Intel Drop #27 - The Cabal Knows Something We Do Not

"This goes beyond everything we have done. There is a line that cannot be crossed on certain things. This is one of those lines."

Intel Drop #27 - The Cabal Knows Something We Do Not



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The following was collated from a few wide-ranging conversations covering many topics. As always, these conversations are edited by Michael for clarity and for obfuscation purposes (see: Stylometry):


Bill: After we posted Intel Drop #26, over the next few days I noticed a lot of stories came out about vaccines in the food. We posted those stories on Telegram and Twitter and highlighted them. I'm wondering if they're a confirmation, coincidence or something more?


Gideon: "They are neither a confirmation or a coincidence. The stories are damage control."


Bill: How do you mean?


Gideon: "We revealed something they did not want revealed."


Bill: But this info isn't really new, there were stories about mRNA vaccines in the food pretty far back into last year, so the idea's been out there.


Gideon: "I did not talk about that."


Bill: So this has nothing to do with mRNA vaccines in the food? I know you spoke about other aspects of it.


Gideon: "They are not putting mRNA vaccines in the food. It is a cover story that serves a few purposes. What I spoke about is one of the most classified and sensitive projects in CSRQ right now."


Bill: So the release of those mRNA in the food stories was a response to us?


Gideon: "Yes."


Bill: Ok, because it seemed highly coincidental to me. I hadn't seen a story about that in many months, maybe six months, and out of the blue it's all over the Alt Media again almost right after Intel Drop #26.


Gideon: "They are very aware of what we are doing and monitoring us closely. The last Intel Drop resulted in an immediate response, whereas other Intel Drops have not. That was the first sign to me something was different, and since then I have learned a lot more."


Bill: What else have you learned?


Gideon: "Whatever this food project entails, it is much bigger than I previously realized. It has much more importance in the overall picture, and it is highly classified. For whatever reason, mRNA in the food is their cover story, and they wanted it back out there right after our last Intel Drop. They do not want people either investigating its true nature, or believing it is anything other than that."


Bill: Why do you think they want the focus on mRNA?


Gideon: "I do not know fully why, but a cover story is usually a mix of truth and fiction. All effective disinfo will contain some truth, and as such, these stories they released do contain some truth. But they also contain enough bad information that it would lead one to be unprepared for what is actually being done, or unable to ascertain the true nature of the project."


Bill: So the last Intel Drop rattled them because you weren't really talking about that? You were talking about these nano crystals and other things.


Gideon: "That is correct. I said things that are not to be known, as far as they are concerned. I do not know exactly what, we can only speculate. Possibly, it was the safe food list."


Bill: Ok, one of the biggest things that came out was that. I think that's a huge deal and a lot of people asked me about it because people are really worried. Is that still on the table as something you think we can get released?


Gideon: "I am looking into that, and I consider it extremely important to obtain that list. But what became apparent, through some of the channels I communicate in, is that if I go too far on this, there will be consequences for us. This escalated things, again."


Bill: How does this compare to other times in the past we escalated things? Because we've said things before they didn't like, and it seemed like agents would attack us or they'd ramp up the discrediting campaign, then back off again.


Gideon: "This goes beyond everything we have done. There is a line that cannot be crossed on certain things. This is one of those lines."


Bill: You hinted at this to me last time we spoke, so I'll ask it. Did you receive a threat related to this?


Gideon: "Yes."


Bill: Can you talk about that?


Gideon: "In vague terms, yes."


Bill: Who did it come from and what did they say?


Gideon: "I have a contact, and that person has a contact of their own who we believe is well-connected to the cabal. They have communicated things to that person, and then that person communicated those things to me in the past. These are usually short, cryptic messages. This one was different, and it was very clear that they do not want us overstepping."


Bill: Overstepping? As in releasing the food list if we get it?


Gideon: "Yes. That is their concern, and also if we continue to investigate and learn more about the nature of this plan, and if we release that information."


Bill: I feel like we would have a duty and obligation to release it. It's going to save lives.


Gideon: "I feel the same. Whether we do release it or not, now is not the time for that decision, because we do not have the list yet. I will make that decision at that time."


Bill: I need to ask you more about these nano crystals, so I'm going to make a note of that so I don't forget. Before I get to that, are you going to keep investigating this despite this threat?


Gideon: "I am, because I do not have enough information yet, and I am not going to stop looking into it because of that threat. I suspect they know that, too."


Bill: What do you know that's concrete about this plan? What's the exact data you have now on this?


