Intel Drop #39 - Why 150 Million Americans Will Die By 2025

"They confirmed the cyberattack plan on the U.S. They said the U.S. would be a 'third world country' by the time it was all over."

Intel Drop #39 - Why 150 Million Americans Will Die By 2025




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Intel Drop #39


The following was collated from a few wide-ranging conversations covering many topics. As always, these conversations are edited by Michael for clarity and for obfuscation purposes (see: Stylometry):


Bill: We've had some incredible conversations lately. I'm not sure how to even begin this Intel Drop, except you said it's one of the most urgent we've posted.


Gideon: "It is."


Bill: You've had a conversation with someone who you first talked about a long time ago, in Intel Drop #20. Can you tell us about that person?


Gideon: "Yes, she is someone I would call a guide. I am hesitant to use the other word I previously used, because people have biases and they do not believe in such things."


Bill: I won't use it. People can read the old Intel Drop if they want to find out.


Gideon: "Thank you."


Bill: You told me this person already proved to you they had gifts, or they were gifted, correct?


Gideon: "Yes, they did, and they are part of a group who is watching over the transition here."


Bill: The Reset, you mean?


Gideon: "Yes."


Bill: Do you know anything about this group?


Gideon: "I have been told by her that there are a number of people here like her who have been sent to help humanity, through people like myself and many others. She has told me this is the most critical moment in human history coming up, and that there is grave concern about what is about to be done."


Bill: I'm glad they are helping, but you told me they can't interfere much. Can you explain that?


Gideon: "No, they cannot. They are allowed to, essentially, guide us, but the decisions are up to us, not them. But she did tell me, they are doing more than they expected, because of the situation we are facing."


Bill: What situation do you mean? CSRQ? Everything?


Gideon: "Yes, CSRQ and the global Reset, everything leading up to that, and of much greater concern, what we talked about in the last Intel Drop, this technology they have that will compromise us in ways we cannot even fathom."


Bill: This augmented tech we talked about?


Gideon: "Yes, how it effects the soul. But Bill, most people do not even believe in the soul, so you can imagine how dangerous this is for people, how many people will walk right into it unknowingly."


Bill: I know, a lot of people these days worship technology more than God.


Gideon: "They do. But many do believe in God, too, and sense what is coming, but they are blinded. They are not ready. This is what I was warned about by my guide, how unprepared these people are, the ones we need to save."


Bill: Ok, I want to just step back here, can you go back and tell us about how you spoke to your guide this time? Did you meet in person like the last time?


Gideon: "Not in person this time, no. Through a way we have set up, more for emergencies or warnings."


Bill: So you got a message? A warning?


Gideon: "Yes, a warning."


Bill: What was the warning?


Gideon: "She told me we can save thousands of lives, but that there is no time left. She said we have failed to do more, failed to reach enough people. She said we have to act immediately, or our mission could fail entirely."


Bill: I thought we had done a good job. Why would she say that?


Gideon: "We have not done enough, Bill. She talked about our last Intel Drop, and how this pipeline we have set up was not even discussed until the very end. She was upset by that. She said many would not read it or see it."


Bill: I talked to Michael about that. We felt those who truly understand this would read the entire Intel Drop and contact us at the bottom of it.


Gideon: "Such reasoning is understandable, but I have been instructed we must do more. Do you recall our discussion yesterday about the gate-keeping operations? She referenced that, what is going on."


Bill: Right, you mean what the cabal is doing?


Gideon: "Yes, she said millions of good people are being distracted right now, mislead. She said they are following the wrong path."


Bill: You mean they are following Trump, or Q-Anon? All these Telegram groups I see?


Gideon: "Yes, and so-called patriots on YouTube, X22 Report, or Alex Jones. All of the operations, Bill, are having a terrible impact, because they have distracted all of the good people who could fight things. Not a single one of these gatekeepers has talked about CSRQ or USDR.


She expressed to me the situation is so dire, that her and entire group is reaching out to the good groups, like ours, to do more, to fight more to push through the disinformation."


Bill: I get it. To be honest with you, I had given up on waking people up. I've just completely given up, and I thought we were more focused on our team.


Gideon: "We were, until I received this warning."


