Intel Drop #23 - CSRQ Will Hijack The Brain's Reward System

"You are going to have a social score, and they are going to connect that score to virtually everything in everyday life."

Intel Drop #23 - CSRQ Will Hijack The Brain's Reward System



November 21, 2022


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The following was collated from a few wide-ranging conversations covering many topics. As always, these conversations are edited by Michael for clarity and for obfuscation purposes (see: Stylometry):


Part 1 - CSRQ Update From The Whistle Blowers


Bill: Can you give us a status update on how things are going for the whistle blowers? How are they doing?


Gideon: "They have told me they are doing fine. On a personal level, they are under a lot of stress."


Bill: You were telling me some of their job duties changed, can you tell everyone about that?


Gideon: "Yes. Recently, they have been working on aspects dealing with how CSRQ will use various rewards and voucher systems, so it has been interesting learning how it will work."


Bill: You told me CSRQ is going to hijack the human brain's reward system. Can you explain that?


Gideon: "The cabal knows what works in terms of getting people addicted to something. They are very skilled in this area, because they are the ones behind marketing, video games, media, porn, food and drugs, all the things people are addicted to.


So with CSRQ, we are seeing how the app, which we think could be Elon Musk's X app, is going to be something everyone will rely on. It will be as ubiquitous as having a cell phone, you will have your CSRQ app. It will not be called that, but the cabal wants it to become integral to everyday life, and they want people addicted to it."


Bill: What are the rewards they will get, how will it work?


Gideon: "You are going to have a social score, and they are going to connect that score to virtually everything in everyday life. This way the average person will be highly conscious of their behaviour.


For example, you will get a score boost or some kind of reward or voucher if you purchase synthetic meat. You may see an alert, a positive type of emoji, which shows up in your app and shows your score increased, if you consume synthetic meat."


Bill: I can see this working on most people. But I can also see it being rejected, maybe because it's too obvious or overt. Aren't they making it too easy to criticize or attack it as some control mechanism?


Gideon: "That is a good question. The cabal believes during Covid, they were able to steer behaviour in the way they wanted, to get people to accept terrible restrictions on freedom and behaviour. They could push people around any way they wanted, and most complied.


They watched people's responses closely, because how people responded to Covid was important to their next phase, which is CSRQ. We believe in this case, financial strain will lead people to accept CSRQ, which we have talked about before."


Bill: Ok, so problem, reaction, solution. We shared that in our Telegram news section, they are openly saying what you just said. So economics will scare everyone into accepting CSRQ?


Gideon: "Yes, we believe that is their agenda. This is why we see so many things going on with the economy and restructuring of how the economy is working. It is why we see increased strain on the supply chain, why we see inflation out of control, why we see governments in debt in the order of many Trillions. It is in preparation for the collapse of fiat."


Bill: Well, I think it's remarkable the things you've been right about. I try to bring some attention to that on my Twitter and on our Telegram, all these confirmations. I think you deserve some credit. So I believe you when you talk about fiat going to zero. Everything you've told me has come true so far.


Gideon: "I am confident in my information because I have good sources. I can see usually a few weeks or months out before the cabal does something."


Bill: I try to just point out to people that you're not making ridiculous predictions, you have actually been spot-on in everything as it evolves in front of us.


Gideon: "The cabal uses their gatekeepers to post false dates and predictions constantly, so the public becomes exhausted and disbelieving of true outcomes. They are very clever with this. I do not blame people if they are skeptical. I simply report what I know to be true."


Bill: Right, that's why I don't like to do predictions. We've tried to stay away from that. Like you said, the cabal does change plans sometimes.


Gideon: "They have plans, but those plans are changeable, to produce the ideal outcome they want. They use a super computer with A.I. and other things to make decisions. When I say other things, some would not believe what those things are, so I will not get into that."


Bill: I know what they are. We'll reserve that for the spiritual discussions, I suppose?


Gideon: "We can."


Bill: We talked before about this, but some people are saying Elon Musk is intentionally destroying Twitter. What's your perspective right now on what he is doing?


