Glycol and its Application as a Cooling System for Dairy Farmers


A Glycol refrigeration system is efficient with some of the major benefits being a reduction in energy costs and the ability to preserve milk quality. It is also a quick return on investment. A chiller system has the ability to cool milk within 2 degrees of the water temperature.

This is possible since it incorporates plate coolers where the Glycol solution can circulate throughout the system. A milk vat can also be useful for the storage of milk and rapidly chilling it as well. These are very efficient cooler hence there is a great demand for glycol refrigeration systems. Besides which there is also the milk vat for sale in Victoria for the purpose of storing dairy products.

What is Glycol?

Glycol is a chemical that is useful for the purpose of manufacturing cooling down the material. It has several applications like in the dairy industry, for lasers. It can also be used to hit the freezing point by mixing it with water. It has several useful properties including being soluble in water and good at heat transfer (better than water). In fact, there are two types of Glycol like ethylene glycol and propylene glycol. Propylene Glycol is useful for food while Ethylene Glycol is useful for industrial applications.

Use of Glycol in a Chiller

A chiller basically consists of two main sections; the refrigeration unit and heat transfer coils. The refrigeration unit makes use of electrical energy to produce cold fluid, while the heat coils transfer cold fluid from the refrigeration unit to a target area as well as transferring hot fluid to the refrigeration unit. The refrigeration unit consists of a compressor with a heat transfer fluid.

Glycol essentially aids in heat transfer process in a chiller to maintain the operating temperature range. The important temperature points are the boiling and freezing points. It is possible to regulate them with the help of a Glycol mixture which should contain an accurate amount of Glycol and water to be effective.

Advantages of a Glycol Refrigeration System

There are several applications of Glycol including a Glycol Chiller. This is a special type of refrigeration system and is useful in cooling a variety of liquids including alcohol and other beverages. A chiller includes a compressor, an evaporator, a condenser and a metering device. It also consists of a buffer tank and a chilling unit. The advantage of this being it can prevent unexpected temperature fluctuations and erratic system operations as well.

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