Intel Drop #19 - The Cabal Has Told Their Servants What Is Coming

"Everything will accelerate now. As far as the cabal is concerned, it is done and sealed."

Intel Drop #19 - The Cabal Has Told Their Servants What Is Coming



September 25, 2022


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Here are excerpts from my conversations with Gideon, which are collated from multiple discussions. As always, these conversations are edited by Michael for clarity and for obfuscation purposes (see: Stylometry):


Bill: The first thing I want to ask you today is how your men are doing, the whistle blowers?


Gideon: "They are doing OK. They are doing the jobs they were hired to do."


Bill: You told me they were upset with the public response so far to the information they brought forward. Is that still the case?


Gideon: "They wanted CSRQ to be shut down and destroyed. They wanted there to be a public outcry, they wanted the information to spread. Then they realized that was not going to happen. So yes, there was some disappointment, but I had already prepared them for that possible outcome."


Bill: We talked about them releasing more proof, some of which I have seen. It would be convincing, but I can also see how it could be questioned or attacked, too. Where do they stand on that?


Gideon: "I have told them not to do it. It will actually just harm them and everything we are trying to do. You are expecting people who took the deal with the Devil to throw that away, to expose the very thing they signed up for."


Bill: You mean these gatekeepers?


Gideon: "Yes. If we bring out more proof, it is going to either be ignored, co-opted, or criticized. Meanwhile, my men will be put at even more risk, and our plans and our Sovereigns will be put at risk, which we have tried so hard to protect. You are expecting all of these compromised people in the Alternative Media to now help us?"


Bill: No, no I'm not. I get it now. Before, I thought we could trust a lot of them. Now I know better.


Gideon: "The cabal has bribed almost everyone in positions of influence with Sovereign status, Bill. No one has the courage to say, 'No' to the offer. Once they sit them down and explain it, they all go for it. Imagine what they are being offered. It is unlimited USDR and a vaccine-free life, a life of freedom. They are all accepting that."


Bill: I get that, but how can you build your life and brand around being a truth-teller and then betray all that?


Gideon: "I do not know. They must just make a decision based on selfishness. I also think they believe they cannot fight this. When someone is presented with this offer, they are told if they refuse what the consequences will be. The consequences are presented as total destruction of their lives, whether it be shutting down their platform or worse."


Bill: So some of it is out of fear. Do you think someone like Alex Jones has been cowed into this position?


Gideon: "Certainly. I surmise he must tell himself he can do more good walking a fine line, than exposing it all. He probably thinks about his family, his children. I think he thinks he would be killed or neutralized in some way if he exposed it."


Bill: He was talking a lot about things that sound just like CSRQ recently. He even is talking about feudalism, which you have told me for months that is exactly what the Reset is, now he used the word, which I thought was interesting. We posted that in the Telegram. I know he knows. Your guys saw he was Sovereign.


Gideon: "He knows. He is allowed to say a few things. He will never tell the whole truth, though. The problem with half-truths is they can do just as much damage as lies."


Bill: The half-truths in the Alternative Media are a scourge. It gets everyone confused.


Gideon: "It does. There are too many who are just pushing headlines, to attract attention. The Q operators are guilty of this, so are many others. Most of them do not know for sure what they are saying, but they run with these stories regardless. Some of the stories are made up by the cabal and fed to them."


Bill: I agree, it's a huge problem in the truth movement, too many false headlines.


Gideon: "People have to use discernment."


Bill: I wanted to bring something up and I completely forgot about it until now. You mentioned to me there was an incident at the fusion centre the whistle blowers work at, can you get into that?


Gideon: "Yes, I can."


Bill: What happened?


Gideon: "It has to do with a Sovereign who broke the rules. It was someone in Hollywood, I believe a producer. They were made Sovereign, but then they started selling access to their account."


Bill: How so? You mean giving access to non-Sovereigns?


Gideon: "No, not giving access, but making promises. Taking fiat from others and turning it into USDR for themselves, and promising after the Reset to give it back."


Bill: Ok, I see. You mean taking money from Common class people?


Gideon: "Yes."


Bill: So these Common classes knew they were not Sovereign and knew all about CSRQ?


Gideon: "Oh, yes. Many in Hollywood are not made Sovereign. Many are Common, but they belong to the cabal. They are given the information, Bill. They are told what is to come. They are told if they do well, if they are good servants in the coming crisis, they will be rewarded."


