Leaders must be able to know the people they serve as well as their needs. In today's world, considerations to purse job training must become as normal as young adults considering going to college. As a Commissioner on the Board of Education in Waterbury I have seen struggling students trying to find their way for years. It is up to true leaders to give options for our young adults. With options, students are given confidence. Throughout the 5th District, our students must be able to have a chance to be productive members of society. This is also true for displaced adults, who must have the same opportunities. 

I have known Rich DuPont since I became a Commissioner in 2013. We met by offering our knowledge to one another in order to create great curriculum for the Waterbury Manufacturing Center (MASC) and getting the Waterbury Career Academy High School started. As the Chairmen of the Waterbury BOE Curriculum Committee, I have seen the challenges of offering more than the "three Rs."

It is because of this that I put all my support behind the best candidate for the 5th Congressional seat, Rich DuPont. 

Rich has proven that he knows business and technology. We need leaders like Rich to change the culture by bringing business and opportunity back to Connecticut. 

Please join me in this quest and support Rich in this very important election. 

Commissioner Tom Van Stone, Sr.

Waterbury Board of Education

Chairmen Waterbury Republican Town Committee State 73rd District

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