ich investiere nur einen kleinen Teil von Dogecoins bei Cryptodouble 20:36
<bananenfrosch> habt ihr da auszahlungen bekommen? 20:36
<Runlevel> die jetzt noch ihr geld damit verdienen sind nur trader die auf den kurs achten 20:37
<Salmen> Ich habe schon viel investiert. aber ich investiere aus vorsicht nur wenig . 20:37
<Runlevel> und das wars dann 20:37
<Runlevel> mit BTC 20:37
<0rphane> also, einer der noch hardware in D betreibt? 20:37
<Runlevel> schade - hatte es echt cool gefunden 20:37
<Runlevel> jo hier - 2 antminer 20:37
<Salmen> Die Woche der Hacker. 20:37
<Runlevel> in der firma 20:37
<0rphane> s1? 20:38
<bananenfrosch> wer mit strom heizt :D kann das ruhig machen :D 20:38
<Runlevel> s4 ginge noch vom profit her 20:38
<Runlevel> sonst kannst es knicken 20:38
<Runlevel> in de 20:38
<0rphane> hm...also ausser traden geht nix mehr?! 20:38
<Runlevel> so sehe ich das 20:38
<roquene> irgendwer schon die rätsel geknackt? bzw. ist weiter als "NEED HELP" gekommen? 20:38
<0rphane> ausser gaws...da war ich schon 20:38
<Runlevel> meine meinung halt 20:38
<sh4dow> @ roquene tempus June 24, 2012 20:39
<jawitech> Eines zumindest lernt man aus diesen ganzen Geschichten 20:39
<roquene> aah 20:39
<ventolin> die dussligen trader treiben den preis nach unten 20:39
<Runlevel> jo - leider 20:39
<Salmen> Die Administratorin ist schon weg, die kommt nicht mehr hierhin. 20:39
<jawitech> Man schimpft zwar gerne über Gesetze, Überwachung, Regulierung usw. 20:39
<roquene> ach verdammt, das datum. an sonst alles gedacht nur das nich. danke^^^ 20:39
<Tyler> Was ist mit https://www.genesis-mining.com/ ? Ich meine deren Sitz ist ja in Deutschland.... 20:39
<Maaximal> https://hashie.co/forum/viewtopic.php?f=2&t=7 20:39
<jawitech> Und lobt an Cryptos dass das alles ohne auskommt 20:39
<ventolin> weil man auch 1000x 0.01 auf den markt werfen muss 20:39
<Runlevel> jo - der zahlt auch aus 20:40
<sh4dow> ich habs ewig probiert nur immer im falschen format 20:40
<Runlevel> habe dort 200 ghs 20:40
<jawitech> Aber so viel Betrug und Verarsche durch fehlende Überwachung gibts kaum woanders 20:40
<Runlevel> support geht auch 20:40
<Runlevel> bei genisis 20:40
<0rphane> anyone is buying xpy? 20:40
<Runlevel> @jaw den betrug hast überall 20:40
<0rphane> ich find das schon wieder den nächsten scam... 20:41
<Runlevel> banken negativ zinsen 20:41
<Runlevel> rente ? 20:41
<Runlevel> usw. 20:41
<Runlevel> arm geboren immer arm :) 20:41
<sh4dow> was anyone able to scan the favicon qr code? 20:41
<Runlevel> finde dich damit ab 20:41
<0rphane> :/ 20:41
<ventolin> nur aus geld wird mehr geld 20:41
<Runlevel> ja leider 20:42
<jawitech> XPY, das ist doch die Geschichte wo einer die Kontrolle über das ganze künstliche aufgebaute Eco-System hat und nach belieben auscashen und danach alles wertlos machen kann 20:42
<jawitech> Richtig ventolin 20:42
<HappyBitcoin> What the code for decrypting containers :D 20:42
<Runlevel> bist du das kaptial hast - hat es ein anderer vernichtet 20:42
<0rphane> ich denke auch so @jawitech 20:42
<Salmen> Das lohnt sich doch garnicht mehr zu entschlüsseln. Die Seitenbetreiberin ist weg. 20:43
<0rphane> gaw is nicht ganz zu trauen 20:43
<Runlevel> XPY habe ich auch gelesen - dont trust them 20:43
<ventolin> aber mal ein gedanke.. falls hashie wirklich scam sein sollte wäre es nicht sinnvoller einfach die seite offline zu nehmen? 20:43
<Salmen> Am anfang schrieb Hashie das man nichts mehr kaufen soll im Market. 20:43
<Runlevel> market waren ja auch die user 20:44
<0rphane> stell es dir vor wie eine selbsthilfegruppe...:/ 20:44
