Cilivilain Houses Bombed in Benghazi, March 19th, early morning -


Inside of Benghazi City, in Al Dolar




from Libya Alhurra   http://www.livestream.com/libya17feb for now...


The people in the house were sleeping when the rocket hit in their garden. It hit 2 cars.

Mo is asking the owner right now. All windows are broken from attack; the windows blew from the pressure when the rocket hit their garden. A total of 5 cars were burned today.  Gerdafi is bombing civilians. He is bombing living areas.


Mo can still smell the fire and smoke. He says everything is burnt. He is looking at the broken windows. The door got pulled off its place. He says even inside the house there is a mess.


They are looking for the leftovers of the rocket. They are looking at the place the rocket hit exactly.

They are still looking for any leftovers of the rocket to located it, so they can identify the weapon.


I want to show you the guy’s house, how everything in the house went down. Oh my God, everything is broken. The missile was aimed at civilians. This was a normal civilians house, people could have been killed, a guy was sleeping in the room, in this bed, and thank God he is fine. He says the windows are all pulled out , there is alot of damage. The wardrobe is down. This guy has lost lot alot of his house , but thank God no casualties,



Mo is letting the house owner know that he is putting this online. He told him that we have no media here.

Mo can still hear bombs.He says god knows what will happen untill tmrw. He says the battry is dying of the camera. They

they r still bombing

he says if someone was in the car he would be in pieces

they r still bombing

Mo says Gerdaffi wants to kill us all

he is a very evil guy

and he just wants to kill civilians

Mo says we heard about this in Ajdabiya

and its happening here in benghazi now

he says I dont know what they are waiting for

( You are listening to Mo by telephone describing bombing done in a residential area...hit a house and 5 cars..)

: he is filming this and will return shortly with the video

(At the other house)

there were 2 casualties

but they werent that bad

they were taking to the hospital

there are some planes flying

and they are ours

Mo says he hope the planes can do some damage to gerdaffi forces

Mo just arrived at another house

he is trying to take some images of what is happening inside he house

Mo is greeting the people

OMG, OMG, you can see the blood, they had casualties in here, kids were hit, you can see the blood, you can see, these were two missiles inside of Benghazi, there is a lot of blood, one of them 5 years old, one of them four months old. You can see the sky out of this hole in the roof of the room, it happened right here… …. Show the damage, OMG, look at this, this is here in Benghazi, what can you call this, isn’t this attacking cilivians, this is the pillows, which is full of the  blood of the kids, I can’t believe this, we are being attacked in our houses.  The wall of the room is blown away.


Update: Mo's cut-off phone conversation : http://youtube.com/watch?v=Ecu_iWLn-rg