All the big or small firms have different rules and regulations governing their employees and sometimes even their clients. This is because, there is no business that can grow and flow smoothly without setting up rules.

Rules and regulations are meant to bring normalcy and order in any industry. When it comes to escort industry, there are several rules that govern the escorts working under them and their clients at the same time.

This is not because they don’t trust their escorts or know what they are capable of, but simply because they want things to run in unison.

Below are a few rules operating different escort agencies in Mumbai.

  1. Escorts are not allowed to receive any payment from their clients

One of the greatest disadvantages in working under an agency is the fact that you don’t receive any payment from your client. It doesn’t matter how much time you spend with your client or the type of service you offer them. The only thing a client is allowed to give you is a gift or a tip but not paying you for your services.

Many of the escorts are tracked and controlled by the escort agency that hired them. The agency receives the payment on behalf of the female escort and gives them after subtracting a certain percentage.

  1. Client is not allowed to change the services offered them by their client without getting to their agency

There are different types of escort services in Mumbai and they are sometimes charged depending on their services. For that reason, a client is not allowed to change the kind of service to receive from your escort once you have hired her. The only way to go about this is by communicating with the escort agency and they will give you a go ahead.





This has limited many clients and is one of the main reasons why many people prefer dealing with an independent Mumbai escort because of their flexibility. The independent escort might not even need to charge you more.

  1. An escort is not allowed to exchange personal contact with their clients

An escort working under an agency is no allowed to meet or deal with a client outside the agency no matter what. They feel that is sabotaging their employers. No matter how many times a client hires the same escort, he always have to com e through the escort agency in Mumbai.


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