<Runlevel> die bekamen das payout dann und nicht hashie 20:44
<daniel75sls> ich würde sagen abwarten 20:44
<Salmen> Hashie war vertrauenswürdig. Warum sollte sie sowas machen. 20:44
<ventolin> bleibt ja nix andres übrig daniel :) 20:44
<daniel75sls> genau 20:45
<jawitech> Das war nicht der übliche Chat Operator 20:45
<jawitech> Vergleicht doch mal die Schreibweise 20:45
<jawitech> Wenn "Sahra" hier geschrieben hat, war das immer förmlich 20:45
<Salmen> Wer schreibt den bitteschön zu seine Kunden "Fuck you" 20:45
<jawitech> Genau 20:45
<jawitech> Das scheint mehr so eine Art "wir täuschen einen Hacker Angriff vor" zu sein 20:46
<r0bby1985> any news about suspension? 20:46
<GHz> let it go~ 20:46
<senne> no, no qr scanning yet 20:46
<0rphane> irgendwie so 20:46
<ventolin> na die war auch wirklich angepisst.. was die sich heute alles hat bieten lassen müssen von einigen usern hier 20:46
<Salmen> No news avaible. 20:46
<bananenfrosch> lol 20:46
<Runlevel> ventolin - eine klare aussage hätte ja gelangt 20:47
<Runlevel> kam ja nichts rüber 20:47
<ventolin> gabs ja am anfang 20:47
<bananenfrosch> es bleibt spannend 20:47
<Salmen> Warum würde hashie.co ein Puzzle machen und die Rest der Seite still legen. 20:47
<Runlevel> ca 11.22 war ich hier online 20:47
<Runlevel> und dann nur fakes im chat 20:48
<bananenfrosch> soziale absichten? 20:48
<Salmen> Der ganze Chatverlauf war alles mitgezeichnet: <Salmen> https://blockchain.info/address/1CgD88HMPcBSQ3C5ykLEWFiCJpJ1jryBFg 19:28 20:48
<Salmen> http://justpaste.it/hashie 20:48
<Runlevel> habs gesehen 20:48
<jawitech> Ich glaube nicht, dass das zu diesem Zeitpunkt noch der übliche Hashie Mitarbeiter war 20:48
<Salmen> Wo ist bbit? Er war ein Bestandteil von hashie 20:49
<ventolin> da fehlt sicher der anfang salmen 20:49
<0rphane> ausserdem gabs doch domain changes 20:49
<Salmen> Queen elsa 20:49
<Salmen> <Hashie (Official)> stop buying from the market lol 11:07 20:50
<HappyBitcoin> what is with cake.wav 20:50
<ventolin> auf der startseite gibts jetz noch nen link zum chat hier 20:50
<HappyBitcoin> this is some sstv 20:50
<jawitech> Normal kommt das Payout im 1 Uhr nachts deutscher Zeit. Also muss da schon was passiert gewesen sein. Beim letzten Mal meldete sich Sahra ca. 50 Minuten später. Dieses mal keine Reaktion 20:50
<meickert> nachdem ich die tempus.txt und die cake.wav jetzt endlich kapiert habe.... hat noch jemand was anderes entschlüsselt? nur so aus interesse? und wenn ja was? 20:50
<jawitech> Also war das nicht erst heute Nachmittag 20:51
<0rphane> sag ja ...wir sind die selbsthilfegruppe hier 20:51
<Runlevel> grins 20:51
<Zwiebo> das war von anfang an keiner von hashie, der hat heute morgen schon um halb acht acht die übelst stumpfen antworten gegeben und sich dann langsam hochgeschaukelt 20:51
<0rphane> und sie verarschen uns so auch noch weiter 20:51
<meickert> also mit kapiert meine ich sozusagen "entschlüsselt" und nicht verstanden in dem sinne :o) 20:51
<jawitech> Genau Zwiebo 20:51
<jawitech> 3 Cloud Dienste an einem Tag, der Markt scheint sich zu bereinigen 20:52
<roquene> bin genau so weit, meickert 20:52
<Runlevel> mich würde nur interessieren - wieviel knete habe die wohl mitgehen lassen? 20:52
<Runlevel> 42 000 user 20:52
<bananenfrosch> https://blockchain.info/address/1CgD88HMPcBSQ3C5ykLEWFiCJpJ1jryBFg <- heißt das die auszahlungen funktionieren noch? 20:52
<Runlevel> omg 20:52
<Salmen> Das müsste der Hacker sein. 20:52
<Runlevel> die ip verfolgen geht nicht? 20:52
<Zwiebo> haben die knete mitgehen lassen? vorhin war bei allen leuten wieder alles okay 20:52
