Carpooling all the way in EUROPE

It is said that “Where there is a will there is a way”. To find cheap boarding we share the rooms or opt for dormitories because we know the option is available.


Going to Europe is always a dream, but the reason to visit there carries great importance with it. It impacts on your overall behaviour, say for example: If you are going as a tourist you will plan your travel accommodation and lodging based on the budget you have set aside for your trip and you might also go overboard in spending, thinking it as a lifetime opportunity and might not get a chance again. On the other hand, if you are going on a working holiday or as a student the thought process would be totally different. There the emphasis would be more on saving rather than spending, but you will never be able to suppress the greed of travelling and enjoyment in Europe.

What do you do to fulfil your greed? Look for reasonable options suitable to your pocket. Lodging and boarding can still be managed but transportation remains the most expensive item on the itinerary especially in European countries.

It is said that “Where there is a will there is a way”. To find cheap boarding we share the rooms or opt for dormitories because we know the option is available, and the same option is available for travelling as well and that also at your figure tips.

My Carpooling Rescue

I realised how good and efficient carpooling is when I got stuck on my adventure as a student in Europe. I was on my return journey after seeing and savouring the magnificent beauty of the Alps, going back to London, and unfortunately, I missed my train.  With no means of returning, the only possession I had on me was my backpack, my wallet with a few Euros and my mobile.  I had checked out of my lodging too so it was imperative that I go back. Not only that I had scheduled my itinerary for the rest of my stay.  The only solution that came to me was that I call my landlord because that was my only lifeline. I called him up and narrated what had happened. As soon as he heard my frantic voice telling him what had transpired, he calmly told me to Google Site de Covoiturage. He went on to explain that it was a site covoiturage whereby any person travelling from one destination to another could list their journey if they were willing to share the empty seats with other people going to the same destination. I could not believe what was being told to me, but I had nothing better to think or do other than following the instructions. I opened the web page site de covoiturage it was in French but had the option to select a preferred language, which I did with my location and destination. In 10min there was a car in front of me. It was very difficult for me to believe what happened.

A little information, a gadget and a website saved me from freezing in the Alps. One cannot imagine the dilemma of a cold winter evening when you are stuck in an unknown area. The feeling of alone taking half of your energy and a remaining half by the cold.

I am thankful to site covoiturage not only for helping me in a tough situation but also for introducing John my life saviour driver who took me to the nearest service station. The ride with him was not a taxi ride where you hire pay and get off your destination. Here the feeling of humanity touched me as John took proper care of me and dropped me at my destination safely.