Bill: I got it. So the cabal is using Sovereign status to manipulate people in different ways. They can make someone Sovereign and manipulate them into serving them, or tell someone about the classes and make promises of becoming Sovereign?


Gideon: "Yes, it is very effective. We see more people being made Sovereign, too, but the total amount is not high. It is based on various factors, and who you are within the hierarchy, and the needs of the cabal. The cabal has found making promises of Sovereign status for middle management-type servants is effective."


Bill: Would an example of that be, say, a B-list actor? Maybe they are told about it, but not made Sovereign?


Gideon: "Yes, that is a good example. A B-list actor. Or B-list television personality. Those are the ones the cabal will tell about CSRQ and what is coming, but tell them they are still Common until they do certain things. Meanwhile, Sovereign status is gifted more upon those in higher positions, much more well-known actors, or TV personalities. This same hierarchy correlates to business, the military and government, too."


Bill: Ok, I understand it better. So someone was made Sovereign and abused that status?


Gideon: "Yes, the whistle blowers said this person was a high level producer who it appears had financial issues. Or it was just based on naked greed. In any case, this producer wanted more USDR than they could acquire themselves, so they started selling access to other Commons in Hollywood. The other Commons were more than happy to commit their own money to gain USDR.


This was going on for a few months. The Sovereign was putting in huge in-flows, amounts far beyond their known income and net worth, so their account was flagged. The amounts were Tens of Millions in U.S Dollars, which translated to astronomical amounts of USDR. Essentially, the cabal, for lack of a better term, investigated and found out what was going on."


Bill: Ok, you say cabal, but I'm assuming this was some internal security team for CSRQ?


Gideon: "Yes, that would be a more precise way of putting it."


Bill: We try to impress upon our Sovereigns to follow the rules. This really makes me concerned. Should we be concerned?


Gideon: "If the rules are followed correctly, there is nothing to be worried about. So far, we have seen no issues. Our accounts appear normal within the system, and the in-flows appear normal. It is very important to maintain that. It behooves us all to work together. If one of us makes a mistake, it could potentially harm all of us.


I think you and Michael have done an exemplary job of explaining the process, and bringing to me excellent candidates. We monitor everything closely, and the whistle blowers can step in and mitigate any potential issues usually before they get out of hand."


Bill: Good. Do you think more of this is going on, in terms of what this guy did? Because I can see the temptation. If you are Sovereign, you could bring in other people and just build up your own account.


Gideon: "My impression is it is rare. In fact, this may be the only time it has happened. The Sovereigns know the risk of doing that. This person was cavalier, maybe arrogant, maybe just extremely greedy. You have ten million or so Sovereigns, I think the cabal knows there will be a few who have to be dealt with. He was dealt with."


Bill: What happened to him?


Gideon: "Well, under his account now, he is reported to be deceased."


Bill: I see, wow. What about the Commons who were involved?


Gideon: "They will have no chance of ever being Sovereign. It is possible they were moved to Restricted or Quarantined class. I do not know for sure. They will certainly not escape punishment for trying to take advantage of the system."


Bill: I just want to confirm with you, for our Sovereigns reading this, there are no problems with our accounts?


Gideon: "No, there are no issues. What we have done with respect to obfuscation, data erasure and other careful steps, it is nearly impossible to link these accounts together. Right now, they blend in with all ten million or so other Sovereign accounts."


Bill: Good. I had someone ask me if we have to take an oath, or have to get an implant, and I assured them, no, we don't. We would never do this if we had to.


Gideon: "We would not, if such was required. This gets into the nature of Sovereign status and why the cabal did things this way. It appears the purpose of the status, for them, is to enjoy a status free of all encumbrances, restrictions, obligations, contractual agreements.


I do not fully know why, but there is definitely an intentional reason this was done this way. It is the status we all deserve, but the cabal is keeping it just for themselves. I think that is what it really signifies for them. Sequestering something for all, just for themselves."


Bill: That's exactly what I think it means to them. I've said before, we say it all the time, we are all Sovereign. But under CSRQ and this Reset, they are taking this for them and putting everyone else into a class system. It's just evil.


Gideon: "It is."


Bill: What's incredible to me is to realize almost everyone already knows about CSRQ and these classes. But then they say nothing. Now, if I watch TV or see someone famous or powerful, I say to myself, "That's a Sovereign," or I say, "Wow, they know and they're not doing a damn thing about it." It's all of them, isn't it?


