Feel The Power: Dressing Up In A Superhero Costume

In a world of mortals, the idea of being able to defy the physical and mental limitations that define us humans holds a special, timeless allure. Innumerable characters blessed with their super human powers, irrespective of which part of the world we come from, permeate our psyche and become a part of our fantasies. Invariably, these cut across barriers of age, gender, nationality ?the charm of these super heroes lies in their universality. Superman is as recognized in Zambia as it is in Alaska; Batman is as popular in Brazil as it is among the children of Thailand.

These characters have been firmly entrenched in our minds through comic strips and movies and their identities stamped with indelibly on our impressionable minds. But, let?s take a step back and ask ourselves what really defines these superheroes. Is it their special powers or the great acts that they do? I can say with considerable certainty that barring some avid quizzers and trivia buffs, the number of people who recognize the name Clark Kent would be very small. But mention Superman, and the blue and red colors of the Superman costume will flash across.

Undoubtedly, the unique superhero costumes, each carefully designed by the creators of these superheroes, are what we really remember them by. While we may fantasize about their powers and our own ability to do what they do, it is their costume that is the one constant in our minds.

The Superman costume is probably the most popular and most sold superhero merchandise worldwide. With the latest version of the Superman movie out in theaters worldwide, sales of Superman costumes and other merchandise is undoubtedly expected to sky rocket. The blue costume with red trunks, red boots and a long flowing red cape, a yellow belt and his personal insignia of his superpowers?a bright red ?S? emblazoned on his chest?is has been an item of choice since ages, a powerful reminder of the indestructible powers of the man and his persona.

Or, consider the enigmatic Bruce Wayne, popularly known as the Batman. The caped crusader, with a costume that reflects his source of inspiration ? the Bat?is an ever popular character, whose fight against injustice does not fail to strike a chord with the public. Batman, in his inimitable costume comprising a headgear, cape, muscle chest jumpsuit, belt and boots, epitomizes righteousness and valor. No wonder then that kids and adults like would love to slip into a Batman costume at every opportunity.

As I mentioned earlier, if there were male superheroes, there had to be female idols as well. Batgirl, a Batman family member, and Supergirl are two pet characters that women superheroes that women like to idolize. Batgirl, modeled after Betty Kane the niece of Kathy Kane, prefers a red-and-green-costume, which normally comprise of a full leotard corset, cape, boot tops, eye mask, bat emblem, gloves and shoulder pieces. The elements of the Batgirl costume are often made with latex to reproduce the look and feel of the 1997 movie.

Supergirl, like Superman, is easily distinguishable in her costume comprising a striking red-and-blue dress, red cape, miniskirt and high-heeled boots. ?S?, the most prominent and striking feature of the costume is emblazoned on her chest.

Quite simply, superhero costumes brighten up Halloween and other special occasions. In fact, with Halloween just round the corner, it is time to think who you?d want to dress up like. There is no dearth of characters and costumes to make Halloween exciting and memorable; it is only a matter of picking up the right one!


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Author: Dave Fisher