Daily Bulletin of the Islamic Front (3-1-2014)

Mr Hassan Abboud, head of the political body of the Islamic Front, has sent a message to the Syrian people in which he urges them to treat the Muhajirin (emigrants) kindly. He also asked the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant (ISIS) to behave in the same way as Al-Nusra Front did; stressing that the latter shares the same ideology and reference of the ISIS but prioritizes defending the Syrian people over anything else, which is more healthy in the Islamic perspective and important to absorb the variant trends of the fighters. 

In addition, Mr Abboud has pointed out on Aljazeera channel that the solution for all problems lies in Sharia, even at the expense of belonging to a certain group. He also confirmed that the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant is a group like any other opposition group on the Syrian land; it should accept this fact and accept the Sharia law.

He then asked the ISIS to stop trespassing on the other opposition groups.

Mr Abboud concluded that what other opposition groups has done of attacking some strongholds of the ISIS was not already coordinated with the Islamic Front; and that the Front has not decided to fight the ISIS but rather prefers to go to Islamic courts to judge in any disputes.


News of the Battlefields


Fighters of the Islamic Front has targeted the Shiite militias in Khan Al-Saboun in Aleppo with mortars.

The Syrian Coast

In continuation to what our fighters has begun previously, they shelled the Shiite dens in the security square in Lattakia with Grad rockets and achieved direct hits, thank Allah.


Destroying a BMP vehicle and killing an officer and several Shiite militiamen in an ambush by the fighters of the Islamic Front near Al-Aziziah checkpoint in Al-Taman’a village.


Killing many of the Shiite militiamen while there were trying to advance towards Al-Kassarah checkpoint; and our fighters repelled a convoy heading towards the national hospital checkpoint.


Fighters of the Islamic Front targeted members of the PKK with 57mm cannon in Tal Hmeis; in addition, our rebels killed many of the PKK members in an ambush near Al-Husainiah- west of Tal Hmeis.


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The Islamic Front (3-1-2014)