Daily Bulletin of the Islamic Front (17-12-2013)



An Announcement from the Muslim Scholars Association Supporting the Islamic Front

It has pleased us that several groups of Mujahidin united in the Levant under the name of (Islamic Front), because this action agrees with the teachings of the Holy Quran and Sunna (Mohammad's tradition). We hope this be the first step for strengthening the Islamic nation. Allah, be He exalted, says: (O ye who believe! if you help thecauseof Allah, He will help you and will make your steps firm) [Mohammad:7]. One of the ways to support the cause of Allah is prioritising His command of  uniting to defeat all the obscurities, misleading thoughts, and whims. Those who gave the Islamic law more importance than their own benefits, and who prevented Satan from corrupting them, are more qualified to rule by the Islamic Law upon their lands.



Important News from the Battlefields



Damascus Countryside

Al-Mujahidin operations room has issued an important statement concerning the development of events in the city of Adra Al-Ummaliah in which it shed light upon the suffering of more than a million and half of the people in the eastern Ghouta; this suffering motivated the fighters to engage in a comprehensive military operation with a well-knit plan, an operation that led to taking over all the Shabbeeha strongholds in the city. Then, the fighters evacuated all the civilians and children to a safe place in order to keep them away from the danger of the arbitrary shelling by the Iranian militias on the liberated area.   



Fighters from the Islamic Front and Suqqur Al-Ezz have targeted the Shabbeeha gatherings and regime forces in Al-Qurdaha and Basil Al-Assad Airport  with Grad rockets.


Dei Ezzor

Militants from the Islamic Front took over the building of Bemo Bank and the Syriatel Tower,within which Assad's forces were stationed, on the outskirts of Al-Rashdiah quarter. In addition, the militants advanced towards Al-Naqshbandi mosque, and liberated several residential houses in Al-Huwayqa quarter in Deir Ezzor.



Militants from the Islamic Front shelled the strongholds of Assad's Shabbeha and Hezbollah mercenaries stationed in the 80th Brigade with Jahannam cannon, and they achieved direct hits.


The Islamic Front 17/12/12013