ANGINA – genetic DNA cleansing program

Our lymphatic system involves all the necessary actions to remove the foreign DNA.

ANGINA – genetic DNA cleansing program


Angina is commonly considered as an acquired infection – through contact with the sick – caused mainly by hemolytic streptococcus. Human organism contains    –unfortunately often –-bacterial infections in various forms, located in different places. The most serious bacterial infection occurs when bacterial DNA is inserted into human DNA. Inclusion of bacterial genetic material into our genome is a great challenge to our lymphatic system. Lymphatic system has to deal with a giant problem, which doesn’t instantly give clear medical symptoms. However from that moment there appears a snowball of changes in our organism – from seemingly unimportant signal (allergic rhinitis), through serious health problems of unknown etiology (rheumatoid arthritis), severe genetic defects, monstrous obesity, infertility to malignant neoplasm. GENETIC BACTERIAL INFECTIONS ARE THE PRINCIPAL SOURCE OF ALL HEALTH PROBLEMS. It happens because our cell starts to perform functions characteristic for other species. Our lymphatic system involves all the necessary actions to remove the foreign DNA.  THE MOST EFFECTIVE FORM OF REMOVING THE FOREIGN DNA, CHOSEN BY THE LYMPHATIC SYSTEM IS IN FACT ANGINA. IT IS A WONDERFULL PROGRAM OF CLEANSING OUR DNA. Angina is not a bacterial infection. Angina is one of the main systems of bacterial treatment. And the said system, namely angina, works in two basic ways:

System one – cleansing of mother cells.

Our cell has to produce bacterial cell according to genetic information of the bacterium, which inserted a part of its DNA to our DNA chain. By producing bacterium, our cell (with the use of its entire apparatus) is able to permanently get rid of foreign DNA.  Our cell is not however destroyed. From this moment successive cell populations from the particular cell line will be purer, since they eliminated the enemy.  Substances produced by these cells – proteins – will be constructed without an error – which was a result of insertion of a foreign DNA. This method of cell repair happens without the loss of one’s own cells. This is the system of DNA repair and it’s applied to all forms of primary cells. After this kind of operation DNA of our body tissues is built according to the purer pattern. The cleansed line of sex cells makes our progeny free of latent infections. This genetic treatment. Our lymphatic system can repair such defects as heart diseases, perform a regeneration of a nerve, and most of all stop neoplastic process. This repair system is most effective in respect to children before maturation period. What’s very helpful is also the function of thymus gland. Lymphatic system works in order to release children – before entering sexual maturity – from genetic diseases. That’s the reason why children are so often affected by angina.


System two.

Cleansing cells, which form the structure of organs, is a different process. It’s impossible to destroy an organ built according to a defective project, for instance heart, brain or kidney. Cleansing of this kind of organ is a long-term operation and is conducted depending on the condition of mother cells. Lymphatic system gradually eliminates tissues built from defectively designed cells (containing foreign DNA), replacing them by tissues built from cells cleansed from foreign DNA.


Lymphatic system always recognizes a cell, which contains foreign genes. The imperative of action of lymphatic system is to destroy this kind of cell, or to remove the foreign DNA. Creation made from mixed DNA – human and bacterial – is a quasi-cancer cell. Quasi-cancer cell is a cell in part similar to ours, although it contains foreign genetic material. Its multiplication capabilities are paralyzed. This type of cell is identified by lymphatic system, which uses all its capabilities in order to destroy it. Lymphatic system will be constantly aiming at eliminating these cells. Lymphatic system instantly uses all the provided means, which are helpful in the process of elimination, even when these are insufficient. That’s the reason why we are affected by angina after sunbathing, sulfur baths, physical exercise, after changing climate on sea or mountain, and especially when we supply healthy nutrients by changing our diet on one rich in ingredients that are used by our lymphatic system. Incomprehension of this process, effecting in the use of chemotherapeutics during the course of angina, interrupts this wonderful mechanism of genetic treatment.  Chemical treatment is unable to eliminate foreign DNA from our DNA chain. Leaving foreign genetic material in our DNA results in expanding the area, which is, exposed to subsequent infections – genetic, bacterial, viral, mycotic etc. It happens because there emerges a new ecosystem, and lymphatic system may, and sometimes even has to, initiate various infections.



