Website Domains and Keyword Significance

When first learning how to make a website, many people believe that the sole way to get your website noticed on the Internet, is by using keyword rich domain names. Others say that as long as your website has the keywords in it, then it is fine that way.

This theory can be put to the test by searching the Internet for spiders, making a list of keywords, and writing down all of your progress. This takes some time, and it involves a lot of effort. An easier way is by doing a search on Google. Spending too much time on keyword research can take away time from developing your website.

Many times you will discover that keywords that are in your website are also in your title tags. Title tags are what decide your placement on search engines like Google and Yahoo. The keywords will usually be in the content of the site itself.


If you want, you can also use a directory, if your title is rich in keywords. They use your title page, and it is numbered from one to ten. This will tell you your rank in the search engines.

Experts say that the title and tags are used more often and more effectively than the domain name is. When you put hyphens between the keyword, you can get each keyword recognized and not just one or two.

You can do a search on the Internet to find places that sell keyword rich domain names. They pick up the names and register them, and then sell them to make a pretty penny. This takes the stress off you, and if you can afford it, it is something to be considered.


When trying to come up with a domain name, the most important thing is to make sure that the name is relevant to your business, and not just stuffed with keywords to raise your search engine rankings. The reason you are on the Internet is to sell your business or services, so your website should always reflect that. You need a name that is easy for people to remember, and that has something to do with your business.

Research can be done on the Internet that can inform you about all the ways to make your website stand out among the others, and give you tips and pointers to make the traffic to your site increase. Whether you are experienced, or just starting out, there is a wealth of information to be found about building and maintaining a successful website.


Domain names that are keyword rich can get you set up in the search engines, but the most important thing is to make people know what business you are in. This is the best advertisement that you can get, and it means more than a bunch of words strung together. By choosing a domain name that is relevant to your businessFree Reprint Articles, you can be assured that people who are interested will click to see what you are all about.


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