Procedure Follows By The Later Term Abortion Clinic


During the first trimester, you have the best option of having a medical abortion procedure or surgical abortion procedure. Before considering any choice, it is better to determine if the pregnancy is possible and for accurate pregnancy dating. If you want help for abortion, then Illinois Abortion Clinic is the best option to get the required services.

If your pregnancy is more than 12 weeks, abortion is the best available option in this case. This abortion can be done after a night, and this procedure is known as dilation and evacuation. Cervical softening and dilating is executed with medicine and small dilating sticks, known as laminaria or Dilapan, that may be inserted in the cervix, depending on the gestational stage of the pregnancy and your medical history. Laminaria is thin sticks made from a unique seaweed material that widens as they absorb moisture from your body. Dilapan is plastic sticks that work in the similar way. The laminaria will be on your cervix overnight and make your body ready for the surgical procedure. According to the pregnancy stage, you may require 1-2 days of laminaria and an injection in the uterus that induces fetal demise.

Pre-Operative Appointment

In a private exam room, you come to know about the procedure, undergo an exam and ultrasound, and receive oral medications. You will also get treatments for pain medications and antibiotics. It iis important to follow your doctor's advice carefully. You have the option to discuss and choose a birth control method. You will also have the opportunity to make arrangements for private cremation services if you want. The other alternative is Second Trimester Abortion Pills as well.

During the laminaria insertion, you'll get up early in the morning. If someone comes to you, he or she can remain in the exam room, if you wish. Abortion clinic is the best place for this type of abortion. The doctor will:

1. Place a speculum to look inside your vagina.

2. Clean the cervix with the help of gauze soaked in soap.

3. Apply numbing medication like local anesthesia to the cervix.

4. Insert Dilapan into your cervix, the opening to the uterus. The laminaria insertion takes about few minutes only.

After this procedure, you have to wait for some time. You may suffer from pain and spotting. You may get dressed when you are feeling good. Our nurse prepared you with complete instructions on how to look after your body overnight and how to get ready for the next day's procedure. She will also draw your blood as necessary.

Surgical Appointment

Do not eat anything after midnight during the surgical procedure day. On this day you have to check-in the hospital where you have to meet all your medical team. After this position, Most women fall asleep and forget about the instruction. After you're well relaxed, the doctor will remove the laminaria and use suction and gynecological instruments to empty your uterus, with ultrasound guidance.


In the recovery room, doctors will check your body for about two hours. It might be a case that you may suffer from spotting and cramping. The procedure and recovery period at the hospital takes about six hours in total. Because of medications administered, you shouldn't drive until the medicines swipe off.

Do not forget to make arrangements in advance whenever you take someone to home directly from the clinic.

If you haven't any person to come along with you , then contact Access, a women's health rights organization that may have a pro-choice volunteer driver to assist you. This must be coordinated with our clinic before your appointment, so make the arrangements at the earliest. You can expect to return to normal activities, such as work and school, the next day.

If you have any complication related to the pregnancy, you can consult Late Term Abortion Clinic.

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