Essential Oil Can Fight Acne

Women often experience skin problems such as pimples that often appear on the skin of the face. The appearance of zits is characterized by excess oil or sebum on the skin, blackheads that accumulate, and scar tissue that occurs in the skin layer. Not only on the skin of the face, acne also often appears on the neck, chest, and skin of the back because it has the highest oil glands. The problem of acne prone skin can be overcome by applying topical medication, you can do it with natural treatments with essential oils. Essential oils can fight inflammation in acne prone skin caused by bacteria. You can get the best essential oils for acne on our website.

Here are some essential oils that you can use to treat acne:

- Tea tree oil

Tea tree oil essential oil has an antibacterial effect that can relieve skin inflammation due to blushing pimples. But to use this essential oil you need to be careful, because tea tree oil can cause allergies to the skin.

- Rosemary oil

Rosemary essential oil contains compounds such as rosmarinic acid which is believed to provide treatment for skin problems. The antioxidant effects of rosemary extract can prevent skin damage caused by UV radiation.

- Basil oil

Eugenol is an ingredient in basil oil which has antimicrobial, anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties. Try to do a mixture of basil oil with aloe vera which is applied to acne-prone skin.

- Rose oil

Rose essential oil has a sweet aroma and can fight the bacteria that cause acne. Rose oil can reduce the levels of chemicals that cause inflammation in acne prone skin.

- Carot seed oil

Carrots are vegetables that are commonly used in every home. Carrot essential oil is very rich in vitamin C and other vitamins to improve skin health. Carrot seeds are very effective at removing pimples and wounds so that the face becomes cleaner. The suggestion for using this essential oil is to dilute it with carrier oil.

- Sandalwood

This oil is rarely on the market because the price is quite expensive. Although expensive, Sandalwood essential oil is perfect for removing zits. This oil is also usually used for relaxation and meditation. No wonder some cultures from some religions use this oil.

- Chamomile oil

Chamomile oil is indeed very rare and the price is very expensive. So, the use of this oil to deal with acne is still very limited because the price is expensive. Before use, it is recommended to be diluted first.

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