Helene Goldnadel a recording artist, a song writer and much more

Helene Goldnadel is an American producer born in France. She is recording artist, a song writer, and a musician.

Helene Goldnadel started her career at the age of fourteen, and she was an EMI recording artist in France. She let go of a big TV appearance on New Year’s Eve in France, because when the label called her, she had already booked a ticket to New York.

Multi- talented, Helene Goldnadel is also an actor, and teaches singing and acting to not only California Thespians where she lives, but to children from many States. Indeed, Helen Goldnadel owns the leading acting institution in personal growth for children.


Helene Goldnadel studied with the greatest vocal coaches herself, and she went to UCLA where she studied advanced writing studies. Helene Goldnadel wrote a book, which is a young adult novel, as part of a trilogy.

She has received excellent reviews for her work, which is considered for a TV series.

As a musician, Helene Goldnadel plays bass, guitar and also plays some keyboards. She is also an amazing vocal arranger, and she does all her own backup vocals and steps up to ad background vocals behind her signed artists to make the performance stronger. Helene Goldnadel lobe harmonies and likes to do two or three tracks of harmonized vocals on the songs’ choruses.


Helene loves what the current technology allows. When she was in France recording, the music would get done in large 48 tracks studios with outboards which would occupy the room. Things have very much changed since the nineties, she says. All those outboards are software now, and you can create the best music, best sound in your guest room all in your computer with a much smaller board. . And that is exactly what she and her partner do!

The music is a mix between EDM, Hip Hop and pop music. The musical arrangements which get created by Dario, Helene’s bro and co-writer, sound like what you hear in the charts, only better, and more original than a lot of what’s out there. You can easily recognize Helene Goldnadel’s style, her warm, bluesy and raspy voice, and the quality of the lyrics and melodies which she writes for other performers, as well as herself. Very creative, and very original work!

For more detail about Helene please visit: http://helenegoldnadel.yolasite.com/

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