Intel Drop #21 - Elon Musk, Twitter & The CSRQ Narrative

"If people knew the truth, they would not be following or supporting Elon Musk."

Intel Drop #21 - Elon Musk, Twitter & The CSRQ Narrative



October 31, 2022


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The following was collated from a few wide-ranging conversations covering many topics. As always, these conversations are edited by Michael for clarity and for obfuscation purposes (see: Stylometry):


Part 1 - Elon Musk, Twitter & The CSRQ Narrative


Bill: We were talking the other day about Elon Musk, and you said he's a key to all this. Can you talk about that again?


Gideon: "He is building the infrastructure of the cabal's future dystopian landscape."


Bill: With Starlink, Neuralink, A.I.?


Gideon: "Yes, and soon with Twitter."


Bill: He's not to be trusted then?


Gideon: "No. He comes from a family lineage of high-level cabalists and Luciferians. He has been involved in blood rituals. He was abused as a child himself, and he has later conducted ritual killings. I do believe his memory was erased, so he may not have knowledge of that. He is a mind-control victim, in that sense. But, if people knew the truth, they would not be following him or support him. The cabal controls him."


Bill: There's a video of him talking about We Chat, this Chinese super-surveillance tracking app. He talks about how he wants Twitter to become just like it! It thought it was pretty chilling, it shows what he really thinks.


Gideon: "Certainly. Listen carefully to what he is saying, and what he really wants. They will integrate CSRQ into Twitter."


Bill: You said this is all part of building a narrative, like with Covid. Can you explain what you mean by that?


Gideon: "Yes. With Covid, they took great lengths to build a narrative around the Wuhan Lab and these so-called bio-labs and experiments. Instead of Covid being presented as a naturally-occurring virus, they wanted a narrative that would distract more skeptical people into a false rabbit hole, so to speak, to reinforce belief in the virus. Because the virus itself does not even exist."


Bill: I think the term "bio-weapon" is pretty scary, it carries with it these implications, so I can see how they utilized it to great effect. But then it made Dr. Fauci and some other high-profile U.S. officials look really bad. Why would they let that happen?


Gideon: "They do not care at all that he was exposed, because he is protected. Just as Jeffrey Epstein is protected, alive and well, with an active CSRQ account with in-flows. They will allow some of their own to be publicly sacrificed if it serves what they want."


Bill: That makes sense. So what are some of the narrative techniques with CSRQ we can look for?


Gideon: "The narrative is being built around CBDCs, Digital IDs, and crypto itself will play a role. Musk's Twitter will adapt, and Musk will lead the way in endorsing and supporting CSRQ. Have you noticed Musk is involved in all of these anti-human surveillance projects, but the public just follows him in everything he does?"


Bill: They sure do, they think he's this saviour, this guy looking out for us. It's like a cult of personality thing.


Gideon: "The cabal is very good getting people to follow pied pipers right over a cliff. They used Trump this way."


Bill: If someone like Musk supports CSRQ, then I can see people just falling in line and buying into it.


Gideon: "When CSRQ itself comes online, there will already be narratives in place. It will not seem surprising. It will seem, instead, like a natural evolution of technology, that is now meeting a present need, which will be chaos of the fiat markets collapsing. Fiat and capitalism will be, essentially, attacked and blamed for the resulting problems, while CSRQ, Musk's ventures and the crypto-based USDR will be seen as a welcomed solution."


Bill: You said Bitcoin is a big part of this, too. People don't realize Bitcoin is a cabal creation. I'm going to include a link here, so people can learn about that.


Gideon: "Yes, it is, and it was originally intended to be used as the digital currency. It became clear its technology was far too primitive for that, so over the years the cabal let the crypto field flourish, and now they have taken all of these advancements and put them into USDR itself.


The idea the cabal is somehow against crypto is misleading, as they are its biggest users and proponents. Crypto provides for them the ability of total control and surveillance, far more than the existing fiat system, especially with existing cash. Ideally, the best medium of exchange is cash. It could also be crypto, because some cryptos are totally decentralized, but the cabal is too powerful and controls it."


Bill: What about something like Monero, does that worry them?


Gideon: "No, because Monero can be shut down and completely cut out of capital markets. It would be left as a worthless bartering tool, and not much else. Access would eventually not extend beyond a small number of users, if it still exists at all."


Bill: Just so we're clear, XRP and the ISO coins have no role in this future they are planning?