Gideon: "He has described what he wants to do. It is not a mystery. I have asked the whistle blowers if they have seen anything, and they said another department was working on Twitter. So there will be some kind of integration, we know that for certain."


Bill: I noticed Elon's Twitter photo is of him in that Satanic costume he wore on Halloween. There's no way these things are an accident, right? The cabal is always using symbolism.


Gideon: "It is not an accident at all he would use that photo, or wear a costume like that."


Bill: The FTX situation really made it clear how the cabal is using crypto, and backs up everything you said. I posted on our Telegram how you insisted we warn our Sovereigns back in October to get out of the centralized exchanges. What's your take on the situation right now?


Gideon: "The FTX collapse is directly related to CSRQ. Those involved, such as Sam Bankman-Fried, are going to have a high rank among Sovereigns, but you have to understand he was more of a front man, and there are much more powerful people who used him and FTX to engage in this theft. They simply stole Billions in crypto and sent it into CSRQ and converted it to USDR. This will keep happening because they all want as much USDR as they can get."


Bill: I guess it goes back to how you said the evil will be more in the open after September. They're not hiding at all what they are doing or their intentions.


Gideon: "They are not. The September meeting changed many things in terms of how the cabal will conduct itself going forward. We are seeing these changes manifest now."


Bill: In Canada they are actually encouraging kids to commit suicide. This is not made up. It's government policy. It's right in our faces, and people still can't wake up. You literally described all of this happening in Intel Drop 18 and that was over two months ago.


Gideon: "I would prefer to be wrong, Bill. My sources are reliable, so my information has been reliable, but I wish it was not, because the information I get is fairly grim."


Bill: People say we are too negative, well, this is reality. The world has been going down this dark path for so many years, decades.


Gideon: "It is not surprising. The only thing surprising to me is the spiritual battle playing out. It is not something I knew or understood at all until recently. I see things differently now. I see the motivations of the cabal differently. I see everything differently."


Bill: So do I. What do you see coming in the next few months? It seems like December will be an important month.


Gideon: "The more important time to consider is the year 2023, and the early part of that year. Everything I know points to that being a pivotal moment."


Bill: Will Biden still be President? Will he resign, or pass away?


Gideon: "I have no information on that nor is it relevant, as he simply takes orders. The next person in power would do the same."


Bill: There's a few people we found who were Sovereigns, like Ron DeSantis and Eva Vlaardingerbroek, who have come out against the WEF. Will these people support CSRQ when it comes online?


Gideon: "They will. The power of the deception is that they can appear to fight or resist the cabal, but you will later see them change their positions and find some compromise to support that position. These people are important for the cabal, just as important as their WEF puppets. Controlling the opposition is why the cabal is so powerful."


(For reference for those reading here is the link to all the Sovereigns found in CSRQ. The page may take time to load since it as from the Web Archive and the original source was deleted.)


Part 2 - Sovereign Status, Psychological Operations & An Important Meeting


Bill: We talked before about this, but you said there could be a hierarchy system among Sovereigns. Have the whistle blowers seen anything like this?


Gideon: "There are some indications of it, but there is not a clear class system among Sovereigns. There is simply a class, to be Sovereign. It has various exemptions and exceptions, such as no vaccination requirement, no travel restrictions.


Beyond that, we have suspected for some time that Sovereigns will be stratified in some way based on various metrics. We think it may be based on their total acquired USDR.


Since USDR acquisition is occurring now, the final amount will represent your wealth in CSRQ. It may symbolize many things. If you are a Sovereign with a small amount of USDR, you may end up with less power or privileges. You may be viewed differently."


Bill: Right, this is really interesting to me, how you told me what the cabal values. How they rank people. It seems it's based on money.


Gideon: "Yes. You are judged on those merits. The cabal values money above all else, if we are talking about your worth or value in this life."


Bill: How are we going to fit into that, our Sovereigns? Because we don't believe in these things, we don't value money like that or agree with anything the cabal does.


Gideon: "We have a plan, which you know about and others know about. Some of our Sovereigns are well prepared in the sense their USDR will be substantial, and this could benefit us in terms of moving up their hierarchy and infiltrating their power structure. It is very important, in fact."


