Intel Drop #18 - No One Is Prepared For The Economic Changes To Come

"Once the full picture came into view, I realized there is a very insidious plan at hand here. The cabal wants to induce suicides and facilitate them."

Intel Drop #18 - No One Is Prepared For The Economic Changes To Come



September 18, 2022


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Here are excerpts from my conversations with Gideon, which are collated from multiple discussions. As always, these conversations are edited by Michael for clarity and for obfuscation purposes (see: Stylometry):


Bill: The past week or so has been intense, to say the least. How much do you want to disclose about what happened?


Gideon: "Some of it, but not all of it yet."


Bill: Do you want to go ahead and tell everyone about who came forward?


Gideon: "Yes. They are people with specific knowledge. Most of them work for the U.S. government."


Bill: It's a group of people?


Gideon: "It is. I do not want to say how many, or who. I will use some obfuscation, as I have done before, to protect them, but still maintain the purity of what they want to report."


Bill: How did they know to contact you? How did they find you?


Gideon: "I have a lot of sources from a lot of backgrounds. So, people I trust will bring me information, and if there is someone who wants to get something out, they will bring them to me. How we handled the CSRQ whistle blowers, and the care that has gone into protecting them, seems to have piqued the interest of others who want to come forward."


Bill: That's good. So your sources are starting to bring you more information?


Gideon: "Yes. In this instance, I had to have you and Michael do some things behind the scenes this past week, so we can be ready to release this."


Bill: What's the timetable on that?


Gideon: "Over the next few months, starting with this post."


Bill: So we're clear, there's no connection between them and the CSRQ whistle blowers?


Gideon: "No, no connection."


Bill: Do the new people who came forward know about CSRQ? I mean, did they already know about it outside of what we've reported?


Gideon: "Yes, they did. They already knew about it. Then they later came to know what we reported, too."


Bill: That's very interesting. I assume they've corroborated a lot of things?


Gideon: "They have."


Bill: I know you are being careful about what you can say, but I'm still going to ask as many questions as I can here, for the sake of our readers. I'll start by asking, What do these people want to blow the whistle on?


Gideon: "They have seen internal documents they found extremely alarming. These disclosures took place in a closed environment. They were not allowed to copy anything, or remove or save anything. They were given a presentation and a folder, which they looked through, in a secure room. This situation, among other things they have seen in their line of work, pushed them to want to come forward."


Bill: Ok, for the people reading, why are you being so careful with this?


Gideon: "Because that has been requested of me by the whistle blowers, and I also advised it, due to my experience with these things. First, they had a lot of trouble coming forward, because they were not sure how many people were privy to the information they saw. Was it only those of them in the room? If it was, then it would be fairly easy to finger them. They had to do some digging of their own. They found out this presentation was made to many officials at many levels. A low-ball estimate would be a couple of hundred were shown it all over the country."


Bill: So once they determined that, they felt safer coming forward?


Gideon: "Yes. But I still had concerns. One of them is whether within each presentation a specific bit of information was disclosed unique only to that room, or that discussion. That way if someone decided to speak out, if they included that information, they would know from which meeting it came. This is why we are being extremely careful with details."


Bill: That would definitely help in finding a leak, if they did that.


Gideon: "Yes, it is just something we suspect, but we are not certain. We are trying to find a secondary source who also saw the same presentation. If the details were exactly the same, then we would not need to be concerned with that. I do not want my sources harmed, just as I do not want my CSRQ sources harmed, so we will be careful with some of these specific details until we know more."


Bill: Ok, that makes sense. It sounds like this was highly classified in nature.


Gideon: "It appeared to be. As I noted, no copies, nothing in or out of the room, very secure. They also had to sign some things. But based on who was there, they felt a lot of government workers who would not have security clearances must have seen it. So it is something being treated very secretly, but being shared more broadly within the government, to prepare a variety of workers in different fields."


Bill: I see. What were they shown in the presentation? At least, in general terms, or what you are willing to tell everyone?


