Hack how to get 140000 Money in Venmo

Hack how to get 140000 Money in Venmo


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While Woods fell victim to a voice phishing scam, there are other ways hackers can infiltrate your Venmo account. here is the in-person Venmo scam. It might be a stranger who asks if they can borrow your phone. But instead of calling or texting anyone, they’re clicking into your Venmo account and sending themselves your hard-earned money.People have also fallen victim to the fake sale scam. That’s when a hacker poses as a seller of some type. If you try to buy their product, they’ll give you a Venmo address to send your money to. Once you send it, they cut off all communication, and you’re left with no product and no money. Worse, Venmo will do little to help you because it tells you to never buy items from a stranger in the app’s terms of service.

Some cybercriminals have used the reverse transaction scam. This is when they find a seller online who accepts Venmo. They then buy something from that seller. As soon as they receive their items, they reverse the transaction, leaving you holding an empty bag.Some hackers have even been able to access Venmo accounts through Bluetooth on your phone. Once they gain access, they send themselves money while you move through your day, completely unaware.


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