Set up SBCGlobal Email using proper settings

SBCGlobal email is one of the famous email services that is used by thousands of users to perform their routine tasks. Apart from this, the email service has flexible features that enable one to access the email service using email clients and smartphones.


Well, the procedure to set up an SBCGlobal account is quite simple, but there are many users who are not aware of how to add the email account to the mail server or smartphone. So, to help out the users with the procedure to set up email using SBCGlobal Email settings, here are the steps that one can follow. 


Setting up SBCGlobal mail account 


  1. SBCGlobal Email On Outlook 


Do you also wish to Set up your Sbcglobal Email on Outlook and have no idea about the procedure, they can check out the detailed procedure mentioned below. 


  • Launch the official Outlook page and click on the File tab. 
  • Now, pick the manual setup option present in the particular section and proceed. 
  • Further, select POP/IMAP and SMTP as server settings and continue. 
  • Then, type POP as and for SMTP settings. 
  • Under the advanced settings section, enable the SSL authentication and proceed. 
  • Further, set the port for POP and SMTP as 995 and 465. 
  • After filling up the complete details click on the OK button to save the changes. 


  1. SBCGlobal Email On phone


Further, for the users who wish to add SBCGlobal email settings to their device, they can check out the instructions listed below and access the email services without any issues. 


  • To begin the process, open the Settings app page and tap on the accounts option. 
  • After that, select the add account option and mention the email id and password for the SBCGlobal account. 
  • Now, set the inbound host server as 
  • Further, set the outbound host server as 
  • And then, the user needs to set the incoming port as 587 and proceed. 
  • Once done, the user needs to tap on the OK button to save the email settings and access the SBCGlobal mail services without any interruption. 


Thus, these are the few procedures that one can follow to set up SBCGlobal mail on various devices and manage their tasks accordingly.