Islamic State burying children alive in Mosul


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On August 8 or thereabouts, claims that the Islamic State were supposedly burying hundreds of children and young people alive in Mosul, Iraq were spreading all over the media, including being picked up by Fox NEWS.


These were some of the first reports.

Note how Human Rights Office is shown to be the source of the claim.




However it turns out the supposed pictures are from Aleppo countryside, Syria on Feb. 3, 2014, and were children killed by Assad's barrel bombs,
who then were buried by the Islamic State.




Their graves were exhumed for supposedly showing "massacres" that were committed by the Islamic State.


One important point to note: The original posts(in Arabic) do not mention how the children were killed. They make an empty claim that the children were killed by the Islamic State without mentioning any evidence.


It is well proven and reported fact that Assad uses barrel bombs on civilian areas to increase number of casualties to strike fear, since late 2012, including in the countryside of Aleppo.


This is the same area where the bodies were discovered.


One of the primary propagandists of these lies has been


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