Gideon: "Not in the sense anyone believes. Not in the sense they are an investment vehicle. No one is going to have any access to any markets once CSRQ is implemented, unless you are Sovereign class. That is the failure in understanding here. The average person assumes all of this freedom will still exist after CSRQ, and it will not. When the cabal did Covid, what was their intent? To allow people to have freedom? No. CSRQ is no different."


Bill: Seems like their intent is always to limit freedom, curtail speech, all that.


Gideon: "With Covid, they took things away, telling you it was good for you. Then they gave you something they created, a vaccine, and claimed it was the solution. For CSRQ, they will take things away, and tell you it is good for you, then give you something in return, something they created, CSRQ, and claim it is a solution."


Bill: I made the point the other day, why would the gatekeepers push the narrative that a new digital currency is a good thing if it wasn't being planned?


Gideon: "Well, they would not if it was not a plan they intended to fulfill. They clearly want to find a way to sway those most likely to resist this into either accepting it or somehow believing it is a good thing. So it is a very strong confirmation of CSRQ."


Bill: With Covid, there was all this predictive programming for years leading up to it. I mean, they've always used these little pandemics to scare people, but Covid was their grand finale. Like how Netflix was playing that movie Contagion over and over. Would there be examples of that for CSRQ?


Gideon: "Yes, many. There are countless shows that deal with a near-future dystopia, how humans will deal with A.I. and super-surveillance. This is all been explored extensively by Hollywood, especially in recent years. People are mentally prepped to live in a post-Reset world, a world with one digital currency and social credit scoring."


Bill: Do you know if they are planning another pandemic?


Gideon: "Yes, they are."


Bill: Ok, there's a few stories out there now, about how they created a super-deadly new version of Covid with an 80% kill rate, you've seen that, right?


Gideon: "Yes."


Bill: When I saw that, I thought, "Here we go again."


Gideon: "It concerns me, because that would be a pandemic narrative that would be widely accepted. The people on the Left believe Covid is real, and the people on the Right believe it is some kind of government-created bio-weapon. So both sides are mentally ready for an even more severe, deadly Covid pandemic. Even skeptics can be cowed into fear, Bill. You have to be mentally and spiritually strong to resist the fear tactics."


Bill: I hope that doesn't happen. Is this locked in?


Gideon: "It is, they are planning it."


Bill: When will they do it?


Gideon: "In 2023."


Bill: Will it tie into this economic collapse?


Gideon: "Yes."


Bill: So we're going to get hit with a double-whammy?


Gideon: "I am expecting that. We knew an economic collapse would happen, it would be a precursor, but I was not sure what else they would do. There is this World War Three scenario, there is a pandemic, there are other things. I now believe they will use the pandemic in tandem with the economic collapse."


Bill: I feel like that's a pretty big revelation, in some ways. But I guess I'm not shocked, either. Will it be like Covid but worse? More lockdowns, more restrictions?


Gideon: "Yes, and they will be able to justify it. They will claim this new strain is so deadly, they must do these things. They will take a page from China's playbook on this. China is their testing ground, remember that. Watch what goes on there. It will be miserable, and it will all be a lie, of course."


Bill: Will there be a new vaccine?


Gideon: "There will be more of the same vaccines. They will be pushed, but not required, to ensure the souls willing to compromise themselves for the cabal are departed from this realm and sent to the next. My understanding is they want one, final push of these deadly vaccines."


Bill: What about the children who have no choice?


Gideon: "This had to do with the meetings the cabal had, that I spoke about. The new rules they have set. Their dominion over Earth. The fact they are no longer adhering to any rules at all. Before, the cabal followed some rules, now they will not. It will lead to everyone seeing more evil openly on display, more heinous crimes being committed. In this instance, God has intervened, and will protect those children once they have passed. "


Bill: I'm already seeing it. So no question those meetings caused a change. I also think God would intervene in that case, you don't even have to tell me that. I know He would. But there was also a lot more to this, some deeper questions about the cabal's ability to use CERN to change timelines, and put God in a catch-22 position of some sort. Can you touch on that again?


Gideon: "That should be reserved for the separate discussion. But I will clarify. In what I said above, I am referencing the souls children who are departed. Once they are on the other side. I am not talking about souls presently in this realm. That is more to the issue you are referring. The cabal is very focused on this, which I would describe as a plan to sequester souls within this dimension, so they do not move onto the next."


Bill: Ok, thank you for clarifying. That does make sense. Once the child is killed by the vaccine, God protects their soul after death? It's not as though they would be forced to go fight for the cabal in the astral realm, since they had no choice in the matter.