Gideon: "It is not deployed yet, but it is being tested, likely in isolated instances. It is intended to be deployed after the Reset, when CSRQ comes online. It is a vast, on-going project that has been in development for years. Some of it was tested on some of those who got the Covid vaccines, and as a result, researchers have found things in the blood and vaccines they cannot explain.


What they will put in the food will withstand heat and microwaves. It is probably encapsulated in some kind of graphene carbon matrix, incredibly strong and resistant, that is dissolved or broken down by a specific enzyme in the body. It is possible there is some kind of electromagnetic link via 5G or even Starlink, where it is activated that way.


What is inside, or contained inside of it, will contain types of nano particles and technology. I have used the term 'hydra' before, in reference to the eternally-living parasite, but that may not be what is involved here. That is because these nano crystals may be too small to contain a parasite itself. So instead, some kind of technology like it may be used. Now we enter into an area where speculation begins, and I prefer to not go further on it."


Bill: Ok, we spoke many times about their long-term plan for the non-vaccinated, those who will live beyond the vaccinated and essentially inherit the Earth. It seems they wanted us to live forever, to not pass on to the other side naturally, so does this information tie into that? Or confirm it for you?


Gideon: "It certainly does not conflict with it. We suspected there would be a vaccination plan after the Reset, but not like this. And being kept alive is not a good thing in this instance, because what this thing in the food will to do us is unfathomable, how it will change us."


Bill: I know you said you want to stop once you get into speculation, but do you have any information on exactly what it will do?


Gideon: "I do. I will not state it publicly. We can share it with our Sovereigns later this month, that is safely as far as I think we should go with it."


Bill: Fair enough. It's probably safe to say whatever this is, it's going to be really bad for us, right?


Gideon: "Yes. What they have created you do not want in your body under any circumstances. They do not want it in their own bodies, Bill, and that is why they will have a safe food list, to avoid it."


Bill: I'm going to go out on a bit of a limb here, but there was that X-Files episode a few years ago people have posted, and this talk of gene editing, and the black goo, does that fit into this at all? Worth looking at?


Gideon: "I can only say that episode, specifically, carried with it intentional information relating to certain things, and it was not simply the creation of imaginative scriptwriters. There has been a plethora of predictive programming relating to what is coming. It would behoove us to pay attention to those signs."


Bill: We've talked about how the cabal is doing away with consent, in that they aren't seeking it anymore. Does what you learned about this food project reflect that agenda? Because it sounds like to me putting something in the food removes consent.


Gideon: "It absolutely does. This is that new agenda right in front of us. They are doing things more in violation of free will than ever, so it confirms what I was told about how they changed the rules in September of last year. They simply do not want, need or seek our consent anymore, and you also find they are a bit more cavalier and open about their agenda. I have been told why that is and I found it quite chilling the reason why."


Bill: Who told you, and what's the reason?


Gideon: "I prefer not to say who. The explanation for why they are so open and cavalier, aside from this changing of the rules, seems to have to do with the A.I. we spoke about, and the fact they know, or believe, resisting them or their plans borders on the near-impossible."


Bill: So they don't think a resistance can really form or take them on? Like they're invincible and this plan is invincible?


Gideon: "Yes, essentially. They know something we do not, Bill, something about the nature of the soul, this Earth and our place in this reality, and it worries me because they are using that knowledge against us."


Bill: What is it, what do they know?


Gideon: "It would get into too much speculation on my part, and now is not the time to get into that, it is more for a different discussion."


Bill: I want to talk about it, so I'm making a note so I don't forget to bring it up. What about us, and our plan? If we can get to the other side of this, we'll be Sovereign class in CSRQ, and we'll be a real threat to them.


Gideon: "They believe we and our Sovereigns can be spiritually conquered and bribed into either doing nothing, or put into some kind of acquiescence. They believe this because we will be completely free of the oppression of CSRQ, we will have the safe food list, and we will have no limits to our freedom. The cabal believes we will not give that up to fight for everyone else.


So, we are allowed to exist, without them completely eliminating us or going after us more aggressively. Instead, we just serve as a barometer or metric for them to gauge and study how others are receiving the truth about their plans."


Bill: Every time you tell me that I shake my head. They're so arrogant and full of themselves, if they think that. They're dead wrong about us.


Gideon: "I believe they are wrong, too."


Bill: I had someone ask me, one of our Sovereigns asked this and it's a good question, they asked if the cabal just changed the rules arbitrarily, or do these rules have any real universal or cosmic validity? In other words, does God acknowledge them?