Bill: Why did she say our mission could fail, though?


Gideon: "She said our team is not large or strong enough. The past year, we have only been able to convert a few dozen individuals into Sovereign class in CSRQ. Now, with the pipeline process, we can do many more. She said our team as a whole is far too small and too weak, so we have to focus on the pipeline process immediately."


Bill: What did she mean by our team is weak?


Gideon: "She said a certain percentage on our team will be completely taken in by the benefits of Sovereign class, that they will not want to disable CSRQ after the Reset. She said some of them will just ignore us and go live and enjoy their lives, while the rest of the world is enslaved by this social credit system. She also said some of them do not have enough USDR to even survive for long so they are susceptible to getting bribed by the cabal, and that is a concern as well."


Bill: I had to read what you just said over again. So she says the ones on our team with a lot of USDR will just go enjoy it, and the ones without it or not enough of it will get bribed. This is crazy.


Gideon: "Yes, in large part. The wealth they will receive through USDR, at least some of them, will be very comfortable, and they will not want to fight to disable CSRQ. To do so, they could not only give up everything and risk everything, they would even be risking their lives.


Others will also not have enough, and then the cabal will step in and essentially bribe them by giving them more USDR after the Reset. But they will have to do things for the cabal to get the USDR, and she said some of them will, and they will betray the team."


Bill: Well, we talked about this a lot in the past, so it sounds like it will happen. I'm really saddened by this, but I see how the cabal could use the USDR against us.


Gideon: "This is why the pipeline program we set up is critical. It can convert far more people to Sovereign class, and it is safer, harder for the cabal to detect. We can build a bigger team, we can have at least enough people who will resist these temptations after the Reset. Ideally, we would have thousands on our team who could fight the cabal, hidden among the other Sovereigns who work for the cabal."


Bill: Good, and can you explain why the cabal is having a harder time detecting what we're doing?


Gideon: "We are using remarkable obfuscation techniques. Even if agents try to infiltrate our program, they have no way to disable what we are doing or find out who we are converting to Sovereign. We also have some traps in place to catch agents, and we have already caught a few. We can only do this because of the high-level insider at CSRQ I previously spoke about, the one who contacted our whistle blowers. His help has changed everything for us."


Bill: In terms of these techniques, is that because we are just using the identifier passcode?


Gideon: "Correct."


Bill: Can you explain why this is so hard for the cabal to stop?


Gideon: "They would have to completely change how CSRQ works to stop us. That means rewriting a lot of code, and actually manually contacting over 10 million Sovereigns in the system and reassigning them a new code-like system so they can use that when CSRQ activates. I have been told this far too much work for the cabal to consider, and it would delay CSRQ by six months. They will not do this."


Bill: I get it. So, the cabal is just going to give up on stopping our operation? Let us go forward, I mean?


Gideon: "Not entirely. As I said, my guide said a number of people on our team will abandon us once CSRQ comes online. The cabal hopes more will do so. The cabal, if they can find us out, would more likely try to ply those on our team with more benefits, more reasons to turn against us, rather than go after them. Compromising our morals, it seems, is more important to the cabal than punishing us or even killing us."


Bill: Well, we talked a lot about this, sort of like how the cabal has shifted toward allowing all this truth to come out and how they don't seem to care that much.


Gideon: "Yes, but there is something people do not seem to know. Many good people, many patriots, the strongest and best among us, they have already been eliminated. They are already gone, Bill. It is a very deep and complex subject, but they have been replaced."


Bill: Right, we talked before about this in other Intel Drops. One thing is they are using A.I. to basically kidnap or kill people, but make it seem like they are still alive online. A Facebook whistle-blower openly talked about this. Is that going on?


Gideon: "It is."


Bill: Ok, can you give an example?


Gideon: "Any patriot online with a wide audience who was voicing real truth, who was a real threat to the cabal, they have been eliminated and replaced. This already happened. The rest are Sovereign gate-keepers."


Bill: I suppose they could have done that with us, with anyone.


Gideon: "No, what I am talking about are radio or TV personalities, or Youtube personalities with a large following, many of whom had very poor obfuscation and security techniques because they were simply not trained in those matters. They were easy to eliminate and replace.