<Salmen> Ja die sollten funktionieren. 20:53
<Zwiebo> zumindest die ich so gehört habe 20:53
<EuleReloaded> wann war jemals alles ok heute? 20:53
<Zwiebo> und withdraw ging auch normal klar als ich das versucht habe heute morgen 20:53
<EuleReloaded> naja...ich konnte meine btc hier weg holen , ja das ging noch 20:53
<Runlevel> nichts - seit dem ich hier online bin - nabend Eule 20:53
<senne> anyone any clue about puzzle.png? 20:53
<Zwiebo> ok nicht aber interessant 20:53
<ventolin> hat mal einer versucht seine balance heimzuschicken? 20:53
<HappyBitcoin> what is the pass for puzle container 20:53
<Gotcha1980> habe heute mittag eine Auszahlung getätigt von hier auf mein wallet und es ging alles 20:53
<EuleReloaded> jo das ging heute morgen noch 20:54
<Salmen> Schon mysteriös, das sie die Bitcoins von dem Wallet da lässt. 20:54
<BitBoy100> temp. suspended? what happend guys? 20:54
<LordValek357> I dont have puzzle.png 20:54
<Zwiebo> ja ich denke die coins regelt Amhash oder nicht? 20:54
<0rphane> da kommen sie evtl auch nicht ran...kann ja sein 20:54
<Salmen> Ich habe es heute gemacht und es klappte. 20:54
<EuleReloaded> auch geil...hashie site voll am arsch aber alle noch im chat hier 20:54
<EuleReloaded> :D 20:54
<Runlevel> tja team 20:54
<Zwiebo> ist doch nett:P 20:54
<HappyBitcoin> whos got pass for puzzle container 20:54
<Runlevel> it verbindet 20:54
<HappyBitcoin> i decoded only cake 20:54
<HappyBitcoin> please give me all the other passes :D 20:54
<sund75> tried to do a payout a while ago but it didn't went trough 20:55
<BitBoy100> Eule what happend to hashie? 20:55
<HappyBitcoin> I trided two hours ago and also didn't go trough.. 20:55
<Salmen> The admin was not serious today und made a 20 btc prize. 20:55
<EuleReloaded> fett btc hier verbrannt aber trotzdem noch in der Lage ein smiley zu posten ^^ 20:55
<sund75> the TXID says "manual_recovery", not a good sign :( 20:55
<Salmen> Manuelle Auszahlung 20:56
<EuleReloaded> and plz guys...stop playing their troll game 20:56
<Salmen> Er hatte bevor er gang es noch geändert. 20:56
<BitBoy100> someone telle whats going on? xD 20:56
<Runlevel> all your money is lost - and now have a good evening 20:57
<sund75> yes, I only hope there is someone left to do a manual payout. 20:57
<Salmen> The site was hijacked 20:57
<EuleReloaded> wie bescheuert muss man denn sein um den scheiß noch mitzuspielen ....ob hier im chat oder im HT forum 20:57
<BitBoy100> nah my miners are all running xD 20:57
<Runlevel> fun und unterhaltung 20:57
<Salmen> But nobody pays out. 20:58
<Runlevel> gibt es ja nicht täglich - oder? 20:58
<EuleReloaded> naja .... 20:58
<EuleReloaded> ob ich mir dann files auf meinen Rechner hole aus fun .... 20:58
<BitBoy100> hashie employees are probably gone with the holidays and now people are trolling 20:58
<EuleReloaded> und ich denke 99% haben das nicht in ner vm gemacht 20:58
<Salmen> In der zip datei befindet sich ein virus 20:58
<gainmedia> website hijacked , thats all we know 20:58
<BitBoy100> theres nothing hijacked ivr got all my miners and balance. 20:59
<EuleReloaded> @BitBoy: well .... 20:59
<sund75> yes, I heard that rumor too. but if they where hacked, why not clean out all the accounts BC and run? 20:59
<gainmedia> I've been here since this morning .... I actually know a thing or two 21:00
<gainmedia> well they sorta did 21:00
<ventolin> bitboy im sure you got your payment too 21:00
<BitBoy100> nah they didnt 21:00
<gainmedia> why do you think your market is gone 21:00
<Salmen> Market is disabled. 21:00