Gideon: "No, they would not be forced to fight for the cabal, though this was the cabal's intention. At this juncture, the cabal knows God will protect their souls, so the program to vaccinate children appears to be nothing more than death ritual for the cabal. They also know the souls of the children will not be fighting with the righteous in the astral, because they will go be with God, so they seem content to simply exterminate them. It has no purpose at all, other than to just kill."


Bill: What's the consequence to the parents who do this, I mean spiritually?


Gideon: "It means they are the property of Satan, at that point. They may not know it yet, though, but upon death, they will know."


Bill: Will some be scared and shocked? It seems like a lot of these sheep, who do whatever the TV says, they seem to think they are doing the right thing.


Gideon: "God gives all his creation an opportunity to know the truth within their soul. They all know the truth, Bill. They choose to ignore it. And yes, some will be scared and shocked after death, once the full truth of their choices are made clear. They will be mortified. But few will call out for Christ, most will just submit, just as they have done on Earth. The cabal will also use tricks in the after life to lure them into the astral realm."


Bill: Incredible. I want to ask more on this, but I will save it for Part 3. So, moving on. I know you know the dates, you have two dates, but has anything changed we should know about? Anything you can tell us?


Gideon: "I will not reveal the dates, as I have said I will not do so publicly, and I will only reveal one of them to the Sovereigns soon. I will say that what we have said before remains, generally speaking, the same."


Bill: Ok, I would take that to be early 2023, and if not then, at least sometime in 2023?


Gideon: "Correct."


Bill: I have a question here, because one of our Sovereigns didn't seem to get all how this is going to play out. They thought CSRQ was just going to pop into reality one day, very soon. I tried to explain, no, there's a lot of chaos coming before they put it online. Can you go over that again?


Gideon: "CSRQ requires precursor events. We are leading up to it, we are in the lead-up phase of it, but it requires events for its inception to be plausible and to be accepted. It also has to do with how they are unwinding the debt and fiat system, it's a careful process, not to be done overnight.


How crypto is being used via fiat, in terms of how they are buying USDR, that is still an on-going process. We have also learned why they are using crypto to buy USDR, it is to establish USDR's final capped supply. But I digress. We are not going to wake up tomorrow and see USDR in our bank accounts, but we will sometime in 2023."


Bill: Before I forget, I wanted to ask you about what CSRQ will be called. We know it won't actually be called "CSRQ".


Gideon: "When Musk said he wants Twitter to become 'X' that was certainly a clue, at least, to keep an eye on what name he decides upon. But we do not know the exact name, or title. We are unsure if it will be universal in terms of the name used. The names are not relevant, what matters is knowing the underlying super-structure is all connected."


Bill: What about the class system, will people be told what they are?


Gideon: "People will probably be aware of there being different classes, but since the vast majority of the world will be Common, what will be more understood is that violations lead you into being demoted. Whether they actually call it 'Restricted' or 'Quarantined' we are unsure. We only know that within CSRQ internally, those terms are used."


Bill: You've said it's going to be universally used by all banks, I just wonder if there will be a name for it, because everything has some kind of name. There's no way we will refer to it as, "The social credit system."


Gideon: "It will have some kind of name. People will know they are using USDR. They will be aware of this social credit system. They may not fully know it is all centralized within CSRQ, a worldwide, cabal-controlled data centre. It is akin to the fact most people do not know all banking transactions go through BIS, and that all banking is also centrally controlled, beyond any notion of national currency or borders.


There could be an underlying deception here, if the cabal wants to make it seem like USDR and CSRQ are all disparate, differentiated parts of something else. We are trying to raise the alarm here that this is all connected, and it is all one, worldwide system.


Right now, people are under the very false belief that the United States is 'exploring' CBDCs, and the UK is 'exploring' CBDCs. These are false stories. Both countries, in fact, virtually all countries, will come under the acceptance of USDR as their standard currency, and this is essentially already in place."


Bill: You've said to me before we already have a sort of CSRQ in place already.


Gideon: "We do. Everything CSRQ is doing already exists in some sense, in some way, within the existing system. The cabal has been busy for decades, Bill. This is not new. CSRQ is an update, and an overhaul. It is also completely doing away with traditional fiat currencies, which is quite interesting, in terms of how they are rearranging the economy."


Bill: That's a big discussion. I honestly think we need entire Intel Drop dedicated to it, in terms of how the economy will work after the Reset.


Gideon: "We can do that."