We have always had redundancies in place whereby they cannot even track us or find out who we are, Bill. We are safe, in that sense, but the bigger picture is that the strongest freedom-fighters and truth-seekers are gone. There is no real resistance now, just many good people following gate-keepers at this point."


Bill: One thing that's really noticeable to me is how the Americans are not as awake as I would expect. Through all this, our best people are from Australia, Asia and Europe, but the Americans are the most skeptical. I get a lot of emails saying basically, 'Oh Bill, Trump will fix this when he wins again,' or things like, 'Oh, Q said the white hats are arresting the bad guys,' things like that. We have some great Americans on our team, of course, the ones who get what's going on, but a lot of Americans seem to have this attitude that they are invincible.


Gideon: "The cabal's most intense psychological operations occur on American soil, so yes, indeed the American resistance there has been greatly damaged and neutralized."


Bill: Is that why we never hear about those militia groups there? Seems like we always heard about them in the 90s, now it's like they're gone.


Gideon: "They are gone, or infiltrated and dismantled, or disabled. January 6th, at the U.S. Capitol, of course was psy op done to scare Americans to stay inside and not create a stir. Now most so-called patriots sit online and watch YouTube about how the good guys are secretly winning. It is just gate-keeping nonsense."


Bill: What about all of the guns in America? Is the cabal worried about that? I know the answer, and I think we talked about it before, but I thought I'd mention it again.


Gideon: "Not only are the guns not a problem, the cabal changed their approach to gun control some time ago. Now the cabal wants the guns to proliferate in the United States, and they have. No one connected the dots on this, but it should make the hairs on the back of your neck rise up as to why this has been done, why the cabal would actually want Americans to have guns."


Bill: Why did they change the approach? Because I remember gun control was a big thing there, it seemed like Democrats and even some Republicans were pushing it for years, and then you had all those staged, fake shootings, like Sandy Hook.


Gideon: "Yes, for years the cabal wanted guns eliminated there, but that changed because the cabal's technology is so incredibly advanced now that guns pose zero threat to the cabal. Zero.


In fact, guns will play perfectly into their upcoming plans, whereby the cyberattack and economic meltdown there will foster gun battles between warring factions, incredible bloodshed, mostly with Americans fighting Americans. They will not necessarily fight the U.N. troops or military, because they will be providing much-needed food and supplies."


Bill: This is why a well-organized militia matters, and the U.S. doesn't even have that now.


Gideon: "That is right. You will just have gun owners try to defend their property, shoot their neighbours, but then stop short of that when the U.N. troops arrive with food and supplies. There will be no organization to fight, either, it will just be every gun owner for themselves. It will be chaos and a civil war-like environment. This is what the cabal wants, so they actually have pushed for more gun sales in recent years. This happened under Trump. It is playing perfectly into their hands. It was planned this way."


Bill: Well, the cabal has drone tech and other tech, that would just overwhelm any threat posed by guns, right?


Gideon: "At worst for the cabal, people could fire on the U.N. troops, but they also have tech to protect themselves, too. In particular, laser drones that can intercept a bullet after it has been discharged. So even if the troops are fired on, the drones have a high success rate at disabling bullets being fired.


Bullets travel very, very fast, but lasers travel at the speed of light, and the detectors are very advanced, so the detector is faster than the bullet itself. You will see troop brigades roll into town with a few drones above them, for this purpose and surveillance."


Bill: Incredible. I heard something interesting, that Ukraine and Gaza are being used to test a lot of wild, new tech and a lot of what is planned for the U.S.


Gideon: "That is correct, and we discussed that before. The cabal wants to see what it can do in a real-world environment. The wars have other purposes, too, of course, but they are being used in preparation for the U.S. plan."


Bill: There's also tons of evidence millions of military-aged men are crossing the U.S. border and they have supplies, like uniforms and guns. Is this the army they are moving into U.S. soil?


Gideon: "It is. But that army will not attempt to try to attack most Americans. It will be more a peacekeeping operation. The cabal is clever. The real catastrophe will be the cyberattacks on infrastructure, the break down of the power grid, and all of the guns Americans will end up using to shoot and kill each other in local disputes.


