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YA - Young Adult (MCs age are 15-17ish)
NA - New Adult (MCs age are 18-25)
AF - Adult Fiction (MCs age are 25+)




Alexandra Delancey - Always Her
Catherine M Wilson - When Women Were Warriors
Gerri Hill - Hunter Series
Gill McKnight - Garoul Series
J.A. Armstrong - Offscreen Series
Jae - Hollywood Series
Jae - Luke & Nora
Jae - Moonstone Series
Jae - Portland Police Bureau
Jae - Shapeshifter Series
KG MacGregor - Shaken Series
Kiki Archer - But She Is My Student
Lara Zielinsky - Brenna & Cassidy
Melissa Brayden - Soho Loft Series
Mellisa Good - Dar & Kerry Series
Radclyffe - Honor Series

Radclyffe - Fated Love (Medical Drama series)

Radclyffe - Responders Series
A. E. Radley - Flight SQA016
A.E. Radley - Grounded
Aidan Wayne - Making Love
Alice Walker - The Color Purple
Andrea Bramhall - Just My Luck
Ann McMan - Aftermath
Ann McMan - Bottle Rocket
Ann McMan - Dust
Ann McMan - Jericho
Ann McMan - Sidecar
Ann Roberts - Hidden Hearts
Annette Mori - Out Of This World
Ashley Quinn - All That Glitters
Aurora Rey - Winter's Harbor
Bella Donnis - My Scandinavian Lover
Bella Donnis - My Summer Romance
Blayne Cooper - First Lady
Blayne Cooper - Madam President
Bryce Taylor - All for You
Bryce Taylor - Remember Me
C. J. Harte - First Love
C. J. Harte - Making Time
Camryn Eyde - Romancing the Girl
Camryn Eyde - Taming the Boss
Camryn Eyde - Tricky Wisdom Year I
Cannon Geonn - On the Air
Cari Hunter - Desolation Point
Cari Hunter - Snowbound
Cari Hunter - Tumbledown
Catherine Lane - The Set Piece
Chris Paynter - Survived by Her Longtime Companion
Clare Ashton - After Mrs Hamilton
Clare Ashton - Poppy Jenkins
Clare Ashton - That Certain Something
Colette Moody - Parties in Congress
Colette Moody - Seduction of Moxie
Cori Garrison - New Beginnings
Crimson Rose - The Body of Another
D. Blake - Saturdays (Challenge)
Dee - Summer
Diana Jean - Tokyo Love
Diana Morland - Lifetime Between Us_ Second Chance
E.L. Blaisdell - Drained The Lucid
Eliza Lentzski - Bittersweet Homecoming
Eliza Lentzski - Cold Blooded Lover
Eliza Lentzski - Damaged Goods
Eliza Lentzski - Don't Call Me Hero
Eliza Lentzski - The Final Rose
Emily Valentine - Falling In Love With You
Fannie Flagg - Fried Green Tomatoes
Fiona Riley - Miss Match

Fiona Riley - Unlikely Match
Georgia Beers - Dare to Stay
Georgia Beers - Run To You
Georgia Beers- Thy Neighbor's Wife
Graysen Morgen - Boone Creek
G.C. Julien - Bow To Me
Gabrielle Goldsby - Paybacks
Gabrielle Goldsby - The Caretaker's Daughter
Geonn Cannon - Breaking Anchor
Georgia Beers - 96 Hours
Georgia Beers - Finding Home

Georgia Beers - Starting from Scratch

Gerri Hill - At Seventeen
Gerri Hill - Behind the Pine Curtain
Gerri Hill - One Summer Night
Gerri Hill - Snow Falls
Gerri Hill - Storms

