Essentials to English Teaching

Every English Language teacher is going to have their own techniques for teaching, but the lessons that we learn are largely the same and we have found a few standards that are goof to teach all of the things that you need to know about English. In many English classes, you are going to see similarities in terms of the categories that you are going to study. With that, I am going to talk about these aspects of English teaching: reading books, learning vocabulary, learning grammar, and writing. Without any further ado, here is a little bit about how each of these comes together to form the best English education.

Reading Books

There are a lot of students that hate the books that you have to read in English class because they can tend to be boring or they are hard to understand. For one, Shakepeare’s works can be especially difficult because they are written in an old vernacular of English that we are not only not used to, but also not going to ever use publicly again. You sound crazy when you talk like Shakespeare today. That said, the standards from Shakespeare, Animal Farm, Lord of the Flies, and others are great stories filled with simple examples of a lot of the mechanics of prose and writing that make them the best to read. As much as you want to read Harry Potter, To Kill A Mockingbird is actually teaching you about writing and language more.

Learning Vocab

Having the “best words,” in the words of a certain president, can make you sound smart, but overusing a good vocabulary can also make you look silly, like with Stephen A. Smith. Instead, expanding your vocabulary in a smart way can help you express yourself better. I remember learning the true meaning of the word earnest and realizing that there were a lot of situations where it would have been a better word than what I ended up using. When you have a strong vocabulary, you can pick your places to show off, not to be better than others, but to express your thoughts clearly.

Learning Grammar

Speaking can make you take for granted how people understand you. The scientific method is something that is important in science because it must be something that another person can repeat in similar circumstances. In the case of language, you might not realize that the things that you say can be taken a different way. On paper, you must have good grammar because you never know when someone will take what you say wrong.


Becoming a better writer is not just to tell better stories. Arguments are best formed when you are able to organize your ideas well and present them effectively and writing teaches you how to best organize your thoughts and get them out there. Combining what you learn from reading other people’s writing, the words that you learn, and the grammar you learn to put it together, your writing will improve through English teaching.