Gideon: "It is a lot of them. Not every, single one, but a lot are Sovereigns. They are not going to say a word. Why would they? Not only would they destroy their lives, they destroy their families and their futures. They have no courage, Bill. They have no interest in a free society, either. To them, they cannot wait until this plan is fully put into place. Life after the Reset for them will include more power, more money, more control. They are thrilled with it."


Bill: Sometimes I see clues. If you really watch, it's like some of them are hinting at it. Some of the talk about it, in the Alternative Media, but never tell the whole story.


Gideon: "The cabal does not mind if a little bit leaks out. The cabal has always relished in giving hints for what they plan to do. So that would come as no surprise. Pay attention, and they will tell you what they are going to do."


Bill: This brings me to current events. A lot is going on. We are talking about dates, the 23rd, the 24th. Nuclear war. A comet impact. The Shmita cycle. It is like an ever-increasing crescendo of events, all leading up to something.


Gideon: "It is accelerating, as we warned it would. Everything will accelerate now."


Bill: Ok, did you confirm the cabal meeting you talked about? Did it happen?


Gideon: "Yes, it has happened. It is confirmed. As far as the cabal is concerned, it is done and sealed, in terms of claiming Earth in the way they wanted to."


Bill: What do these dates mean? Why is the 23rd talked about all over?


Gideon: "I do not know."


Bill: Does the cabal put things out to confuse people? Put out false dates or stories?


Gideon: "Yes, they do. Be wary of dates. Do not fixate on them."


Bill: But don't dates mean a lot to the cabal? 9/11 seemed to have a big meaning.


Gideon: "They do, but seldom is the public informed of them. If there is a date, it will be a surprise. The cabal rarely foreshadows dates. 9/11 was a rare exception of this, but even then, their foreshadowing of that date was very subtle. It took years for people to find the clues, and very few knew about it beforehand."


Bill: What about the war escalation? The rhetoric has never been like this.


Gideon: "It is a grave concern, from my point of view. This rhetoric comparing Putin to Hitler is very bizarre. Look for the cabal to recreate the conditions of World War II again, artificially. Of course, that war was artificial, too. World War II took many years to build up, too, as well. I see some strange parallels, in terms of Russia appearing to be backed into a corner, the same way Hitler's Germany was. All orchestrated. Pay attention to that."


Bill: I agree with you, we need to look more at that, that's very important. Something is going on in China, too, do you know anything?


Gideon: "The country is in a severe crisis that is not being reported. If it continues, the ripple effect will be devastating."


Bill: There was a post we shared in our Telegram group about a quick bank holiday breakdown that could happen, well, today, or tomorrow. ATMs going offline. I said it might be a false report, but seemed realistic. How do you think this will play out when it really does happen?


Gideon: "It will be a shock. You will wake up one day and realize nothing is working, nothing is the same.  Between Cyber Polygon, and whatever staged crisis they create, access to money will put people in a position of total fear. When you cannot get your money, or into your bank, you will see absolute bedlam. This is why when the Reset happens, USDR will be accepted and embraced, we believe, by most people. It will be seen as a relief from instability and lack of access to money."


Bill: What can anyone do to prepare for this collapse?


Gideon: "Storing up food, being out of the cities, having clean water, some kind of plan for a power outage, these would be prudent preparations. In the long-term, they will not help, though."


Bill: Because of the Reset?


Gideon: "Yes. What you are really planning on is to survive the collapse, the mess the cabal is planning, before they clean up their mess. Once the Reset comes, there is no way to plan for that, there is no way out of it. Only Sovereigns will look forward to it."


Bill: It's going to be a huge wake up call when they see all their money is going to zero. What can anyone do to prepare financially?


Gideon: "Having some kind of liquidity of your assets. Having money locked up in a 401k or stocks would be a mistake. You would want to think about the land you own, and realize it will be seized. The deed will grant you nothing, so maybe sell the land or sell the house. Knowing that debts will be forgiven, you would want to consider taking out loans. Hoard cash and crypto, even though both will be worthless eventually, they are more liquid and can be moved around during the collapse."


Bill: What if Americans decided to take their country back? Then CSRQ could be stopped.


Gideon: "It could. The cabal is unconcerned about such an outcome."


Bill: I'm seeing more Q-Anon garbage than ever before. That really makes me think something is going on, for them to be pushing it this much.


Gideon: "Well, it is very telling Donald Trump would now be sharing some Q posts and videos. Meanwhile, he praises the poison shots. If Americans keep falling for these tricks, they are utterly doomed. If Americans do not reject Q, they will not defeat the cabal. "


Bill: What about XRP? They're going crazy over it, because of the SEC decision.