Gerri Hill - Hell’s Highway

Gerri Hill - Devil’s Rock
Giselle Fox - Slow Burn in Tuscany
Graysen Morgen - Brides
Graysen Morgen - Bridesmaid of Honor
Graysen Morgen - Mommies
Gun Brooke - The Blush Factor
H. P. Munro - Grace Falls
H. P. Munro - Silver Wings
H.L. Logan - Reunited
H.P. Munro - Saving Grace
H.P. Munro - Stars Collide
Hollie Beadel - My Brother's Fiancée
Hope Alexis Milam - All That Jazz
Ingrid Diaz - The Blind Side of Love
J. T. Marie - Like I Love You
Jackie Kennedy - Denial
Jade Winters - Faking It
Jade Winters - Guilty Hearts
Jade Winters - In It Together
Jae - Backwards To Oregon
Jae - Beyond the Trail
Jae - Falling Hard
Jae - Heart Trouble
Jae - Shaken to the Core
Jae - Under a Falling Star
Jae, Alison Grey - Good Enough to Eat
Jea Hawkins - Something About You
Jennifer Lyndon - An Infatuation
Jenny Frame - A Royal Romance
Jenny Frame - Dapper.pdf
Jenny Frame - Heartof the Pack
Jenny Frame - Royal Rebel
Julia Watts - Wedding Bell Blues
K'Anne Meinel - The Outsider
K. E. Lane - And Playing the Role of Herself
K. M. Leach - Worth The Risk
K.G. MacGregor - Photographs of Claudia.pdf
Karelia Stetz-Waters - Something True
Kat Fletcher - Seven Minutes In Heaven
Kate Chastain - Clinically Speaking
Kate Sands - As Autumn Leaves
Kate Sweeney - Inamorata
Kate Sweeney - The Hypotenuse of Love
Kate Sweeney - The Right Window
Kate Sweeney - Winds of Heaven
Katie Lynch - Confucius Jane
KD Williamson - Between The Lines
KD Williamson - Blurred Lines
KD Williamson - Crossing Lines
KE Payne - Once the Clouds Have Gone
Kelli Jae Baeli - Pitfall
KG MacGregor - Anyone But You
Kiera Dellacroix - Engravings of Wraith
Kiki Archer - Lost In The Starlight
Kiki Archer - Too Late I love you
Kirsty Grant - Loved, Settled and Understood
Kl Hughes - Popcorn Love
Kris Bryant - Forget Me Not
Kris Bryant - Taste
Lara Deloza - Winning (retail)
Layce Gardner - Crazy Little Thing
Layce Gardner - Gigolo Girl
Layce Gardner - More Than a Kiss
Lee Winter - Requiem for Immortals
Lee Winters - The Red Files
Lindsey Schussman - Truly You
Lisa Moreau - The Butterfly Whisperer
Liz Gavin - Upside Down
Lois Cloarec Hart - Bitter Fruit
Lydia Rose - Lost Memories
Lyn Gardner - Born Out of Wedlock
Lyn Gardner - Give Me a Reason
Lyn Gardner - Ice
Lyn Gardner - Mistletoe
Lynn Ames - All That Lies Within
Lynn Ames - Final Cut
Lynn Galli - Blessed Twice.pdf
Lynn Galli - Finally.pdf
Lynn Galli - One-Off
Lynn Galli - Uncommon Emotions.pdf
Lynn Galli - Wasted Heart
M. E. Tudor - Second Chances
M. Ullrich - Fortunate Sum
M. Ullrich - Life in Death
Marisa Calin - Between You & Me
Meghan O'Brien - Battle Scars
Meghan O'Brien - The Muse
Meghan O'Brien - Thirteen Hours
Meghan O'Brien - Wild
Melissa Brayden - Firework
Melissa Brayden - First Position
Melissa Brayden - Heart Block
Melissa Brayden - How Sweet It Is
Melissa Brayden - Strawberry Summer
Melissa Brayden - Waiting in the Wings.pdf
Mia Archer - Princess Charming
Mia Archer - The Intern
Michele M. Reynolds - Thawing Hearts
Michelle Grubb - Keep Hold
MJ Duncan - Spectrum
MJ Duncan - Symphony in Blue
Morgan Thomas - I Dare You
Natalie Vivien - Gillian's Island
Natasha West - Joined at the Hip
Natasha West - The Plus One
Nell Stark - The Princess Affair
Nicole Harper - Road Trip
Q. Kelly - Reality Lesbian 2
R. E. Bradshaw - Molly House on Fire
R.E. Bradshaw - Rainey Days
Rachel Spangler - Does She Love You
Rachel Windsor - Mail Order Bride
Rebekah Weatherspoon - Treasure
Riley LaShea - Behind the Green Curtain
Rita Mae Brown - Rubyfruit Jungle
Robin Alexander - Dear Me
Robin Alexander - Just Jorie
Robin Alexander - Pitifully Ugly
Robin Alexander - The Summer of Our Discontent
S.V.C. Ricketts - Pieces Of One
Sarah Waters - Affinity
Sarah Waters - Fingersmith
Sarah Waters - The Paying Guests
Sarah Waters - Tipping the Velvet
Shannon O'Brien - Sing Me Home
Stardawn Cabot - Standing Firm
Stephanie Kusiak - Endings
Stephanie Kusiak - Loved and Lost
Susan X Meagher - The Crush