I cannot emphasize enough to you, Bill, and others reading this, how the power being out for even a few days will lead to bedlam. Once supply lines are cut, it is civil war."


Bill: Ok, we talked about this privately, can you describe how this will play out and when?


Gideon: "The U.S. is completely insolvent, and the collapse of the U.S. Dollar is at hand. During what will be a horrifying crescendo of events, America will fall into complete chaos during planned and prolonged cyberattacks, and from there, eventually CSRQ and USDR will be brought online. That is a short synopsis, but the actual events are incredibly complex."


Bill: It sounded like USDR and CSRQ will come online during a period of destabilization, but not total meltdown. Are we certain how things will play out?


Gideon: "We are not certain, not exactly certain, but I have multiple sources confirming that a cybcerattack, power grid meltdown and civil war is planned for the U.S. It is simply locked-in at this point. We believe it will occur in early 2024. 150 Million Americans are projected to die through the course of the chaos by 2025."


Bill: What about Europe?


Gideon: "Chaos will occur there, but not to the extent that will occur in the U.S."


Bill: What about Australia or Asia?


Gideon: "There will be very little impact in Asia, and the cabal has designated Australia a safe-zone. But you must remember, Bill, if you are Common, Restricted or Quarantined class in CSRQ, it does not matter where you are, you will be required to be vaccinated, adhere to social credit rules and you will lose all of your fiat money completely.


If an America took off and tried to escape to, say, Thailand, it would not matter, and local law enforcement in most of those countries is strict and brutal. The American would have to comply with CSRQ requirements or face imprisonment or worse."


Bill: Ok, because I still have people writing me asking where they can go that's safe.


Gideon: "If they are in the U.S., Canada or Western Europe, they are at risk. Only Sovereign classes there will be protected, since their phones and apps will have a special activation that will occur. The main thing is you will want your phones fully powered at all times, so you can get those activations.


Sovereigns will actually go to protected areas, protected by the military, and even be given flights out of the country and they will get access to their USDR. Having a solar-powered cell phone charger might be a wise purchase so you are ready, and a tank full of gas will be enough, if you are Sovereign class.


Mexico will eventually suffer tremendous catastrophe as Americans pour across her border, only to face bloodshed and attacks from drug cartels and even rogue elements of the Mexican military. Essentially, Americans crossing will be looted and killed, or have nowhere to go. However, South America will be spared, so will Africa.


Incredible destabilization will occur in the West, while many 2nd world countries will be in a better position. This is all largely irrelevant, however, because once CSRQ comes online, the world will be imprisoned no matter where you live. If there is an ATM in your city, CSRQ will be implemented. That is the best rule of thumb to understand."


Bill: An ATM, which I'd think almost every city has one.


Gideon: "Almost every city on Earth has one. It simply means they are connected to the worldwide Swift banking system, that goes through Basel, Switzerland, which is going to be CSRQ. We already have a one world government and system, it is simply not fully implemented yet."


Bill: How can people save themselves?


Gideon: "You have to be Sovereign status in CSRQ. It is the only way, other than living off-grid, but this is not a long-term solution for a variety of reasons."


Bill: Because of Starlink?


Gideon: "Correct, and other satellite technology. They know where every living, breathing human being is at all times. There are only a few things you can do, such as living underground or wear certain garments that can confuse the satellite tech."


Bill: Like what?


Gideon: "There is a mesh made out of a type of carbon matrix, or graphene, and a few other products that are sold that can work. Your face must also be covered. You will want to wear camouflage over it. You will stand out if you are in public, and any surveillance cameras anywhere will spot you. It only works if you are far off-grid and in a treed environment, but it is not practical for most outdoor use or farming."


Bill: People just don't accept this is really going to happen, but it is. It's Agenda 2030, but it's coming sooner than that.


Gideon: "Agenda 2030 is the final end point, when all of this is implemented, but some believe it is the beginning. It will all happen far sooner. My guide said the cabal wants it done by 2025."


Bill: There's this movie that just came out called 'Leave The World Behind'. It's all about a cyber attack in the U.S. I haven't seen it, but it's supposedly full of predictive programming. It was posted about in our Media group and I shared it. Do you think that movie is something put out by the cabal?


Gideon: "Look into the actors involved and who produced it, and you will have your answer."


