Bondage, spanking, rimming, pegging, chastity, breathplay, hanging, animalism, latex, rubber, leather, pvc, plastic, bagging, deepthroating, multiple penetration, sounding, C&BT, cosplay, mental transformation, public use, public bondage, public fetish-wear (latex, rubber, etc...), gang banging, cum-bathing if at all possible, pseudo-rape (I.E. drugged but with consent beforehand, unfamiliar situations after awakening), kidnapping, hair pulling, enema inflation, temperature play, encasement, pet play, large insertions, felching, snowballing, hair pulling, general S&M, humiliation, objectification, voyeurism, positional asphyxia, nasal penetration, aural (ears!) penetration, orgasm denial, orgasm control, forced orgasms, anal orgasms, and food play!