English translation of the doctoress' words, from Ibn Sina Hospital, in Sirte, Libya, following a NATO bombing on 23/09:


"Same date, 23 September ... We are on Friday, a day of celebration for Muslims. A Muslim holy day ... people pray on Fridays, and NATO kills children ....

This is 'Douaa’ ... [pointing to the girl. follows a misunderstood sentence] she was about to start school. [second voice: it is the beginning of the school year] ... and this is ' Dahna el Samha ' ... My god ... ' Dahna el Samha ' the little angel ... look at 'Dahna'. .. here is 'Dahna' .. [Raising her arm] ... You see NATO! See what NATO did to 'Dahna' ... See the gift of NATO to 'Dahna' ... and that's the gift of NATO to 'Douaa' .. they were friends [or cousins ] [follows words I can’t understand, as the voice is too emotional]


And here is 'Nasser' [pointing to the young man] 'Nasser' the hero, the martyr ... [crying, can’t understand the sentence] ... and here is one of my neighbors' sons [pointing to the other young man] ... They all died in the same place "Jiza El Bahria" ... bombed by NATO on Friday, the Muslim day of celebration ...

And they are not from Gaddafi’s brigades [getting up] ... No, they were not soldiers ... The girls there [pointing to the bodies of the children], they were certainly part of Gaddafi’s Brigades, as they used to sing "Allah wa Libya wa Muammar wa bess" [God, Libya, Muammar and basta]

[Rising, she repeats] "Allah wa Libya wa Muammar wabess" I say it to you, whether you like it or not .. "