Awesome Games



  • Powder Toy : it's like Powder game but with more win. (In my Opinion)



  • Minecraft : Great game, there is the Classic version which is free and then there is Beta which you must pay to play. I recommend you at least check Classic out.


  • Armadillo Run : Super cool game, hard to describe so check out the website and if you want to buy the game talk to me first. I can get you a discount.


  • Auditorium - A beautiful and meditative abstract game.





Other Awesome Stuff



  • iScribble : online art and drawing website where people from all over the world can work on a drawing at the same time.



  • Grooveshark:  The best online music player, make your own playlist, share them with others and there are no commercials!



  • Mediafire: Personally I don’t like Mediafire that much due to all the ads but as far as free sites to upload, store and organize files this is the best. But if you just want to upload a file quickly to post in chat or on a forum your best off using Filedropper, this is more for storing school work and such.


  • Greasemonkey: One of the best Firefox add-ons out there. If you are using Firefox this is a must have.
· Kae’s Kongregate Script: is by far the best Greasemonkey script for Kongregate. It is not compatible with the Better Kongregate Firefox add-on but in my opinion this is way better anyway and has more features. If you spend a lot of your time chatting on Kongregate be sure to get this. If you spend very little time chatting and mainly just play flashgames and post on the forums you are better off with the Better Kongregate add-on.


  • Better Kongregate Add-on: If you spend a lot of time posting in the forums or just playing the flashgames then you are going to love this Firefox Add-on, if you spend much time chatting you are better off with Kae’s Kongregate Script though.


  • Seaquence: I don’t even know how to describe this. It’s a mix of a webtoy, musical instrument and a synthesizer. You won’t find anything else like it anywhere.


  • Badge Browser: This is a really cool tool that will show you your badge count, let you compare yours to others and even show the percentage of each difficulty that you have. It’s the only one of it’s kind.


  • Zalgo: Transform your text into concentrated awesome. But please for the love of god don’t spam this anywhere.

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