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                    Answer: E
                    This is a buffer overflow with it�s payload in hex format.
                    QUESTION: 467
                    StackGuard (as used by Immunix), ssp/ProPolice (as used by OpenBSD), and
                    Microsoft's /GS option use _____ defense against buffer overflow attacks.
                    A. Canary
                    B. Hex editing
                    C. Format checking
                    D. Non-executing stack
                    Answer: A
                    Canaries or canary words are known values that are placed between a buffer and
                    control data on the stack to monitor buffer overflows. When the buffer overflows,
                    it will clobber the canary, making the overflow evident. This is a reference to the
                    historic practice of using canaries in coal mines, since they would be affected by
                    toxic gases earlier than the miners, thus providing a biological warning system.
                    QUESTION: 468
                    Symmetric encryption algorithms are known to be fast but present great challenges
                    on the key management side. Asymmetric encryption algorithms are slow but allow
                    communication with a remote host without having to transfer a key out of band or
                    in person. If we combine the strength of both crypto systems where we use the
                    symmetric algorithm to encrypt the bulk of the data and then use the asymmetric
                    encryption system to encrypt the symmetric key, what would this type of usage be
                    known as?
                    A. Symmetric system
                    B. Combined system
                    C. Hybrid system
                    D. Asymmetric system
                    Answer: C
                    Because of the complexity of the underlying problems, most public-key algorithms
                    involve operations such as modular multiplication and exponentiation, which are
                    much more computationally expensive than the techniques used in most block
                    ciphers, especially with typical key sizes. As a result, public-key cryptosystems are
                    commonly "hybrid" systems, in which a fast symmetric-key encryption algorithm
                    is used for the message itself, while the relevant symmetric key is sent with the
                    message, but encrypted using a public-key algorithm. Similarly, hybrid signature
                    schemes are often used, in which a cryptographic hash function is computed, and
                    only the resulting hash is digitally signed.
                    QUESTION: 469
                    Steven the hacker realizes that the network administrator of XYZ is using syskey to
                    protect organization resources in the Windows 2000 Server. Syskey independently
                    encrypts the hashes so that physical access to the server,   tapes, or ERDs is only
                    first step to cracking the passwords. Steven must break through the encryption used
                    by syskey before he can attempt to brute force dictionary attacks on the hashes.
                    Steven runs a program called �SysCracker� targeting the Windows 2000 Server
                    machine in attempting to crack the hash used by Syskey. He needs to configure the
                    encryption level before he can launch attach. How many bits does Syskey use for
                    A. 40 bit
                    B. 64 bit
                    C. 256 bit
                    D. 128 bit
                    Answer: D
                    SYSKEY is a utility that   encrypts the hashed password information in a SAM
                    database using a 128-bit encryption key.
                    QUESTION: 470
                    In the context of using PKI, when Sven wishes to send a secret message to Bob, he
                    looks up Bob�s public key in a directory, uses it to encrypt the message before
                    sending it off. Bob then uses his private key to decrypt the message and reads it.
                    No one listening on can decrypt the message. Anyone can send an encrypted
                    message to Bob but only Bob can read it. Thus, although many people may know
                    Bob�s public key and use it to verify Bob�s signature, they cannot discover Bob�s
                    private key and use it to forge digital signatures. What does this principle refer to?
                    A. Irreversibility
                    B. Non-repudiation
                    C. Symmetry
                    D. Asymmetry
                    Answer: D
                    PKI uses asymmetric key pair encryption. One key of the pair is the only way to
                    decrypt data encrypted with the other.
                    QUESTION: 471
                    What is SYSKEY # of bits used for encryption?
                    A. 40
                    B. 64
                    C. 128
                    D. 256
                    Answer: C
                    System Key hotfix is an optional feature which allows stronger encryption of
                    SAM. Strong encryption protects private account information by encrypting the
                    password data using a 128-bit cryptographically random key, known as a password
                    encryption key.
                    QUESTION: 472
                    Which of the following is NOT true of cryptography?
                    A. Science of protecting information by encoding it into an unreadable format
                    B. Method of storing and transmitting data in a form that only those it is intended
                    for can read and process
                    C. Most (if not all) algorithms can be broken by both technical and non-technical
                    D. An effective way of protecting sensitive information in storage but not in transit
                    Answer: D
                    Cryptography will protect data in both storage and in transit.
                    QUESTION: 473
                    Which of the following best describes session key creation in SSL?
                    A. It is created by the server after verifying theuser's identity
                    B. It is created by the server upon connection by the client
                    C. It is created by the client from the server's public key
                    D. It is created by the client after verifying the server's identity
                    Answer: D
                    An SSL session always begins with an  exchange of messages called the SSL
                    handshake. The handshake allows the server to authenticate itself to the client
                    using public-key techniques, then allows the client and the server to cooperate in
                    the creation of symmetric keys used for rapid encryption, decryption, and tamper
                    detection during the session that follows. Optionally, the handshake also allows the
                    client to authenticate itself to the server.
                    QUESTION: 474
                    How many bits encryption does SHA-1 use?
                    A. 64 bits
                    B. 128 bits
                    C. 160 bits
                    D. 256 bits
                    Answer: C
                    SHA-1 (as well as SHA-0) produces a 160-bit digest from a message with a
                    maximum length of 264 - 1 bits, and is based on principles similar to those used by
                    Professor Ronald L. Rivest of MIT in the design of the MD4 and MD5 message
                    digest algorithms.
                    QUESTION: 475
                     There is some dispute between two network administrators at your company. Your
                    boss asks you to come and meet with the administrators to set the record straight.
                    Which of these are true about PKI and encryption? Select the best answers.
                    A. PKI provides data with encryption, compression, and restorability.
                    B. Public-key encryption was invented in 1976 by Whitfield Diffie and Martin
                    C. When it comes to eCommerce, as  long as you have authenticity, and
                    authenticity, you do not need encryption.
                    D. RSA is a type of encryption.
                    Answer: B, D
                    PKI provides confidentiality, integrity, and authenticity of the messages exchanged
                    between these two types of systems. The 3rd party provides the public key and the
                    receiver verifies the message with a combination of the private and public key.
                    Public-key encryption WAS invented in 1976 by Whitfield Diffie and Martin
                    Hellman. The famous hashing algorithm Diffie- Hellman was named after them.
                    The RSA Algorithm is created by the RSA Security company that also has created
                    other widely used encryption algorithms.
                    QUESTION: 476
                    A client has approached you with a penetration test requirements. They are
                    concerned with the possibility of external threat, and have invested considerable
                    resources in protecting their Internet exposure. However, their main concern is the
                    possibility of an employee elevating his/her privileges and gaining access to
                    information outside of their respective department. What kind of penetration test
                    would you recommend that would best address the client�s concern?
                    A. A Black Box test
                    B. A Black Hat test
                    C. A Grey Box test
                    D. A Grey Hat test
                    E. A White Box test
                    F. A White Hat test
                    Answer: C
                    QUESTION: 477
                    In which of the following should be performed first in any penetration test?
                    A. System identification
                    B. Intrusion Detection System testing
                    C. Passive information gathering
                    D. Firewall testing
                    Answer: C
                    QUESTION: 478
                    Vulnerability mapping occurs after which phase of a penetration test?
                    A. Host scanning
                    B. Passive information gathering
                    C. Analysis of host scanning
                    D. Network level discovery
                    Answer: C
                    The order should be Passive information gathering, Network level discovery, Host
                    scanning and Analysis of host scanning.



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