<roquene> eule. die dateien sind bis jetzt ne .wav, ne png und ne txt. also keine gefahr 21:00
<gainmedia> but why Salmen, explain to the m 21:01
<Runlevel> ja aber die website - siehe virustoal 21:01
<EuleReloaded> aber dir ist schon klar, dass man auch in Bildern schadcode verstecken kann? 21:01
<nympho> all btc gone? 21:01
<gainmedia> the site is still hacked 21:01
<Salmen> https://hashie.co/market 21:01
<teky> hey eule 21:01
<EuleReloaded> teky! 21:01
<gainmedia> a hacker was in here claiming to be admin , she put on heafty show 21:01
<teky> didn't expect to see you here with all this mess 21:01
<teky> are you still you or are you hacked? :P 21:01
<EuleReloaded> sure 21:02
<teky> what do you think about all this mess? 21:02
<daniel75sls> eule is real 21:02
<gainmedia> the site still points to the riddle and the riddle is a virus once cracked 21:02
<daniel75sls> me too 21:02
<ventolin> jetz neu bei ihrem fleischer: eulehack 21:02
<ventolin> lecker ^^ 21:03
<EuleReloaded> ^^ 21:03
<Maaximal> gainmedia did you crack it? 21:03
<gainmedia> ventolin has been here since early, should also be able to shed ome light 21:03
<LordValek357> gainmedia didnt crack shit, just trolling 21:03
<gainmedia> others did earlier 21:03
<gainmedia> LordValek357, get your facts in order, I haven't recievd payout for 2 days now 21:04
<LordValek357> where is the proof? 21:04
<ventolin> was sagt gain? verstehs nich 21:04
<gainmedia> to all those who have just woken up, shit went down today 21:04
<gainmedia> ventolin ... odd 21:05
<bilabonic> The ONLY thing you have left is AMHASH 21:05
<EuleReloaded> shit just got real!!! 21:05
<gainmedia> https://hashtalk.org/topic/26141/maybe-hashie-got-hacked/2 21:05
<gainmedia> so in all due respect @ LordValek357 go fuck yourself 21:06
<ventolin> calm down gain.... north korea doesnt have access to hashie 21:06
<gainmedia> no offence 21:06
<St4yInTh3D4rk> so where are our payouts for last night??? 21:07
<LordValek357> you werent the only one who dropped money on hashie 21:07
<gainmedia> the entire domain was hijacked 21:07
<r4ngg4rut> :3 baru depo kemarin udah scam :v padahal di whois baru creat bulan oktober 21:07
<gainmedia> then don't call me a troll 21:07
<nympho> depo brp ranggarut? apes 21:08
<bananenfrosch> http://ltcgear.com/ 21:08
<ventolin> i didnt say that 21:08
<bananenfrosch> geht wieder=? 21:08
<gainmedia> https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=822446.1260 21:08
<r4ngg4rut> depo hasil bitflyer.. 0.1 :v surammmmmmmmmmmm 21:09
<LordValek357> if you want to say they were hacked, the code was cracked, post proof, otherwise its just heresay 21:09
<ventolin> nö nix geht wieder 21:09
<gainmedia> not you ventolin ;) LordVale357 21:10
<hexafraction> Could we get a hint on puzzle.png? 21:10
<gainmedia> read all the fucking posts you idioot 21:10
<EuleReloaded> ltcgear is up 21:10
<gainmedia> bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=822446.1260 21:11
<LordValek357> if I had access to puzzle, png, it would help, we should all work together, you dont know that its not just a game, that they were actually hacked, it is speculation at this point 21:11
<bilabonic> To cope with high server load, server will go under maintenance Sunday for an upgrade. ETA will be announced later. Thank You, Chris 21:11
<gainmedia> it is not speculation, it was even confirmed on AMHASH 21:11
<gainmedia> I have been here for over 16 hours today 21:11
<OZmaster> jawitech, funds meinst du payout? 21:12
<roquene> lordvalek357: https://hashie.co/forum/viewtopic.php?f=2&t=10 21:12
