Fixing Bent Eyeglasses Arms and Scratched Lenses



While the arms of the frame are not the part that gets damaged the most, they are still very prone to damage. Wearing glasses that were not sized to your head can result in the frame expanding and thus getting loose. If the eyeglass falls from your hand or head, a quite common thing is the arms bending beyond use, or simply breaking off if it lands on the arm itself. Here’s how to fix it.


If the Arms are Bent


If the arms are bent, this may make the frame uncomfortable or disturbing to wear. You will have to bend them into shape yourself.


  1. Hold the frame above boiling water to heat the plastic.
  2. If they are too loose, bend them in a curve to make them tighter.
  3. If they are too tight, bend them upwards to make them relax the curve and become looser.
  4. Take care to not wet the plastic. This is not recommended, as it may cause complications.


If the lenses are scratched


Ah, Lenses. Yes, they are quite prone to get damaged and scratched, if you don’t put them in their case, or just are a bit reckless or clumsy. If the scratch is light and not deep, you can use various products to remove the scratches.


The best option is to use a product for scratched lenses.


  • Apply a glass etching product on the scratched lens. 
  • Although this will remove the various kinds of coating on the lens, such as the anti-glare coating and the anti-scratch coating, it works.
  • You can also use household cleaners for this purpose, but waxy cleaners are not recommended, as they reduce the visibility of the lens significantly.
  • Make sure to never use cleaning chemicals on the plastic lens only. NEVER use them on glass lenses.
  • NEVER polish your lenses continuously for long periods, as this may change the thickness of the surface