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Watch Dance Academy Season 3 Episode 6 Fake It Until You Make It Online

Watch Dance Academy Season 3 Episode 6 Fake It Until You Make It Online Streaming With HD YouTube Video on Dimand Six teenage dancers have one year to prove they've got what it takes after winning a place at the National Academy of Dance. 

The events in the show are primarily seen from the perspective of Tara Webster, a new student at the National Academy of Dance. She, along with fellow students Katrina Karamakov, Ethan Karamakov, Samuel Lieberman, Abigail Armstrong and Christian Reed, will learn the ins and outs of ballet. Series two will see Tara return to the Academy for her second year and the hope of representing Australia in the international ballet competition "Prix de Fonteyn". This series will introduce characters Grace Whitney and Ben Tickle, as well as a new teacher, Saskia Duncan. I really liked this series and I hope there's more to come. My daughter does a mean tap, is on point, and loves lyrical and modern. I thought it was cool seeing the intense training and the true competitive nature of it all. Seeing Tara's struggles and Abigail's different struggles were interesting to me. Also watch Kat vie for her mother's real support was something I paid attention to as a mother. I'm no ballerina, so I have no shadow over my daughter. I just love seeing her performances during recitals and seeing how much she just taps outside of her class without even being aware of it. She also uses our railing for her stretching and will work her toe shoes frequently as well. So even though there was some sort of closure for Tara's character at the end of season 2, so many new things popped up at the end that I would be very disappointed to find that there is no more to the show. 

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