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celebrity is a training program made to perceive the commitment of mentors in networks across Nova Scotia. celebrity isn't a confirmation or prerequisite,
 yet rather a proactive chance for mentors to keep on succeeding in moral initiative.
celebrity members are upheld and part of a more extensive local area who are driving the way, making a positive effect on the existences of everybody in the common and local area sport area.

The Support4Sport celebrity program is making a local area of similar mentors across Nova Scotia. Upon acknowledgment into the celebrity program you will compensated the follow:

The Support4Sport celebrity mentor program is intended to increase current standards for being a mentor in Nova Scotia and consequently should meet a particular model. Culmination of this application structure permits us to check your celebrity program qualification and decide your subsequent stages to meet the models.

Under Armor Discounts at Cleve's Source for Sports
Associations with different mentors across Nova Scotia
Proficient Development open doors and assets
half off the Atlantic Coaches Conference
Monetary help to follow through with required courses
Passage into month to month draws for Cleve's Source for Sports prizes


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