Gideon: "The cabal planned this. The cabal is using crypto, Bill, a lot. But not for the purposes people think. Crypto facilitates the movement of capital into USDR. There is an unwinding of all assets going on behind the scenes that people do not realize. Not only is there a type of debt bubble, there is also a massive black hole forming whereby fiat is being siphoned off into USDR. This will blow up the markets eventually, but people will not understand why or told why."


Bill: So can someone make money off XRP? Because I felt like maybe you could invest now and make some fiat, then move that extra into USDR. I was thinking of doing that.


Gideon: "That could be done. After the Reset, though, XRP will not be used in the way investors believe. Investors are completely blind to what is coming."


Bill: I had someone say to me I should be buying gold, and not trying to get USDR. What do you say to people who still believe strongly in the current system?


Gideon: "This is going to happen whether they believe it or not. It will happen. The cabal is already telling them about CBDCs, and they still refuse to wake up."


Bill: What about these people who plan to barter? Who plan to create their own economy?


Gideon: "Small bartering economies will form, yes, but the cabal has plans to destroy them. Much the way the general public favoured the vaccines, they will favour USDR and resent those who appear to destabilize the system. The cabal will say that bartering is a threat to USDR, a threat to everyone's monthly stipend, and so on."


Bill: Are you saying people should not even bother trying to barter?


Gideon: "No. People should be focused on destroying CSRQ, not trying to skirt around it. This is what I see in these prepping groups, it is an idea of just trying to live outside the system, and hope the cabal and military somehow ignores them."


Bill: Right, right. Absolutely. I see that. They want to just create little communities and ride it out.


Gideon: "It will not work. The cabal is too powerful .The cabal will not allow it. They should be focused on destroying the cabal, not trying to hide from the cabal. We want to destroy CSRQ."


Bill: Good. I think people need to hear that.


Gideon: "They do. If more had spread the word about CSRQ, we would have had a chance to at least slow it down or expose it. That did not happen. We hit a ceiling, due to various factors, attacks against us and so on. Now we have to fight from within."


Bill: Ok. This is way off topic, but something reminded me of it. I guess it tangentially relates to investment. I wanted to ask what will happen to casinos and the gaming industry. The gaming industry is huge, how will that work with USDR being so limited for the average person after the Reset?


Gideon: "Interesting question. It will be bigger than ever, Bill. Do you know anything about these slot apps that are so popular on Facebook?"


Bill: No, not really.


Gideon: "Well, they are extremely popular. Now, you cannot gamble on Facebook, not legally. So people buy credits, with real money, to use those fake credits to gamble with. If they win, they cannot cash out into real money. They gamble with fake money! It is a multi-Billion Dollar industry. This same model will be used post-Reset with USDR."


Bill: I see. So if someone goes to Las Vegas, they will use some of their USDR, even if they do not have much, to buy fake credits?


Gideon: "Yes, and you have to realize if they are Common class, they are going to be incentivized via their social credit score. They will be able to gain perks. Some of those perks might be gaming credits. Everyone will be motivated to push up their social score, with greater compliance. The sheep are going to love the new system. These apps have been conditioning them for CSRQ for years."


Bill: How will the gaming industry still make Billions off this?


Gideon: "The Reset is ushering in a new model. It is not a growth-based model, or aggressive profit-based model, but rather one based on compliance, social scoring, data and so on. The industry will adjust, but they will still make money, in a certain sense.


There will also be separate gaming apparatuses for Sovereigns, which is expected to be a very big thing. Sovereigns will be gambling and have access to special areas, for example, in Las Vegas, to gamble with USDR. There will also be Metaverse gambling.


Contrary to what you may think, the cabal wants to expand gaming and gambling post-Reset. This may sound strange to some, but gambling is widespread in the astral plane, as well. So is prostitution, drugs and alcohol."


Bill: I believe it, because the cabal loves to push degenerate behaviour. That is a conversation for Part 3, which I want to save for that.


Gideon: "Very well."


Bill: Back to the gaming question. Does this correlate to investment? Because you have told me, business and investment will radically change. Will businesses seek credits instead of profits via USDR?


Gideon: "You are on the right track in your thinking. But it is important to note, most Commons will be locked out of this. This is the shock to the system, that many middle and upper class Commons will have to endure. They are totally unprepared for it, but they will have no choice but to watch all they own either go up in smoke or be taken from them."


Bill: I'm wondering if war will tie into this. The idea of confiscation.