Bill: What's the total amount of Sovereigns now? You said it is always growing.


Gideon: "It is around 12 Million now. We expect after CSRQ comes online, it could double or triple, because the cabal is going to start rewarding Common class people who do a good job serving the system and the cabal's goals. So Sovereignty will ultimately be used as an incentive. It is now, but more so after CSRQ comes online.


Right now, it is like a carrot they are dangling. A lot of Common class cabal members know about the Sovereign status and what it means, and they are hoping to be chosen for it. It is one reason you are seeing very little dissent, very few who are working on CSRQ who are rejecting it. They all want Sovereign status."


Bill: They have no morals, do they? It never occurs to them this whole system is evil.


Gideon: "No. People worship technology and the media, trends, what is popular. There is no critical thinking anymore, and no faith in a higher power anymore."


Bill: Is the cabal's long-term goal to get everyone to worship Satan?


Gideon: "If you are talking about after CSRQ has been online sometime, and what I have described plays out past the year 2030, then yes, that would be one of their goals. It will be a one world government and system by then, and one religion."


Bill: They're building that one world religion building, it was somewhere in the Middle East. (Here is a link describing it.)


Gideon: "Yes. Once they combine all religions, they will create a new one, which serves and worships Satan. This is a longer-term plan. CSRQ must come first."


Bill: I've had people criticize us, and say us using the whistle blowers to become Sovereign in CSRQ is a waste of time. How should we respond to that?


Gideon: "To say this is a waste of time shows a total lack of comprehension as to what is at stake here, and the opportunity here that we have, that the whistle blowers are willing to risk everything to do something so we can fight back later on, once this comes online."


Bill: I try to explain it that way, too. I can't believe people don't get that. I would rather we have some good people in the system as Sovereigns than not. Because we know, if you are not Sovereign, you will have no power at all. What can non-Sovereigns do to fight back once this happens?


Gideon: "They will have far fewer options to resist than they do now. Their funds will be restricted, their economic ability restricted, their travel restricted, and forced vaccination will be required. I do not see how they resist at all after CSRQ comes online, if they are not even mounting a real resistance now."


Bill: Right. If you're not Sovereign you're going to be in an even worse position than you are now. So I don't see how people can't see what we're doing is a good thing.


Gideon: "I believe what we are doing is divinely directed. I have come to see this as the only hope for humanity. If I had not been introduced to the whistle blowers, and if they did not feel compelled to expose this, I do not see there would be any hope at all. You would be Quarantined status, so would I, and we would have no recourse, no leverage, no way out. So I believe what we are doing is extremely important."


Bill: Do you have any advice for our Sovereigns in the meantime, as we prepare for CSRQ?


Gideon: "We hope everyone is on the same page in terms of our goals. We need our Sovereigns follow the instructions we have given and adhere to those instructions, because they are designed to protect all of us from exposure.


What is interesting is the cabal's belief in our own spiritual weakness is actually a strength for us, because they are not spending much time trying to root out who is Sovereign or stop us. My faith is our Sovereigns are strong enough to overcome the temptations. I know they will be, and the cabal will be wrong."


Bill: So the cabal thinks we will eventually just give in to the benefits of Sovereignty, but they also wouldn't mind just destroying us right now, either?


Gideon: "They believe we are of little threat. The only point they were worried was when our information first came out, there was a fair amount of interest. A lot of views and activity, but they were successful in censoring that. I know for a fact if it had gotten to millions of people, they would have had to change or delay some of their plans.


The exposure bothers the cabal because the whistle blowers are describing the exact system they are going to put in place. They do not mind if people speculate about CBDCs, but they do not want CSRQ exposed on a wide scale, or Sovereign status, in particular, because they want that kept secret. They also want how USDR is being utilized right now kept secret.


We had a chance, but we were stopped. Once that was stopped, they did some things to make sure the information had a ceiling of exposure. So they will continue to do that."


Bill: They just stopped our newsletters from going out, too. We can't send them anymore. Was that something an agent did?