Hemolytic streptococcus is not the cause of angina – these are used during the course of angina. The cause of angina lays deeper and it’s impossible to define it by laboratorial research. It happens because genetic infection of tuberculosis, helicobacter or other bacteria is impossible to examine with the use of contemporary methods. The infection exists only in the form of genetic inscription, frequently damaged, and it’s only readable and reproducible for the apparatus of human cell. Only lymphatic system is capable of “extracting” tuberculosis, syphilis, helicobacter, and other similarly dangerous bacteria. Only lymphatic system is able to neutralize them in such way to make them unable to multiply, or to make the very multiplication seriously hindered. Why these types of bacteria are not detected during pharyngeal swab? Because they are already pacified, eliminated, and unable to propagate.  Hemolytic streptococcus had a great share in it – using their own toxins to degrade the above-mentioned bacteria.


Apart from hemolytic streptococcus human lymphatic system can also use other toxin-producing bacteria, for instance staphylococcus, escherichia coli and other. Which kind of chemical weapon our lymphatic system chooses to “install” in our throat, depends upon the enemy it has to deal with. Lymphatic system chooses bacteria, which is capable of producing appropriate toxin. Lymphatic system is used to transport “natural born bacteria,” quasi-cancer cells, as well as cells identified by lymphatic system as neoplastic, towards tonsils – where these cells are then destroyed. Tonsils work as a guillotine equipped with a various systems of destroying microbes: lymphocytes, different enzymes, lysozyme, IgA, interferon’s, contact with oxygen and atmospheric pressure. What’s more at the end of this system there is a microscopic chemical factory producing few tens of toxins. This factory is necessary for lymphatic system, and therefore is being supported by means of hemolytic bacteria.


The chemical weapon – namely hemolytic streptococcus – has an ability to stick to tonsils in order to make its toxic spraying more effective. In fact, the entire program is implemented to make the toxic spraying more effective.


Since hemolytic bacteria are biologically active – alive – there’s nothing easier than to multiply them in laboratory. The mistaken assessment of their role in the process arises from this assumption. They are thought to be the cause of angina, whereas they are the killers of dangerous cells. 


After eliminating genetic infections (after natural angina treatment), lymphatic system finally gets rid of hemolytic streptococcus.


It’s clear that we possess everything that kills microbes, prevents them from multiplying, neutralizes toxins, and instead of helping ourselves with the use of natural methods (tolerated by our organism) we introduce technology which is designed to replace it (our system).  Replace it, not support it. This is a fundamental difference. Nature cannot be replaced. Sooner or later the truth will be revealed. Nature, replaced by some “counterfeit”, will to wait for few years, sometimes even longer. It will wait until appearance of a new generation.


Angina is a genetic treatment. If our lymphatic system (with our support) defeats infection, then we are free of a problem. A gene or genes, which were defective because of the latent infection, are restored to normal rhythm of work for the well being of our organism.


After removing one infection our lymphatic system has a possibility to remove second infection - if these kinds of diseases are still present in our DNA.


System of genetic treatment is the easiest method of eliminating neoplastic process, which begins from the moment bacterial DNA is inserted into our DNA.    

Since angina cleanses mother cells, then it’s possible to regress of the so-called genetic diseases, as well as regress of congenital physical anomalies. Angina is a key to our health.



High temperature, purulent tonsils and other symptoms characteristic for purulent angina make us scared. One should think if it’s justifiable. Both in the time preceding it and during angina our lymphatic system starts the most effective actions – in the current circumstances – in order to begin the uneasy genetic treatment. 

Lymphatic system, in order to accomplish that, uses all the options, as well as all the elements of immune system. However lymphatic system quite often lacks means to conduct this operation. In consequence there arise problems and complications. You can’t shoot when there’s no ammunition. In effect, people draw wrong conclusions that angina attacks heart, bones. It’s quite a contrary.  Angina positively affects bones, heart and our whole organism, because it contributes to removing genetic infection, which was “glued” into the structure of DNA. If bacterial DNA was incorporated into the structure of DNA, responsible for the structure of heart or bones, then there was a genetic neoplastic process in this area, as well. Angina interrupts the process and reveals its causes. Angina is a miracle diagnosis and a genius method of treatment. It is the best anti-neoplasm and anti-infarction prophylaxis. 