Gideon: "It could. War, economic collapse. Remember, the cabal believes the average person in the West has far, far too much wealth and riches. They aim to change that, to bring back a feudal system."


Bill: What about how the cabal will just take people's land? Who is going to tolerate that?


Gideon: "What can they do about it? People already rent their land, via property taxes. Does anyone protest? Do people not pay? No, they pay. They are renting the land they supposedly own. They will do the same after the Reset. The cabal will not kick them off their land. Well, not at first."


Bill: Not at first?


Gideon: "By 2030, the cabal wants small towns and villages to be empty, totally empty, and everyone consolidated in cities."


Bill: Someone asked me about all these bunkers the cabal is buying. Some people think they are going underground for good, but I said no, just temporarily, during a period of unrest.


Gideon: "That is correct. The cabal is claiming Earth. It is theirs, in their view. If there is some manufactured chaos, they will go hide for a bit, then come out when the dust has settled. They're not going to hide forever from the Earth they now control, quite the contrary.


However, as Sovereigns, they will create new places and cities, just for them, managed by Commons who have been vetted to run those places. There will be a separation, the same way royalty once lived in castles, separate from the commoners."


Bill: I wanted to ask you about our plans. We discuss them in private all the time. But is there something we can say to the public, to give them some reassurance? Because our plan is to stop this, using our Sovereign status after this Reset happens. I hope people know that.


Gideon: "We will be in a much better position after the Reset to do something. There is a part of me that wishes it would happen now, so we could take action. We cannot take action now, we have to wait. We have to build up our USDR, wait, and be as careful as possible. So there is anticipation, for me, personally. And for others, who I am working with."


Bill: It is frustrating, but I think the plan is wise. Someone asked me what we plan to do, can we talk about our plans?


Gideon: "Not in detail, no. We will have to do an assessment post-Reset. That is when we will put our plan in place."


Bill: The cabal is reading this, and you told me they are not worried about us. They think we will just fold and even join them.


Gideon: "Indeed. They believe we will not fight back. They believe some of our Sovereigns will defect from us, or just stop communicating, and go enjoy their lives. The cabal believes this."


Bill: Yes, we discussed this in a previous Intel Drop. It still just amazes me. It's like they think they know our own souls.


Gideon: "It is all a test to them. They think they always win these tests, Bill. Look at Covid and vaccines. The cabal is flying high. They think they are victorious in everything they do. They believe they rule this planet, you do not think they believe they rule us, too?"


Bill: I bet they believe that, but we will never, ever give in to their temptations.


Gideon: "No, we won't."


Bill: In the last Intel Drop, you talked about the new whistle blowers who came forward. They shared some information about suicide, and the cabal's plans to push that. After learning about that, I did some research, and it backs up everything they say. Do you have anything else from them to report?


Gideon: "Not at this time, not publicly. We are still in communication and I am learning more. Some of it is very disturbing, and it is things I did not know about. I will be giving some of that to you, and we will report it, but I have not been given the green light to do so yet."


Bill: Ok, I look forward to that. Another thing before I forget, someone said to me, "Gideon never said the word Jesus." I couldn't believe that, because you've said it to me many times and we've discussed religion and faith so much. But then I realized, maybe it hasn't been in any of the Intel Drops. Can you comment on that?


Gideon: "Bill, if anyone ever asks you, you tell them you are washed in the blood of Christ. I am washed in the blood of Christ."


Bill: Yes, I do say that! You said if you say that, you are protected.


Gideon: "It is a spiritual sheath of armour. If I did not say it publicly, that is my fault. Now it has been said."


Bill: Ok, this is my last question, I know you have to go. How much time do we have? Because I'm worried we have less time than we thought.


Gideon: "It is less and less time. If the collapse happens now or soon, I am worried about our Sovereigns, if they do not get enough USDR they will be in a lot of trouble, so we need to help them be ready."


Bill: We're doing our best on that. This has been a great conversation. Can we finish Part 3 soon?


Gideon: "Yes, we will plan on that."



Note: We are building a team. It doesn't matter what class you are in CSRQ, you will still be able to help us post-Reset if you share in what we believe and want to fight back. We will need people we can rely on and coordinate with from all over the world. You can fill out our anonymous questionnaire here.


Update: If you filled out the questionnaire, you may not have heard a response yet. Do not worry, we have received it and we are slowly processing each questionnaire. We are also slowly answering emails, one by one. Keep checking your email (and spam folder) for a reply.


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