Bill: I checked, and Barack Obama's Higher Ground Productions produced it, that's incredible. (Edit: Canadian Prepper posted a video discussing the film and its predictive programming aspects.)


Gideon: "It is quite telling the former President would be involved in a film about a cyberattack on U.S. soil, is it not?"


Bill: It is very telling, it's incredible if you think about it. A cyberattack is part of the cabal's plan for the destruction of the U.S.


Gideon: "It is."


Bill: It's all planned, right? I mean, it's not like some random hackers will do this cyber-attack, it's the cabal doing it.


Gideon: "Correct. It will be blamed on hackers or terrorist groups, most likely, but that is not who will do it. They, at least, will be funded by the intelligence agencies and supported in this operation, if it is an outside group. It is being carefully planned."


Bill: Before I forget, you were shown Earth's magnetic field will flip in 2025. This was talked about in Intel Drop #37. Is that still a possibility?


Gideon: "I cannot say for certain. My sources have indicated that it is expected, or something is expected or is changing. The Aurora Borealis is being seen at lower and lower latitudes. The Sun has a massive coronal hole in it now. Some kind of energetic change is happening to the Solar System in general. We believe the cabal knew well in advance about this, and will take advantage of it."


Bill: So they are not creating it?


Gideon: "No, they do not control the cosmic forces to that extent, or Earth changes like that. But they can see them, in the future, anticipate them, then use them to their advantage."


Bill: How many will die if the magnetic field actually flipped, do you know?


Gideon: "I heard the estimate of 1.5 Billion. But I have also heard it could be much lower, depending on how well-prepared the cabal has made things for this event. It appears they made certain preparations so that the power grid is not destroyed, GPS, airplanes and flight tech can adjust for it and so on. The actual flip itself would not kill a person, but some people with heart conditions could have heart attacks, this was added to the expected death toll.


The main issue is power outages and UV radiation exposure. If it happens, Auroras will be seen all over the Earth, even during the day. It will be a spectacle to witness, but there could be terrible effects from it that science does not understand yet because we have not experienced it for thousands of years."


Bill: I see. Did your guide talk about this?


Gideon: "No, but she has said a major change is coming for Earth. I asked about that, but she said I was not allowed to know it yet."


Bill: Not allowed?


Gideon: "It has to do with free will. God cannot intervene to change the course of history, God can only provide us a pathway and clues, essentially. That is what my guide is for, what these Intel Drops are for. They are a pathway, for people to choose or reject."


Bill: Ok, I'm going to ask Michael to request people share and copy this. You said this Intel Drop could get removed?


Gideon: "It could. The cabal may not want certain things I have said here public. If this Intel Drop receives a lot of views, then it could be removed, certainly."


Bill: What constitutes a lot of views, though? I see YouTube garbage that gets 2 million views, just trashy videos, mindless stuff. It seems like anything that involves awakening is not getting through to the masses.


Gideon: "Bill, the masses are totally mind-controlled, we are not talking about reaching them. The cabal has them all under total control. The cabal only monitors and keeps track of the resistance, which is about 200 million people worldwide who are 'awake', so to speak, and have some clue of what is going on, but not the whole picture."


Bill: Ok, thank you for clarifying that. I feel like you are being pretty forthcoming with me right now and it seems like you're feeling better. How are you doing? If you don't want to answer, that's fine.


Gideon: "It is ok to ask. I am energized, but also anxious. I feel we made a mistake not to let people know better about the pipeline project, so that is weighing on me and I hope this Intel Drop corrects that. My guide has never admonished me before in such a way, so I take it very serious."


Bill: I know you spoke to someone else, too, do you want to get into that?


Gideon: "I can say a few things on that."


Bill: Well, I know who this person is, and if people knew who was it would blow their minds.


Gideon: "It would."


Bill: I guess we have someone on our side in a place we didn't think we did?


Gideon: "This is what the guides are doing, Bill. God is directing them to people who He knows are open to turning against the cabal. In this case, it is a Sovereign who has joined us."


Bill: Can I say what they do?


Gideon: "Yes, Michael can edit this if you say too much."


Bill: Ok, they are on social media a lot, I'll put it that way, they are fairly well-known personality and trusted by a lot of people.


