How our own Desires can destroy us.


The Dual Nature of Adam:
The Biblical account of the Gods creation states that God created Man from the dust of the Ground and Breathed into His Nostrils the Breath of Life and that after this breath was introduced into Him,He became a living soul(Gen 2:7):Man was made an earthly,Carnal and lifeless being before the breath God was introduced into Him.God didn't want to impose His will on the Man He created.He didn't want Man to be an automaton without the Power of Choice.He wanted the Man to be subject to Him and His laws not because He was forced to so but because He loved to do so.

That was why He made Adam a carnal,dark and "Dusty" Soul (1 Cor 15:47-48)who had the divine breath(Holy Spirit,Light,Life)indwelling within I.e:Giving Light to the dark and beastly soul of the Man.As we all know,Darkness only exists when there is no Light:As soon as the Light(breath)was introduced into the dark soul of the Man,The Man became "alive" to the Divine realities that this Light showed to Him.He was ignorant of the Darkness within Him that the Light Overcame.That was why He was Naked and unashamed in the Garden of Eden.He couldn't see the Nakedness and emptiness of His Dark and Base self.He could Only see the Light of the Glory of God that covered His eyes From realizing who he was without God.

The Root Cause of Sin is desiring what God doesn't want us to Have:
James 1:14:"But every Man is tempted,when he is drawn away of His "own lust",and enticed.(Emphasis Mine)
When God's breath dwelt inside Adam,He decided what was good and evil for Adam.He defined all that was acceptable for Adam.
Psalm 32:8:"I will instruct You and teach You in the way which You shall go,I will guide You with My eye.
God is the Mind of Divine Beings(Rom 12:2,1 Cor 2:16)When we choose to submit to the Holy Spirit of God,We think Like He does,see like he does and we reflect the Light of His Glory

As I stated Earlier,Even though it is Gods wish that His creation are subject to His will,He will never coerce them into submitting to Him,He wants them to submit to Him of their own freewill even when they have the option to disobey Him,So after God Perfected the Man with His Breath and Put Him into His Garden(Paradise,Kingdom)He still gave Him the Option to return to the Ground from whence He was taken from.
Gods Demands:
Gen 2:16-17:"And the Lord Commanded the man saying,of every tree of the Garden You may eat,But of the tree of knowledge of good and evil,You shall not eat of it for in the day that You eat of it You will surely Die."

Mans Lusts:
- For where your treasure is, there will your heart be also.Luke 12:34
Somewhere along the Line,Eve began to desire exploring her dark nature and that is when doubt crept in:Doubts always come when we have a divided mind about something. This"double Mind "Began to divert her attention from being focused on what God wanted and began to focus her attention on what she wanted.
A double Minded Man is unstable in all His ways."James 1:8.
This made her to doubt the Good intentions of God.She desired the carnal nature that the forbidden tree offered but then she feared the implication that God had forewarned would follow her partaking of
it:When we begin to doubt God,We attract the subtle and destructive serpent who seeks to deceive us into to accepting a life without God:Our True Life

The Serpent:
When doubts creep in,We begin to question:The Serpent(Satan) is the Mind and Life of all carnal and unregenerated Beings:He is the intelligence that pervades the Ground that Man was taken from(Gen
-Gen 3:1:"Now the serpent was more subtil than any beast of the fieldĀ  which the LORD God had made. And he said unto the woman, Yea, hath God said, Ye shall not eat of every tree of the garden?
When Eve began to doubt God,This rebellious Mind began to Prompt Eve to question whether She really understood Gods commandment or whether she was getting it wrong:That is the same way we question some of Gods demands which We feel are too Harsh e.g:Did God really mean it when He
said that all who love their Lives in this world would eternally Lose it?Did He actually mean it when He said that we shouldn't Love this"lovely" world?How can a loving God destroy all those who reject Him in an eternal Fire?Is homosexuality really forbidden?