Natural methods applied during angina provide great support for lymphatic system – not replacement of its functions. Treatment based on natural methods gives best results. Most of all it removes foreign genetic material from our organism, cells, and DNA.

Angina is not a disease. It’s a DNA cleansing method. That’s why (when we use natural ways of supporting lymphatic system, not the chemical ones which degrade it) we can cure ourselves from the so-called genetic diseases, because this kind of diseases does not exist. They are only a response of our lymphatic system to hidden genetic diseases.

By applying natural treatment with respect to angina we can solve the problem of infertility, programmed infarction, hemorrhage or neoplasm. Eliminating hidden genetic disease releases us from a series of future health problems. The way we treat angina is a key to our health.




Protracted angina, namely constantly purulent tonsils, lack of high temperature and low body temperature, is a symptom of “drawing out” cells from our tissues and organs, which are dangerously getting closer to turn into neoplastic cells, or that are already neoplastic. Lymphatic system with the use of blood and lymph transports them to the place of their extermination. This type of angina does not involve DNA cleansing. It removes the elements that can cause neoplasm. Quasi-cancer cells and cancer cells are highly “conspired”, for example surrounded by sticky mucus, calcinosis (concretions, atherosclerosis) or hyalinization. The type of “camouflage” of these cells is that crucial. The most important thing is to remove the elements that can be hazardous. These cells cannot multiply in a low temperature. Lymphatic system uses its apparatus do transform these cells into pus. Long-lasting anginas are the symptom of problems of lymphatic system, since the system lacks means to perform these complex chemical operations. Natural methods can be unbelievably effective in this respect.

Suppuration of tonsils, sometimes lasting for few months, ends within a few days. What was impossible becomes possible. Unfortunately it’s not the final battle with bacterial genetic infection. Only after removing quasi-cancer and cancer cells our lymphatic system is able to “enter the battle” of genetic purity of DNA – namely the severe angina.


In the event when there’s no other way of eliminating infection or destroying genetically infected cell, our lymphatic system “activates” a special virus, which is able to mark or destroy quasi-cancer or cancer cell. Lymphatic system introduces also auxiliary viruses in order to eliminate genetic infection. Lymphatic system doesn’t introduce viruses that are unnecessary – it picks the right virus for a particular type of cell. After fulfilling its mission a virus is instantly removed from organism. If our organism contains viruses, which we are able to identify – for instance herpes virus, human papillomavirus, BCD, hepatitis virus and others – it doesn’t mean that these viruses exist there without purpose. Lymphatic system supports them in order to destroy latent bacterial genetic infections (bacterial infections of genes). It’s not true that it’s impossible to eliminate virus – for example one causing herpes – with the use of natural methods. In the moment of removing bacterial genetic infection herpes is instantly eliminated as being redundant. Contrary to the popular belief, viruses are not responsible for the creation of neoplasm – they are only markers of cells that are programmed as neoplastic. Viruses enable detection and elimination of neoplastic cells. They are also helpful in removing the foreign DNA from our DNA chains. An example of removal of quasi-cancer and cancer cells is angina – which is characteristic because of the appearance of painful blisters on the surface of tonsils. These were viruses that penetrated their bacterially infected cells. Lymphatic system placed them on tonsils, and then destroyed them. Viruses are used to eliminate cells programmed as neoplastic.


Angina, antibiotic, three-week interval and again angina, antibiotic… Why do we treat relapsing angina as a new disease? Though we still have to deal with the same problem – which is being solved by our lymphatic system. Relapse of angina (with all the disturbing factors we provide: antibiotics, substances that lower our body temperature) is a symptom of strength of our lymphatic system, not of its weakness. Multiple repetition of the angina-antibiotic pattern is likely to suspend the genetic treatment conducted by lymphatic system. Then we will have to face not angina, but neoplastic process – which is going to cause various health problems, depending on circumstances.