Bill: I feel a lot of unease right now. I think it's just what you said about the children. We got into some deep things just now then went back to the CSRQ stuff. I need a break. I need to just think all that through again, it's so much to take in.


Gideon: "I agree, let us take one."




Part 2 - Escalation After Intel Drop 20


Bill: I just found out we're being attacked by a bunch of Satanic groups on Telegram. Do you know anything about this?


Gideon: "Yes. After Intel Drop 20, they became more engaged, or at least, they were given the task to begin targeting us more."


Bill: How many groups are there?


Gideon: "I do not know. But I do know of a group on Telegram, it is a private group, with high level cabalists trained in the occult, that is the one to worry about the most. I will be looking into whether they are involved here or not."


Bill: Is this different from an agent group attacking us?


Gideon: "Yes."


Bill: So what do they want to do to us, what's their purpose or plan here?


Gideon: "There would be multiple purposes, based on what I know about how these groups operate. The first would be to ply away members of our group, and to get them to join them and then work against us, which they are already doing. The second would be to openly engage in attacks against us in a variety of ways, similar to what agents do. The third would be to use spell-casting against us."


Bill: Spell casting? How does that work?


Gideon: "I do not really know, I just know it is something the cabal likes to do, in terms of the black magic they use. Have you noticed any difference in the group recently?"


Bill: Yes, I have, as a matter of fact. A lot of people left recently, just this slow drain of people departing, which definitely confirms some left for these Satanic groups, which is sickening to me. Our supporters seem less engaged, I guess. People I liked talking to and expected to hear from, I haven't heard from. They are just gone. What's going on?


Gideon: "It could be all of these things working together, but the spell casting may be working, if they are indeed doing that, and I would expect they are. I would like to believe such a thing has no impact at all, but I know enough to know, it probably does. It only works because people are spiritually weakened, or prone to being influenced by it."


Bill: So what they really want to do is to get people to stop supporting us? Is that the main intention?


Gideon: "It would appear so, or weaken support, weaken resolve. After Intel Drop 20, with what I revealed, I was told things were going to escalate, but in a different way. Not in the way of censoring us, or erasing us, but in a different way. So this must be that way."


Bill: So they would rather come up with these other ways to destroy us?


Gideon: "Yes. They would like to get us to join them, for example, which they think they can do post-Reset if we are Sovereign. They think we will be weak and prefer the comforts of being Sovereign, and then they can influence us. And right now, they would rather influence our members to abandon us. They would rather engage in various attacks, to discredit us. All of this is more satisfying for them, than just plain censorship or erasure, you have to know that, Bill. The cabal derives rewards in the astral from these entities that seem to direct them and rule them, if their performance on Earth exceeds expectation. 


Of course, if a threat is too great, they will just erase that threat. They will kill people, too, if they have to. But in our case, once they stopped the spread of our information sufficiently, then it is almost as though they saw us as cat sees a mouse. Something they will tinker with, watch, observe, toy with. It is insulting, I find it insulting, but this is the power trip they operate with. They believe they are untouchable, and they believe they can influence anyone to get them to believe what they want them to believe."


Bill: This all makes me sick. It made me sick to see we are losing members to this Satanic group! I couldn't believe it. It's like they're winning, in every way. I'm sickened. What can we do?


Gideon: "Pray, and ask God for help. That is what I am doing. We need God's help right now."


Bill: Ok, I will. I guess we should take some solace in the fact that they really, really don't like what we're doing.


Gideon: "If we were not a threat, if we did not pose a threat to them, they would not even bother with us or spend a second of time or energy on us. So yes, take solace in that."


Bill: They must not like us, we've exposed their whole plan, top to bottom.


Gideon: "They do not like what we have done, in exposing CSRQ, but they could live with it because they were able to contain it. The information stopped spreading, and many people did not even believe it. But they were really infuriated by Intel Drop 20, some things that I said, they do not want me to continue speaking that way."


Bill: You mean the spiritual stuff? They want that to stop?


Gideon: "Yes."


Bill: I bet they don't want us releasing Part 3 then.


Gideon: "No."


Bill: What's strange is I wanted that released a while back, and it's like there's all these things happening preventing it. I feel unfocused.


Gideon: "If you are feeling that way, hindered in some way, then there may be spell cast against you, or something like that is going on. I do not understand it. I only a have cursory knowledge of this."


Bill: I'll pray to ask the spell to be removed if there is one, then I'm going to really push to get Part 3 finished, get Michael to edit it. I want it out.


Gideon: "Good."