Gideon: "It relates to what is going to be done in the United States in preparation for CSRQ, and in the aftermath. Some kind of new program is going to be used there. We are not sure if it is unique to the U.S., but we suspect it may be, or at least it will be used there, in Canada, possibly in Europe."


Bill: Ok. I'm going to diverge here, because we discussed this privately before, and it has to do with the Deagel report. You told me you think that report was very accurate. What was strange is they listed "suicide" as a leading cause of death, which we thought was baffling. Can you discuss why you think that report is related to what these whistle blowers saw?


Gideon: "What they saw we eventually connected to that report."


Bill: Ok. Describe as best you can what they can reveal, and what you can reveal right now.


Gideon: "The U.S. government is preparing on multiple fronts for this coming collapse, which we already knew. What we did not know, well, I suspected, but I had not had it confirmed, is that they are expecting a rash of suicides from the economic fallout, in terms of the economic devastation people will experience.


Then we linked it to the Deagel report. Once the full picture came into view, I realized there is a very insidious plan at hand here. The cabal wants to induce suicides and facilitate them. What these people told me perfectly lined up with all of that."


Bill: This presentation they saw, how was this presented? How did they spin it? I'm just wondering how the hell they make this acceptable to anyone.


Gideon: "It is presented as, for one thing, an emergency response plan. In the meeting they are told of what is to come. Most of them are either Sovereigns in the room, or they are Commons hoping to become Sovereign. So they are already aware of most of this, Bill. The emergency response is dealing with the fact the economic crisis will destroy the middle and upper classes. They are expecting suicides."


Bill: Ok, we know the cabal wants this, but did the presentation act that way? That this is a desired outcome?


Gideon: "No, no. It treats it as a humanitarian plan, to deal with it. They will have suicide centres. They will help facilitate it. They will help normalize it, or make it seem acceptable. This is all something that is going to happen post-Reset. It is one of many phases, many plans they have."


Bill: Can I ask why they came forward to disclose this to you?


Gideon: "It was a culmination of different things they've seen and heard, that pushed them to start asking who they can trust with this information."


Bill: You told me about some clues they saw. What were the clues?


Gideon: "What I mean by that is, they told me they thought the presentation was trying to present something a certain way, but underneath that there was some kind of agenda. They hated what they were shown, even though it was presented in this emergency planning, humanitarian approach."


Bill: Right, the cabal wants this to happen, it's not like they want to save anyone.


Gideon: "Correct. So the people who came to me, they seemed to have picked up on that. It was not just the presentation, they have more information, Bill. A lot more. I am sharing right now what I think I can share that will keep them from getting exposed.


They began connecting the dots. They can also see this is all coordinated. They were wondering why this all seemed planned. They also knew about CSRQ and knew they were Common, and were given a presentation about that, too."


Bill: When did that happen? Was that before this?


Gideon: "It was some time ago, early this year. They said they think most of the employees at their level, in their department, were made aware of CSRQ. They think the majority are Commons are intending to do good work, more or less, to later attain Sovereign status or bump their social credit score."


Bill: So most just stay quiet, because they want to save themselves?


Gideon: "They do. We are talking about career government employees, Bill. They are not going to turn on their master. They are servants. They care about their pensions, their retirements, and they have faith in the government. Once they learn about CSRQ, then that's what they care about. They are just pieces in the cog, the machine. They are operators. Most of them are brainwashed. Most just go along to get along."


Bill: There must be a few against this. Those who came to you are against it. Why don't more speak out?


Gideon: "There are those against it, but they have no recourse at all. What are they going to do? If a person is aware of how wrong this is, and sees their own government and media supporting it, they must be smart enough to know they cannot simply come out and expose it. A naive person might spill the beans, but they would be wiped and memory-holed quickly. We would never hear of them.


Additionally, a lot of them are told about CSRQ as if it is a good thing, so they are not even immediately going to be against it. The people who came forward said everyone they work with was for it, they felt worried about the coming crisis, but hopeful for the post-Reset world."