If we are dealing with bacterial angina, then antibiotic can destroy or damage bacteria, but it’s not able to eliminate their genetic inscription from our DNA. Antibiotic eliminates only the products of our lymphatic system – and this is a reasonably easy task. We have to understand that it was our lymphatic system that accomplished the extremely difficult task of producing bacterium according to its genetic inscription present in our DNA. Lymphatic system prepared an “ambush,” and begun process of liquidation of the enemy. It’s a very hard process, conducted in a complicated biochemical environment. By applying chemical substances, we disrupt this grand strategic design. These substances will never cleanse our DNA from genetic infections. We will never eliminate genetic neoplasm program. The way we treat angina effects in avalanche-like rise of genetic diseases and neoplasm’s. Of course the time between suspension of the genetic treatment program and appearance of neoplasm is long – during which there can occur numerous heath problems of greater or lesser importance. After number of years, when we fight brain tumor, high blood pressure or infarction, we don’t associate it with the past angina. 


Plaut-Vincent angina


This type of angina is distinctive because of its violent course. Symptoms seem very dramatic: foul ulcers, enlarged lymph nodes, and edemas. Why all the symptoms pass after few or over a dozen days, as quickly as they appeared? I think that during that time lymphatic system “drawn out” quasi-cancer and cancer cells from our organism. These cells must have lied in organism – they were however beyond control of lymphatic system. They were isolated (mucus, calcinosis, enamel), oxygen-free and lacking nutrients, hence their rotting process begun. After removing these half-dead cells through exit passage – namely throat – the whole problem is solved. This type of angina affects men only. It’s the form of cleansing genetic infections on chromosome Y.  Cleansing this chromosome increases chances for sexual efficiency, fertility and avoidance of the future overgrowth of prostate.


Angina is a genetic treatment program based on a specified scenario. This scenario is modified according to the type of infection and its localization in human organism. During the course of angina lymphatic system sets the conditions, such as temperature, acidity, pressure, as well as produces appropriate compounds, using various methods. Lymphatic system controls this process under the condition of sufficient amount of appropriate components.

Both during angina, as well as sepsis, our organism deals with the same biological problem. During the course of sepsis it is happening in a dramatic manner. Violence of this process is great, since all the centers of genetically mutated cells are recognized as quasi-cancer. Such a great amount of these cells is very difficult for lymphatic system to “process” in the same time. A person who is affected by sepsis has genetic infections, which encompass the whole organism – from brain to lymphatic system. Nevertheless the lymphatic system, motivated by some impulse, makes an attempt to eliminate this infection. Since the main principle of lymphatic system is to provide a genetic purity, the system aims at destroying the infection, even if the price is human life. This is to be, or not be for our species. The impulse that activates lymphatic system is most often a virus. Virus, which has detailed knowledge on genetically infected cells – for these kinds of cells, are the only possible target for the virus. Among the factors that can cause sepsis are the change of physiochemical conditions, originated by extensive physical effort, oxidation of organism, change of temperature in a sauna or bath, change of climate, exposition to sun rays.

Despite the violence of this process, lymphatic system tries to defend the life of person, which suffers from sepsis. If a person had genetic infection, which encompassed brain (neoplastic process), then lymphatic system lowers body temperature and insulin level in order to protect brain cells. Eliminated quasi-cancer cells are being transported towards limbs (what causes effusions and necrosis) – a “secure” place (main body organs are safe). If we undertake the trouble of natural treatment of sepsis, then we have to take into consideration the fact that our lymphatic system may not be able to deal with the problem. Curative treatments need to be applied with appropriate precision for twenty for hours a day. What’s especially important is the removal of bacteria and quasi-cancer cells with the use of glass cups, leeches or garlic compresses. It’s equally crucial to remove toxins from organism, using compresses, stimulation of sweat production, as well as enemas. 

It’s said that sepsis etiology is unknown. However this etiology is very well known to lymphatic system. Our system perfectly knows what kind of genetic infection was inscribed into our DNA, in which moment (maybe from mother, maybe from father), and in which area of tissues. I presume that it would be necessary to analyze ways of treating angina and other inflammations both in the sick and in his/her ancestors.


