Read The Just a Heartbeat Away Book

It is a contemporary romantic fiction between the two lovers Sebastian and Via. Sebastian Dorner is an architect by profession who lives in Brooklyn. His life became upsided when his wife got killed in an accident. Later, after 4 months in a parent teacher meeting, his son's teacher makes him realise that he has been ignoring his son which makes him feel horrific. After that, Sebastian becomes a dotting father and takes care of everything about his son.


After 2 years, he meets a girl named Via who is young around 27 years. In most of the parent teacher meetings, both of them are present as Via started working in Matty's school. Via takes are own time to get attracted towards Sebastian.


Read the book to know what fate has in store for them and from which point does their love story begin.


About the author:


Cara Bastone is the author of Just A Heartbeaat Away. She hails from Brooklyn and lives with her husband and son. This book is her debut as an author. The book got well-acclaimed all over the world for its slow burning romance. This book is followed by Can't help falling.


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