Bill: I keep forgetting, a lot of sheep will think CSRQ is a good thing. Are the people who came forward vaccinated? Did they willingly take the poison? Once they are told about CSRQ, how can they feel good about taking a poison shot?


Gideon: "Yes, they took it. When they are told about CSRQ, they are not told the whole plan, of course. Just to expect an economic change, a new world ruled by digital money and digital tracking. Most are supportive of it. They are not told they will eventually expire over the next decade due to the vaccine.


Things are compartmentalized, Bill, based on need-to-know. The cabal is not going to tell their vaccinated minions, 'Oh, by the way, we killed you with the vaccine.' They need them, they are still instrumental to this plan being put in place, even if they will eventually expire."


Bill: Ok, did you tell them the truth about the poison shot?


Gideon: "I did, and they already knew. They were brought to me, Bill, from one of my sources. They were prepared beforehand. They were also told that I will not help anyone who does not disavow this evil."


Bill: So they disavowed all of it?


Gideon: "Yes. They also were made aware of our reporting on CSRQ. They support us, they support everything. They know it's all true, we just helped show them the bigger picture. They know they made a mistake taking the shot."


Bill: What information do they really want imparted here? What do people need to take away from this?


Gideon: "First, they know much more than I revealed here. What I am revealing here has to do with the suicide plan and agenda. They have seen more. This is all we can really share now, because if we go further we have reason to believe they could be pinpointed and discovered. The situation is similar to that of my CSRQ whistle blowers. We have people working within secure environments, under a lot of stress, with grave consequences if they go against the cabal.


So we are working on how to get this information out without compromising them. The other information is much more serious, so it will need to come out, one way or another, I will make sure of that.


In terms of what people need to take away from this, people need to be mentally ready for what is coming. They still think all of their money will be worth something, they still cling to it desperately. If they are not ready mentally for the shock that it will all be rendered worthless or banned, I am concerned suicide could really be something people actually consider. The cabal is not wrong, they are right, suicides will be a major issue."


Bill: We talked about how we think a lot of people will accept CSRQ, those who live paycheck to paycheck will probably be thrilled with it, but that others will be devastated. You said they will not act out. Instead, they will internalize it. How will that happen? Will they not know it is not their fault? This is why I can't understand why anyone would commit suicide over it.


Gideon: "This is where the psychological operations will be used. It seems the cabal wants to induce people to make investments, then pull the rug out from under them, so that they blame themselves. This will be highlighted during and after the collapse with subtle media campaigns. They will show some suicides. They will feature men who invested in something and lost it all, and how upset they were. That will be shown pre-Reset."


Bill: Does this relate to Gamestop, and AMC? They have everyone in the stock market now. They have everyone in crypto. They have everyone in gold and silver. They have their gatekeepers pushing Trump bucks, and XRP. They've been pushing so hard for years to get Americans investing into everything under the sun, with promises of riches.


Gideon: "Yes. One of their objectives was to get people into more and more investments, so when the collapse happens, more people will blame themselves. The impact will be more devastating. It will break families up. Wives will be mad at their husbands. The economic strain will simply break people.


We also think the cabal is coming up with ways to shift blame for the economic collapse. We are not sure how yet, or what they will do. We can see the cabal always shifts blame and uses the media to push lies and false narratives, and for this suicide situation, they will do the same."


Bill: I can see how the hopium that the gatekeepers push would play into this. The cabal is always, always pushing these narratives that the military, the white hats, the Galactic federation or Trump is going to save us. All these hope-narratives. They're fantasies, but people strongly believe in them. Once people realize none of that is true, it could put them on a path to suicide.


Gideon: "Yes, it could lead a person to feel that way, to have all of their hopes pulled out from under them, and that is part of the psy op, the intent of it. Humans are psychologically fragile, sensitive creatures, they naturally need to believe in something, and the cabal knows this and exploits it."


Bill: I think this is really, really evil. It's really evil to induce someone to commit suicide.