Sepsis is a type of a final tryout for getting rid of genetic infection – mainly from brain and heart. Genetic infection, which was very close from transforming into neoplasm. Meningococci are probably not the main cause of sepsis. I suppose their role is similar to that of hemolytic streptococcus, i.e. they are eliminators of quasi-cancer cells. Brain and heart are the priority of lymphatic system – hence brain neoplasms are rather rare, and heart neoplasms are diseases that hardly anyone heard about. Lymphatic system by trying to limit the threat of neoplastic process, “decides” to reveal the problem, and this starts a sepsis. Dramatic course of sepsis is a symptom of a great desperation and determination of lymphatic system, which aims at releasing our species from genetic infection. That’s why sepsis so frequently affects people in their adolescent time – in the last period when DNA cleansing is still possible – because of the functioning thymus gland.

By not allowing our lymphatic system to cleanse our DNA with the use of gentle methods, we force it do perform these kind of radical and risky actions.



Not so long ago – in 1980’s – it was commonly thought that bacteria had been defeated. Bacterial infections were perceived as a history of past generations. Era of antibiotics was to be a warrant of the new times. However after a few years it turned out that there appeared bacterial strains, which were immune to all kinds of antibiotics – even to vancomycin (thought to be the so-called “last chance” antibiotic). Nevertheless bacteria managed to cope with it, as well. They were able to develop immunity even to the most creative methods of bacterial elimination. The belief, which assumed that antibiotic, will replace the work of lymphatic system proved to be deceptive.

Bacteria are indestructible “in intestine micro flora there lived bacteria which were immune to medicines that were not applied at that time. This mysterious appearance of various bacteria, immune to a number of medicines (up to six), occurred usually after a two-week period of applying antibiotics.” Let’s think what caused the situation in which problem with one type of bacteria turned into problem with few types.

Let’s also think of how this affects the method of angina antibiotic treatment. By applying antibiotic during angina treatment we don’t remove the “chief bacteria” – the one that our lymphatic system develops. The effect of antibiotic limits only to those already developed (during the course of elimination). It more often turns out that antibiotic is ineffective. Antibiotic, which worked perfectly outside organism, turns to be ineffective inside human body. Isn’t it our lymphatic system that blocks the action of antibiotic? Processes that have place in human organism differ from what is commonly thought about it. Let’s consider why in the event of common influenza occurrence, the number of monocytes is initially lower. I think that influenza virus (or any other virus) is admitted to the body system for a specified reason. Lymphatic system chooses a particular virus, which is able to locate and eliminate quasi-cancer or cancer cell. After virus completed its mission, the level of monocytosis in organism rises. Why lymphatic system at first lowered, and then increased body’s immunity? Because it found the right enemy which became its target. In effect, monocytes are able to produce over hundred of different “poisons” in order to win the battle.


By interrupting this extremely complex system of dependencies through introducing something artificial and incompatible into it, we completely ruin the whole system of genetic self-treatment. We don’t defeat the enemy, but leave him a gateway to mutations and much deeper penetration of our DNA.


Bacteria have an astonishing ability to interchange genes with other species. I feel that this ability involves our species as well. Angina is a specific “melting pot” for biological and chemical processes. There’s always a possibility that bacteria will mutate, becoming even more threatening. By applying antibiotics and other chemical medicaments we can be sure that exactly this is going to happen. DNA of more threatening bacteria is inserted to our DNA – it’s now safe and can survive a few generations of its carrier.


Lymphatic system never sleeps – it always strives for removing the foreign DNA. Another angina, another antibiotic and another failure. After these several attempt our lymphatic system “reaches a conclusion:” no hostile actions (i.e. antibiotics, chemotherapeutics) can remove foreign genetic material.


I end the subject of the process of genetic treatment called angina. It’s an obvious failure in a genetic treatment program.


 A cell, which contains a foreign bacterial DNA, becomes a cell with a neoplastic program. Lymphatic system assesses the situation, and adjusts its actions to the current position. This adjustment to the genetic state is called a disease. Allergies, varices, asthma, sarcoidosis, dystrophy, schizophrenia, cysts, fibroid tumors are nothing more than symptoms of lymphatic system reaction to neoplastic processes. Lymphatic system tries all strategies to defend itself from multiplication of any form of foreign genetic material.


