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The Hobbit which is also known as ' there and back again' is a popular children fantasy novel. The book was initially published in the year 1937 and won several prizes. The book was later made into a film series.


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What are hobbits?


In the middle earth era, small human like creatures were known as hobbits who valued peace, cozy homes, and simplicity. Inspite of their simplistic character, they are known for courage and determination.


Summary of Hobbits


The story is about a hobbit named, Bilbo Baggins, who is made to join Thorin along with hs 12 dwarfs to gain back the treasure that got stolen. The treasure is guarded by a dragon named, Smaug. In his journey to find the stolen treasure, Bilbo discovers a magical ring that makes the wearer invisible.

Hobbit is Bilbo's journey from a seeker of comfort to the fighter who fights for greater good.


About the author

' The Hobbit' is written by J. R. R. Tolkein. He is a celebrated English poet, writer, etc.

  • ' The Hobbit' is a must read book for everyone. Hence, there is no age limitation. It is a richly textured book that imparts both morale and knowledge.
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