Bill: One thing that stands out to me is there's tons of groups probably sort of like us. Maybe truth seeking groups, for example, posting things against the cabal. ConspiracyBot posted for years stuff exposing the cabal, then they posted our info, and their account was immediately banned. An account with four hundred thousand followers, poof, gone. So my point is, I never see anything like this with other groups, in terms of these relentless attacks, some of the censorship. We're on a whole other level here.


Gideon: "That is because the cabal does not care about them, or see them as any kind of threat."


Bill: Or they might just be cabal gatekeepers in the first place?


Gideon: "That could be as well."


Bill: There's still a lot of sincere truth-seeking people out there, aren't there? I mean groups, or video channels, trying to expose the cabal. I know there are.


Gideon: "There are, there are many. But the bigger channels are already compromised or controlled in some way, or do not see the bigger picture to begin with. Some may simply be posting wrong information, so they are not a threat at all. Many are posting wrong information, either sincerely or unwittingly, so the cabal could not care any less about what they are doing."


Bill: This reminds me of the whole Suspicious Observers stuff, we talked about this. How they are saying there will be a pole shift. They're still around and don't seem to really get attacked. I'm sure people reading would love to know your thoughts on that.


Gideon: "It is, generally speaking, baseless, but the magnetic field is moving. But that will not result in the Earth's rotation stopping or mile-high tsunamis."


Bill: So what do you think of their timetable? I've heard they think next year it's going to happen, while they also say the year 2046 or somewhere around there. Some people really, truly believe in this.


Gideon: "I am certain cataclysms have happened, they have, but I have no information at all on that, and nothing I have ever seen, gleaned or learned, has shown me it is going to happen. The cabal's activities also do not indicate that is about to happen. The cabal is concerned with control of Earth and implementing these plans, which involve a lot of high technology. If the world was about to be destroyed, they would not be focused on technology or transhumanism, nor would a fake pandemic serve any purpose."


Bill: Before I forget, there's someone I really like on YouTube by the name of David Paulides. Do you know anything about him?


Gideon: "Yes, I know of him."


Bill: I can't imagine he would be a Sovereign, but was wondering if you know or not?


Gideon: "I do not know his class in CSRQ, but I would assume Restricted or Quarantined. He is absolutely not Sovereign."


Bill: Ok, good. I remember he said Joe Rogan would not invite him on his show, or didn't seem interested. David seemed disappointed, because he would be the type of guest Rogan would have on, and he's qualified and popular enough to invite. So it made me think the cabal might not want his information out there.


Gideon: "Bill, I will tell you this. It is not David's information they are so much afraid of, as they are afraid of David himself."


Bill: What do you mean?


Gideon: "The things he talks about, he has not put all the puzzle pieces together yet, so he is not a serious threat to the cabal in that sense. But who he is, they hate him as a person. I suppose you could say, they hate his soul."


Bill: That is not what I expected you to say. So you know more about him than I realized. What are your thoughts on what he investigates, with the disappearances?


Gideon: "He is a very good and thorough researcher. I know for fact, the cabal knows the true nature of the disappearances he speaks of, but he has not discovered that. He is close."


Bill: What is the nature of it?


Gideon: "Not all of the disappearances would fit into this category, but many of them are cabal ritual abductions and, later, killings. There are also other phenomena unrelated to that."


Bill: Ok, so if he really keeps digging and connecting the dots, it would lead back to the cabal?


Gideon: "Yes, and at that point, they would take greater action. Right now, they have agents busy trying to discredit him. If you listen to his videos, you may notice he is irritated and quite stressed by the people attacking him. It is probably not much different from what you experienced. You mentioned before how rare you see that, but he is a good example of it. He is on their radar in the same way we are."


Bill: Yes, he has talked about that! I never made the connection. But these people who attack him sound like the agents we deal with. So I can see how for sure, they could be agents, they fit the profile.


Gideon: "Well, now you know, Bill. You are not alone. He is one of the good ones, fighting a good fight."


Bill: I guess if they're not attacking you, then you're not a threat. I'll wear it as a badge of honour from now on. By the way, we know Alex Jones is Sovereign, but he always seems to be under fire. He's not in the same category as us, though, is he?


Gideon: "No, the cabal has elevated him through a coordinated attack campaign, in a way that would actually increase his profile. He also hired a bad lawyer for his recent Sandy Hook trial, in which he put up a poor defense and lost. The cabal wanted him to lose, so they could legally set a precedent to infringe on free speech for criticizing their scams, fake shootings and so on. In that sense, Jones actually served the cabal's interests."