The system applies astonishing methods of blocking the proliferation of bacteria – such as agglutinating them and transporting to parts in which they cannot cause life threat, for example to foot. Thrombosis, varices, aneurysms are the places of temporarily immobilized bacteria (vein and artery inflammations, erysipelas are symptoms of fighting them). The same applies to lithiasis, calcinosis and fibrosis. These places are filled with extremely dangerous, but pacified, bacteria, as well as quasi-cancer and cancer cells. If there’s no chance of pacification, then lymphatic system viciously fights the genetically infected cells with free radicals. Lymphatic system absorbs these human-bacteria mixed cells, and we suffer from dystrophy or osteoporosis. Lymphatic system makes a decision whether it should fight with osteoporosis or with bone neoplasm. Osteoporosis gives a chance for future – neoplasm doesn’t.

If our lymphatic system is unable to cause angina, it tries to eliminate genetic infection – and possible neoplasm processes - by evoking local inflammations, like myocarditis, otitis, spondylitis or encephalitis. It’s better for lymphatic system to cause the risk of encephalitis than to allow the potential development of neoplasm. Severe inflammation leads to regeneration of a particular organ (of course, after a natural treatment). Severe inflammation is an elimination of a foreign biological material. Interruption of this process (by antibiotic) leads to degeneration of an organ.


The path from angina to neoplasm can be short (leukemia) or long (sclerosis multiplex, dystrophy etc.) – lasting for many years. Everything depends on a situation our lymphatic system has to deal with (type of bacteria, place of its location in body structure, applied treatments).

There’s no better way for neoplasm and infarction prophylaxis than applying natural methods of treatment for angina and other inflammations. This is the proper way for curing all the illnesses.

By paraphrasing the words of the master: “give me an angina, and I will cure anybody.”



If lymphatic system has problems with destroying bacterial, quasi-cancer and cancer cells, then it stores them in the first place in tonsils, and next in lymph nodes. Hence then occurs a prolonging overgrowth of tonsils – including the so-called third tonsil. We don’t have angina, because we lack natural components, but there may be also a lack of originator - marking or eliminating quasi-cancer and cancer cells. The function of originator is most frequently performed by virus. However there might also be other components, fungi or phages.

Swollen tonsils are amply filled by lymphocytes what is a sign of a full mobilization of lymphatic system.

Swelling of tonsils, especially the third one, causes breathing problems in children. I presume that breathing problems is an issue of minor importance as compared to problem, which had to be resolved by child lymphatic system. Because of the above-mentioned reason tonsils are often removed. Short-term effects include easier breathing and improved hearing. However we have to realize that by removing tonsils we also deprive child of its lymphatic system tool, which actively participates in both killing microbes from outside the organism, and cleansing child genotype. It’s an irrevocable harm for human lymphatic system, often dramatic in consequences.

Appearances of good health (lack of angina and dyspnoea – shortness of breath) will be visible for some time – it can extend from few to over a dozen years. This seemingly improving health condition arises out of lack of possible actions of lymphatic system. Lack of enemy killing tools effects in leaving the genetic infection inside our body system. It will always have consequences for child’s future life.

 Far-reaching effects of removing tonsils are obvious. However nobody links grave health problems with anginas from the remote past, all the more with the earlier removal of tonsils. What can angina have in common with nephrolithiasis, aneurysym, schizophrenia, sclerosis multiplet or neoplasm? The answer is – genetic infection.


If tonsils are enlarged– because genetic infection affects lymphatic system, and lymphatic system has to cure itself – then the problem is tremendous.


Apparatus, which is supposed to cleanse our organism, is ineffective, because DNA – on the basis of which lymphatic cells are created – contains foreign DNA chains.


What is idiopathic tonsillar hypertrophy (causes unknown)? Why during the idiopathic tonsillar hypertrophy the activity of lymphocytes decreases? Lymphatic system blocks the treatment; there occurs an instant rise of auto aggression and neoplasm risk. What’s interesting is that during this state it’s impossible to identify any bacteria!!!

