American tactics of world control

I think that the U.S. introduction of high import duties on Chinese goods is the usual tactic of American Jews going to go to control the world. It involves first supporting someone's business (e.g. Chinese production) and help in selling it, and then the sudden refusal to buy goods or financing to make this business bankrupt and take control over it.

Jewish commercial tactic thanks to which they mastered the West economically and politically
Jewish commercial tactic are simple and effective. One selected Jew buys goods from a producer for all other Jews. The selected Jew, buying large quantities of goods, negotiates high commercial discounts with the producer, which the commercial discounts next areĀ  granted to other Jews, ensuring them a competitive position on the market. This provides the opportunity to eliminate competition and provides control over the manufacturer. When Jews monopolize the sale of a given product, they stop shopping at the producer and buy out a bankrupt enterprise. In this way, well-organized and solidare Jews mastered Western industry and trade. The strong economic position of the Jews provides them with political control. At present, European and American Jews are blocking the necessary global political and economic reforms, and by acting in this way threaten world peace. I call them to reflection.