Bill: That, and he refuses, I mean, he just will not criticize Jews or Israel. He says stupid things, like that Arabs run Hollywood. So he is a gatekeeper for them.


Gideon: "There is no question about that."


Bill: Before we end things, I wanted to ask how the whistle blowers are doing and if they've seen any changes in CSRQ to report on?


Gideon: "They are doing well, or as well as can be expected. There are some things I have shared with you privately, but we should not make public. We can share that with the Sovereigns, in the November update we send them."


Bill: Ok, sounds good. I had someone ask me how we know whether a person who applies to be changed to Sovereign is an agent or not. It's a good question, but I'll let you explain it.


Gideon: "We check everyone's status in CSRQ. If they are Restricted or Quarantined, we know they are not an agent. We have never found an agent who is either of those classes, nor would we expect that. Most agents are Common, and a few are Sovereigns. This gives us an extremely high confidence that the person applying is not only not an agent, but that they are aligned with our views."


Bill: It's sort of ironic, but the best way to vet people is to look them up in CSRQ.


Gideon: "Yes, it has turned out to be the most reliable way to do that. We want Restricted and Quarantined people to join us. There is no stopping what is coming, so we need people who can fight along side us when it happens."


Bill: How do you feel about our team so far? You think we need more Sovereigns, right?


Gideon: "I feel fine, but we do need more, considerably more."


Bill: I'm sure if more people knew about us, we would get a lot more inquiries, but our reach has just been totally cut off. We were growing fast, then the agents escalated everything and it worked. Is there anything we can do about that?


Gideon: "Encourage the people we have to help us. The Telegram is a good resource. You may want to ask for help. It is OK to ask for help in spreading the word. You and Michael cannot do it alone."


Bill: Ok, I'll do that. I've also had people ask me what our plan is. A few people seemed to think we have no plan on how to destroy CSRQ. Can you talk a little about that?


Gideon: "It would be unwise for us to disclose any of that publicly right now. Yes, there is a plan in place. It is not just myself, or Bill, or Michael here, or just our Sovereigns, who will be helping. I have other people. Other groups. Other resources who I can call upon."


Bill: You said some good people reached out to you, who wanted to help. Some people with a lot of influence. Do we plan to make them Sovereign, or do they have an interest in that?


Gideon: "I do not want to say one way or another, on anything about that."


Bill: Ok. I also had questions about how much will be expected of our Sovereigns. I think some are worried we might want them to fight, or engage in espionage, or take some serious risks. I think some were concerned, or weren't sure if they could be of help if they didn't have proper training. Can you address that?


Gideon: "Yes. We will not put anyone needlessly at risk. I already have some profiles set up of everyone's background and skill sets. We are going to strategize based on each person's abilities. There may be some with a military background who can help in certain ways, for example. Everyone can do something, for sure, after the Reset, but we are not going to be a mercenary group or anything of that nature. We will need to be careful and methodical."


Bill: Ok, very good. I want to go in a different direction briefly, and address a question about the vaccine that has come up. They have found graphene oxide in the vaccines. How big of a risk is the shedding of that to the non-vaccinated?


Gideon: "You would not want to touch a vaccinated person, or engage in any intimate activity. In the day to day, it is not going to impact the non-vaccinated. You have to remember, the cabal has other plans for people like you and me. They do not want us to die."


Bill: Ok. One, last question. In a previous Intel Drop, you talked about some new whistle blowers from the U.S. government who came forward. They talked about suicides, and then I saw this story about how Canada is encouraging it for children. Just another confirmation. I was wondering if you had any new info from them?


Gideon: "Yes, I have continued to speak to them. They have revealed more things. It is something we can talk about soon or include in a future Intel Drop."


Bill. Sounds good. I know we both have to get going. Thank you for the conversation today. We'll talk again soon.


Gideon: "We will. Goodbye."




Part 3 - [................]


Part 3 will be added later this week. We will announce on Twitter and Telegram when this section has been added.




Update: We are building a team. We will need people we can rely on and coordinate with from all over the world. To join us, you can fill out our anonymous questionnaire here.


Update: We continue to see serious problems with email. Emails like MSN, Me, iCloud, Outlook, AOL, Gmail, Gmx, Yahoo, Hotmail, Comcast and many others routinely BLOCK and CENSOR our emails. These email providers are also known to read your emails and offer no security at all. No one should be using them, but many people who contact us are using them. We recommend opening an anonymous account using Proton.me or Dnmx.org. Both of these providers have proven they do not block our emails.


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