The data from customer service letters is used by a hiring manager to make an impression and sort the good from bad. Whom do I first see, who goes to the pile, and who gets pitched? Which one has retail experience? Or the one who's managed other workers? Each part of your cover letter plays a role in determining who is worth the job. Every aspect of your cover letter can be an argument for you to be at the top of the line.

These are two easy ways to make your cover letters stand out Resume Services


Add your best testimonial to the bottom.

Managers in recruitment see so many customer service letters that they simply skim them. They must be stopped in their tracks.

This is where to place your best customer testimonial. It is the most read section of a letter, according to studies. A testimonial at the end of your letter will make it stand out.

You can also add a compelling statistic or achievement. You don't necessarily need to win an award, but you can show how your business has improved the customer experience.

It's a guideline on how to write a cover letters that will help the hiring manager focus on your best capabilities. This can encourage them to call you to set up a meeting.

Preread your customer service cover letter.

The market is competitive. Employers look for reasons to reject applications. Many do this based on spelling and grammar errors. Statistics show that 85% of applications packets contain them.

Your letter will be understood by no one except you. They won't know what words to highlight. Read your customer service letter three times to see how your audience will interpret it.

You can read it aloud, paying attention to the words. Do not say more than what is on the page. Is there anything that is causing you to be confused?

It should be read aloud to at least two CSR friends. Are they able to understand it? Are they able to understand why you would be hired? You'll probably hear, "hey, how did that happen?" This is how you can tell if they are hooked.

It can be read to a young person who doesn't need any jargon, but who can still get the essence. Is it still as powerful? How will a stressed recruiter feel compelled not to grab your customer service letter?

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