Lymphatic system was unable to create them – it transferred only quasi-cancer cells to tonsils, but had no means needed for eliminating them. Children who were born with swollen tonsils or overgrown thymus gland were fighting for purity of their DNA in their mother’s womb. However they failed to solve the problem of genetic infections.


The third tonsil is responsible for the genetic purity of lymphatic system, and that’s why it disappears, similarly to thymus, after the period of adolescence. Children have time to cleanse their DNA until reaching puberty.


DNA of adults – being able to reproduce – should be clear and free of all kinds of infections. That’s the reason why children are so often sick. They want to cleanse their DNA with the help of their tonsils and thymus. It’s consistent with the program, which ameliorates the chances for avoidance of diseases – since people were not made to suffer from sicknesses.  



If tonsils are purulent – we suffer from the so-called relapsing angina and overgrown third tonsil – then the most common solution to the problem is: “let’s cut tonsils and the problem is solved.” However there’s nothing more deceptive than this - the real problems are just going to start. Tonsillectomy gives us false illusion of a successful treatment – there’s no angina, we don’t snore. It can happen that tonsillectomy occurs in the final part of DNA cleansing; hence it won’t have a big influence on our health. Generally, tonsils have already played their role, and cleansed our DNA. There’s a chance for it, however it doesn’t happen very often. Let’s say that chances are close to zero.


What happens if we do tonsillectomy when our DNA is still genetically infected? Our tissues built from defective cells lose their stay infected. Hence tonsillectomy deprives us of chances of a genetic treatment. Tonsillectomy surely won’t help us with future heart and joint problems – what was earlier guaranteed.


We are likely to be affected by a collection of other diseases.


Tonsils are part of the so-called tonsillar ring (Waldeyers throat ring) – a powerful barrier protecting our brain. Tonsillar ring is located on the meeting of two types of tissues. That’s why this is a universal place for elimination of any kind of microbes, and of course quasi-cancer cells drawn out from various tissues (structured of different germinal lines).

Even though there are more places like this in human body system – not all of them are so highly developed in terms of lymphatic functions.  Waldeyers throat ring stands on top of them. Its functionality and effectiveness is a key to the genetic health of our species, under the condition that the entire system is being used.



Is the lack of angina a symptom of good health? Lack of angina could be a sign of an extraordinary health, if our DNA didn’t contain foreign, bacterial DNA. Unfortunately this is rather impossible. Human as species are genetically infected. Lack of angina is a symptom of helplessness of our lymphatic system – it has no strength to activate the genetic treatment system, namely angina.


It happens when:

a.     lymphatic system itself is genetically infected, what impedes its work in great extent (how it’s possible to amend something with tools that are broken),

b.       there’s a lack of means (proper chemical and natural components), but also genetic treatment initiator – most often a virus. In order to initiate a genetic treatment process lymphatic system needs a specific virus – closely concordant with the type of cell, tissue etc.,

c.     after multiple treatment attempts and deteriorating the process by antibiotics (relapsing angina), our lymphatic system ceases the process of genetic treatment.

The effects of lack of angina are diversified: diseases of the so-called unspecified etiology, very strange reactions of lymphatic system in respect to its own tissues, obesity, neoplasms, bulimia, anorexia, and finally infertility. Infertility may be a good solution for a species, since children of people with hidden genetic diseases seem to have more serious health problems than their parents.

The world we live in is full of microbes. They’ve been and will be here in the future.  We were given lymphatic system, which was supposed to sort things out. We can try to understand why microbes are so threatening, and how we should act in order to survive as a species. We need to stop fearing bacteria from the outside world, and start dealing with bacteria which are inside us – and they obviously shouldn’t. Statistics are rather worrying: from year to year the number of malignant neoplasms is growing (at about 2%), infants on Prozac, anorexia, dystrophy, allergies etc. All this is a reality that affects our species. Human lymphatic system gets weaker and weaker in contrary to lymphatic system of bacteria – which are becoming more and more dangerous to us.

Many years have past since the invention of penicillin. We are the second, third generation which is being treated with antibiotics. We are aware of the cancerogenic effects of asbestos, nicotine, formaldehyde and other substances. But we know nothing of cancerogenic effects of antibiotics – which are the major factor of genetic mutations affecting the human kind.

Maria Ulmed



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