Seven substantive reasons behind the demonstrations against the coalition strikes in Syria:
1- The Syrian people feel that the international community is not serious about overthrowing Assad regime. Moreover, many people believe that the coalition aims at keeping it in power.
2- Killing a big number of civilians in the first wave of missiles reminded the Syrian people of the regime approach.They became afraid of killing more civilians due to the inaccurate airstrikes of the coalition.
3- The first strikes targeted groups that Syrians do not consider as terrorist and support them for many reasons like fighting the regime back, not having international jihad projects, not committing crimes and not imposing their own ideologies on people.
4- The strikes were not accompanied by adequate arming of opposition fighters to prevent the regime from exploiting the vacuum that may exist later.
5- The ambiguous position of the coalition that listed groups other than ISIS as targets gave an impression that all opposition groups may be targets.
6- The coalition strikes on hospitals, granaries, refineries and other infrastructural buildings added to Assad regime strikes severely affected civilians lives.
7- The absence of no-fly zones that people have always needed increased their frustration .

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