<OZmaster> wroung chat 21:12
<hexafraction> LordValek357: it's a PNG with a graph with about 20 nodes, 30 or so edges, and each edge having a number next to itself. Leftmost node is "S", and the rest have numbers 21:13
<senne> roquene puzzle is a hard one 21:13
<gainmedia> anybody stil have the amhash link please 21:13
<roquene> yea, unfortunately exceeds my horizon. 21:13
<hexafraction> Traveling salesman and ASCII? 21:14
<roquene> aaah 21:14
<hexafraction> I'm just going through a bunch of graph-search and graph-traversal problems in my head right now. 21:14
<BitBoy100> So this 'new' homepage is nothing to worry about guys? 21:14
<jawitech> OZmaster, war kurz afk. Was meinst du? 21:14
<roquene> we don't know for sure, bitboy 21:15
<ventolin> some primedicers here? 21:15
<BitBoy100> But everything works except for the market.. 21:16
<roquene> and payouts.. 21:16
<jawitech> http://amhash.com/35.htm @gainmedia 21:16
<bilabonic> BITBOY ARE YOU INSANE !!! 21:16
<bhok> yes ventolin i´m primedicer 21:17
<bilabonic> Discuss anything in the chat! Please note: You may see spoilers for the SCS ARG in this chat. 21:17
<bilabonic> Click the NEWS link !! 21:17
<ventolin> bhok? who are you? 21:17
<bhok> a various montt primedice player 21:17
<bhok> from spain 21:17
<ventolin> spain... fumo? 21:17
<bhok> fumo? 21:18
<BitBoy100> Bila, am I insane? 21:18
<gainmedia> bhok do you have the link for amhash hashie hack post earlier today 21:18
<bhok> wait 21:18
<gainmedia> thanks jawitech !!!! 21:18
<senne> news link? where?? 21:18
<jawitech> you're welcome 21:19
<bhok> http://amhash.com/35.htm 21:19
<hexafraction> gainmedia: http://amhash.com/35.htm 21:19
<gainmedia> BitBoy100 & LordValek357 http://amhash.com/35.htm 21:19
<bhok> i only have this 21:19
<jawitech> but only valid for amhash. firehashers and Gen1 miners are gone 21:19
<OZmaster> hast was furher ueber ne addy gesagt 21:19
<OZmaster> aber mein chat war total am top gescrollt 21:19
<jawitech> Ich hatte vorhin noch mein Guthaben rausholen können 21:20
<gainmedia> @LordFuckknut ! http://amhash.com/35.htm 21:20
<Salmen> https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=822446.msg9967196#msg9967196 21:20
<OZmaster> aso 21:20
<jawitech> Hast du noch Guthaben drin? 21:21
<BitBoy100> Why is everyone trolling and rumoring about? 21:21
<gainmedia> thanks all, hope the newcomers get some threads somewhere 21:21
<gainmedia> because we were all here today 21:21
<jawitech> Bitboy, what do you recommend? 21:21
<BitBoy100> All I've seen so far is that theres a puzzle game with a 20 BTC price 21:22
<gainmedia> read the links you nut 21:22
<BitBoy100> and a weird song on the homepage, yet my miners all work, and withdrawing works too 21:22
<gainmedia> About AMHash shares of hashie 2014-12-29 00:27:00 Hi all, We have been told that hashie was hacked by someone,so the website was temporarily suspended.But don't worry, we have the latest user li 21:22
<EuleReloaded> so....not that the market is gone, you got no payout 21:22
<bhok> i recommend to everyone to put our respectives fingers in our own asses and wish to be a heavy joke 21:22
<jawitech> Really, that's all? Are you blind? 21:22
<jawitech> In case that AMHash really will continue the payouts, I'll buy at Havelock (lower minimum) 21:23
<gainmedia> indeed jawitech 21:23
<jawitech> Bitboy, check the whois info of Hashie.co 21:23
<EuleReloaded> @BitBoy: are you serious??? well ....when you just see the puzzle. well then your world is fine 21:23
<jawitech> Check the chat history of today 21:23
<OZmaster> varuizs cloudmining companies beeing attacked 21:24