Gideon: "Yes, and let me be very clear, it is not Tucker Carlson."


Bill: Right, he cannot be trusted.


Gideon: "Absolutely not. He also knows about the cyberattack plan and is well-prepared for it. He says nothing about it, not a word, to warn anyone. He knows about CSRQ, he says nothing. He has Billions in USDR, he says nothing.


Bill, keep in mind, the highest-level Sovereigns have private planes fueled up at private airstrips ready to leave the U.S. once this happens, since all commercial air travel will completely cease.


And as I said, other Sovereigns who do not have this ready will receive alerts, one way or another, to go to safe military protected zones or ways to get out of the country. Our American Sovereigns must be ready for this."


Bill: So what has this person said to you, the one who went against the cabal?


Gideon: "They discussed a cabal meeting with me, which gave me a lot more insight. They confirmed the cyberattack plan on the U.S. They talked about how Sovereigns will either leave or they have safe areas to go, and underground bunkers to ride it all out.


He said some will stay and provide comms support for the U.S. Government or U.N. apparatus, that is why Dwayne Johnson met with top military officials recently, he will be there to help Americans basically feel better about what is going on, through EMS updates or any areas that have power or get power restored.


They know Biden cannot provide any kind of real comfort during a catastrophe like that, so they want a figurehead people trust, and it will be Mr. Johnson and a few other figures, some from Hollywood, others political, likely Barack Obama will make himself known during all of it.


What they said was more chilling and in detail than I expected, though. It is as bad as we thought, and even worse. They said the U.S. would be a 'third world country' by the time it was all over."


Bill: You told me this event is the most evil thing the cabal has ever planned or done. Did you conclude that after talking to this person?


Gideon: "Yes, terms of devastation or creating some kind catastrophe, it is the most evil. I believe the augmented tech is the most evil thing I have ever heard of, however."


Bill: Did they know about this augmented tech and what it's really for?


Gideon: "Yes, and they are furious because they have Common class people they care about who will be damaged by it, damaged eternally by it. This Sovereign like all Sovereigns knows we have souls. None of them believe in the materialistic version of the universe, the Theory of Relativity or any of that, all of that is complete nonsense."


Bill: Of course it is. So who are they worried about, friends or family? Aren't they all Sovereign?


Gideon: "No, most of their close family is, but not everyone. Sovereigns all usually have a circle of Common class people around them who they plan to help, but they cannot spare them of all of the things CSRQ will implement. It seems this augmented tech was a step too far for this Sovereign, and a guide stepped in to persuade them to betray the cabal, and this Sovereign is very quietly going to work against the cabal now."


Bill: I understand. Do you think there are more Sovereigns being turned against the cabal?


Gideon: "The guides are working on doing that, yes, but it is not many. It would be a few dozen out of millions, Bill. It is not an easy task, and the guides do not want to be exposed, either. They are living on this Earth, and the cabal will kill them if they find them. They will kill my guide if my guide is exposed."


Bill: So God would not step in and protect them or save them?


Gideon: "Certain steps like that go against disrupting the free will of this planet, the future, and the guides who come here accept that. The guides are prepared to die, and some of them have already been killed."


Bill: Thank you for explaining all of this. I'm glad this Sovereign has changed their heart. Did they tell you anything else?


Gideon: "We are in communication, and they said they will get to me anything else they learn. One thing they warned about is you might know something is going wrong if you feel a sore area at the top or roof of your mouth. They said it is an indicator of the augmented tech, that it is near you or being prepared in some way. I do not know what to really conclude from that, except to be mindful of any odd sores in your mouth or roof of it."


Bill: Ok, interesting, I will be. Are there any final thoughts or words you want to share, or anything I've forgotten that we need to talk about?


Gideon: "If a person reading this has any fiat, it will be gone. If they have property, it will be taken by CSRQ, in a round-about way. If you have assets, they will be gone. This is what people cannot accept or believe, but it will happen. The U.S. will be hit the hardest, then Western Europe. Fiat will go to zero, and then the digital currency will come online, USDR.


If you are any class other than Sovereign, you will have to adhere to the social credit rules, receive a small allotment of USDR per month and get vaccinated.