This questioning made The Woman crosscheck the earlier instruction to be sure if God really meant what He stated:
"We are free to eat of all the trees except the tree which is in the Midst of the Garden"Gen 3:2-3,(Paraphrased):
The Woman's Mind seemed to be more focused on this tree than on the Many trees which she was permitted to eat from.Besides,God never called the forbidden tree:"The Tree in The Midst of The Garden."He called it "the tree of knowledge of Good and evil."The Woman had her mind on another Garden,Another reality.The reality of the ground(world)she was taken from.That is why she began to
desire the tree(life,intelligence)that could make her experience it.Also,God never stated "neither shall You touch it":He simply stated "Ye shall not eat of it":Eve was trying to suggest that God commandment was too harsh:How can a loving God forbid Me from partaking in this"juicy and good tree"?

Finally,God never stated "lest you die" but "You shall surely die" she tried to convince herself that there was a possibility that she wouldn't die and that was why she twisted Gods instruction to justify her rebellion.:We are all like Eve.God has Promised us so many things if we choose to obey Him but we only tend to see the things he asks us to deny ourselves of:Like Peter we tell the Lord:Be it far from Thee Lord this shall not happen to You.How can a loving God destroy His son on the Cross?(Matt 16:22)?We ask ourselves:"How can God tell me to deny myself of all the good things of Life?And it is these questions that make us to twist Gods word in our own favor:

Example: 1 Cor 8:9:"For Ye know that the grace of our Lord,That though he was rich,Yet for Your sakes,He became poor that ye through his poverty might be made rich."

There are so many Carnal Christians who because of their love for the things of world twist the scripture above to mean that Jesus became poor for them to become Rich in this world.But they forget that the Riches that Jesus offers are Riches in Glory.Not Riches in Mammon(Phil 4:19)and that the same Scripture states that all those that desire to be rich in this world fall into foolish and hurtful lusts that drown men in perdition & that the love of money is the "root of evil(1 Tim 6,Matt 13:22,Luke 18:22)

Gen 3:4-5:"Ye shall not surely die."For God does know that in the day that You eat thereof,then Your eyes shall be opened and you shall be as gods,knowing good and evil."

The Serpent senses the doubt in the woman.He realizes that she desires the tree but is simply scared of the consequences that God stated would accompany partaking of its fruit.So he works to quench that fear.Common Eve,You "Surely"wont die.Rebellion doesn't Kill Eve.It gives You pleasure and makes You free to do what You like instead of what God Likes.Notice how He uses the word surely:That word was used to quench any lingering fear in Eves Mind and to reassure her that it was the wisest thing for her to do.

He goes on:"God doesn't want You to partake of this tree because he is scared of You becoming like He is":i.e Having the ability to choose what is good and Evil:The serpent knew that the only way to erase all the fears that the woman had for God was to devalue the worth of God in the woman's heart by making her feel she could be equivalent to(or even greater than God)and that God was scared of her discovering this because he didn't want her to become greater than he was.

This is the same way satan deceives the whole world today:He seeks to destroy the reverence for God and His words in them.He makes them feel that they are free to live as they like and that they can only find divinity and wisdom within themselves & by their own efforts.Forget about God and what He says.Don't believe His word when he says that You need Jesus to save You,He tells her.Check out what You can do with science and technology.Look at the occult knowledge at Your disposal.You can use this knowledge to improve Yourself and attain immortality.Look at how sweet doing what You like is.Why have God impose something contrary to what You desire On You when You can do what You like?

Gen 3:6:"And when the woman saw that the tree was good for food and pleasant to the eyes and a tree to be desired to make one wise,she took of the fruit thereof and did eat,and gave also unto her husband with her and he did eat."

