Summary translated by the dear brother @IbnNabih


New article by Shaykh Abu Muhammad al-Maqdisi: 

Maqdisi say that he's lately been in close contact with those that support ISIS, & heard their arguments & read some of their books, yet..

He says that much of the arguments/texts that they brought forth is things that he's already heard/read in prison due to there being ISIS.

ISIS supporters in his own cell with him!This ISIS supporter had weekly contact with ISIS contacts in Sham etc,so he's already heard it all.

He says that many tried to convince him that he should take back his statement/bayan against ISIS, since he's out of prison now etc.

But the shaykh refuses to do so since no new information has come to him which changes what he wrote in his article.The facts remains still.

Facts being that ISIS has continued to refuse all efforts to solve the issues through shari'ah & they have refused to listen to any advice.

The Shaykh say that the one who bears responsibility for the spilling of blood is the one who refuses judgment by Allahs Shari'a (i.e. ISIS)

He also put the blame on those that initiated the spilling of blood, but again, main responsibility is those that reject the shari'a.

The Shaykh says that he dont wish to see any Muslim blood being spilled nor is he pleased with this except when defending against aggressors

He says that naturally all Muslims are happy of the progress taking place in Iraq against the Rafidha,yet some important questions comes up:

1) How will ISIS treat the other groups in Iraq? 2) What will they do with the weapons they captured from the Iraqi regime?

He's afraid of the answers 2 these Q's due 2 him not trusting the minds of those that hold these weapons(i.e it can be used against Muslims)

He was asked regarding the issue of Khilafah, he said that we all wish for the return of khilafah & breaking of the borders and...

and raising the banner of tawhid & removing the banner of idolatry. No one hates this except a Munafiq. BUT names & claims is one thing...

And realities on the ground is a different thing. And rushing to things before it's time will be deprived from it's success.

& I fear a declaration like this;will it be used to shelter the weak&oppressed Muslims?Or will it be used as a sword against other Muslims?

The Kavkaz Emirate was declared before this yet they didn't oblige all Muslims to come under them. Will this new declaration of khilafah..

.. will it nullify the Kavkaz Emirate now? The same for the Afghanistan Emirate, what will this "khilafah" do with them??

What will this "khilafah" do with all the jihadi groups around the world? What will their blood be worth?

Especially considering that this "khilafa" vowed 2 split open with bullets any1 from the Muslims who differ with them?These Qs need answers!

"And we say that to those that incite against spilling blood;Dont think that your high voices&shouting will make the sound of Haqq be silent

Or that your threats & screaming & lack of manners & your aggression will silent our bearing witness on the truth, no & a thousands no's!

We will remain sincerely upon this religion, guarding/protecting it against all deviance's & extremism & others distorted people.

Either you fix yourself & repent & stop spilling Muslim blood & distort this religion, or we will be against you with tongues like swords.

We'll strike you with clear evidences & you know well that prison didn't stop us from speaking the truth, nor will we be silent now.

& we swear by Allah,that we wont let people distort this religion & spill Muslim blood,even if we get killed & people lie/defame against us

And we warn you from from distorting this religion & spreading fasad/corruption & spill the blood of the Muslims&Mujahidin, so fear Allah.

And this is (only) some of what I have to say and not all, that I transmit to you during this blessed month of Ramadan. /End

Note:All that I wrote was either the literal words of the Shaykh or summarized,if any1 finds mistakes with them please notify & forgive me.