This is just the reality of what is coming, and right now, we see no way to stopping it. The only pathway we have is to use the whistle blowers who are working on CSRQ to change statuses and make some of us Sovereign. There is nothing else to add. We either act to save ourselves, or we will submit to the cabal, we will have almost no choice."


Bill: I would never submit, but I get why most would. If you have no off-grid place, you would have to, right? What will the cabal do with people who just refuse?


Gideon: "Those people will simply starve, if they do not have a farm or garden or food. If they do, eventually drones or enforcement will arrive to remove them or enforce compliance. The cabal knows where all of the off-grid people are or will be, they are not worried about them at all."


Bill: How much time does our pipeline program have, do you think?


Gideon: "One or two months."


Bill: What if Trump somehow got elected, would he stop this?


Gideon: "All of this will transpire before the election, but even if it did not, Trump has already shown he would not stop the Covid vaccine mass genocide, so there is no reason he would stop something even worse, or even be able to."


Bill: Ok, well, we know it's coming sooner, what will happen to Biden?


Gideon: "He will go into hiding along with Congress, as Martial Law measures are put into place."


Bill: You said 150 Million dead by 2025, but how?


Gideon: "Mass gun deaths, starvation, disease and meltdowns of nuclear sites, or some kind of issue involving dark chemical clouds that I talked about in Intel Drop 37. A modern city like St. Louis, for example, will not have hardly any cars on the streets after about ten to fifteen days, as gas runs out. Many people will be gathering around supermarkets, stores, looting at first, then they will all triage to government centres, hospitals, military outposts.


The scenario plans I have seen described the process, how neighbourhoods will first have people outside walking and wandering around talking, since there will be no power or Internet, then they will drive to stores, loot them, then run out of gas eventually. This is when neighbourhoods begin to get quiet, people retreat to their homes, and at night there will be an enormous amount of shootings, gunfire, screams and terror.


A certain part of the population will retreat, hide, and try to ride it out, while others will panic and others will become feral and attack their neighbours.


Government centres will become hubs of activity, people will gather in these places in make-shift camps and await supplies. Some major U.S. cities, though, will not get any supplies for weeks, or at all. This is when incredible violence sets in.


Eventually, a coalition of nations provide supplies and help, and they split up the U.S. into a nation-state asset of a one-world type government that will begin to form, through the U.N. The United States will eventually dissolve, and after 150 Million or more deaths by 2025, a clean-up and rebuilding takes place.


I need to emphasize, Canada and Western Europe will also have cyberattacks and experience a similar scenario, but they will be managed a bit differently by the cabal."


Bill: What about in later years what's going to happen?


Gideon: "The following information was given to me by my guide, and they said it is how the world would be in 2030 if we do not stop anything.


They said the major coalition that will run the world will be headed up by cabal forces in Switzerland, which will be hidden, China will lead the world in various aspects, and the world government capitol will be Canberra, Australia. The world government will be called the UC or Unified Coalition.


Bizarre projects being built in Saudi Arabia will also be built everywhere, many major cities will be empty, and the population will be greatly reduced and controlled. They said the resistance, the 200 Million or so who are awake, will be 'augmented' with the technology I spoke of. Sovereigns at that time will live like kings and own all of the world's real estate and hoard USDR."


Bill: Ok, thank you for spelling it all out, it's chilling. I feel like I'm forgetting something, I usually do because there's so much to cover. In any case, everything you are saying is being reported and confirmed, we post it all in our Telegram.


Gideon: "It is going to happen. They have already done multiple tests on the banking system, cyber-attack foreshadowing and test-runs, EMS system tests and so on, much like Event 201 before Covid."


Bill: What about crypto, it's going up a lot.


Gideon: "The cabal is funnelling billions of fiat dollars into it, to covert it into USDR in CSRQ. Of course, the cabal acquires enormous amount of crypto for this, they created Bitcoin in the first place. That is all that is happening. Everything else is a cover story of one kind or another, such as some idea of a Bitcoin ETF, whether they do that or not it is simply irrelevant. 