Now the woman had the perfect reason to justify her choosing what she craved for.She wasn't going to die after all.God was simply trying to restrict her from discovering how to be Like He was.He didn't mean well for her after all.It was the serpent that meant well.He simply wanted to deliver her from the restrictions of God and make her discover how to become a master of her own destiny:Because of her carnal line of reasoning,She started "to see" the fruit of the tree that God called Evil as being good.The things of this world look "pleasant" to those who see with the Carnal Eye.The things of the Spirit appeal to those who see with Gods eye(Psalm 32:8,Gal 5:19-24,Rom 8:5).
Sin is when we base our judgments on our own understanding(Minds sight):That is why the emblem of many secret societies e.g Freemasonry is an Open Eye.

-1 Cor 1:25:"Because the "Foolishness"of God is Wiser than men..."

-1 Cor 2:14:Because the natural Man receives not the things of the Spirit of God for they are foolishness unto Him

The Wisdom of the Carnal Mind Looks wise to those who are Carnal because it exalts the ego and gives those who adhere to it the false illusion of Control over their own loves.On the other Hand the wisdom of God looks Foolish to the Carnal Mind because it exalts God and God alone and gives no credit to the self.

Once she believed she wasn't going to die,There was no more fear in her anymore.She took of the forbidden fruit and ate of it and gave it to her husband with her and he did it.That is exactly why billions of people in this world today live their lives in sin and do not seek repentance.They Believe God to be the Liar and satan the Carnal mind to be the person who says the truth.There is nothing like Hell.Its just a myth.We are all inherently good not evil as the Bible says.Satan simply wants us to discover this goodness within.We don't need God,We can change the world ourselves and control its resources with our own wisdom.We might be human in expression but we are divine in potential and that is why God seeks to restrain us from realizing this fact so we do not become like Him.

All Sinners are currently in one of the phases that Eve passed through:Some are in the phase of desire:where we desire something which God doesn't want us to have.(Professing Christians are the ones in this phase)Some are in the next phase,The phase of doubt which leads to us doubting His good intentions for us.(Professing Christians are also the ones in this phase)Then we begin to question His word to see whether he really forbade what we want to have.Because we are hardened on what we want we begin to twist his word to conform to what we want(This is the phase that carnal Christians who love their lives are in ).

The last and final phase is the phase that all non Christians are in right now.It is the stage where We begin to see God as being the Bad person and satan as being the good person.It is the stage where we feel we can do it our own way.It is the stage where we feel we do not need Jesus Christ but can bring our own selves to wholeness by our works.It is the stage where we disregard the God of the Bible and His Son and rely on what we want to believe in.

God desires that we return to Him today:
1 John 2:16:"For all that is in the world,The Lust of the Flesh,The Lust of the eyes,and the Pride of Life,is not of the Father but is of the World.

-John 12:25:"He that loves his life shall lose it; and he that hates his life in this world shall keep it unto life eternal."

Luke 18:22:"Now when Jesus heard these things, he said unto him, Yet lackest thou one thing: sell all that thou hast, and distribute unto the poor, and thou shalt have treasure in heaven: and come, follow me.

As a result of the rebellion of our progenitors,We have been Banished from Gods presence into the world(the ground)from whence they were taken from(Gen 3:23).The wisdom(Tree)in the Midst of the world we were banished to is the Tree of the Knowledge of good and evil which God clearly forbade man from eating:As in the Time of Eve,it looks so wise to seek this tree(Pride of Life).It gives so much pleasure when we satisfy the urges that this tree tempts us with(Lusts of the flesh or Lusts that the carnal man desires)It also appeals to the senses to partake of the fruit of this tree(Lust of the carnal eye)However,as it was in the Garden of Eden,Gods demands remain the same:"In the day that You eat of it You will surely die."

No matter how appealing the world may be to us,No matter how harsh You think His commandments and judgments are,He is never going to change His demands.God never changes.He always remains the same:If You want to inherit the Kingdom of God then You must deny Yourself of this world.You must ensure that You do not partake in it or else You will die.It may seem Harsh but Truth always is.Denial of who we are and acceptance of Jesus(The Image of God)within are the only ways that we can be reconciled to God.