Alien Abduction or Perhaps Rather Abduction of People by The Government?

The stories of people, and especially of children and teens, being abducted by aliens in UFOs are so consistant that they essentially are true, but who are really the abductors?

The stories of people, and especially of children and teens, being abducted by aliens in UFOs are so consistant that they essentially are true, but who are really the abductors?


You all perhaps know about the stories of people, and especially children and teens, being abducted by aliens in flying vehicles called UFOs, and then examined and experimented with.

It is reason to be shceptical about the alien scenario, but these stories are so consistant that one must conclude that they essentially tell the truth. But if these things really happen, but notby alien visitors, some earthly instances must be the abductors. Here is an alternative explanation:

Governments in several countries probably have several projects, where they anesthetise and then abduct or take hold of individuals in order to do secret  examinations and experiments on the individual, and it seems that they do this especially with children and teens. The purpose seems to do a general surveillance of the population and to perform scientific investigation that the individuals would not allow otherwise.

Even though one tries to hinder the child from remembering anything, this objective is nearly impossible totally, and the child will often come to believe that he has been abducted by aliens in UFOs, when pieces of memory stuff pop up again.

Abducting children to surveil them and experiment upon them is probably an old tradition by the authorities. In older times the church was the leading authority, and then such abductions was done by this institution. Eventually medical institutions, especially psychiatric research units, and secret services took over the tradition, but at all times all these institutions have used state of the art technology and also avatgardistic technology for the purpose.


One method is to follow people, and especially children and teens with drones. They then let the drone approach the perrson, and make the drone illuminate him with light patterns, sound patterns or electromagnetic radiation with a paralyzing effect. Then they approach him with a big van, and lead him into the van, or one uses a helicopter. One possible also uses some kind of alternative and secret VTOL aircraft that is even more UFO-like than a helicopter.

The person is immediately given medication to keep him sedated and to hinder him from remembering what is done. The experimentation can then be performed in the van or the areal vehicle, or one drives him to some sort of center where the procedures tkes place. In both cases the ordeal happens in advanced medical surroundings, just like a surgery theater.

Use of drones and areal vehicles is the technically avantgardistic way of bringing in the child. Most often, the authorities prefere using the oportunity when the person is scheduled for some minor medical procedure under sedation or general anesthesia, especially procedures at the upper body like dental work, eartube insertion or removal, tonsil or adenoid surgery or ear surgery. In these cases it is easy and plenty of time to take specomens from the head, and the lover body is free to be inspected in all thinkable ways.

Before such procedures one generallay asks the person or his parents parents thay he is is only lightly clothed. Often he afterwards will wake up naked under a blanket, even after very minor procedures like eartube affairs, or he detects  that the clothes at the lover body has been loosened, taken off and set back again in another way than before the procedure, a very commen experience after dental work.

Often the person has strange feelings in the rectum or urethra after such procedures or detect rests of lubrication coming out of these openings, or he  has pain or bleeding from these openings or the vagina. Often also marks after injection syringes is found on variouis part of the body,


The person has been brought into a van. Everything can then be done inside that van or the he is brought to some localization with more extensive falcilities. He is doped by medication, or he is already in for some ordinary procedure and have been given medication. He is still conscious and responding, but in a sate easy to handle and medicated so that it will be difficult to remember afterwards. The following is a description of the initial procedure when the abducted person is a person or teen, but adult persons can be handled somewhat similarly:

Typically someone, a spychologist or the like, will approach the kid, pretending to be a playmate. He will bring the person into a interactive play where the reponces of the person are recorded. They will also ask the person every kind of questions about its family, friends, habits, likes or dislikes. Typically several personren will be brought togeather so that one can monitor how they interact.

The person can also be asked to make drawings depicting himherself together with hisher family and friends.

During this process the person will be clothed down to underwear and one continues the interactive play and questioning, but the play will now take a shape like gymnastics and test of physical abilities. The questioning gradually centers upon the bodily feelings and habits of the person, while one also gradually begins palpation and feeling along the body areas of the person.


Eventually they will take off all the clothes the person has left and bring him upon an examination table. There they will subject him to an exam, using more or less standard medical equipment, but also to some extent avantguardistic tools.

During the exam, one of the abuctors will typically sit by the head of the person and use anesthetic techniques to hold the person in a suitably sedated state. Often this abductor will bend over the person to look into hisr eyes, just like anesthetists use to do in an operation theater. Other abductors do the practical exam.