Gideon: "Yes. It is about containment, Bill. As long as they can keep our information contained and limited to a small audience, they are not concerned about us. They prefer to simply data-mine us and erode our support."


Bill: Meanwhile, there's Telegrams with 50,000 members believing the most idiotic Q Anon nonsense imaginable. It's frustrating as hell that people are this gullible.


Gideon: "Their control mechanisms are too entrenched and advanced. They use multiple layers in their psychological operations, which is to say psychological operations folded into other psychological operations, one on top of the other. Combine that with gatekeeping and it is nearly impossible to know who to trust. They also have significant funding. They spend millions to advertise and prop up these alternative media sources. People falsely believe they are grassroots but they are not."


Bill: What about people who say we are like Q, or some psy op? I've had a bunch of people say that.


Gideon: "They can judge for themselves based on the information. They can compare us to something like Q and make their own conclusions. I can state emphatically, we are not a psychological operation or connected to the cabal, or supportive of the cabal, in any way."


Bill: I'd think the amount of agents and attacks we've had would clue people in on that, but I guess not. You just can't wake some people up.


Gideon: "We are not here to force anyone to believe. The truth will be evident to those with eyes to see and ears to listen."


Bill: Someone said we banned Christians from our spiritual group. That's a lie. They just lie! Anyone can go join the group and see there are plenty of Christians there, and the discussions in there are really in-depth and quite good! Our mod Sentry does a great job, too, keeping it focused. I wish people would actually verify something before just believing it, we're at a point people just say whatever they want online and no one verifies if it's true, they just believe it!


Gideon: "They do lie, and they will not stop, Bill. Some agents are Common class and aware if they attack us, the cabal may make them Sovereign later. They have an incentive to keep it up. You can see the power the cabal has, how they can manipulate people, how they can influence them, how they can bribe them."


Bill: Well, that would explain the tenacity of some of these agents then.


Gideon: "It would."


Bill: What about the crypto in CSRQ? What are they doing with all of the crypto Sam Bankman-Fried stole, for example? It was converted to USDR, but what is happening to it? I already know, but I wanted to publicly ask you this.


Gideon: "We can see within CSRQ, a lot of activity with the crypto, an unbelievable amount of transactions and movement, which goes on within the CSRQ ecosystem. It appears this is done to create false sell walls on exchanges to keep the price down. But it is ultimately not important what happens to it, what is important is the USDR in the account."


Bill: There's a fake We Are Sovereign account impersonating us that's contacting people in our Telegram, telling them to buy XLM and XRP. We've tried to warn people, hopefully they're smart enough to recognize it's not us. Is this an agent?


Gideon: "Since they are telling people to buy XLM and XRP, it would suggest to me they are agent, yes."


Bill: So you don't think people should buy those coins, even if you think they might have a use after the Reset?


Gideon: "If the average Common, Restricted or Quarantined class person buys them, the coins will be as worthless as the fiat they bought them with. It does not matter. If a Sovereign buys them, they would want to convert them into USDR. After the Reset, we think they will have some use, but they may not even be priced in USDR, therefore their price will be zero, so they will just be used as some kind of transaction facilitator."


Bill: The fact some agent impersonator is pushing XLM and XRP is enough for me to know not to invest in it.


Gideon: "That is one way to look at it. But we need to look at everything in terms of fiat or USDR, one will be worthless and the other will be the world's one world currency. There will be nothing else, other some black markets and attempts to barter, which the cabal will suppress. As long as someone is thinking in terms of fiat and the current financial structure, they are not mentally prepared for what is coming."


Bill: You talked about Tether ages ago in one of the older Intel Drops, and then I saw this article and posted it. It confirms everything you said.


Gideon: "Tether was always planned as the catalyst. It is a cabal creation. It serves to keep crypto propped up now and as a massive money laundering vehicle, and it will later be destroyed like Luna, simply crashed to zero. Of course, the Tether itself will be changed into USDR, but the public will not be told that."


Bill: One of our Sovereigns was asking about USDR, and I explained having it is like having the best insurance you could ask for. Is that a good way to explain it?