Gideon: "Based on what I have been told by sources I trust with my life, is that our concept of Earth is not what we know it to be. It is not God's domain, or at least it no longer is. I only have bits and pieces of this, in how it is all ordered. To be here is to be separated from God."


Bill: I have a ton of notes on this subject and how these cosmic rules have changed, but I think we should save that for our third part of that series we were planning. I know you want it released, and I do, too, so hope we can get that out soon.


Gideon: "I want it out before the end of January, so I will insist we release it by then."


Bill: Ok, great, because I've had a lot of people ask about that. The first two posts (Intel Drop #14 & Intel Drop #17) raised almost more questions than answers for people, so I know people want answers on the subject, even if it's something that gets into more spiritual questions.


Gideon: "The subject is very important and close to me. I look forward to finishing up those discussions with you and having them published. There is an urgency that those questions be addressed soon, because we are running out of time."


Bill: There's no doubt about that. There's always stuff going on in the financial world, too, the writing is on the wall. Right now the U.S. Government is about to run out of money again and Trillions flowed into crypto. Do you have any updates on that?


Gideon: "Primarily what you are seeing is the existing fiat in the world being moved around, laundered into crypto and eventually sent into CSRQ to obtain USDR. This is a process that is important to them. It is very much correlated with giving USDR some kind of intrinsic representation of the world that existed before, the fiat world, and how they stole that fiat money and put it into USDR. I would call it almost a karmic or symbolic representation for them."


Bill: That's interesting, because you've said this USDR is like Bitcoin and they aren't treating it like some new fiat, where they just turn on the printer and print away.


Gideon: "It is like Bitcoin, and as we know, Bitcoin was created by the cabal in the first place. It is very, very important to the cabal, as is all crypto. So, in this case, they created a new digital currency, based loosely on Bitcoin, with many new technological updates, especially in terms of speed. It will be a lot like XRP in that sense, but XRP is a coin with a supply created out of thin air. It is not the coin they will use, not in a million years would they use XRP, because it represents the old system to them. I suspect they may even destroy it in some spectacular, devastating fashion, to inflict deep pain on its passionate supporters and investors."


Bill: What about these people who tell me about the gold-backed BRICS currencies and all that? I hear about that all the time.


Gideon: "It has nothing to do with anything. There is and will be a one world digital currency, nothing less. There is no conflict between the East and West. In fact, the West considers China the model for the future. They are in total alignment. If they need to crash the U.S. Dollar, they will, possibly through Saudi Arabia. It will be for the stage, the show, nothing else."


Bill: I think that duality keeps people stuck in the wrong mindset, sort of like the Cold War.


Gideon: "Very much like the Cold War, which was a very useful and profitable propaganda tactic. Now they have moved on to a new duality, to keep the deception going."


Bill: What about Russia? I know I've asked it, but Russia always polarizes people into different positions.


Gideon: "An agenda is proceeding people do not understand. The Ukraine war is serving many purposes for the cabal, few if any of which are accurately being reported."


Bill: So Putin didn't feel threatened by the West, and didn't want to get some land back? What's all that about, these reasons for this?


Gideon: "Russia is implementing CSRQ like all other countries, and is an oppressive regime with minimal freedom. There is also speculation a double has been in Putin's place for years. I would not put that past possibility, it is very possible. We simply cannot trust what we are told about statecraft and world events playing out, because it is almost always lie, if not always."


Bill: Do you think Bashar al-Assad is a Sovereign or part of the cabal?


Gideon: "I do not know. Among the list of a few world leaders who may not be, he may not be. But I have no information on him or whether Covid vaccines were implemented in Syria. If they were, I would have grave doubts about him."


Bill: There were a few African leaders who questioned Covid and ended up dead. It's clear they were not on board with the program.


Gideon: "No, and they were quickly eliminated. The swiftness of their elimination should give you a sense of how few of those in power can be trusted, if any exist at all at this point."


Bill: Is the U.S. the centre of the cabal or its main power centre?


Gideon: "No, not the United States itself."


Bill: Where would that be?


Gideon: "The nations of London, Washington D.C. and the Vatican."


Bill: A lot of people would say Israel should be on that list of power centres, do you agree with that?


Gideon: "It is part of their structure, but it is not at the centre of it."


Bill: Ok, I'm going to just fly into some wild speculation here. What if Trump wins in 2024, would he accept or be OK with CSRQ if it was already online?


Gideon: "Likely yes, and in the same way he passionately promoted the vaccines. You will find gatekeepers and people on the Right supporting it, if there is some kind of staged opposition on the Left of it. They can always manipulate the political discourse in however they wish, they have proven that."