The exam does not have the intention of finding or curing diseases, except perhaps they screen for microbes present in the person. Instead they concentrate upon finding out everything about the development, habits and living condition of the person and about habits in his family and local community.

Using the person as a guinea pig in medical experiments also often seems to be a purpose.

They will inspect the person from top to toe, remark any scars or signs on the body and take tissue samples from the skin, hair specimens and nail specimens. They will also palpate the body of the person from top to toe. During this process blood specimens and small tissue specimens deeper beneath the skin are also taken with needle-like devices.

After that they will do internal inspections of the person with endoscopic instruments and take internal specimens. Usually they will begin with the body opening in the head and inspect them: nose, ears, eyes, mouth. They might insert instruments down to the stomach through the mouth.

Often they will do some surgical-like procedure at the base of the scull with an endoscopic instrument inserted through the nose. They often place a little chip at this place wich has the purpose of locating and monitoring the person. This chip does not seem to be an advanced computer chip, but is rather composed of crystallic, metallic and organic patterns that will respond to and reflect electromagnetic waves.

Then they will quickly turn to the lower body and insert instruments into the urethra, vagina and anus for inspections and to take speciments. For pubertal boys and men specimens of semen seem to be particularly interesting which can be obtained either by an inserted instrument or after trigging of an erection and ejaculation. They also seem very interested in taking egg specimens form pubertal girls and women. Often specimens are taken by needle-like instruments inserted through the abdominal wall, or through the navel.

One also seem to be interested in the nervous system and trigger reflexes at all zones of the body with instruments.


In the third stage the person is more conscious, but still under a type of sedation that makes him easy to handle and easily suggestible.

He is usually lead to sit in a chair, usually strapped down, and usually with electrodes and recording devices of various kind at areas of the body, especially the head, but possibly also recording devices that go into the intimate body openings.

Now they show to the person videos, sound patterns or images with various kind of content that will give strong emotional and cognitive reactions, and the reactions of the person are recorded. All kind of reactions are triggered, like fear, worry, anger, religious reaction, love and sexual reactions.

To show all this content, they seem to use wide screens along the walls in the room or holographic projections. The person will often feel that he is in a vast geographical area or is taken along to some sort of journey. He will often be shown images of catastrophic happenings at that imagined area, like atomic explotions, volcanic eruptions or floods.

The person will often feel that hisr brain is tapped for information during these procedures. In this face of the abduction the person is also brainwashed to think and feel in special ways, especially ways regarding society and environmental issues, and promted to propagate this information to a wider audience.


During the examinations and experimentations, the person is usually not fully sedated, simply because that would hinder test of neurological reactions, psychological tests and sociological interrogation.

But when when the abductrs have got their will with the person, they will sedate the person fully with an anestheticum that works a short time and set back all the clothes that the person had on before the abduction. The person is then simply driven back to the place where they took him and set him down at some safe spot just before he wakes up.

The person will often in the first place feel that no time has passed since he saw a strange flying vehicle, a strange star or some other strange thing. But the person will often feel som inexplicable discomfort at variouis areas of the body, and especially in the body openings. Also symptoms like mystical nosebleed, needle marks or scars can be seen. Often also the  clothes are messed up in some inexplicable way.

If they used the opportunity to experiment on the person  when it is in for some other procedure, he will simply wake up in a hospital bed like expected. But he will often feel that some more have been done on several parts of the body than expected.

He will often wake up with discomfort in the intimate area, with rests of lubrication coming out from the intimate openings or with unexpected catheters or tubes coming out of body opening.

When the person or teen look at the clock it will detect that much longer time than expected has passed, and and now have the feeling of missing time.


The person will after some time experience memory form pieces of the happening pop up. These can be of the drone, the areal vehicle or of parts of the procedure.

Also when the experimentation happened as an addition to a minor surgery of ordinary kind, memories of UFOs can pop up, because lamps in an surgery theater often have the form like an UFO and medication can give a feeling of being floated up towards that lamp.

The beginning of the event when he saw an illuminated drone or the like and memories of all the strange symptoms in the body after the event and the memory of having lost a long time period will continue to pussle the experiencer.

Eventually the experiencer will believe he has been abducted by aliens in spce ships or have been subjected to strange sexual abuses, like ritualistic sexual abuse or been abused by satanic cults.

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