<jawitech> either that or ponzi collapsing 21:24
<BitBoy100> Cant 21:24
<OZmaster> i heard the hacker mentioned that Chris from LTCGear was behinde PB mining aswell? can anyone confirm seeing that on this chat? 21:24
<EuleReloaded> nope 21:24
<BitBoy100> You are all just stressing over nothing 21:24
<bilabonic> BitBoy wants more Gen 1 and some firehash...lol 21:25
<BitBoy100> I dont want anything, what are you talking about? 21:25
<bilabonic> TRy withdrawing ur BTC bitboy !!! 21:25
<EuleReloaded> lol 21:25
<BitBoy100> I did, and it worked 21:25
<jawitech> Yeah Bitboy, you're right. We just should sit and relax. I'm sure all will find a good end :D 21:25
<EuleReloaded> well i think someone here has a serious brain damage xD 21:26
<hexafraction> BitBoy: I'll stop stressing over "nothing" when my 0.184 BTC are returned to me. Before then, I'm going to be extremely skeptical, annoyed, and disappointed in my inability to notice scams. 21:26
<EuleReloaded> http://justpaste.it/hashie 21:26
<gainmedia> @BitBoy100 - amhash.com/35.htm 21:26
<jawitech> Or Bitboy is the one who wrote as Hashie official before ;) 21:26
<bilabonic> Nothing worries Bitboy....lol 21:26
<gainmedia> indeed, hexafraction alot of people lost btc today 21:26
<BitBoy100> I dont wanna be directed to amhash 21:26
<gainmedia> just read the post you stupid twat 21:27
<jawitech> Yeah, stay here Bitboy 21:27
<mattmorrison> Lord what aboot the frozen song on the home page? 21:27
<EuleReloaded> well ....bitboy has Lotus lotion ..... 21:27
<BitBoy100> Stop being so hostile, child. 21:27
<bilabonic> Ha HA could not of put it better !! 21:27
<gainmedia> hahahahah 21:27
<EuleReloaded> an ihm perlt alles ab 21:27
<jawitech> btw, miners working. You know that it's not more than some figures and graphics? 21:27
<jawitech> Ja schon. Oder er ist "der hacker" :D 21:27
<bilabonic> Just keep on MINING BITBOY !!! 21:27
<zebroid> if this was a hack then it's a very strange half ass one 21:27
<bananenfrosch> ^^ 21:28
<EuleReloaded> :D 21:28
<jiji32112> Fuck! I just bought 1 ths AMhash and I don't have it 21:28
<gainmedia> it pisses me off when somebody actually puts in the effort to educate people of shit that went down today 21:28
<BitBoy100> Exacly my thoughts Zebroid 21:28
<jiji32112> It was only 350 dollars 21:28
<jiji32112> Fuck me. 21:28
<whitewhidow> amhash is safe 21:28
<BitBoy100> but shiiiit it was only 99 cents 21:28
<jiji32112> I hope I'll get it back 21:28
<gainmedia> correct ! 21:28
<whitewhidow> gen1 is gone 21:28
<zebroid> why only parts of site hacked - if it's a real hack entire site will be fucked 21:28
<jiji32112> I can't see it in my account 21:28
<gainmedia> @BitBoy so I implore you go read for yourself 21:28
<gainmedia> all your hashpower comes from there anyway 21:29
<jawitech> what, next to the chat, can still be used? 21:29
<whitewhidow> NO HACK. weve been scamme.. what dont you understand? 21:29
<BitBoy100> Or I will just wait it out, without freaking over a few dollars 21:29
<jawitech> it's more or less the same 21:29
<jawitech> Yeah, much fun Bitboy 21:29
<gainmedia> I second that jawitech 21:29
<whitewhidow> NOT the same 21:29
<gainmedia> BitBoy100, what time do you have there ? 21:30
<jawitech> Not? Someone scamed all customers. 21:30
<gainmedia> where is the link for the initial scam today ... all the chts etc ? 21:30
<jawitech> No matter if a hacker of hashie staff 21:30
<EuleReloaded> +1 21:30
<gainmedia> @bitboy : Hi all, We have been told that hashie was hacked by someone,so the website was temporarily suspended.But don't worry, we have the latest user list of AMHash.If they can't not pay the d 21:30
