Jordanian vetoes supplying Saudi anti-aircraft missiles to Syria


Jordanian reservations against part of the shipment shows again that Jordan is leaving the acceptable zone for the Saudi scenario against the syrian regime, and has decided not to take risks when it comes to Jordanian national security.


Over the last 3 weeks, Jordanian officials have held intensive contacts with several parties in which they refused to allow crossing for the anti-aircrafts shipments destined to Syrian rebels. 
During this whole time, Aman faced intense pressure from KSA and some american institutions to allow the passing of shipments. 


But Jordan completely refused to allow the passing of such weapons over its territory, even under the formula of handing it over to expert smugglers, according to special information obtained by "al arab al yawm"


it is probable, according to highly informed source, that the Jordanian position has upset the saudi authorities which relied on supporting the FSA with anti-aircraft missiles in order to make a difference on the operational level on the ground in the rules of engagement with Syria.


And it seems that some anti-aircraft missiles did arrive and Jordan objected to(had reservations) in high level calls, in which He convinced american institutions that agreed to Jordan's decision at the end. 


Jordan explained its position from a professional and military perspective, that it cannot allow the movement of such weapons on its northern borders because it will be represent a real threat to its national and border security within the rules of military engagement. 


The Jordanian military position focused on the fact that Jordanian border and territory won't be safe from possible engagement with Syrian air force in case they returned fire to anti-aircraft launched at the Syrian fighter planes. 


Jordanian experts reject guarantees provided by the Saudi defense ministry to move the anti-aircrafts to areas far away from Jordan, and Amman authorities said in intensive meetings behind the scenes that it cannot take risks in such a matter and it cannot approve such heavy weaponry in Daraa areas close to jordan, as a matter of principle. 


A Jordanian military official had stated last week that the borders is on fire, Hussain Zayoud commander of the Jordanian border guards told journalists in a field tour that terrorism has become a a real danger to Jordan. 


Assad had informed a Jordanian delegation last week in Damascus that he's understanding of the amount of american and saudi pressure on Jordan, warning that Jordan is in danger of terrorist organisations.