FATWA about Female Genital Mutilation


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July 24, 2014



On July 24, 2014, Reuters ran a story about a fatwa that was reportedly issued in Mosul, now controlled by the Islamic State, that ordered female genital mutilation, otherwise known as female circumcision.

Al Arabiya, Daily Star(Lebanon), ITV News, The GuardianBBC and others all ran the same story.



However, this claim is not new, and it has been making rounds since 2013 from inside Syria.

This 'fatwa' about female circumcisions for example, was first posted on Iranian media outlets, blogs and Facebook pages back in 2013. It was proven fake long ago.








The date was from last year, July 11, 2013 corresponding to 3rd Ramadan and purportedly published in Aleppo Province by the Islamic State under the orders of Abu Bakr Al Baghdad.

Al Arabiya Arabic ran the same news using a blurred out picture of the same 'fatwa' as shown above.



However the picture of the fake fatwa was purposefully blurred out.


No such statements or fatwas were ever published in Syria.


Many English and Arabic speaking citizens of areas controlled by the Islamic State have said that such fatwas were never published, and neither were these actions carried out.



The citizens can be easily be contacted via Twitter for added verification.

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