Do opposites attract?

This question seems like a more 50-50 relationship approach question because it really is. But author will look at it from a few other angles here for you.


fa1d1c543b663bdf56492a7cd5170fd6.jpgThis question seems like a more 50-50 relationship approach question because it really is. But I want to look at it from a few other angles here for you.

This is a question in which women would probably be interested in as well (falling into the expected 50-50 relationship dynamic).

Is a woman going to say she's going to sleep with a guy on the first date? No. If the right guy comes along who understands how to create natural attraction will she? A very good chance. With what I teach you, things are never a dependency so you can take her or leave her and you really don't care. Why? Because you are a great catch and have your life going on (and can easily please yourself).

The ironic thing is this will be the thing that attracts her the most to you because you are unlike any other man and you are playing your natural biological role of being the one with selection and choice.

There is much less left to chance but you can not be dependent on any outcome. You really have to be indifferent and show her you are not over interested because you are really not. You are deeper than skin deep and you know that she probably WOULD not be able to get enough of you once she gets to know you. You know that other women want you you can have women at any time you want.

You are a man who is leading your own lifestyle and her energy no matter (how beautiful she is) is not going to throw you off track even for a moment. This is irresistible especially to beautiful and intelligent women. Why is this so? Because all of the other men are acting like (pussy) whipped men and not being natural anymore.

So do opposites attract?

If you look at it from the perspective of a man being a man and a woman being a woman then usually yes they do attract. Opposites have to attract because men and men cannot reproduce neither women and women. Unfortunately (depending on your view) too many men have too many feminine characteristics and most of our women have many masculine traditional characteristics which has completely thrown the balance off.

Now I am not saying that you have to be the Marlboro man and not be interested in anything that women might be (there are so many cross-gender areas of interest such as fashion, sports, etc.), but because of our society and it's derivations, many people are more influenced by the other sex than used to be.

You need to learn how to cut through all of this other crap and reach through to the biological 'schoolgirl' inside of her. Despite the way it looks that she may like the attention and power that she gets, a beautiful woman ultimately resents this when it comes to meeting men because she always finds she attracts jerks because they are the closest thing she can find to a real man. Even a rich boring suitor often doesn't fulfill her sexual and internal desires.

If you can just be a real man by being yourself and being unconcerned with her drama for a short-term relationship she will most likely be magnetized to you and will not be able to get enough of you. The tables will of turned back to their proper alignment.

What would happen in history if women had the power instead of men? Well most of us probably would not be here today because most of the men would have been 70 year-old virgins if that were the case. That is a very profound thought that you might want to think about for a while. What if the opposites sexes didn't attract or the power balance was thrown off in nature so that reproduction was far less likely?!

Do opposites attract in personality types?

You can try and figure everything you want to about the type of woman you would want to have in a 50-50 or dating relationship. But if she is so independent, opinionated, developed and mature, you're not going to find she has the same interests as you so you're just going to have to deal with that. Your 'idea' of who she was will be quite different than the reality. You might like cats and she can't stand them (etc.)

You're also going to have to deal with the fact that she is an independent woman which means you're going to have a power struggle throughout your entire relationship whether spoken are not.

And at some point, I guarantee you it will become spoken because American marriages contain so much resentment on a woman's part when a man is really just ending up being himself, her resentment grows and she starts to nag and demand many things. Why? She is forced into her traditional role yet however, today's women aren't that simple or traditional anymore.

This is just part of her nature and you are going to have to deal with it or figure out how to resolve your differences because they will keep coming up again. I am just going to leave this to relationship counselors and divorce counselors to deal with. There are many advantages to powerful, independent women but many disadvantages (esp. in longer term relationships) as well.

When it comes to initial attraction, hey I'm not too picky and not even really concerned what a woman's interests are as long as were both interested in each other physically, then there you go. Maybe you feel this way as well if you are not interested in a long-term relationship with her.

We try to figure out what kind of interest the other person one have; both men and women do this. We will put expectations on the other person of what we think we want in a partner before we even meet them. Is this selfish or not?

I have found that traditional and beautiful women around the world will be more open to a relationship by finding out what the man is really like instead of trying to force a paradigm of what they think he should be on him.

Sure it is nice to daydream about what we would like in a woman, but then reality sets in when you realize that she is more interested in different things than you thought she would be or that you wanted her to be in.

I've gone through this many times and have found out that different American women were very developed in their ways and very hard minded. Have you noticed this in your past?! These are characteristics of a man traditionally and is part of why the balance has been thrown off. But it is part of what we have to accept, or do we?

It is up to you to decide what kind of relationships you want to have. Why limit yourself just to American women? Just having that thought alone when you realize that you can have millions of other women around the world that would be interested in you and would let you 'be yourself' can be mind-opening.

They wouldn't give you the kind of drama that American women would, this alone will give you more power. And I do not say this from a frustrated 'last chance' point of view.

I really respect women around the world because I am natural with them and they are natural with me and they actually have more to offer than you may realize. It is actually a relief to be around them because they don't bring superficial drama or demands to the table like American women do. They may be simpler, but they can let you naturally be yourself without dragging you down.

Understand you should respect all women but that doesn't mean you let them cross your own definition or boundary of respect and independence.

Past the hard edged social persona you'll find that most of these women are interesting, intelligent, dorky and goofy as well as fun, naughty and nice. Britney Spears embodies this.

I understand her maybe because we have the same birthday, but I relate with celebrities who have developed a 'supercool' or 'sexy' social persona but are really quite fun, dorky and sometimes geeky. Many people don't realize that a lot of these people, there's more to them beneath the surface.

With hot women, you want to uhh..get beneath the surface of their social persona to find out what kind of person they really are. If you just don't even acknowledge their social persona and don't let the drama interfere with you just being you, they'll be impressed and respect you a lot more than the average confused wussy.

You can look at opposites attract from different angles. You know you are naturally interested in women in general (and they all have the same biological functions) so that may be opposite enough for you. Be open to what kind of personality types you would want for the long term after experience many relationships to find out for yourself; it's up to you. Be a man and she can be a woman and let the sparks of attraction fly.



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