After CSRQ and USDR is implemented, crypto may still exist, but it will be priced in USDR. If you are not Sovereign, you will have no USDR, just your monthly allotment of $1000 or $2000 per month. If you owned or controlled crypto, you will not be able to convert or exchange it to USDR unless you are Sovereign class and possess a unique identifier code. So, you could have, for example, 3 Bitcoins which are now worth a great deal, but after the Reset, your 3 Bitcoins will have no value unless you can convert them to USDR. You will not be able to unless you are Sovereign.


Many crypto holders will just be left with a so-called 'bag' of crypto since they are not Sovereign. There will be some outrage over this, but it will not matter, the Internet will be more controlled and if they make trouble or speak out, their CSRQ social scores will be severely reduced. Most people will, instead, be focused on how to comply and gain CSRQ social points to gain a little more USDR."


Bill: How about these horrible sounds you said people would experience? We've never talked about it before in the Intel Drops. Can we talk about it?


Gideon: "I was just told, through a source, that those who resist CSRQ will hear a horrible sound in their heads. A screaming or something like a demonic voice that will not stop. I have no idea how the cabal will do this or how it will work. They warned it would send most anyone crazy and right into a CSRQ operational centre, which will be most banks actually, to accept any chip, or conversion, or augmented tech to become Common class and go along with the system. It was just a horrible thing told to me, but I have no way to verify it."


Bill: I really hope that isn't true. I know you're really mindful of disinfo that might get fed to you, do you think that was disfino? There's a reason we never mentioned it, since we couldn't verify it, but I wanted to ask you about it again.


Gideon: "It very well could be disinfo, but do I believe the tech exist for that to happen? I do. Do I believe the cabal would use it? I do."


Bill: Ok, fair enough. Is there a final message you have before we go?


Gideon: "We are grateful to have a kind of back-door access to CSRQ through the whistle blowers, so we have to use whatever they can offer us to save ourselves, and right now the pipeline method is working. I would recommend those who want to stop all of this inquire about that.


We need good people who will resist the cabal, and resist whatever temptations that come along after the Reset. We want people who have strong moral character to be a part of our team."


Bill: Thank you, and God bless you.


Gideon: "You too. We will speak again soon, Bill. Be safe."




URGENT ALERT: A new, efficient pipeline has been developed to convert Common, Restricted and Quarantined classed individuals to Sovereign class within CSRQ (social credit system).


This new method will not use any personal identifying information. Instead, we will use a letter and number identifier passcode that will be shared with the individual inquiring, provided by the whistle blowers and kept safe by our team through encrypted methods.


To begin this process, write to the email - SovPipeline@proton.me (copy and paste) - with the title, "CSRQ Class Change"


You will receive an email reply with detailed instructions and basic steps. Expect a reply within 2 to 3 days, so please check your email periodically throughout the week. (Add "SovPipeline@proton.me" to your contacts or white list so you receive the reply and so it is not blocked by your email provider.)


The steps to perform this action are time-sensitive, and it is expected this process will not be available after 2024.


Update: We continue to see serious problems with email. Emails like MSN, Me, iCloud, Outlook, AOL, Gmail, Gmx, Yahoo, Hotmail, Comcast and many others routinely BLOCK and CENSOR our emails. These email providers are also known to read your emails and offer no security at all. No one should be using them, but many people who contact us are using them.


We recommend opening an anonymous account using Proton.me, Skiff.com, Hushmail.com, Tutanota.com or Dnmx.org (service for Dnmx.org may not be reliable). These providers are end to end encrypted, and have proven they do not block our emails.


Update: If you need help setting up Telegram (without using your real phone number), write to us at: securecommssov@proton.me - title "TG Account". We will provide the steps to create an anonymous Telegram account so that your real, personal phone number is not connected to it.


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Update: If you have recently found our information, we recommend reading all of our posts going back to July of 2022, which have covered a multitude of issues in detail. You can find an introductory article here, our new Intel Drops here, and our older (censored) Intel Drops and (censored) website backed-up here via PDF (Telegram link for download), Google Drive PDF (Intel Drop #1 starts at page 105) or here via the Wayback Machine.


Note: We also recommend reading our Cosmic Rules Are About To Change series of Intel Drops for the full context of what is transpiring from a spiritual perspective (Part 1, Part 2 & Part 3).


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