Susan Meagher - All that Matters

T. J. Vertigo - Hidden Desires
TA Winters - Awatangi
Taylor Ashford - The Only One



Eliza Lentzski - Winter Jacket Series
Erik Schuback - Music of the Soul Series
Jade Winters Collection
Mia Archer Collection
Amy DeMeritt - Keeper of My Heart
Amy DeMeritt - She Became My Water
Amy DeMeritt - The Perfect Right Hook
Arabella May James - The Heart of Summer
Bella Donnis - Where Are You
Blythe Warren - My Best Friend's Girl
Camryn Eyde - Tricky Chances
Camryn Eyde - Tricky Wisdom Year
Cara Malone - Sleepwalking
Chelsea Cameron - Second Kiss
Cindy Rizzo - Exception to the Rule
Dahlia Adler - Out on Good Behavior
Dahlia Adler - Under the Lights
Dayna Ingram - Eat Your Heart Out
Edie Bryant - Broken Record - Edie Bryant
Edie Bryant - Steep Slope
Eliza Lentzski - Diary of a Human
Eliza Lentzski - Fragmented
Eliza Lentzski - Love, Lust, and Other Mistakes
Eliza Lentzski - Second Chances
Emily O'Beirne - A Story of Now
Emily O'Beirne - The Sum of These Things
Erik Schubach - Progeny

Erik Schubach - London Harmony Series
Chelsea Cameron - Violet Hill Series
Eliza Lentzski - Hunger
Erin Gough - The Flywheel
G. S. Berger - An Accidental Fastball to the Heart
H.L. Logan - Starstruck
Hayden Quinn - Away From You
Ingrid Diaz - Alix & Valerie
Isabel Greenberg - The One Hundred Nights of Hero
Jade Winters - Guilty Hearts
Jennie Taylor - Becca
Jennifer Linksy - Flowers of Luna
Judy MacLean - Rosemary and Juliet
Juliann Rich - Gravity
Junia Everett - When The Light Bends
Katja Michael - She Came At Dawn
KE Payne - Before
KE Payne - me@you.com
Kelly Quindlen - A Different Kind of Us
Kristen Zimmer - The Gravity Between Us
Leah Raeder - Cam Girl
Lily R. Mason - Lilies of the Bowery
Lorelei Brown - Far From Home
Lucy Sutcliffe - Girl Hearts Girl
M. Hollis - The Melody of You and Me
M. Hollis - The Paths We Choose
Mairsile Leabhair - Riches to Rags
Melissa Foster - Discovering Delilah
Michele L. Rivera - Taking the Lead
Michelle L. Rivera - Something in Return
Michelle Rivera - Never the Same
Nanisi Barrett D'Arnuk - The Role of Her Lifetime
Nell Stark - Homecoming
Nell Stark - Princess and the Prix
Nell Stark - Running With the Wind
Nicole Harper - Road Trip
Nina LaCour & David Levithan - You Know Me Well
Nina LaCour - Everything Leads to You
Nina Lacour - We Are Okay
Robin Talley - Lies We Tell Ourselves
S.V.C. Ricketts - My Last Season With You
Sasha Miller - Slaying Dragons
Shannon O'Brien - Sing Me Home
Sylvia Brownrigg - Pages for You
T. B. Markinson - Girl Love Happens
Valerie Reyes - Roommates