Gidoen: "It is, and it is even more evil because of the soul contract we all agree to. It is a violation of it. It places us in the hands of the cabal in the afterlife. We give ourselves up to them if we take our own lives, and we separate ourselves from God. Not everyone knows this, not consciously, but in that moment, you still make a decision to take your life and you must take ownership of that decision."


Bill: Does God forgive suicides?


Gideon: "God does not judge it at all, and feels great empathy for those who are in so much pain they commit such an act. But God also adheres to the universal laws we all agree to, these soul contracts."


Bill: Is there ever a good reason to do it?


Gideon: "I do not know. I think if someone was being tortured or in so much pain they could not take it, then maybe. I only speculate here. I think those situations are rare. But certainly, to take one's life due to lost savings or lost money, that is a terrible mistake."


Bill: The cabal wants that.


Gideon: "They are looking forward to it. They know the economic crisis will present that opportunity for them, and they are planning for it. They are putting all these plans in place for it.


First, it will be encouraged, they will have their assisted suicide facilities, then they will quietly link it to carbon footprints, climate change, and say suicide is some how honourable or good! They will also use psychological campaigns to shift blame on to people for the economic crash."


Bill: This is just beyond evil. It's almost like what they did with the vaccines, isn't it? Push and prod people into taking it. Will this be like that?


Gideon: "Similar, yes, but the cabal will not be obvious with this. They will just use their usual psychological tricks. They already are. Watch how the media talks about suicide. Look how normalized assisted suicide as become. Look at the data, look at the numbers, suicides are already way up.


They want depopulation, Bill. They also want it done willingly, where the person makes a decision to die, they love that, because it commits the soul to the cabal. The cabal doesn't want to just go murder people, because doing that doesn't serve their spiritual ends, it just sends good people to fight in the astral war for the righteous side, or sends them straight to God. Do you see how complex this is?"


Bill: I do. Are they making a distinction between vaccinated and unvaccinated in terms of who they want to commit suicide?


Gideon: "No, no, the act itself is so drastic that it plays into what they want. In their view, if a vaccinated person commits suicide, it simply accelerates them joining the cabal in the astral plane. That is fine with them. In fact, it further solidifies that person's soul contract with the cabal, so it is preferable. This is why we think it is possible more and more will come out about the fact the vaccine is a death sentence, so they can induce suicides that way, too."


Bill: Oh my God, you're right. They seem to be letting some truth out. So some of the vaccinated will catch on and feel hopeless.


Gideon: "This is correct. They will allow some truth about the vaccine to filter out, to induce suicides in the vaccinated. They let enough out so the more curious vaccinated will see it, and be scared. In the larger sense, the average person is still clueless. They do not want outright revolt over the vaccine, just some truth to leak out."


Bill: I assume they are perfectly thrilled if a non-vaccinaed person commits suicide for any reason.


Gideon: "They are, they very much are. They are going to be very focused on that. They want them to do it. They want them to take the future post-Reset vaccine, but they also know if they commit suicide, that person will be joining the cabal in the astral. It works for them, either way."


Bill: Does this September cabal meeting have anything to do with this?


Gideon: "It does, it is part of the changing of the rules. The cabal is just going to be doing more evil things, more openly now. The years ahead will become more evil, more dark."


Bill: I keep hearing dates, late September. The 23rd or 24th, have you heard anything?


Gideon: "No. My perspective is, we have a few months of economic viability left. Our Sovereigns have very little time to prepare to get USDR. Beyond Winter, I see CSRQ could be online into early next year. My men report what I have suspected, that in-flows are steadily increasing, and the workload is increased. They are preparing rapidly, but they still have a tremendous amount of internal work to do. Anything you hear about digital IDs or CBDCs is just the cabal talking about CSRQ in code words, and if you notice, they are talking about it more and more."


Bill: I have noticed. One thing I think people have trouble with is understanding the new vaccine formulation will keep the non-vaccinated alive. This really throws people off. First, the cabal uses a deadly vaccine to kill, induced voluntarily but not without pressure and manipulation, then later one that will keep people alive, one they will actually force into people's arms, even with drones if they have to. This is very complex. I think we need to explain it better.


