After posting my video message on the Internet about the damaging attacks of brutal and bloodthirsty America and it's puppet allies. The Dutch government immediately reacted by revoking my passport and condemning my video message. Instead of condemn the horosius acts of America they ended up using my message as a propaganda to get the folk heated up in supporting there hunger in participating in this war against Islam. Holland is know for its hard and harsh stands against the Muslims and also this time they make no acception. That's why I reacted with this article of my on these measures and on other issues.  



What to follow? 


Muslims in the Netherlands are been arrested or prevented when they want to go to Syria. Under the guise of caring on the other hand Muslims who already are in Syria lose their passports (like in my case) so that we would not be able to travel back to the Netherlands. Measures that completely contradict each other! So all praise be to Allah The fog of deception is cleared. The "paradise" on earth which is presented by the West proved to be nothing more than an illusion. The masks have fallen and the status quo threatens to collapse. This explain the panic reaction and doubtful behavior of politicians in The Hague.


The illusion that the democratic West is a "paradise on earth" must be kept alive. This illusion can only continue to live if the rest of the world is drowning in injustice and tyranny. Any attempt to change this awful situation will therefore be punished hard. For example the brutal massacres and repeated attacks with chemical gas by the Syrian regime. Instead of attacking the Syrian army the west attack the Muslims who couldn't ignore the cry of the Syrian people like the West did.


Tomahawk cruise missile costs more than a million dollars each! This war which the Dutch government couldn't wait to join. So what do you think the price will be of the war? It will have a high price tag that's for sure. The Dutch people have to wake up and wonder why there are severe cutbacks , especially in the healthcare and in YOUR pocket. While millions of their tax money is been invested to keep the tyrants in the Middle East in position. How long will this sheepish people continue to watch how their wealth and security are being wasted? How long will you people continue to accept that your tax money is put into foreign missions with ZERO interest for you ?


The capitalistic West has divided the world into two parts. One part lives in poverty and is suffering from tyrannical oppression, while the other lives in world where there is so much food they started to play with it and where shame has become a word of the past. On the other side children are working in overheated textile factories while the building is about to collapse , and on the other side of the world teenagers who are drinking so much alcohol until they end up in coma. This is hell and paradise which the selfish West presents to the world.


Every year thousands of people from third world countries risk their lives to reach the  west. They all believe that west is the paradise and a place to escape from oppression.  Just last week more than 800 refugees drown at the coast of Libya in an attempt to reach Europe. They were from Syria and Palestine who fled the oppression in their country which is spread by West. However, Allah has saved them from a miserable life, Dying with dignity is far more better than living in humiliation and oppression. We were born and raised in the West and we know that their freedom never count for Muslims.


Burn our passports, Delete us from your administration, because we have tasted the death of dignity. We never will change that for what you have offered us. A life under humiliation and submission no never will this be better then the death with dignity. This passport gave me nothing! We never where part of you. Even when we where born and raised in the same land we where still seen as immigrant. This was the paradise that the West has offered us. Which person with a mind want to change that for the Paradise that God promise us? yes indeed only a moron will accept that.


We will continue to sacrifice our lives for a State in which the Muslims can live under the enlightened justice that Allah has bestowed under His Laws. With our help or without sooner or later it will rise because that's the promise of Allah. The West has sacrificed more than 90 million lives in the 1st and 2nd world war so they can life in their so much loved democratic society.  It's only logical that our Ummah should be willing to sacrifice more so that we also have a State that will be governed  with the laws of Allah. The world has lived long enough under the oppressive darkness of the Western capitalism, it is time for change! It's time that they taste the justice and light of their lord.


@MuhajiriShaam Abu Mohammed