A. K. Rose - Learning to Love Again
A. S. King - Ask the Passengers
Abbie Rushton - Unspeakable
Abby Crofton - Say Yes to the Cheerleader
Adrienne Corso - Jump
Alex Gryffon - Love Is Blind
Alex Sanchez - Boyfriends with Girlfriends
Alexandra Diaz - Of All the Stupid Things
Alexandra Duncan - Salvage
Alexandra Duncan - Sound
Alison Cherry - Look Both Ways
Amanda Grace - No One Needs to Know
Annameekee Hesik - Driving Lessons
Annameekee Hesik - The You Know Who Girls
Ashley Herring Blake - How to Make a Wish
Audrey Coulthurst - Of Fire and Ice
Barbara Dee - Star Crossed
Becky Albertalli - The Upside of Unrequited
Bella Donnis - Trapped
Bett Williams - Girl Walking Backwards
C B Lee - Not Your Sidekick
Caela Carter - My Best Friend, Maybe
Charlotte Reagan - Just Juliet
Chelsea Cameron - Style
Christopher Currie - Clancy of the Undertow
Coffey Brown - The Awakening of Graye Moon
Danielle Dreger - Secret Heart
David Levithan - Another Day
David Levithan - Every Day
Deborah Hautzig - Hey, Dollface
E. E. Charlton -Trujillo - Fat Angie
E.J. Nottingwood - Zenith
Elissa Janine Hoole - Kiss the Morning Star
Eliza Lentzski - Apophis
Ella Lyons - Complementary and Acute
Ella Lyons - Marian
Emily Horner - A Love Story Starring My Dead Best Friend
Emily M. Danforth - The Miseducation of Cameron Post
Emily O'Beirne - Future Leaders of Nowhere
Emily O'Beirne - Here's the Thing
Emily O'Beirne - Points of Departure
Emily Skrutskie - The Abyss Surrounds Us
Emily Skrutskie - The Edge of the Abyss
Emma Chamberlain & Blythe Stone - Paper Dolls
Erica Yang - Bad Idea
Erin Saldin - The Girls of No Return
Georgia Peaches and Other Forbidden Fruit
H.L. Logan - Femme 4 Femme
Hanna Nowinski - Meg & Linus
Hannah Moskowitz & Kat Helgeson - Gena-Finn
Hannah Moskowitz - Not Otherwise Specified
Heather Blackmore - Like Jazz
Hello Groin - Beth Goobie
J. Judkins - Date With Angel and Other Things
Jackie Bushore - She's My Ride Home
Jamie Sullivan - Prom and Other Hazards
Jane B Mason - Without Annette
Jen Wilde - Queens of Geek
Jessica Foster - The Book of Kris
Jessica Verdi - The Summer I Wasn't Me
Joanne Horniman - About a Girl
Julia Watts - Secret City
Julie Anne Peters - Far from Xanadu
Julie Anne Peters - It's Our Prom (So Deal With It)
Julie Anne Peters - Lies My Girlfriend Told Me
Julie Anne Peters- Define Normal
Julie Burchill - Sugar Rush
Julie Burchill - Sweet
Julie Camper - Unbearable Girl
Karelia SW Forgive Me If I've Told You This Before
Kat Fletcher - Our Demented Play Date
KE Payne - Because of Her
Keeping You A Secret - Julie Anne Peters
Keira Michelle Telford - Housemistress
Kelley York - Dirty London
Kelly Quindlen - Her Name in the Sky
Kody Keplinger - Run
Lauren Bjorkman - My Invented Life
Lauren Myracle - Kissing Kate
Lena Nottingham - From the Ashes
Lili Wilkinson - Pink
Lily R. Mason - Me and You and Daisies
Lily R. Mason - Taking the Long Way
Lisa Freeman - Honey Girl
Lisa Jenn Bigelow - Starting From Here
Lyndsey D'Arcangelo - The Trouble with Emily Dickinson
M. L. Rice - Who I Am
M.L. Rice - Pride and Joy
Magoon Kekla - 37 Things I Love (in no particular order)
Maia Cronin - Into the Infinite
Malinda Lo - Ash
Malinda Lo - Huntress
Mariko Tamaki - (You) Set Me on Fire
Marisa Calin - Between You & Me
Maureen Johnson - The Bermudez Triangle
Mavis Applewater - Finding My Way
Michelle L. Teichman - The Space Between

Michelle L. Rivera - Of All The Girls
Sarah Diemer - Twixt
Zoe Reed - Breaking Legacies
Misa Sugiura - It's Not Like It's a Secret
Nancy Garden - Annie on My Mind
Nancy Todder - Choices
Nina Post - Extra Credit Epidemic
Nora Olsen - Frenemy of the People
Paula Boock - Dare Truth or Promise.pdf
Rachel Gold - My Year Zero
Rachel Pearcy - Axiom The Last Hope
Robin Talley - As I Descended
Robin Talley - Our Own Private Universe
Robin Talley - What We Left Behind
Samantha Hale - Everything Changes
Sara Farizan - If You Could Be Mine
Sara Farizan - Tell Me Again How a Crush Should Feel
Sara Ryan - Empress of the World
Sara Ryan - Rules for Hearts
Sarah Diemer - The Dark Wife
Sarah McCarry - About a Girl
Sarah McCarry - All Our Pretty Songs
Sarah McCarry - Dirty Wings
Sarah Nicolas - Keeping Her Secret
Sarah Terez Rosenblum - Herself When She's Missing
Scarlett Cantrell - That Girl
Siera Maley - Colorblind
Siera Maley - Dating Sarah Cooper
Siera Maley - On the Outside
Siera Maley - Taking Flight
Siera Maley - The Noble of Sperath (The Heirs)
Siera Maley - Time It Right
Skyy - Choices
SR Silcox - Crush. The Girls of Summer
Stacey Donovan - Dive
Steph Bowe - Night Swimming
Summer Days and Summer Nights
Suzanne Sutherland - When We Were Good
T.C. Anderson - The Moment
Teresa Mummert - The Good Girls
Tiana Warner - Ice Crypt
Tiana Warner - Ice Massacre
Whitney Gardner - You're Welcome, Universe
Zoe Lynne - Finding Ashlynn
Zoe Lynne - That Witch!

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