Dear editor

more to come.dear editor. read it. embrace it . live it.


Dear Editor,

          I would like to start this first letter with a principle of a Greek philosopher.  This fundamental principle is by Aristotole. He states that all men are social creatures. We must ask ourselves exactly what he means by this. By saying that men are social means that it is in our human nature to be social. We are meant to be with others. It is against human beings’ nature to be in solitude, or to live alone.  The best way of understanding this is to relate  human beings to a puzzle. Each piece fits together and without these pieces chaos will develop.  

          If you don’t believe this or truly understand how this relates to your life, think about your own life day to day. How many times do you look for others for advice? Why are you going to the doctors? Did another human being tell you to? How do you know you are sick?  Next, imagine your life alone. Now I most definatly don’t mean your family or partner. I mean alone in the network of human beings. Without a president, doctor, the old woman next door.  Think about how these people affect your lives, even if they don’t intend to.

          We all listen to the presidant, Mr. Obama. Why? Is he really a higher authority? In civil society, he most definatly is. But in natural world, he is not. He is a human being by nature and that’s all he will ever be. That’s who we all are by nature. Thus, we look to eachother for advice. Regardless of faith, that’s all we have in the matierial world. The highest creature in human world, is indeed human beings. Where does leave us? Have you ever thought of the responsibilty that this is?

          I started these letters because, like it or not, we read eachother. Like a magazine, or book  for advice and direction. In a chaotic world it’s the only order we do have. We cant help but to read eachother. Think about a political magazine. Would you like to read the wrong information about our president or political leader? The same goes for human beings. Since you cant help but read everything, there  seems to be no way to block out the bad. Unless, of course, human beings understand that they are read and change themselves for the good of those who are reading. In some ways, you are an editor to yourself. You have control of what you do. How do you think Musalini got to be where he is? Yes he is a “bad guy” but what makes him bad? And more importantly why is he bad? Is he bad because of something he “read”? Are we at fault?

          Until human beings take this responsibility seriously, the world will continue to be chaotic. It has no choice if those who look for advice turn to a chaotic book. To separate ourselves from the world, is to rip apart at the seems human nature, and to be in denial of who we truly are.

          Embrace your humanity, understand that you are the society you live in.


An anonymous , inevitably loyal reader