Gideon: "If a person does not understand the spiritual side of this, they will fall for the cabal's tricks, especially after the Reset. It is going to be evident the new vaccine, in fact, offers life extension properties. Many of the non-vaccinated will fall for it. They may be hesitant at first, but then they will see they new vaccine is different, which it will be! It will keep you alive, not kill you, but the devastating consequences of that will be hidden; it will be full of nano tracking technology and mind-control technology. It just won't kill you, it will keep you alive. It is that simple. Many without spiritual knowledge will fall for the trick, and take the deal."


Bill: Their plans are so, so insidious and evil, it boggles my mind. There is no end to their tricks. They are always fooling everyone. Do you think they are fooling their own Sovereigns? I had one guy say all of us Sovereigns are being fooled and the cabal will get rid of us.


Gideon: "I see no evidence of that. The Sovereigns are their own, they will need them post-Reset. All of the Sovereigns seem to be people in key positions, so getting rid of them would not serve any of their purposes. Us infiltrating them is the only way to stop them."


Bill: Do you think they will betray or sacrifice some of them, or us?


Gideon: "In rare instances, yes. Or if there is insubordination detected, then a Sovereign would be eliminated, or in fact, force-vaccinated and be hooked up to the Metaverse, to serve in that purpose. Remember, they want all of the righteous to be kept out of the astral and also from God and moving beyond the astral."


Bill: I still don't think people fully get this. Not much of what they've been taught lines up with this. They get angry. But at the same time, I've had a lot of people say what you say lines up with their spiritual understanding, too. A lot of people came to me, in agreement with you, on your perspective on the astral and afterlife.


Gideon: "I think the people who are well educated on the spirit realms will accept what I have said, or at least, be open to it. I am not asking people to believe me wholeheartedly. I am reporting what I know, what I believe is accurate. If am I deceived, I would want to know if I was, so I would want to hear why."


Bill: I will keep sending you things. People attack you, but they don't realize how open you are to hearing other perspectives. We forward you a lot of emails.


Gideon: "Thank you, keep doing that."


Bill: I'm really concerned about this suicide plan. What can anyone do to prepare for this?


Gideon: "There is not much that can be done, other than to be prepared mentally and spiritually. One cannot ever, ever let such a thought enter their mind, no matter how bad things get. Be aware, the cabal will manipulate you! In any way they can. Suicide is never an option. God is there for you, reach out to Him, if you are in the deepest of despair."


Bill: Our Sovereigns will be spared this nightmare. We had some good news on that front, can I share that?


Gideon: "You may."


Bill: We found a way to use my own USDR and transfer it to other Sovereigns. This way I can make monthly in-flows for them, albeit small in-flows. This took a lot of work, but we found a way. This is really good for making sure everyone's accounts are kept in good standing.


Gideon: "Yes, we felt we had to do this, because not everyone can make the in-flows or keep up with them. Not everyone is rich like most of the real Sovereigns are, so that is a challenge."


Bill: It's a relief. I was worried before. One of our Sovereigns just dropped off the map, we have not heard from them. Their account was about to be flagged, because they had no in-flows. They just vanished. Then I was able to make in-flows for them, so the account will be ok.


Gideon: "Yes, I know. I have spoken with Michael about this. We are still trying to find out what happened, and why communication stopped."


Bill: Ok, I'll discuss that with you later. Is there anything else you want to add before we go?


Gideon: "I expect more will be coming from my sources. They saw more than just one presentation. They know a lot more. They also know their lives are in danger, so everything is being done to protect them, the same way we protected our CSRQ whistle blowers."


Bill: Do you think if word gets out how much you protect your sources, that more will come forward?


Gideon: "I have my people putting feelers out, and there are more parties interested. They respect what we have done."


Bill: That's really good. It would be great if more came forward. We are better than Wikileaks, I know that, because they are compromised.


Gideon: "They are absolutely compromised. There are almost no safe venues for whistle blowers right now."


Bill: Ok. I want to get this up soon, so we will talk later.


Gideon: "Goodnight."




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