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Tips to Before Having a Hair Transplant Turkey Based


People who want to enhance their crowning glory feel completely satisfied after having a hair transplant Turkey wide. Those who have tried every hair growing elixir won't get disappointed with this procedure that restores manes permanently. Since this is not just a routine surgery, it would be wise to know several tips before letting professionals touch one's scalp.


Potential clients should be aware of the importance of staying stress-free, avoiding alcohol, preventing smoking, and eating a healthy diet. Likewise, it would be beneficial to undergo scalp assessments, stay away from certain medicines, have sufficient hair donor, and consider one's age and medical conditions. 


 To know how significant these tips are, read on. 


Stop drinking and smoking


There are some unhealthy lifestyle choices that many people make. One of these is drinking alcohol to excess or abusing drugs. Alcohol can increase the rate at which you lose hair, which is the very last thing you need while preparing for a hair transplant.


It would be highly beneficial for patients to discontinue smoking at least two weeks before the hair transplant. Tobacco smoke or vape smoke contains harmful chemicals that can affect the health and recovery of the graft site. The nicotine content of cigarettes may constrict your blood vessels, reducing blood flow to the scalp area. Smoking cessation promotes proper blood circulation and oxygen flow to your scalp.


Drinking alcohol also increases the likelihood of bleeding and bruising during and after the hair transplant, so it is advisable to stop taking any form of alcoholic beverages before the procedure. Avoid alcohol at least a week before the hair transplant.


Stay stress-free


Ensuring you are in top physical condition, reducing stress, eating healthy, and exercising contributes to a successful hair transplant Turkey wide. Stress causes excess cortisol to be released over time, which is harmful to many organ systems in the body. Scientists have found that too much cortisol decreases hair growth because it also negatively affects hormones in the body that impact your hair.


Eat a healthy diet


The significance of eating a healthy diet should not be underestimated. After all, you will need to have the nutrients to stay healthy and help your new hair grow. Eating enough protein in fish or lean meats is a good idea and adds in eggs. These foods provide protein, and the eggs also give you biotin, which helps stimulate hair growth. Ensure your diet includes a source of iron, vitamins A, D and C and additional minerals. Taking supplements based on doctors' recommendation is part of making the most out of the Turkey hair transplant cost.


Have your scalp assessed


Upon your initial consultation, your surgeon will analyse your scalp. It's essential to choose a trusted and reputable hair transplant surgeon to ensure successful results. To determine your actual hair density, doctors might perform a preoperative folliscopy or hair follicle imaging test.  This procedure is crucial to assess the effects of the newly transplanted hair grafts accurately.


Avoid taking medicines


For several days before the hair transplant, you are advised to refrain from taking any medicines that might result in intraoperative bleeding and poor grafting, like Ibuprofen-containing products and other blood-thinning agents that increase the risk of bleeding. Stop taking medications at least a week before the procedure or as otherwise prescribed by the doctor. To prevent wound infections after the surgery, you'll be given postoperative antibiotics that are more likely part of the Turkey hair transplant cost.


Having sufficient donor hair


One of the most important factors in determining whether a patient is a candidate for a hair transplant or not, as it has a significant effect on the surgery's outcomes. How so, you ask; the more available donor hair regions a patient has, the more hair the patient will have implanted during the surgery. Simply put, the more donor hair regions a patient has, the better the outcomes and the more likely he would encounter what was spent on a hair transplant cost Turkey wide.


Consider age


Age doesn't matter when it comes to hair transplantation surgeries. Nevertheless, a patient becomes more suitable for the surgery if he's above the age of 23. At that age, it's estimated for the hair loss patterns to have been stabilised by then, which will definitely lead to better results in the surgery.


Consider medical conditions


Though a patient can pay all the hair transplant cost Turkey wide, one's medical condition plays a bigger role in determining a patient's candidacy to undergo such surgery.  For instance, people suffering from blood-borne diseases such as hepatitis B, C and D and HIV can't go for hair transplant surgeries. However, certain patients with metabolic disorders, such as diabetes, may undergo hair transplant surgeries if they are in good health and on proper medication, but this varies widely from doctor to doctor.


According to the tips mentioned above, taking the time to research and validate a surgeon's expertise are keys to an efficient hair transplant Turkey wide operation. Potential clients should be aware of the importance of staying stress-free, avoid alcohol, prevent smoking, and eat a healthy diet. Similarly, they should have their scalps evaluated, avoid such medications, have enough donor hair, and accept their age and medical conditions to obtain the best results.