This is the hardest email I have ever written, but I need to let you know that Goji is going out of business. In the next few days you will receive a letter from our lawyer with the formal communication about this.

We’ve had several ups and downs since we started in 2013, and have overcome many technical challenges, but the most recent hurdle is insurmountable: our software development vendor closed their company. They were months behind schedule on our project, and we had gown increasingly concerned that they were not going to be able to complete the work within an acceptable time frame and budget. We met with them to discuss the situation, and a few days later they abruptly closed the business, laying off all of their employees and bringing our product development efforts to a halt.

Now we are facing not only the large delay in delivering Goji, but also the immense challenges of replacing a team of nearly 20 engineers, bringing that new team up to speed, and actually finishing the work. This situation has been more than what our company can endure at the development, reputation, and financial fronts. Given this situation, our legal team has advised us that bankruptcy is our only option.

I want to thank you for all your help, support, and patience while we worked to bring Goji to market. You were a part of our dream to build Goji, and now it has to come to an end due to this unfortunate situation.

All I can say is that we fought with all our heart until the last minute. We are so thankful that you have stood with us, and we are deeply sorry for this final outcome.

Please expect another correspondence from our bankruptcy attorney:

[lawyer contact info]

Thank you,


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