<gainmedia> dividends, we will take over the management of it. AMHash 21:31
<whitewhidow> if hacked .. it happens. and no shame on us. if scammed. fuck that guy. and shame on us for beeing stupid .. 21:31
<BitBoy100> Yes please, stress some more 21:31
<LordValek357> i still have my miners mining away on the site 21:31
<BitBoy100> So good for your ticker 21:31
<EuleReloaded> wenn der junge nur sein free miner hatte, ist klar warum er so Teflon-beschichtet ist ..... 21:31
<bilabonic> We have all been scammed 21:31
<jawitech> lol 21:31
<gainmedia> what time is it there by you bitboy 21:31
<bilabonic> except bitboy, his miners are showing running...lol 21:32
<EuleReloaded> :D 21:32
<BitBoy100> Noone has been scammed, you are all tripping on LSD 21:32
<zebroid> also strange, why keep chat & forum live if they scam - to taunt us then? some sick joke then? 21:32
<jawitech> Ich glaube echt, dass das dieser "Hacker" ist und hier nur seinen Spass mit uns haben will 21:32
<jawitech> zenbroid, seems so 21:32
<jawitech> sorry, zebroid 21:32
<gainmedia> some folk on the site have been here more than 16 hours today and went through the actual stress , while the hacker ran the show 21:32
<EuleReloaded> oder einfach nur clever wie 100m Feldweg 21:32
<whitewhidow> HP also took my money andran today (me thinks) 21:32
<whitewhidow> i pretty much lost it all today 21:33
<gainmedia> she played the role of queen elsa the entirety 21:33
<gainmedia> yes I feel your pain whitewhidow so did I 21:33
<LordValek357> or it was an admin trolling 21:33
<EuleReloaded> at weedguy: same for me 21:34
<LordValek357> you cant say for sure 21:34
<BitBoy100> Hahah domain registered to Queen Elsa, thats funny though 21:34
<EuleReloaded> hahaha ja voll lustig 21:34
<gainmedia> ;) 21:34
<EuleReloaded> >.< 21:34
<LordValek357> the admin could change all that EASILY 21:34
<whitewhidow> i'll be making a dedicated bct topic lated today 21:34
<whitewhidow> where we can all enlist 21:35
<EuleReloaded> and one for batboy ....with flying unicorns and rainbows please 21:35
<EuleReloaded> bitboy 21:35
<BitBoy100> So how many Ths did you lose Eule? 21:35
<gainmedia> lol 21:35
<EuleReloaded> about 1.5th/s 21:36
<EuleReloaded> enough in my opinion 21:36
<bilabonic> Whats HP ? 21:36
<BitBoy100> Haha. 21:36
<EuleReloaded> nothing .. 21:36
<EuleReloaded> down too 21:36
<AhmedMSedeek> HP is not down 21:36
<whitewhidow> hashprofit : hp 21:37
<AhmedMSedeek> On http not https 21:37
<whitewhidow> is for me ??? message saying ddos etc 21:37
<AhmedMSedeek> Check on http not https 21:37
<EuleReloaded> yeah ....unsecure site is on ...well thats great 21:37
<gainmedia> hashprofit, also ddos attack 21:37
<BitBoy100> You guys are acting like my girlfriend when she has to prepare x-mas dinner for the family, but doesn't know how many people will come 21:38
<bilabonic> So LTCgear and Hashprofit, PBmining, GAW, Hashie are all gone. atm !!!! 21:38
<whitewhidow> or sxam .? 21:38
<whitewhidow> whats with the 0.03btc messages .. 21:38
<BitBoy100> All stress, no certainty 21:38
<gainmedia> anyway, hope they can restore the database 21:38
<EuleReloaded> <--- afk. ich geh bier trinken.....ist doch nicht auszuhalten mit den kognitiv suboptimierten hier ....( nicht ihr Jungs;) ) 21:38
<bilabonic> SCAM, been around for ages 21:38
<0rphane> hehe 21:38
<0rphane> prost 21:38
<EuleReloaded> :P 21:39
<roquene> wein hier. prost 21:39
<0rphane> weed 21:39
<whitewhidow> y 21:39