Gideon: "Yes. Ideally, everyone would be able to move their existing fiat into USDR, but the cabal is not making it public. Everyone will be shocked and left with empty pockets once this Reset happens. So we are in a very fortunate position, to be able to acquire it."


Bill: Lately, I've tried to steer our conversations in a certain way because I know we'll make them public with these Intel Drops, but in the past, we had more personal discussions. I said we would eventually make those conversations public. Do you approve of that? Is there a different format we should use?


Gideon: "Are you speaking about discussions from earlier this year?"


Bill: Yes, everything, going back to probably as far back as December of last year. I guess because we talk so much about different things, especially the history of the cabal and all of these events, we talked a lot about the cabal's technology, and you woke me up to a lot of things I didn't know or understand. Maybe we shouldn't call them Intel Drops, since it's older info, we could call them something else?


Gideon: "That would be fine. I will just need to review all of them."


Bill: What about posting another video to the YouTube? Should we do that? We only posted a couple of times.

Gideon: "We can arrange it."


Bill: Ok. I'm just feeling this pressure, because I see these gatekeepers and they put out something new everyday. It's just this constant thing, a new video, a new story, a new podcast. Why do they do this? It seems like it's overkill.


Gideon: "They gain more views and attention by producing more content, and it also serves to keep people overwhelmed, or overloaded with information, much of which is not useful or relevant. Or they use A.I. systems produce the content, such as in the case of Dave's X-22 Report."


Bill: You told me that's not his real voice anymore, he's not doing those videos.


Gideon: "No, A.I. has taken his voice and can emulate it. So they are just producing two hours of spun content each day. He speaks and speaks, on and on, but it is not him speaking."


Bill: That's incredible. I can't stand listening to him. So that makes sense to me, it's not really him anymore. Are they doing this with other gatekeepers?


Gideon: "Yes."


Bill: I feel like they're winning because they just put more stuff out and distract people with it, while we are slower and carefully release information.


Gideon: "You should not concern yourself with what they are doing. If people are giving them their attention and time, then they cannot be reached in the first place. They are already lost."


Bill: I don't want to be like that at all. It's gotten to a point, though, I think people's minds are trained this way. They have no attention span. They want some new story everyday.


Gideon: "The gatekeepers' purpose is to entertain and distract. We are not about any of that."


Bill: Before I forget, we've had some people who seemed frustrated in how slow the Sovereign process is. Can you talk about why it's slow and it takes so much time?


Gideon: "It is something entirely reliant on the whistle blowers and what they are able to safely do. So if I discuss with them someone we think we would like to make Sovereign, they will take their information and when they have time, they will look up their account. In that moment, or later on, they will decide if it is safe to make an account change.


They have to fit that into their work schedule. So it takes time, and there are only so many accounts they can change on a weekly basis, to do it safely. If they changed twenty accounts in a day, that would be a serious risk, because it will be so irregular compared to their normal workflow and work behaviour."


Bill: Ok, I just wanted that clarified. I want to reassure everyone that Michael and I have read everyone's emails and inquiries, it's just going to be a slow process. It's a situation where we will eventually get to everyone and write everyone, but it could take weeks at a time.


Gideon: "I would like to speed up the process, but it is extremely delicate. Each time someone is changed to Sovereign, a lot of things are taken into consideration. Because of how careful we are, each account change has been successful and without any issues. We want to keep it that way."


Bill: How much time do you think we have left to do this? Is it a few weeks, months? I got the impression by 2023 they may not be able to help us change accounts anymore.


Gideon: "We probably have one or two months left. We are expecting major changes and updates to CSRQ, and their workload and what they will be working on. We are not taking it for granted that they can change these accounts. We know that could either be stopped or they could be tasked with working in a different department, or different parts of CSRQ, and it would not be possible any longer. We know time is precious right now."


Bill: We had to close our main email, that one people were applying to. Should people write us again or inquire again? I just feel people's frustration and I don't blame them, but I wish they knew we have had to deal with so many security breaches, agents and issues.


Gideon: "If they feel strongly about it, they will make themselves known. Look for those who are good fit for us, and use the geographic directions I gave you."