Bill: So we might see Tucker Carlson and Trump supporting this garbage?


Gideon: "Without any doubt, yes. But by late 2024, the world will be radically different and reorganized. I have been told by a source in the intelligence community that the last election, which was not legitimate at all, has already taken place in the U.S. and it is the last there will ever be. They said the U.S. will not 'exist' by then and that 'total destruction' is coming to the country. I do not know if I believe that or not, but it came from a source I consider somewhat reliable."


Bill: I think they want the U.S. destroyed, personally, and I do believe Trump could push it. The so-called patriots have been manipulated and fooled by Q Anon over and over, and they're still getting fooled.


Gideon: "If there is some kind of election, Trump or DeSantis will support CSRQ, but there will be some kind of narrative shift for that to be plausible."


Bill: Well, it's completely nuts he supported these vaccines, yet he did, and he never stopped, and here he is still with a huge following.


Gideon: "He spoke of the snake parable many times, which in fact was a song by Al Wilson but similar to Aesop's Fables, and he said many times he could shoot someone in the street and his supporters would still follow him. When he said those things, those were spells, Bill. A form of spell-casting by the cabal."


Bill: I remember, he did say those things, and they acted like the snake parable was about immigrants, but he was really describing himself! Do you think he said them of his own thoughts or was it scriptwriters?


Gideon: "It is a combination of both."


Bill: I feel like I'm getting way off track here, so my apologies to the readers and to you if my questioning is all over the place.


Gideon: "No, it is fine, I like that you lead our conversations to so many different places. It is a quirk of personality."


Bill: I'm just trying to stay focused. It's my responsibility to ask questions and get info out of you, so it's a big responsibility to me. You've taught me a lot, and I just want your knowledge conveyed properly to everyone.


Gideon: "I can bring things up on my own, as well. There is something on my mind, and it has to do with what you told me, what we spoke about. The number '666' you said you were seeing. Are you still seeing it?"


Bill: Unfortunately, yes. It really bothers me. I'm at a point it angers me to see it now.


Gideon: "Well, I want to give you some assurance. I have been informed by someone who you know of, who I know you would like to hear from, and they told me what they think is happening."


Bill: What did they say?


Gideon: "It is a warning personally to you. There is something evil in your life and you need to get rid of it. I do not know what that is, but they told me you will."


Bill: Ok, wow, I'll need to think on that. What's crazy is that's sort of what I was feeling. I know what it is, I think.


Gideon: "Good, then you can take action with that knowledge."


Bill: I will. Why '666'? I wonder why it was that number.


Gideon: "You will want to think about where you were seeing that number."


Bill: Hmm, right, ok, I did see it using the computer a lot, just day to day things, but, well, I know where I saw it the most.


Gideon: "Then that should be your answer."


Bill: Good. Then I know what it is. I didn't think it was evil but I had some doubts, now I know. Do you think it was God giving me a warning?


Gideon: "It was communicated to me you have a guardian and they were trying very hard to tell you something, and that they had tried other things and you did not listen. It seems this was a last resort. They did not like using the number."


Bill: Incredible. Well, it worked, it did, because boy did I notice it. Thank you, thank you. It confirms what I was suspecting. I know what to do now.


Gideon: "If you stop seeing the number, you will know you did the right thing. There is more I want to say about this, though, to everyone."


Bill: Go ahead.


Gideon: "Everyone reading needs to be very mindful of signs, like the one Bill had. It is going to happen more, in everyone's life, particularly to those who read these Intel Drops. You are going to see things, and you need to pay close attention to those things. Do not dismiss them. It is natural for us to dismiss things, our minds seek rational explanations. Our minds often dismiss these things out of hand. Do not."


Bill: Are these signs coming from good sources or bad sources?


Gideon: "I am afraid from both, because the A.I. is going to be showing up more, too. The A.I. has powers people are only beginning to encounter, it is going to be directly involved in how CSRQ is integrated into our world. This is the beginning, so we must watch for it. Use discernment."


Bill: Thank you, I will, we all will.


Gideon: "I have to go, we should tie things up."

Bill: Ok, great discussion as always. I'll get to work on the third part of spiritual discussions. We had two very long discussions I was going to include in that. Do you just want to use those, or add another to that?


Gideon: "Use those, and ask me again and I will provide some closing thoughts."


Bill: Ok, wonderful, have a good night.


Gideon: "You as well. Goodnight."




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