<roquene> das ist leer seit nen paar stunden.. 21:39
<0rphane> sone scheise 21:39
<0rphane> ca 500 taler 21:40
<gainmedia> bitboy, no payout 2 days 21:40
<gainmedia> all btc gone 21:40
<gainmedia> anyway, don't want to waste my time any further 21:40
<BitBoy100> Yeah everything is gone man 21:41
<bilabonic> https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=878387.msg9697654#msg9697654 21:41
<BitBoy100> Lets whine about it on a chat, cause that will make it better 21:41
<ventolin> ich les schonwieder "scam"? irgendwelche neuen erkenntnisse? 21:41
<bilabonic> BitBOY, do you nwant to but 10Th of Gen 1 of me ? 21:42
<BitBoy100> Yeah sure 21:42
<bilabonic> cool 21:42
<BitBoy100> if only you owned that much 21:42
<bilabonic> You can MERGE it with your other RUNNING miner ...lol 21:42
<bilabonic> ok - 7417.93 GH/s 21:43
<bilabonic> to be exact !!! 21:43
<BitBoy100> You are such a little crier, did you put in your entire month's allowance? 21:43
<bilabonic> I'm a MAN i don't get a childs allowance !! 21:44
<nympho> all btc "gone", mean can't wd balance? damn fuckkk... 21:44
<BitBoy100> I am going to get some sleep without stress, enjoy your evening boys. 21:44
<nympho> entire month allowance ?, awesome bitboy100 21:45
<lrdeoliveira> help-me 21:45
<stardustingly> any idea what's going on? 21:49
<evilware4k> Ponzi is falling 21:50
<LordValek357> not sure if come hacker game, or a hacked, or asome crypto contest 21:50
<roquene> withdraw still working nympho. (worked for me some hours ago) 21:51
<evilware4k> Tried to withdraw an hour ago and still hasn't showed up 21:51
<omererdogan> enteresting chat is online but website down :S 21:52
<HappyBitcoin> Share some passwords.. :D 21:53
<rexline> How long will the prevention? 21:54
<LordValek357> there are people doing the decrypting right now 21:54
<rexline> this is what that technical work ??? How long will it last ?? 21:55
<LordValek357> it started with the song, then view source, get the letitgo.ogg file, rip the tracks in audio editor, and it had a morse code track 21:55
<LordValek357> which lead to a zip with secure containers 21:56
<LordValek357> which are currently being decrypted 21:56
<cip200> lost all my btc? 21:56
<rexline> TRanslate : SOS SOS hashie.co/scs Cake the cake is alie 21:56
<bilabonic> YES 21:56
<HappyBitcoin> puzzle 21:56
<bilabonic> Withdrawals are set to MANUAL 21:56
<LordValek357> so not sure if it was a hack, or an elaborate way to hire a security person 21:57
<bilabonic> lol 21:57
<rexline> and what does it mean ?? DDoS Attack Stoll 21:57
<LordValek357> https://hashie.co/forum/viewforum.php?f=2 21:58
<LordValek357> this is how far they have gotten 21:58
<LordValek357> and there is real information, and they are decrypting codes and such that lead to other parts 21:58
<HappyBitcoin> I am getting nowhere... I decoded just puzzle, cake and tempus 21:59
<LordValek357> so if it was a hacker, someone went thru some serious work 21:59
<HappyBitcoin> no kuck with favico opened in icofx 21:59
<rexline> most likely it is a trick to get us to take while there are technical works on the server 22:00
<gainmedia> well I hope so 22:00
<omererdogan> hacker don't touch my bitcoins but why hacked this site interesting 22:00
<sh4dow> I really show respect to the hacker... the game is awesome (but hope he didn't stole any BTCs) 22:01
<rexline> I wonder what our BTC ??? ))))) 22:01
<HappyBitcoin> hahaha i just received btc 22:02
<zebroid> so these fuckers keeping chat & forum alive for their ARG (alternate reality game) AND we are part of their game props now?! 22:02