Dear Theatre People,

8 Feb. 2012, MONTREAL


About me: My name is Tim Boucher and I'm trying to create clean, fun, usable software for stage managers, directors, playwrights, technicians and performers to enhance their creative, rehearsal and performance processes.


More information available on this project:

(Contact me on Twitter @approximatic with questions, comments)


Technical Survey: I recently compiled a Stage Management Technical survey with over 40 respondents about things like software, hardware, integration of multiple theatre technologies, show control and workflow in the creation of a calling book or prompt script. Results of this survey have been very compelling and will be published in their entirety shortly. I'm moving the research and development forward by soliciting further information from interested professionals. It's a study of how people draw functional maps of performances spaces. I'm calling it StageMaps.


How to Participate in StageMaps:

If you'd like to help further in the design & development of this project, I am now seeking maps of theatrical stages (and backstage environments) hand-drawn from memory, photographed and submitted by email.*




  1. Draw by hand on paper with a pen or pencil.
  2. Drawn exclusively from memory.
  3. Be as simple and as clear as possible.
  4. Include only information which would be useful in communicating with colleagues about the space.
  5. Mark elements with symbols and/or words which *make sense to you*.
  6. Include a hand-written key or legend with symbols, if you feel its necessary.
  7. Submit photographs of hand-drawn documents ONLY!!
  8. Email image file to


*If you'd like an example StageMap, take a look at one I drew in about five minutes for a summerstock theatre I worked at for three consecutive years, or view attached images.



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