Bill: I will. We need Sovereigns in all parts of the world, if people are wondering what you mean.


Gideon: "We do."


Bill: There's fifty things on my mind right now, but I know you have to go. I just want to end this by asking about the meeting you had you mentioned. Is that something you can talk about?


Gideon: "In vague terms, yes."


Bill: You said this was a meeting with a group of people. I know you can't say who, but can you say it was with the cabal or not with the cabal?


Gideon: "It was with some people I know who are helping us, and with someone who was with the cabal."


Bill: Was this a physical meeting in real life, or virtual, over secure comms?


Gideon: "Physical."


Bill: Can I ask why it was physical and not over secure comms?


Gideon: "Because we needed physical verification of something, to ensure it was real and we were not being misled."


Bill: What can you publicly say about what was discussed or happened?


Gideon: "Those who will read this should take comfort in the fact we have some powerful people supporting us, who are with us, who will fight for us. We also have someone who came forward with very important information they shared with us, and it gave us a lot of insight as to what the cabal is doing and wants to do, things we can use later to fight them."


Bill: Did they come forward because they saw our information, I mean what we've posted online?


Gideon: "No, they knew who I was from another contact I have, but they did eventually see what we had done in exposing CSRQ."


Bill: Ok, so they defected from the cabal?


Gideon: "In a sense, yes, but the cabal does not know they did."


Bill: Are they safe?


Gideon: "Yes. I think their own training played a role in how they were able to conduct this meeting safely. This is a person with a lot of experience, a lot of high level contacts, who had a change of heart. At least, they claimed this to us. We had to do many things to verify if they could be trusted or not. The meeting took four months to finally arrange."


Bill: So you felt it was beneficial to you, to us, but was there a risk they could be an agent or infiltrator?


Gideon: "There was. But enough was done to assure us that was not the case. Things were done that proved it to us. I also received additional verification of this person's intentions, from a source I trust with my life."


Bill: So this person knows all about CSRQ and everything we are talking about. Did they correct you on anything or say we were wrong or had gotten anything wrong?


Gideon: "No, they know the information is correct, because it is coming from the whistle blowers working on CSRQ. So it matched everything they already know."


Bill: Did they confirm the two dates you were given?


Gideon: "I did ask them about future dates and I waited for their answer, and they mentioned one of the dates but not the other. It seems they were just aware of one of them, and it was the precise date."


Bill: Did they confirm the economic collapse is coming and CSRQ is coming online, and everything else?


Gideon: "Yes, but they offered some more things I did not know, I will have you share some of that with our Sovereigns."


Bill: Ok. What can you do with the information they gave you? How will it help us?


Gideon: "Some of it was extremely helpful in terms of how we can integrate ourselves after the Reset. Without what they told us, I fear we would have been exposed. They revealed things I did not know. It is hard for me to describe here and now, except to say, there are things the cabal does that we will need to do, so that we appear to be legitimate Sovereigns."


Bill: I hope it's not bad things. Like rituals or anything evil.


Gideon: "No, it is not like that. It was more dealing with some technical things, related to the Biometric ID and USDR."


Bill: There's no implant or mark we have to take?


Gideon: "No."


Bill: Did you ask why there isn't one?


Gideon: "I did not ask this specifically, but I already know the answer to that. The cabal does not want a mark or implant for themselves, other than some who want to experiment with their transhumanist technology. If there is ever a mark required, we will not take it under any circumstances, but for now, none is required."


Bill: I don't think people realize you have a pretty big network you've built up over the years. I know you can't say who you really are or your background, but I know you and I know everything and I can at least say, it's really encouraging that you've been able to bring some of these people together.


Gideon: "I am thankful and blessed. Only through God's divine grace is any of this possible, because we face risks and exposure daily. We have made it this far, and I consider it a miracle we have."


Bill: Ok, we'll end this for now and talk again soon.


Gideon: "We will. Goodnight."


Bill: "God bless."




Update: We are building a team. We will need people we can rely on and coordinate with from all over the world. To join us, you can fill out our anonymous questionnaire here.


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