Top 10 Aluminium Composite Panel Manufacturers In India

Aluminum Composite Panel is one of the sustainable materials which is used for building elevation cladding or making exterior/interior facades. The ACP panel manufacturer in India is taking a boom in the last few years. According to surveys, the annual turnover of aluminum composite panel manufacturers and suppliers is around 1500Crore. INR. And the annual requirement is 400sqm. 


  1. Alex Panels - Alex panels are known for their versatile range in aluminum composite panels. The aluminum composite panel manufacturing company has an all-India presence and branch offices in Delhi, Kochi, Indore, Pune, Rajasthan, Gujrat, and Raipur. Alex panels use the world-renowned Kynar500 resin for the exterior grade that ensures long color life and protects from fungal attacks. The surface of ACP sheets coating contains 70% PVdF resins.
  2. Viva - Viva is a leading Aluminium Composite Panel manufacturer in India. It is serving the community for two decades. The headquarter of the company is in Mumbai, Maharastra. It is the first in India to introduce Aluminium Corrugated Panel. Moreover, it is the only manufacturer in India which has earned fire safety accreditation NFPA 285. The company produces with a double extruder that increases the production capacity.
  3. Virgo Group - Virgo Group looks out for unique and challenging designs in the home decor industry. In the Virgo group, Virgolam is one of the largest ACP manufacturers in India. Virgo group has a team size of over 3000+ employees who thrives to create excellence in design and achieve the objective of the company. Virgolam creates aesthetic ACP sheets and cladding that enhance the appearance of any space.
  4. Eurobond - Eurobond is a pioneer company in the industry of manufacturing aluminum composite panels. The company works under the name of Euro Panel Products Pvt Ltd. Eurobond creates designer ACP sheets at an economical price.
  5. Wander Alu Board Overseas - Wander Alu Board Overseas is one of the renowned ACP manufacturing company India. The headquarter is located at Rohini, New Delhi. The factory of the company is located in the Alwar district in Rajasthan. It has a well-qualified team that ensures the manufacturing of high-quality ACP panels.
  6. Aludecor - Aludecor started in 2004 with its headquarter based in Kolkata and manufacturing unit in Haridwar. The manufacturing unit is spread over the area of 25000sqm. The company has the latest automotive technology and machinery that work with the Double Coat and Double Brake method. This ensures the durability of the ACP sheets.
  7. Alstrong - Alstrong is an Aluminium Composite Panel sheet manufacturing company. The company was started in 2001 with its manufacturing unit in Jammu and headquarter in Delhi. It uses novel technologies named JAPANESE and KOREAN to manufacture the products.
  8. Alstone - Alstone is a reputed ACP sheet manufacturing company. The company has two manufacturing units one is situated at Dehradun and another in Jaipur. The manufacturing unit of the company has a production capacity of 2.5million square meters.
  9. Alcubond - Alcubond is an international company that is known for its superior quality ACP sheets. This company is in the market since 1969 with its headquarter situated in Mumbai. The ACP sheets of Alcubond are fire retardant, lightweight, and cost-friendly.
  10. Citybond - Unistone Panels Pvt Ltd. is a leading Aluminium Composite Panel sheet manufacturer in India under the name of Citybond. The company manufactures an ACP sheet of international standards. They manufacture eco-friendly and non-combustible sheets.

Aluminium Composite Panel are flat panels consisting of two thin coil-coated aluminium sheet bonded to aluminium core. In India, there are many companies in which I have listed Aluminium Composite Panel Manufacturers for your help.